Monday, March 09, 2009

Your Calls and Emails are Turning the Tide on Homosexual Legislation

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Our efforts toward defeating homosexual legislation are having an effect.

Friday morning, at 11:43 AM, The Stranger, a prominent gay newspaper and blog out of Seattle, wrote, "After years of silence about gay-rights legislation, religious conservatives are inundating state lawmakers with demands to block this years domestic partnership bill. They are aggressively targeting Democratic legislators in swing districts, with personal emails, passionate phone calls and by showing up by the hundreds for legislative hearings."

Friday afternoon at 3:35 PM, The Stranger, after reading our Friday blog, published a second blog of desperation which opens by saying, "The Faith and Freedom Network, a group 'committed to preserving traditional Judeo-Christian values' is using its blog to wage a war on the domestic partnership bill."

There's more. They wrote, "But now FFN is upping the ante in a blog post urging folks to target swing district senators."

These are the senators we referred to as having Republican seat-mates, meaning the district can vote either way and has done so.

They have linked to our web site and Friday's blog, while quoting substantially from our message to you on Friday.

They are now encouraging their people to call the list I gave you to call.

Please continue to make the calls and send the emails.

There seems to be a sense of panic, they are now starting to place blame internally because some senators are starting to consider changing their vote and you will be interested to read how Senator Ed Murray is responding.

Normally I do not link to gay newspapers or web sites, nor do we quote the gay press, however this is most interesting in light of the extra effort many of you are giving to this matter.

Your calls and emails are having an effect, as did your presence at the hearings a few weeks ago.

In their first Friday morning blog titled, "Bible Thumpers Threaten Domestic Partnership Bill," they quote Senator Ed Murray; "We haven't seen an angry far-right turnout against LGBT rights legislation like this for almost a decade."

Note that the gay newspaper referred to us as religious conservatives, while Murray refers to us as "angry far-right".

Murray tells The Stranger that,"He and others in Olympia are unclear what's behind the upswing in conservative pressure; the emails come throughout the week, not just following Sunday sermons."

That is, of course, because you are emailing every day. Please refer to our list posted last Friday and if you have not done so, please make the call or email. Without going into the details, I encourage you to be sure to call the Republicans listed. However, it's important to call all lawmakers we listed and when you call your senator be sure to identify that your are from his or her district.

One lawmaker, from a swing district that you have been calling, who asked not to be identified and who obviously has been supporting the bill---until now, said they have received 250 emails in opposition. And that was several days ago.

The pro-homosexual agenda is feeling our pressure.

They are telling The Stranger that many lawmakers are not hearing from those who support the homosexual legislation. They say only those in Seattle who are sponsoring the bill are hearing from the supporters and they are asking why.

Equal Rights Washington, the largest pro-homosexual organization in the state, is making excuses while The Stranger is now trying to mobilize a movement against Faith and Freedom's efforts.

ERW are being criticized and Josh Freiedes, the director, is trying to explain why the homosexual lobby is losing ground.

Murray says of the hearings, "The crowd was stacked five -to-one against the bill."

Freides says they didn't pack the hearings, because they were told not to create a circus. They have also been criticized for using form emails, while you have been speaking from your heart and your beliefs.

Senator Darlene Fairley, who chaired the senate committee hearing, referred to our presence at the hearings as, "A ton of people."

Freides says their income is down and they have had to let people go. He says, "The gay rights movement is getting a little complacent, because we've had essentially years of continued success...People just assumed... the domestic partnership expansion bill of '09 would be a breeze."

He says, "That does not reflect reality."

Your actions has created a new reality for the homosexual agenda.

Here's what will happen next.

First, they will increase the number of calls to lawmakers this week. Please make your calls and contacts.

Secondly, they will demonize Faith and Freedom and all of us who support traditional marriage. ERW will raise a substantial amount of money this week. Probably some will come from out of state. This will allow them to do more.

If you can do anything to help us financially, I can not overstate our need this week. This is a real battle with real consequences.

If possible, please help this week by donating online or mail a check to:

Faith and Freedom Network
PO Box 399
Bellevue, WA 98009

The gay activists are so concerned that they are asking the Seattle homosexual community to, "Call your parents or friends who live in the suburbs and ask for them to help."

To all the friends of Faith and Freedom and traditional marriage; where ever you live, from the farm to the high rise, the small town to the city and yes, even you who live in the suburbs, we too, need your help and I know you will stand with us, because you already are.

I cannot overstate the urgency of making the calls and your financial support.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Father God,
    Open up the eyes of the homosexual community. Pour out upon them your blessing and open their eyes to their sin. Break the hold the enemy has upon their lives and give them wisdom in Jesus' name I pray, Amen

  2. The Apostle Paul wrote that he would come to visions and revelations of the Lord. See Acts
    26:16, and II Cor 12:1. He wrote
    that the foundation of God has a seal. It seems this seal has two lines. See II Tim 2:19.

    Psalm 89:14
    Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy
    and truth shall go before thy face.

    I wish to invite all who think that marrige should be for homosexuals just as it is for believing Christians, to call upon
    the name of the Lord for judgment
    in that matter.

    Those who believe in God call upon him and are delivered. God deals with all of those as sons.
    His grace comes to them in many ways. His rod of correction teaches them what's right. In trouble he will be there with them. In trouble he will be their comfort. Many times he will be their joy and their strength.

    One day we all will appear before his throne. The foundation of his throne is Jesus Christ.

    Though the chastening of God is spiritual, it's not a thorn. Neither is it a disease. It's a sign of being a son.

  3. just because the other side is making sure their voices are being heard as well, doesn't mean you are winning. But then given the accuracy of Gary's recent political predictions of a turning tide, I don't think proponents of equality in this state have much to worry about.

  4. anom 334 I really do not see a winning side in this either way.
    Politically perhaps . The fact that so many people have no problem with gay marriage and so many do shows a divisive split in our culture . The effect on the culture I can not predict , not aware of other countries populist views on this when gay marriage became law of their land .

    But consider the views you may have if a public school promoted anti gay marriage views or views that were similiar to that , and the resulting consequences . Would you support that public school in other matters ? The same can be said for other institutions , in fact I would say that anti gay seniments most likely caused many gays to live in an anti social community till cultural views started to change and be mainstreamed . Well the opposite is happening to those who do not see as you see things , and their is a price to pay for that in any culture . Amazingly if you just believe the Bible now , regardless of the separation of church and state issue , you are a bigot in many liberal circels.

    Those who say gay rights is similiar to the civil rights of the 50s and 60s are in la la land . King pushed love , non violence , inclusion , the gay movement has brought diviseness , steretyping religion as negative , same for gays , manilipation of students and a PC agree or be labeled bigoted and out of the political and social loop that makes the Mccarthy era look moderate . In the name of civil rights , I guess it depends where your sitting . Congratulations , I wonder if you will like what you won .

    Would not want to be a kid growing up today , Even if your gay , you have less of a chance having a mom or dad then say 30 years ago . What is worse then that maybe thinking its not even important ??



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