Monday, April 20, 2009

Seattle Times: "Domestic Partnerships are Marriage, Apply the Word"

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UPDATE: I have just received the results of our state wide survey, asking voters if they approve of homosexual marriage. I am studying the results today. We will be reporting them this week.

Seattle Times: "Domestic Partnerships are Marriage, Apply the Word"

The Seattle Times is at full throttle, going straight for homosexual marriage in Friday's edition.

Be assured we are responding with equal passion and conviction in preparation to file our referendum. We, however, are restraining ourselves until the bill is actually signed into law.

The Times loaded their gun by choosing to carry several national columns supporting homosexual marriage. On Thursday they carried Ellen Goodman's piece "Defense of Marriage Act Is Becoming Indefensible," and Friday, Fromma Harrop's syndicated column, "The State by State Evolution of Gay Marriage," along with their own editorial proclamation, "Domestic Partnerships Are Marriage, Apply The Word."

Before Gov. Gregoire can even sign the bill, SB 5688, into law----and she has a quick draw for advancing the homosexual agenda, Washington's largest newspaper is saying it was marriage all along, confirming exactly what I and others in the faith community have been saying from the day this bill was introduced.

But wait! Didn't Sen. Ed Murray stand tearfully, with quivering voice on the floor of the Senate and say, "I wish this bill was marriage, I sincerely wish this bill was marriage, but it is not"? Yes, he did. I just reviewed the video. And didn't Senator Rodney Tom from the 48th District around Bellevue and Redmond send out a letter assuring his constitutes that this was not gay marriage? He sure did, I just reread it.

Why did they lie?

I guess that was then---this is now. All the homosexual activists who have sworn on a stack of ----something, assuring voters that this was not---I repeat not, gay marriage, are now basking in the afterglow of the deception.

Truth changes when relativism is the compass.

Not only is the Seattle Times calling for the state to go straight to homosexual marriage, their editorial board has even published their own definition of marriage.

The Times says, "Passage of the Domestic Partners Expansion bill moves Washington quietly, purposefully and rightfully down a path toward full recognition of same-sex unions for what they are, marriage."

The "big lie," that was said to be merely about benefits and fairness---not marriage, has now succeeded, and as the Times now affirms, is marriage.

The Times also admits that the big lie was quietly and purposefully moved forward. We now better understand what we all knew 4 weeks ago when the news media that regularly covers a half dozen people on any given corner protesting any given idea, would not cover 2400 citizens standing on the Capitol steps in the rain in defense of marriage.

Their silence on SB 5688 has been deafening.

The Times now has their own definition of marriage: They say marriage is an institution that socializes couples and families into a community; consists of a loving relationship; has a legal definition and societal recognition.

Ellen Goodman, in her column carried by the Times last Thursday titled, "Defense Of Marriage Act is Indefensible," says DOMA, "Is an out of date law that enforces an identity crises."

Those who honor an institution that has existed for more than 5000 years in every civilization, which honors and elevates the special union between a man and a woman, provides for procreation and the nurturing of the child and is the cornerstone of every successful society in history, are now diminished to people who are in some kind of identity crises.

There is certainly an identity crises, however it exists with those who are helping drive the homosexual agenda who cannot decide from day to day which restroom they want to use.

This deceptive agenda seeks not only societal recognition, but cultural affirmation. They are standing squarely against the historical beliefs of every society in history, every major religion in history and the biblical teachings upon which this country was founded.

Is this enough to awaken us? I think it is.

Gov. Gregoire will almost certainly sign the bill this week.

We are prepared to immediately file a referendum to overturn SB 5688 once she has signed it.

The Faith and Freedom PAC board has been expanded, a coalition of nearly all the faith based organizations in the state have come together and we are committed to work together to defend marriage and overturn this back door deception to achieve homosexual marriage in Washington State.

The organizations have asked me to lead and we will be using the Faith and Freedom PAC, however nearly all the faith based groups will be involved in the campaign and in leading their respective groups of supporters.

Larry Stickney from Washington Values, Senator Dan Swecker, Representatives Matt Shea and Jim McCune have been added to the PAC board and Ron Boehme of YWAM and others will be involved in top leadership.

We must all stand together. No one alone can or should attempt to address this issue. We believe that with God's help and blessing, your support, and a united effort, we can turn this tide. The wind is not at our back at the moment.

We fully understand that we are standing against the press and the electronic media in most cases. We further understand that many young people have been indoctrinated by public education to turn away from the historical model of marriage and forsake both societal norm and biblical teaching on homosexuality and marriage.

We also understand that many well meaning people have been misled and deceived into thinking that this is about fairness and benefits, not about homosexual marriage. We feel that the truth will surface and it will be seen in the light of articles such as the Times columns, the Seattle Times editorial board itself and our campaign to educate the public on this issue.

The numbers I'm initially seeing are indicating that Washington voters do not approve of homosexual marriage. More on that later.

Our efforts to overturn SB 5688 will draw national attention and nationwide financial support from homosexual activists to defeat us.

Are you prepared to stand with us?

We are already receiving emails from Europe and elsewhere opposing our efforts.

This is the time. And this is the defining issue.

This is an issue in which people of faith and conservatives must prevail. The future of our culture hangs in the balance. The kind of state and community you will hand to your children and grandchildren is attached to this issue.

Please stand with us financially and prayerfully. Donate to Faith and Freedom Foundation.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Wow Gary pulls out all the stops and really unloads the craven dishonesty in this post! Let's take a closer look:

    Far from confirming the serial dishonesty of Gary and others, the Times editorial exposes a truth that Gary doesn't want to acknowledge! The times DOES NOT call SB 5688 a same-sex marriage bill, it calls it a STEP towards recognizing the marriage relationships of same-sex couples. The Times isn't saying that the bill creates same-sex marriages, it is saying they already exist and just need full legal recognition from the state.

    Similarly, Ed Murry and Rodney Tom didn't lie, Gary is lying about what SB 5688 is! This is the real "Big lie". You see Gary's polling shows him that the good people of Washington state are just fine with Domestic Partnerships, but support for marriage equality (especially if it is dishonestly framed as a "special right" by calling it "homosexual marriage") is more in doubt. Now if Gary being honest, this would present a problem for a referendum trying to overturn the expansion of Domestic Partnerships in SB 5688. The solution? Simply tell everyone the "Big Lie" and call SB 5688 a "homosexual marriage" bill! Of course, a referendum will just overturn the expansion of rights for Domestic Partnerships, not the DP's themselves, so look for more lies about that. My guess is, should the forces of anti-gay bigotry prevail, they will immediately start dishonestly claiming that the intent of the referendum was to overturn DP's.

    Another "Big Lie" Gary is fond of telling, is to try and create this false dichotomy where the struggle for equality can either be about "rights and benefits" or "marriage" rather than admit what equality supporters like Murray have been up front about all along, it is about both! With the right and responsibilities of Domestic Partnerships being an incremental approach to full marriage equality. In this post he even goes so far as to call Murray's heartfelt statement of this fact a lie.

    "There is certainly an identity crises, however it exists with those who are helping drive the homosexual agenda who cannot decide from day to day which restroom they want to use."

    This is just an outstandingly ugly piece of bigotry! I would expect this sort of garbage from hate groups like MassResistence, although, since Gary has been linking to such hate groups recently, I guess I shouldn't find it surprising, just disappointing.

    "Our efforts to overturn SB 5688 will draw national attention and nationwide financial support from homosexual activists to defeat us."

    Just as anti-gay groups from around the nation will channel financial support to Gary's referendum, I bet he's already but in a call the Mormon Church headquarters!

    "This is the time. And this is the defining issue."

    What a sad statement on the pettiness of your "faith". THE DEFINING ISSUE is preventing loving couples from being able to inherit each others property.

    John Colgan

  2. Thank you Gary. By making it clear that your goal isn't to 'protect marriage' but to deny other citizens the same access to state contracts as you have you expose your own 'big lie'.

    You said you want the word 'marriage' reserved for just some citizens - you got it. Yes, reasonable people think its incredibly silly to have two contracts with the same features, 2 sets of special access contracts rather than just everyone having access to the same contract but that's what you wanted!

    But that's not enough for you - you and yours begrudge your fellow citizens even having the same access to government no matter what the name of the contract is.

    And by this revealing this underlying deceit you just marginalize yourselves further. Keep talking, the more you do the deeper the hole you dig for yourselves and the sooner true marriage equality will become the law of the land.

  3. Apples and oranges. We don't want to become as Massachusets, with reports of problems as a result of thier ruling for the gays there. We don't want society to change from recognizing authentic marriages. We want to stop teaching our children of this devient behaviours in schools. We want to protect our teens from being exsposed to this 'confusing' lifestyle-movement while they are in a vulnerable time in thier lives. We look at the big picture of the consequences of 'changing' society, and more importantly, going against God's basic principles. I know from your eloquent writings that you don't comprehend how we can possibly be so adament in our beleifs. Someday you will. Everyone will. Prayerfully in the meantime you will 'get it' and come to blieve as we do, with the understanding of what God as has set up for us as family--one man/one woman marriages--period!

  4. Isn't lying a sin? Randall is clearly lying here. If he actually read the bill he would see that same-sex couples will receive domestic partnerships NOT marriages. That one paper has an opinion about the issues does not in fact change the law.

  5. Well put John!

    At a young age, we are all taught that in America, propaganda doesn't exist. We are taught that it only existed in Germany, used as a tool by the Nazi's to promote fear. Promising safety from that fear if all would align themselves against one group. Yet, propaganda has never remained confined in the walls of that one horrific event. Propaganda is what kept the institution of slavery alive. It kept women from voting. It kept segregation booming. And it has kept the gay and lesbian community from equal protections under the law. Propaganda comes from lies, plain and simple. Gary, John pointed out many of your lies, but I know that you will still use them. This is propaganda, and it is a shame.

    Gary, The DP Expansion Bill does 1 thing. 1 thing. It provides legal protections to families. FAMILIES!!! These are the same legal protections that you and your family enjoy every single day. These are not special protections. These are not different protections. These are simple protections that you have never had to think twice about. Protections that come as easy as breathing to you. Yet these same protections, are not provided to MANY Washington state families. Shame on you for wanting to take legal protections away from families. Shame on you!

    Thank God for the leaders that worked tirelessly to pass basic legal protections for many Washington families in need. Now my wife can share in my health care. Now she can be protected if I pass away. How does that harm you????? What if I wanted to take those protections away from your family? I would never do that, because all families deserve equal protections under the law. We all pay equal taxes for these protections. We have all earned them. How dare you try to strip those rights from loving families?? I just don't understand it. It boggles my mind to think that anyone who uses faith and love as the foundation of their actions, would want to do harm to any family.

    But it's all propaganda. You justify your actions by making our families the enemy. Somehow, our love harms yours, which I just don't understand. So while you continue to wage an attack on your neighbors, instead of love your neighbors, I will continue to act in FAITH AND FREEDOM. I have enough FAITH in my love, my family, my friends, my neighbors, and my God to know that EVERYONE deserves the FREEDOM to protect their families and that nobody, can take that away from me. I'll celebrate families and love, rather than try to take away the rights of some, simply because they scare me. How dare you?


  6. We don't want to become as Massachusets, with reports of problems as a result of thier ruling for the gays there.I'm curious what problems are those? Their increased marriage rate? Birth rate? Lower divorce rate? Please share.

    (oh and if you are talking about the Catholic adoption controversy that was because of their equal rights statute, not marriage equality)

  7. Isn't it already illegal for two of the same sex to marry? Oh yeah, it's called the Defense of Marriage Act. That part always gets left out.

  8. There were issues of which 'bathrooms' the gay teens chose to use--among some of the problems that happened in Mass. ruling.
    This recent bill in Olympia is a 'stepping stone' to marriage for the 'gay community'--ask them--they will admit it! It's a slippery slope thing--plural marriages/marry close relatives, etc.
    Leave authentic marriages as is. For those who believe in God's principles, read Rom!
    And those who are concerned about our economy, are you ready for more expenses paid by us?

  9. There were issues of which 'bathrooms' the gay teens chose to use--among some of the problems that happened in Mass. ruling. As so you don't know what you are talking about - once again that is part of the civil rights legislation when it included transgender people (who aren't necessarily gay by the way and are already protected in Washington under RCW 49.60.30 which isn't the domestic partnership bill.)

    legislation that would add "gender identity and expression" to the state's anti-discrimination laws. This recent bill in Olympia is a 'stepping stone' to marriage for the 'gay community'--ask them--they will admit it! Oh yes, marriage equality would be best, but this legislation doesn't cause that - the state supreme court has ruled that DOMA stands, and it ruled so in a way it doesn't matter what attributes the Domestic Partnership contract has, it still can't be used to challenge the state DOMA. Only the legislature or a popular vote can cause marriage equality in Washington state.

    It's a slippery slope thing--plural marriages/marry close relatives, etc. Haha! Very funny - how can giving all citizens the same access to an existing contract do any of those things? Where has this happened anywhere in the world where marriage equality has occurred?

    And those who are concerned about our economy, are you ready for more expenses paid by us? Well,
    1) any costs will be paid for by that part of the population that has up till now been subsidizing other people's marriages but never getting anything similar back for themselves; 'us' won't be paying for anything, 'us' just won't be getting a free ride on the backs of other tax-paying citizens anymore.
    2) licensed marriages are a net savings to society and the state by placing the financial support of a spouse between the individual and the state. Our state didn't do it, but others have calculated how much money a state saves by having married couples, how many support programs the individuals will not qualify for now that they are married as well as the things they will. For government its about a wash, for society there is a net gain. Married couples are more economically stable, take less from society and give more back.

    Having as many citizens married as possible saves money for government and society.

  10. Interesting Seattle Times is seen as the conservative balance to the PI when the PI was still printing papers .

    I do not see this as the defining issue . If you think about it this issue was brought forward because of the corruption mainly on the national level reported upon in the Republican Party . This issue was brought forward because of the very unpopular Bush Administration and things like the Iraq war and the resistance by Terrorists and the incompetence , or at least the perceived incompetence of the Republican Administration dealing with that war . Hence democrats won everything even on the state level . Homosexual marriage is not a defining issue , it was brought about because one political party uses it as a positive , while the other uses it as a negative .

    The issue shows a lack of morality , people don't support it , its seen as no big deal from much of the population . A political victory perhaps , but defintely proof of a culture that has no united sense of right and wrong .

    If you think gay marriae is moral , you are in the minority , if you think its harmful , your in the minority .

    Kids are better off with a mom and dad , even if your gay . Moral or common sense , same thing really.

  11. “Marriage” for same-sex couples (or the counterfeit equivalent under pseudonyms such as “civil unions” or “domestic partnerships”) are being promoted as an extension of tolerance, equality, and civil rights. But they are really wedges designed to overturn traditional sexual morality and to win official affirmation, celebration, subsidization and solemnization of behavior that is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society, and that is still viewed as morally wrong by a majority of the American public.


  12. Kids are better off with a mom and dad , even if your gay . Moral or common sense , same thing really. Which has little to do with the issue.

    The question isn't:
    Will the kids have two same gender parents?\ - that's going to be true with or without the parents being able to license a civil contract.

    The question is:
    Will the kids be better off having parents who have licensed the civil contract?

    The obvious answer is 'yes'.

  13. But they are really wedges designed to overturn traditional sexual morality and to win official affirmation, celebration, subsidization and solemnization of behavior that is harmful to the people who engage in it and to society, and that is still viewed as morally wrong by a majority of the American public.Gosh why note tell us what's on your mind why don't you.

    Yes its always a grand conspiracy, all those people that tell you they want to license the contract for the good of their families must be lying because it doesn't fit in with the hateful image you have of them.

    Reality check: it is those licensing the marriage contract that have been subsidized by gay citizens for all these years. And you don't get a choice on whether other people are gay or not, its their legal right to be so and so the only choice that is open to you is do you want their lives to be the best they can be, or do you want to continue lying about them, actively trying to limit their access to the government they pay for, and make their lives as difficult as possible?

    As Christine Todd Whitman, the former Republican governor of New Jersey to Log Cabin Republicans (she is straight and been married 35 years today) said over the weekend:

    "I am not saying to Christian conservatives, ‘There is no place for you,’ I am saying, ‘Please stop saying there is no place for us.’"This is everyone's country and you'd best just get used to that idea because the time of special rights for some is over.

  14. You mentioned the DOMA--it's now close to being void--with all these new rulings--that is a stepping stone for gays 'marriage''-shudder!

  15. Why does this issue bother you so much? God will punish me for my sins, you for your sins & homosexuals for their's. Are you afraid that God will punish you for the sins of homosexuals
    and others? That doesn't seem to be fair. COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME.

  16. This debate deserves a fair discussion. Post this comment!

    Point of clarification Gary.

    Senator is a leader on many issues. On other issues, he has even successfully worked with those that opposed him on this particular issue. He made it a point of highlighting this in his remarks. One of the things that I believe we all should lend attention to is the civility with which this issue was discussed on the floor of the House and Senate. It has certainly moved from stereotypes and name calling to actually discussing real people. Opponents and allies alike, I am proud that the legislature has conducted itself in such a way. I highly recommend you follow their example.

    Senator Murray was not "tearful" or "quivering" when he made his remarks in the Senate. I invite you or any of your readers to visit to see and hear the archives for themselves.

  17. Ralph in Everett,

    It's not the 'sins' that we are concerned about--(at least for me) but the fact that this deviant behaviours are being accepted via society, that is against God's principles. Thus, it affects everyone. We are concerned for our children in schools to be taught something that is against our basic beliefs. It's discrimination in reverse! We are concerned for the gay community being 'duped' into thinking that this is 'ok'! They conciously accepted this life style. They are NOT born with having gay tendencies. God does NOT make a mistake! It's not the 'sins', its the mindset. Many have been made free from this lifestyle via Exodus. Unfortunatley, it's not well known to society of these individuals who have found freedom from these the gay lifestyles, and are in healthy, one man-one woman relationships now! Not a sin--a mind set that is contrary to what God wants for them!

  18. The question is:
    Will the kids be better off having parents who have licensed the civil contract?

    Nope , the problem is with marriage being re defined will the focus be taken off the mom and dad and the support of them being the standard . Which has already happened , so basically the point it will hurt marriage anymore does have a point. But your concern is not primarily for ther nuclear family , and your point of it being equal with any other or unimportant to be held to a coummunity standard are noted . Thats the crux of the issue , making it appear different to many because of negative stererotypes of gays or Christians has taken away a been had .


  19. It's not the 'sins' that we are concerned about--(at least for me) but the fact that this deviant behaviours are being accepted via society

    947 thats not it for me . The sins of all of are pretty much accepted by society. Also people who sin can get married now. I look at it as what is best for kids , a Mom and a Dad . Having that as a standard and given supports will encourgage it to tbe majority for the ways of raising children . Hence more kids , including all the sinners , will have a Mom and dad with those unique qualities given to each gender. Its why God made man and women to have the biological requirements for giving birth . If your a non believer , nature obviously did it .

  20. [b]Will the kids be better off having parents who have licensed the civil contract?

    Then we have nothing more to discussion - to say kids are better off with unlicensed parents is so 'out there' we have no common ground.

  21. Gary you need to change the name of this blog to faith and freedom of those who are gay. It seems they are the ones doing most of the talking here, freedom you say. They want it to the extreme! I guess it's their turn to be on the defensive. Jesus is the answer,his truth will set you free. "We are suppose to Love and pray for our enemies" the sin we hate. Wake up you guys,God is a jealous God.

  22. I was sitting in the WA State House chamber in Olympia and personally heard representatives speaking on the floor about the civil union bill the day they passed it. While I was concerned about the passing of such legislation, I was even more troubled when one after another, Democrat representatives stood and said that they could care less about the will of the people and the people in WA State only stand in the way of “their” progress. . One Democrat representative boldly argued that it was his "Christian" duty to love and support civil unions, and to continue to fight until homosexual marriage is fully established in WA State. Several Republican proponents against civil unions protested that the majority of people in WA State oppose civil marriage and that changing century old tradition should be decided by voters, not by them as legislators. They also stated that the bill would cost WA State millions of dollars in additional spending, which during a recession was irresponsible as well as unpopular, since millions of people across America were united in telling governments to stop spending money that they do not have; which even they admit is the case in WA State. A woman Democrat representative and civil union supporter responded to this by saying that the citizens do not know what is good for society. She cited women’s’ rights, slavery, and black rights as historical examples of how American democracy, citizens having a voice in government, stands as a barrier to progress, taking too much time, and costing to much money. She said that homosexual marriage will eventually pass in the name of progress, so, why not just force the issue and force citizens to live with it. Democrats across America are making it very clear both in word and deed, and voters better pay attention—Democrats say they will force “their” laws and “their” progressive agendas on you, whether you want them to or not, if they can. And, they will create laws, if they can, to stop anyone who tries to question them or stop them. This is tyranny folks; this is not the same American government that we used to know that was “of the people, by the people, and for the people”. Democrats and Socialists have no intentions of guarding, supporting, or defending YOUR Constitutional rights, which guarantee YOUR freedom; how can they when they openly say they believe YOUR voice is a hindrance to THEIR socialistic progressive agenda? Which they confess that you don’t want? If you value citizen government and citizen freedom and citizen voice, better understand that you need to cast your voice for it in the next election for it to survive.


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