Thursday, August 05, 2010

A Prayer for Christopher Hitchens

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Christopher Hitchens has gained international recognition for mocking and attacking God, Jesus Christ, personal faith, the Bible, the virgin birth of Christ, Christianity and all things religious and sacred.

In 2007, he wrote the book, "God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything," and this summer he has been promoting his newly released memoir, "Hitch-22."

Everything changed for him 60 days ago.

He tells Vanity Fair Magazine (September 2010 issue) :

"I have more than once in my time woken up feeling like death. But nothing prepared me for the early morning last June when I came to consciousness feeling as if I were actually shackled to my own corpse. The whole cave of my chest and thorax seemed to have been hollowed out and then refilled with slowly-drying cement."

Christopher Hitchens has been diagnosed with cancer--likely terminal cancer.

"In whatever kind of 'race' life may be," Hitchens writes, "I have very abruptly become a finalist."

He says, "I have been taunting the Reaper---I am badly oppressed by a gnawing sense of waste. I had real plans..."

Hitchens writes, "Against me is the blind, emotionless alien, cheered on by some who have long wished me ill. But on the side of my continued life is a group of brilliant and selfless physicians plus an astonishing number of prayer groups."

He says, "I am quietly resolved to resist bodily as best I can, even if only passively, and to seek the most advanced advice."

A prayer for Christopher Hitchens:

May he discover, in his great time of need, the grace and love of God. May he discover that the God whom he rejected is faithful and just and will not reject his appeal for mercy.

May he find forgiveness and spiritual restoration through the person and power of Jesus Christ. Although he has mocked and marginalized Him, may he know that He stands at the door and knocks. And may he discover there is a difference between religion and a personal relationship with Jesus.

May God's Holy Spirit bear the witness of Truth to Christopher Hitchens as He did to Saul of Tarsus.

And may Hitchens write of this transforming experience should he, as he quotes his father as saying, "be spared."


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. Wow, Gary. This is very touching. Thank you for the true Christian witness. God bless you.

  2. Wouldn't that be a miracle?

  3. Yes Gary. I will pray, for I know God is Who He says He is, and I know He can do what He says He'll do. It would be a tremendous testimony to the Lord if Hitchens would profess Christ. Let us all be a true witness and testimony in prayer for this lost soul. Did you know that his brother is a born-again believer?

  4. True Christian witness? Sounds more like poorly disguised schadenfreude and triumphalism to me.

    I hope Hitchens has as pain free a death as possible and doesn't feel the need to take false solace in fairy tales.

  5. God bless his body and his soul.

  6. C. S. Lewis was one of the most famous atheists to ever regret his anti-God writings, and look how that ended up!

    I will pray for Chris, that he finds God and recovers to repeat what Lewis did - tell his readers to burn everything prior and move forward with enlightenment.

  7. Triumphalism? How can praying for someone to be healed bodily and spiritually be such a thing?
    Fairy tale? The only such thing is
    believing that you can mock God un-
    repentingly and somehow still escape his WRATH. I will pray for you as well.

  8. Yes, Holy Father, Precious Lord...please bring this man into Your loving arms. May he see Your Love and Your Glory!

  9. I am a christian saved by the one who changed my heart of stone and utter darkness and gave me a heart of flesh to see again, feel again and love. Because of jesus I am as white as snow, God see's jesus when he sees me because I simply believe jesus is Lord and he died for my sins.

    I don't know you personally Christopher but I love you as a fellow neighbor and am praying God heals you and restores you to even better health. We serve a great God who is LOVE and is ready, willing, able and desires all of us to come back home to Him. he simply wants to love us and wants us back. because he is my father I love Him and want to obey Him. Thats the Christian life but so much, much more.

    Praying for healing and sending love and prayers your way.

    God bless Much love,

    Joy (mom to 4 blessings, chief of sinners, saved by Amazing Grace, amazing love!)


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