Thursday, December 16, 2010

Iraqi Christians: "Please Help Us!"

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A call for help has gone out from Christians living in Iraq.

They are contacting the European Parliament and reaching out to other western governments, asking for help as they experience a systematic religious cleansing.

Al Queda in Iraq has called Christians, "legitimate targets" who would be killed "wherever they can be found."

Christian denominations in the country include; Chaldeans, Syrian Catholics, Assyrians and evangelicals. Some trace their origins to the earliest years of Christianity.

The majority of these Christians live in what is known as the Nineveh Plain, a rural area near Mosul.

A letter sent out by Christian leadership in Syria last Monday outlines the reality these Christians are facing in Iraq. It is sobering.

The letter said in part:
“Their conditions are no longer bearable, the people are living behind locked doors, they are compelled to take long leaves of absence from work, in Mosul and other cities, as a result of the dangers they face at work,” the letter said. “The universities are almost empty of Christian students, as are the schools. In some of the cities even the streets are almost empty of Christians.”

Those close to the situation, say there is no Obama policy for these people, not even a safe-haven or refugee policy, designed to help Iraqi Christians as they face being killed for their faith.

CNSNEWS has written a detailed article on this matter. I suggest you read it. Then do two things:

* Pray for these Christian brothers and sisters.

* Thank God for the freedoms we have in this country. And remember why we have them.

While we are sometimes frustrated because we can't find the right gift at Target, for the right price, there are those who are themselves "The Target" of religious cleansing, simply because they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and have embraced Him as their Savior---their Messiah.

Be Thankful. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Free. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. How can we help? Prayers should be followed up by action. However, with an income below poverty level, my charity funds must be stretched; and I've already been 'scammed' enough by supposedly legitimate charities. Some that may spend 90 percent on fund-raising and executives salaries. I no longer donate to an overseas save the children fund (more than two years of monthly payments that went nowhere near those in need), the red cross because of their high costs of administration, a Washington State law enforcement fund, etc. Others that I've donated to in the past I may still occasionally help, but their administrative costs are really too high, like the youth clubs or scouts. Salvation Army is good choice, but what happened to all the Haitian relief funds? So how can we help?
    Rural NC WA.

  2. Regarding charities, Charity Commission provides registration and some evaluation data for England based charities such as Samaritans (2.81m/5.99m (administrative cost/charitable spending) 83/18450 (employees/volunteers)), Salvation Army (31.05m/118,10m, 3727/12000), Barnabas Fund (0.15/8.34, 41/568). (m=million pounds, about 1.5 million dollars) I've given to Samaritans and the Salvation Army, but never to Barnabas Fund.
    Rural NC WA

  3. Good post, I also am heartbroken by the persecution of my brothers and sisters in Christ. Rural NC brings up a good point, how do we tell which charities are an outright scam
    and which ones strive to do the right thing. How do we know?
    Our Lord told us to be discerning in our giving. Outside of actually flying over there with a planeload of food and necessities, not within my means, how to help? It's very frustrating and sad. I will continue to pray and do the research so I can make the best decision. God still works miracles thru His people.

    Craig in Lacey


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