Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Homosexual Hypocrisy at City of Seattle

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UPDATE FROM PHILIP IRVIN: Response from City, Filing Report

News sources have been reporting, and are continuing to report, that a couple of homosexual activist groups are planning to post online the names of all who sign the Referendum 71 petitions.
KING 5 said if you sign the referendum, "You can expect to have your name posted online so you can be contacted by gay rights activists."

The Seattle Times made it very clear that people who sign the referendum petition may be targeted for a "conversation" with homosexual activists or "neighbors".

While wearing their "unbiased" mask, the press is diligently getting out the message---which is intimidation in its cruelest form. However the press is dutifully explaining that these folks just want to get better acquainted .

But will the press cover this story of hypocrisy at the City of Seattle?

Philip Irvin is an employee of the City of Seattle. He took the following action for the reasons he describes in his memo to me.

In his own words:

Seattle Public Utilities sponsored a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and friends" employees group which has free use of City e-mail and meeting rooms and most likely even has a city job number to charge their organizational time to. They have even got an all-employees e-mail invitation persuading employees to attend a one-sided forum on lesbian mothers child custody issues. Curious to find out who was using City resources, I, a City Light employee, filed a public disclosure request seeking the names and attendees of their meeting. I was stunned when told that the gay group would be filing an injunction to block release of this information. There seems to be rank hypocrisy among the gay community. Publishing names and addresses on a website of those who oppose them by signing a petition is fair game but releasing the names of those who use city resources to promote their agenda causes them to howl. Call me a homophobe if you want to but I don't think the City should fund a secret gay employees group.
Philip Irvin

Click here to read the response from the Mayor's office.


Do the homosexuals have one rule for themselves and another one for everyone else? It seems they do.

Will the press be as interested in their unwillingness to share their names as they are to post yours online?

Should City of Seattle employees be using City resources for these kinds of events?

Will the press care how City money and resources are used?


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I am against referendum 71 - and though all of the signatures gathered are going to be public record anyway - I am still opposed to any tactics that might intimidate those interested in signing the referendum.

    Not everyone against the referendum is for these types of actions. The same as you hopefully do not support the defaming actions against people who disagree with your argument.

    Fair is fair - if you are going to blow the hypocrite whistle (as you have the right to) then you better practice what you preach.

  2. I have a couple of different comments today. First of all, one fringe group is going to make public information (ie signature gatherers) easily searchable. This info is already a matter of public record.

    Second, not all gay people (including myself) agree that is the best tactic. I understand the groups motivation, but it hardly does anything to make friends.

    Third, what you are talking about doing is outing a private group. There is no assumption that joining a particular club will make your information public. Should your church members be publicised for just attending your church? What if you formed a religious group at work, should they be outed? I don't think so.

    With that said, you should not lump all gay people together, just like I should not assume all Christians are like you. Fortunately they are not.

  3. When I read the King 5 article about this, I immediately logged on to your web site and ordered some Referendum 71 petitions. If any organized harassment happens to me or my family, let it be known that it will take us from the sidelines on this social issue.

  4. Gary, what can I say?

    All signatures on ballot petitions are public record, always have been - pretty much have to be.

    No one will even know them until referendum 71 gets on the ballot because:
    1) they won't be public record until after the petitions are turned in and everyone saves them up and turns them in all at once these days.
    2) you won't turn them in at all if you don't have enough just like last time.

    After the initiative is on the ballot the signatures on it is just 'gee whiz' information - a tiny number of the potential votes on Referendum 71.

    The national group that is actually doing this has done this in several states - there is no indication it made any difference one way or another in any election it was done, if anything it gets MORE people to vote against the people doing it just because it seems a bit rude.

    But to answer your questions:

    Do the homosexuals have one rule for themselves and another one for everyone else? It seems they do.
    Oh please! Like all gay people are the same person - we had a vote with our secret gay decoder rings and reached a consensus on a plan of action? There's no gay community there is only a vast and varied part of the population that happens to be gay. If you can group all gay people together by the actions of a few does that mean I can group all of you with Christianist terrorist murderers?

    Will the press be as interested in their unwillingness to share their names as they are to post yours online?
    These people are the ones sharing the ballot petitions online? I know I've asked this before and it generally means the message won't get posted here but:

    Isn't stereotyping a Christian sin? It was in the church I was raised in. Unless you know the people in this group with the injunctions are the people posting the signatures isn't this very question 'hypocritical' to a Christian?

    And Phil Irvin is still around? What a blast from the past! Remember way back in the 90's when he was on the afternoon TV program talking about Seattle Domestic Partnership group and the guy from a gay legal group put his hand on Phil's knee and Phil reached over and kissed the guy? Still trying to disrupt any gay employee meeting he can? What a trooper...

    Should City of Seattle employees be using City resources for these kinds of events?
    Of course they should - any registered employee group can meet within the confines of the legislation. Shoot Phil Irvin himself used to attend them and when they tried to block him he put in a complaint and won!

    Will the press care how City money and resources are used?
    Why would the press care that employee groups exist and have meeting? That's like running a news story that the city has employees. Most large employers allow employee groups to organize and use company resources - its one of the incredibly cheap to provide employee incentives - there's a Native Affinity group, a Latino group, a Seniors group, a Civil Rights groups and many more.

    Gary, stereotyping all individuals in a group by the actions of a few is a 'sin' pure and simple, even by your standards, so remove that hypocritical log from your own eye before you start searching for the specks in others.

    Maybe your petitions would do more good in passing an initiative that would keep petitions public record but block their online publication by anything other than an official state agency? Wouldn't that be a better goal than trying to block a few rights from your fellow citizens?

  5. No, Gary, gays and lesbians do not have one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else. A referendum petition is public document, always has been, not so the names of who attends employee affinity group meetings.

    Frankly, I'd welcome having my name published as a signer of the Decline 2 Sign petition. Publicizing your support or opposition to an issue is the ENTIRE POINT of a petition!

    Now if you want to talk hypocrisy, let's discuss groups that try to blame the entire gay community for an injunction filed by a small group or the "harassment" of a beauty queen, but then decry such blaming of a group for the actions of an individual member when it comes to a cold blooded murder in a his church of a man, who has been systematically targeted and vilified by the larger movement. That is hypocrisy, my friend.

    John Colgan
    Seattle (note I am providing as much personal information here as would publish for referendum signers)

  6. Why doesn't Gary want his readers to get the whole story? Why does he withhold the fact that this filing is just the latest in a series of filings, part of an ongoing decades long campaign of harassment against LGBT groups at City Light by Phillip Irvin?

    How's this for hypocrisy: Last week Gary characterized LGBT groups verifying that Faith and Freedom is complying with the law as "intimidation" and "harassment"; yet this week Gary embraces the cause of a man, who has spent the last two decades and thousands of dollars of city resources waging a campaign of harassment against LGBT employees.

  7. The folks trying to intimidate voters from either side of the issue only cause a larger backlash.
    I have not signed a petition, but just folks doing this get my Irish back up and encourgage me to do so.

  8. As a reporter for a small neighborhood paper, I can state definitively that any reporting on those sentiments of the segment of our local community against gay marriage would be both discouraged and ignored. And they have been.

    I am for gay marriage and I personally see this as a civil right issue. However, I am against censoring views I am personally opposed to for the obvious reason that next time around it may very well be my views that become hushed.

  9. Additionally, city resources aren't used for this affiliation group you ignoramous. Do your research! YOU are a drain on city resources- I looked up your salary.

  10. Are newspapers engaging in "intimidation in its cruelest form" when they publish a writer's name and city with a letter to the editor? This is the same amount of information that is being published with signers of Referendum 71 A PUBLIC DOCUMENT.

  11. Firstly, I don't care who knows I signed a petition to protect traditional marriage. In fact I am proud of standing up for what I believe in. Gays have really really pushed the envelope since becoming a protected class in Washington State. They already receive health benefits heterosexual couples don't get without same sex marriage. This much I do know, the first time I'm accosted by a gay activist, for expressing MY RIGHTS, I'm going to be looking for whoever paid for this meeting with city funds. Looks like incitement to me.

  12. @8:00 AM, What are you going to do? It sounds like a threat. Are you going to hurt someone?

  13. Regarding the debate and legality of an independent website publishing names of those who sign Ref. 71. I understand that this is published anyone by the Public Disclosure Commission and that it is the same for all referendums. But if it were ever to be taken to court, I would think they would have to look at the "intent" of the parties publishing the names. Obviously and clearly it would be harrassment, not education.

  14. Let's remember that it's the double standards we ought to be against rather than the people who
    hold them, and that often people who are against the double standards, and NOT against those who hold them, are perceived as though they are.

    Things that happen in the field of battle are not always what they
    seem. There is often smoke, noise,
    and darkness of night, making things difficult to see. The wounded often become less effective on the field of battle.

    Also what happens in spiritual warfare is that those who are going against the principalities
    and powers of darkness become attacked by such powers, and as men, they may be carried away by
    similar powers, be they ever so subtle and seem to be rather innocent at first.

    In such battles as these, every word becomes important. The enemy
    knows every weakness of mankind and will work against whatever is
    trying to expose his weakness.

    The double standard is of the character of evil. And who is that
    character but the devil and those
    spiritual beings that have fallen
    away from God and his righteousness?

    Any that are carried away by them
    can take unto them such character
    which can only be overcome through
    repentance and faith in God who
    justifies the unrighteous by faith.

    Those who overcome, then receive authority over such powers by Jesus Christ.

    Wherever we may be in this field of battle, let's continue toward
    the light. Some are at the front
    and some are at the rear. Some will move up and some will move back. Some will be wounded and some will be healed.

    The light will overcome for Jesus
    overcame. The darkness is what killed Jesus. God allowed it and so did Jesus, that we might overcome.

    The darkness had no part in Christ
    and so it is today. May it also be
    so with us as we are attached to him.

  15. I for one do not wish to be targeted for signing Ref. 71.

    I do not wish to be contacted in any way by anyone who is opposed to the referendum simply because I
    decided to sign it.

    I say "NO" about being contacted by anyone who is against what I have signed, and I want my NO to be known as NO, and to be respected as such.

    To be contacted by anyone about this matter because I have signed
    against what their agenda is, would seem to me to be much worse
    than simply being contacted by a
    salesman who wanted me to buy something from him that I am not interested in and told him so.

    To me, it would be worse than being contacted by a political party because I decided to agree

    I say this because of the spiritual matters involved. This IS a spiritual matter. Anyone who
    doesn't see that is not seeing it
    for what it really is.

    Because it is spiritual, more so than any other political matters that we have been faced with in recent years, our "NO" should be
    honored as "NO" should be.

    I find the homosexual agenda to be
    moraly offensive, so much more so
    than any other political event.

  16. 5:07 PM

    Polling shows that the people, who personally know LGBT people, are far more likely to support equal rights. Maybe your intolerant attitude would soften a bit if all the LGBT people you know saw that you signed a referendum to take away rights from "the homosexuals" and revealed to you just who "the homosexuals" are. I'm sure you'd find that we aren't the cartoon villains our opponents portray us as.

  17. 8:15

    Has knowing Christians softened your intolerant attitude towards them? Perhaps if we knew your name it would help you.

  18. As a Christian, I am sickened at the attitudes of Phillip Irvin and those who use the label Christian to promote prejudice. The God I pray to is about love and acceptance. Just imagine the impact all this time and energy [being spent on blocking legal unions of same-sex couples] could have on a real problem, such as: hunger, crime, child abuse, drug addiction, gang violence, domestic abuse.... you get the picture.
    I challenge all Christians to ask the eternal question "what would Jesus do?" before acting [allegedly] in His name.
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    May God bless you and melt away the hatred that currently resides in your hearts.

  19. 12:53 on June 12,
    Do you remember the next part of that passage you quote - about throwing stones? Jesus asks where [the adulteresses] accusers are, and she replies there is no one left. His response is to say, "then neither do I condemn you" So many of us sinners like to drop the story there, but it is important to finish out the text. Jesus then instructs her (and I, and you, and all who sin - including GLBT or whatever you like to call yourselves), to GO AND SIN NO MORE.

    Let us not forget that.
    Fornication is a sin, unequivocally stated in the Bible and by Jesus himself, there is no question about that. So if sex outside of a marriage covenant is a sin (fornication), and God has instituted marriage as ONLY between a man and a woman, then it logically follows that the gay lifestyle choice is therefore a sin. There are many other arguments to support this, but This one in particular is of no contest.

    God, please let us all refrain from sin... all of us! Let us not try to change the rules and make what is an abomination in your sight "seem" to be loving, righteous, and even legal. We do no favors for anyone by changing the rules of righteousness. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He never changes, neither should we try to change his ways. We should change OUR ways.


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