Monday, December 06, 2010

Miracle On Capitol Way

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You're familiar with, "Miracle On 34th Street," but have you heard of the "Miracle On Capitol Way" in Olympia?

It's a secular "holiday" miracle.

It is unclear who actually performed the miracle, but there is evidence that it has happened. There are reports that Secretary of State Sam Reed performed the actual miracle--or Attorney General Rob McKenna. Some think it was Governor Gregoire. Others say it was our Founding Fathers who said in the Constitution that the word God or Christmas could not be uttered or implied on state owned property.

But the evidence stands. It actually happened.

A 22-foot Noble Fir tree stands in the Capitol Rotunda---a tree that has been transformed in a magical way. And it happened sometime between conception and death. Perhaps in route to its final stand.

The Secretary's
website reports, "The tree was donated by Tom and Dian Rolfs of Olympia, who live near Marvin Road. The fir was originally planted on their deck in 1995 as a living Christmas tree."

So the tree was, at conception, a "Christmas tree" according to the Secretary's website.

Secretary Reed's website continues; "It was then transitioned to their yard, and they continued to decorate it until it grew too tall."

Is there a height at which a Christmas tree is no longer a Christmas tree?

When did the tree cease to be a Christmas tree? Was it en route along Marvin Road? Perhaps as it entered Capitol Way? Or as it was moved into the Capitol last week?

The Secretary's website reports that the tree is now a "Holiday Tree." A miracle! A tree that had found its identity as a "Christmas Tree" for 15 years, is suddenly transformed into a "Holiday Tree." The tree's caretakers had known it as a "Christmas" tree. Neighbors had known it as a Christmas tree---but now it is no longer a Christmas tree.

It was celebrated this past Friday as the official Capitol Rotunda "Holiday Tree."

A reverse, secular miracle.

In a possibly related note; as I drove down Capitol Way yesterday afternoon, just blocks from the site of the miracle "Holiday" tree, a woman in an older Buick pulled out onto the "Way" with a clear and distinct message written on her car---in big bold letters.

Large self adhesive letters on the side of her car said, "Freedom From Faith." The letters were not unlike the font on our own Faith and Freedom logo. As she sped past, the message across the back of her car said something very close to this: "God doesn't need your faith or your lies about his existence."

Could she have been visiting the "holiday tree?"

I will likely never know, nor will we ever know who actually performed the "Miracle On Capitol Way."

What we do know, however, is that the world changed forever the day God became flesh and dwelt among us. We know Him as Jesus. And we know His birthday as "Christmas."

Polls consistently show at least 70% of Americans prefer the word "Christmas" as it relates to trees, wreaths, etc., and of those, 7 of 10 prefer the term "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays."

To the neglected majority, "Merry Christmas." And enjoy your Christmas tree.

Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be A Blessing. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. It should be pretty obvious that it transitioned into a 'Holiday' tree when it went from private to community status. As a community tree on shared public property, it's now a tree for all of us, not just the 70%.

    As a Wiccan, greenery is an important part of my Winter Solstice celebration. So we could put up a tree just as big as yours, but that would be silly and wasteful when we can all enjoy a single tree. And as individuals, we can each call it by whatever name we choose. But the government has no role choosing a favorite religion regardless of majority. That's one of the great things that separates from the Muslim you hate.

  2. As the previous person stated, we can call it whatever we like,but to assert that just because a majority wants to call it a Christmas tree, that somehow nullifies the wishes of the majority is absurd. We do many things both public and private according to the wishes of the majority in this country. In our government, in our homes, in our places of employment.

    Oh, BTW. it has nothing to do with Muslims, that's a straw-man of your choosing. I dislike anyone who seeks to kill me, I'm sure you do too.

    Craig in Lacey

  3. Yes, we do many things by majority choice in this country. But not when it's contrary to our constitutional protections.


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