Thursday, March 31, 2011

PP CEO Cecile Richards: Lying? Or Uninformed?

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Whooops. Planned Parenthood has aborted the truth--Again.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards told TV talk show host Joy Behar that if the Mike Pence bill to stop taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood becomes law, "Millions of women in this country are gonna lose their healthcare access---not just to abortion services, to basic family planning, you know, mammograms."

Does Planned Parenthood provide mammograms?

Well, no. Actually they do not provide mammograms.

Then why, Ms. Richards, will they loose access to mammograms if Pence shuts off the $363 million that is coming to Planned Parenthood from taxpayers?

Is she lying to the public? Or is she that uninformed regarding her company?

You must take 2 minutes and watch this video.

Live Action called 30 Planned Parenthood clinics in 27 different cities asking if they could come in for a mammogram. In every case they said they do not do mammograms.

In fact, the Planned Parenthood girl in Memphis referred the caller to "Christ Community Service" for a mammogram.

Lila Rose, president of Live Action says, "Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion business, but will do and say almost anything to try and cover up that fact and preserve its taxpayer funding. It's not surprising that an organization found concealing statutory rape and helping child sex traffickers would misrepresent its own services so brazenly, playing on women's fears in order to protect their tax dollars."

Please take 2 minutes and watch the video.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trump---Obama and the Magnificent "IDORU"

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Donald Trump made waves when he started talking about the absence of Barack Obama's birth certificate on ABC's "The View". He is continuing to talk and to make waves.

This week POLITICO reported that Trump has produced his birth certificate and is asking Obama to do the same.

And NPR, not to miss the opportunity yesterday, jumped in, reporting on how the media is trying to "out-mock" the Trump story.

This is significant because Trump is more one of them than he is one of those "birther," non-elite types that have been talking about this issue for some time. The media has marginalized them, but what can they do with Trump?

Trump says, "And I didn't think this was such a big deal, but I will tell you, it's turning out to be a very big deal."

"All of a sudden," Trump says, "a lot of facts are emerging and I'm starting to wonder myself whether or not [Obama] was born in this country."

There is, indeed, a "big deal" aspect to all of this that even eclipses the birth certificate issue---and that is a big deal. If Barack Obama was not born here, he should not be President.

And will the "facts" that are emerging ever really see a legitimate light of day?

President Obama may well be America's first political "IDORU".

In his State of the Union address on January 25, 2011, many felt he pulled sheep's clothing over his obsessive spending and borrowing and told a country that is approaching insolvency that we need to spend more---not less, to fix what ails us. He called it "investing".

The media followed up the same evening and beyond, making it all sound like it was the right thing to do. The media nodded "yes," and some in the apathetic public said, "Sure, that makes sense."

According to recent polls only 1 in 5 believe the country is headed in the right direction. Not to worry, the media assures us everything is going to be just fine. They are, for their own reasons, among the 1.

Monday evening he left the Oval Office, went to the War College and told the nation and the world why he went to Libya without counsel or consent from Congress. The media said, "Okay that makes sense. Thank you for making that clear to everyone."

John McCain, no stranger to the military, war or politics, heard a different message. He told The Hill, "Gadhafi must be 'somewhat comforted' by Obama's speech."

The media has spent the week supporting the words and deeds of the President.

President Obama is without doubt our nation's greatest real time political celebrity in our history. He mesmerized the American public and most of the Western World during his candidacy. People wept, they fainted, they sang, they prayed, the news media swooned and Chris Matthews at MSNBC said Obama caused a "tingle to go down his leg."

He was seen by many as the "savior," "the one"--- The only person who could create hope and effect change.

Two years later the shine has faded---the mask has slipped. His silence on the important issues is deafening.

The man who voted "present" as a state legislator seems to be everywhere in the media yet absent on all the important issues of our time.

No one really knows where he stands on the issues. It seems he can't quite make up his mind on the important matters.

His initiatives have only generated controversy and failure.

Is he committed to the one or two week Libyan adventure or not? What are we trying to accomplish? What is the end game? Are we in or out? Is Congress to be circumvented or consulted on these matters? Are the articles of the Constitution to be observed or ignored? Is he for natural marriage or for redefining it? Is he pro-Israel or anti-Israel? Why does he support the so-called "democracy movement" in Egypt, but not in Syria or Iran?

And why do the statements from the White House always seem to be contradictory?

If his health care reform is so good, why has he already exempted public sector unions and Congressmen?

Is he for or against the mosque at Ground Zero? Is he in or out of Afghanistan? Does he admire or disapprove of Rev. Wright, his pastor for 20 years?

Is he able to take a reasoned, consistent principled position on anything?

In his book, "The Audacity of Hope," he, if he indeed wrote the book said, "I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views."

More than 10 years before any one had heard of Barack Obama, the introduction to the Obama Presidency may have been written by author William Gibson in his novel "IDORU".

The setting is in 21rst Century Tokyo. Rez, one of the world's biggest rock stars is about to marry Rei Toei, Japan's biggest media star.

The problem is, Rei Toei is an IDORU and exists only in virtual reality. Idoru means Idol in Japanese.

The IDORU was a media creation. A holographic emanation, an entirely virtual media star projected upon an adoring public.

A conversation in the book at a popular bar in Tokyo goes like this:

"Nobody's really famous anymore, Laney. Have you noticed that? I mean really famous? There's not enough to go around."

"We're the media, Laney. We made these (expletive) celebrities. It's a push-me, pull-me routine. They come to us to be created."

"We learned to print money off this stuff---it's coin of our realm. Now we've printed too much; even the audience knows, it shows in our ratings."
When Rolling Stone magazine reviewed the novel they said, "Gibson envisions a future in which the lines between the virtual and the actual are terminally blurred."

David Solway writing on this subject, asks if our President is a "simulated president" with difficulty distinguishing between character and rhetoric---a man with a teleprompter.

Solway asks, "Is Obama real?" or "Is he a virtual creation of a group of spectral manipulators, of David Axelrod, George Soros, Bill Ayers and other tenebrous figures who have combined their talents and resources to seize upon a mediocre legislator with no real achievements to his credit."

Gibson calls such an arrangement a "consensual fantasy".

Solway concludes what Trump may discover: "An IDORU sits in the Oval Office and the only transparency he has brought to American politics is that we can now see right through him."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Seattle University--"Please Sever Your Ties With PP"

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It is considered an unholy alliance by a number of Catholic leaders. Now a group of 16 pro-life leaders, led by The Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) and Students for Life of America (SFLA) have sent a letter to Fr. Stephen Sundborg, President of Seattle University asking him to sever ties with Planned Parenthood.

Patrick J. Reilly, CNS President says, "Seattle University, as a Catholic and Jesuit institution, has a God-given responsibility to live up to its religious identity. Such an identity certainly precludes involvement with those organizations facilitating the slaughter of innocents. May Seattle University today turn a corner and resolve to sever these scandalous connections."

Seattle University's cooperation with Planned Parenthood includes:

* Referring students to PP for so-called "sexual health services".

* Allowing and promoting student internship with PP.

* Hiring employees with past experience with PP and highlighting that experience on the University's website.

* Honoring students for their past work with PP.

Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of "Students for Life of America" says, "Promoting and glorifying Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations on any campus is unacceptable, most especially on a Catholic campus. Planned Parenthood is the nation's abortion Goliath and has repeatedly been found to protect rapists, racists and see traffickers of minors. Time and time again, Planned Parenthood has proved its business is abortion, plain and simple. Seattle University must remove Planned Parenthood from campus and sever all ties with the abortion industry."

A quick review of the website suggests that Seattle University has evolved away from the core values of its 1891 Jesuit Catholic founding.

As Patrick Reilly worried, it may have indeed abandoned its religious identity.

I am not a Catholic, but it is difficult for me to believe that this is what Ignatius de Loyola had in mind in founding the Society of Jesus.

President Sundborg has not yet responded to the public call for him to sever ties with Planned Parenthood. We will keep you posted.

It probably doesn't mean anything, but I was told yesterday that Senator Patty Murray was on campus recently.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Monday, March 28, 2011

City Leaders Turn to Church for Help

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City leaders are turning to the local church for help after learning that 90 girls from one high school are now pregnant or will have had a baby during this academic year. Together they have launched the "No, Baby" campaign.

But first, a reminder and an explanation.

THE REMINDER: We are sending a booklet containing the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States to everyone who donates to Faith and Freedom during the month of March. This is an expression of thanks and a part of our ongoing educational mission.

Your financial support allows us to continue to advance Judeo-Christian values in the culture and to inform, inspire and involve people in important social issues.

AN EXPLANATION: We have recently been receiving a number of blog comments in languages other than English--primarily several Middle East languages, but several others as well. While our focus is on Washington State and the United States, we have been aware for some time that people in other countries are reading our blogs. Recent reports from our web servers are showing that people in 34 different countries are reading what we publish.

We do not have the ability to translated languages, nor the resources to hire people to do so. Thank you, to all who read our blogs, however your comments must be in English to be considered for posting. And remember--- No links are allowed. Thanks.


Memphis is well-known for its blues, barbecue, and Beale Street. But the latest buzz in the city is about babies having babies.

Bluff City made national headlines in January with reports of 90 girls at Frayser High School being pregnant or having a baby this academic year.

School leaders and politicians challenged the published pregnancy figures, but none denied the city has a problem.

It's a crisis that has Memphis leaders turning to the church for answers.

"City leaders turning to the Church for answers" is a great concept. Our country was built on that premise.

A massive media campaign has been launched that encourages girls to say "No" to sex before marriage.

Beyond the media blitz, community leaders and politicians, and church leaders are working together.

Youth Vision, a Christian outreach ministry has released a new song titled "No, Baby" and the community center is now helping produce a music video for the song.

I have linked the story which also contains a link to the song.

Local churches and the community leaders working together as opposed to the "community" leaders running away from the church wearing their "SEPARATION" t-shirts.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Hopeful. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Available.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Good News--Bad News

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Let me begin with the bad news:

The Washington State Senate Committee on Government Operations, Tribal Relations and Elections has voted to recommend passage of HB 1267--the bill legalizing paid surrogacy in the state. We had hoped they would listen to the people.

The bill has been sent to the Senate Rules Committee to decide whether to schedule it for full debate in the Senate.

Please contact your state senators and tell them you strongly oppose HB 1267---even if you have done so already. I have linked
contact information here. If you email them and they respond, I would appreciate your forwarding their response to us here at Faith and Freedom. It is helpful.

Good News.

America is Moving Toward Life.

The abortion industry is in a panic mode.

Elizabeth Nash with the Guttmacher Institute, an un-aborted child of Planned Parenthood says, "It's just this total onslaught."

What is "It"?

Associated Press says "It," is the raw number of anti-abortion (we call them pro-life) bills moving through Congress and state governments across the country. And, "They are substantive and tough."

I mentioned the bill in South Dakota in our
blog yesterday.

Rachel Sussman, senior policy analyst for Planned Parenthood, told AP, "We're seeing an unprecedented level of bills that would have a serious impact on women's access to abortion."

In a number of states lawmakers are considering bills that would ban elective abortions after 20 or 21 weeks of pregnancy. These measures are modeled after a law approved in Nebraska based on the premise that the fetus can feel pain.

A couple of days ago we reported that the Idaho Senate had approved a bill and had sent it to their House.

Similar bills are actively moving forward in Oklahoma and Alabama.

More than 20 states have bills moving forward that will restrict insurance coverage of abortions. Pro-abortion activists at Planned Parenthood say these bills may have the greatest impact on their business. Follow the money.

In Utah, a bill is on the Governor's desk that will affect both public and private plans.

As you can imagine, Planned Parenthood, NARAL , and their relatives, are pushing back hard---very hard.

Donna Crane at NARAL says, "We don't believe these bills will dissuade women who've already made their decisions."

So why are they spending millions of dollars to defeat the bills? Is Planned Parenthood about choice? Or is it about persuading women to have an abortion? And why is providing more information about the baby and the pregnancy to the mother, less desirable to Planned Parenthood?

"Because," they say, "there's a disregard for women's health."

A quick and proper response would be, "And what about Planned Parenthood's disregard for the 'health' of approximately 50 million babies --what about their health, life and destiny?"

AP says these bills will "put an array of new obstacles---legal, financial and psychological--- of women seeking abortions."

It will also put, legal, financial and psychological safeguards between Planned Parenthood and hopeless, young women who are not aware of their options.

It should also be noted that these bills will preserve the lives of perhaps millions of babies who have done nothing to deserve a death sentence.

Up With Life.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Light in the Darkness of Abortion

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South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed a law this week requiring woman to wait at least 3 days after meeting with a doctor to have an abortion. This is the longest waiting period in the nation. About half the states have a 24-hour waiting period.

The measure also requires women to be counseled at pro-life Pregnancy Centers.

The Governor says, "I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this three-day period to make good choices."

The Queen of "choice," Planned Parenthood and her Court, the unhonorable ACLU says, No. That's not the right kind of choice. We will sue.

So Planned Parenthood, who say they are about "choice" and the ACLU who claim they are about" rights," will sue to force women to make a hurried decision without all the information about alternatives to abortion.

I wonder why they are in such a hurry?

Kathi Di Nicola, head of Planned Parenthood in the three state region says Crises Pregnancy Centers are, "sham clinics set up to dissuade women from getting abortions."

Sure, any information that may cause someone to not get an abortion should be against the law.

But her most telling remark was this:

"Pregnancy Centers are often religiously motivated."

Religiously motivated?

Does Ms. Di Nicola have any idea who built the vast majority of hospitals in America? Look at their names. While Seattle may be an exception, most cities have Emanuel, St. Vincent, St. Elizabeth, Presbyterian, Southern Baptist, Adventist, Providence, Redeemer, Methodist... and the list goes on and on, all religiously motivated. In fact, motivated by the Christian faith. I have yet to see a hospital with Margaret Sanger's name on it.

And there are many hospitals that are "religiously motivated" although their name does not reflect it.

Avera McKennan and University Health Center in Sioux Falls, where Nicola's Planned Parenthood is located, is an example.

I have linked their introductory
video. It's what they think is most important for you to know about them. It's only 1:08 minutes. It's titled, "Caring For Life." Watch it.

As you watch it, note the cross on the wall behind the mother and her new born baby. And hear the lyrics of the music they have chosen. "...when all we could do was pray,"..."you have the power within you, granted from above..."

Ms. Nicola. When you become ill or slip and fall on the ice in Sioux Falls, you may not want to allow yourself to be admitted to that hospital.

I think they are religiously motivated.

Thank you, South Dakota, for being a light in the very dark world of abortion.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Discerning. Be Actively Pro-Life. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Barack H Obama to Close

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There is irony in the announcement that one of the first elementary schools named for the President---Barack H Obama Elementary in Asbury Park, N.J., will go out of business in a couple of months.

The reason? Not enough kids. Not enough money.

The people are gone. The money is gone.

There is also some symbolism in this closing.

A new
Rasmussen Survey finds that 48% believe America's best days are behind us. The number of Americans who believe our country's best days lie ahead is now at a 17-month low---34%.

No Hope. Wrong kind of Change.

This comes after a little more than 24-months of Barack H. Obama's Presidency.

Not enough believers. Not enough money. Only 22% of voters believe the country is heading in the right direction.

And get this: While 64% continue to believe that American society is generally fair and decent, 41% say Obama thinks our society is unfair and discriminatory.

So 4 in 10 believe the President sees a different America than they see.

Out of touch.

On April 12, 2008
CBS quoted Hillary Clinton: "I was taken aback by the demeaning remarks Senator Obama made about people in small town America. Senator Obama's remarks are elitist and out of touch."

November 3 , 2010 following the worst mid term drubbing in 72 years, President Obama
conceded that he's lost touch with the American people.

He said, "There is an inherent danger in being in the White House and being in the bubble." Understood. But he also says in the same story that he is the same person the public elected---hasn't changed.

He said of being isolated, "There are more things we can do to make sure that I'm getting out of here."

More irony and symbolism. And he may be doing things to make sure he "gets out of here."

Even socialist
Billy Wharton summed up the President's State of the Union speech in January with this: "What a distance from the White House to the unemployment line. From the Rose Garden to the food pantry."

Last weekend
Rudy Giuliani told the people in New Hampshire, "Even Hillary Clinton would have been better."


Be Informed. Be Prayerful. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fiasco at PP in Everett, WA

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Jonathan B. at "Abortion In Washington" reported last Friday that a woman was evacuated in an ambulance from the Everett Planned Parenthood abortion clinic and her condition was unknown.

He published a picture of the proceedings, showing Planned Parenthood staff forming a line with umbrellas and poster board to obstruct public viewing.

Jonathan reported it as, "Another eventful day at the Safe and Legal abortion center, otherwise known as the Everett Planned Parenthood ."

He said, "Sadly, I was there to witness the transport of what appeared to be a severely injured woman to a North Everett Hospital. We are still investigating as to the severity of the botched abortion and only pray it was not fatal or caused serious injuries."

I have linked his
full report here.

Saturday, Jonathan published a follow up report and a response from Christine Charbonneau, CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest (formerly Western Washington).

Ms. Charbonneau confirmed to Jonathan that the woman was indeed a patient, denied that she was deceased, as some eye witnesses had feared saying, "The patient is very much alive, stable and getting care appropriate to the situation."

This incident is both informative and tragic. And not isolated.

I have linked Jonathan's
follow-up report here.

His conclusion? "The public is unaware of just how dangerous 'Safe and Legal' abortion is."

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Active. Be Prayerful.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Dr. Judy Kimelman: "Planned Parenthood Most Trusted"

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As the news media works its social agenda, it's always revealing which columnists they choose to publish and which they choose to ignore.

Which story is told---which story is buried, or not told---and how the story is told.

I found it interesting this weekend that the Seattle Times choose to publish an
article by Judy Kimeland, M.D., titled, "GOP-Controlled House Strikes A Blow At Women's Health."

This, following a March 1
article, "Planned Parenthood: Republicans Don't Want Birth Control," by Kyung M. Song.

In her article, Song extols the virtues of Planned Parenthood and notes that Elaine Rose, chief executive of Planned Parenthood Votes Washington, was among those who went to the other Washington and lobbied Congress in favor of Planned Parenthood and their continued funding. Imagine that.

She frames the issue by quoting Rose: "The GOP's agenda is not at all a fiscal argument. What Republicans ultimately want is they don't want birth control."

Really? Some think the issue is about taxpayer funding of abortions.

The Times and Ms. Song would have you believe otherwise.

This weekend, Dr. Judith Kimeland wrote a column the Times chose to publish which says, "GOP-Controlled House Strikes A Blow At Women's Health."

Dr. Kimeland says the message from Republicans is, "No more family planning."

She also says, "By... attacking Planned Parenthood, Congress is attacking the largest and most trusted provider" of so-called reproductive services, family planning, teen sex ed, etc.

Most trusted? Trusted by whom?

I won't even attempt to list the times Planned Parenthood has been caught---on tape---within the past year, violating ethics, lying, breaching trust and likely breaking the law.

Most trusted?

Here's the question the Times avoids and the issue they refuse to address.

If Planned Parenthood, Ms. Song, Dr. Kimeland and a number of other advocates are so very,very concerned about women's health, why were they lined up, in fact crowding to the front of the line, to testify against the Pregnancy Centers only days ago in Olympia?

In demanding that the State Legislature impose requirements on the Pregnancy Centers that would have surely given Planned Parenthood lawyers the opportunity to sue them out of business, I wonder how that translates to protecting women's health care.

Dr. Kimeland, in her closing statement, makes this appeal: "Viewed from any angle, denying women access to family planning and attacking the organizations providing it is bad policy that will harm women, children and families..."

Viewed from "any angle" Dr. Kimeland?


That would be any angle, except a pro-life view. What was the angle when attacking Pregnancy Centers?

The hearings revealed that the Pregnancy Centers don't take taxpayers money, in fact, save taxpayers money, are very much a part of their community and serve an important health care function in each community where they exist.

Fortunately, Washington State Legislators had the political sense or moral integrity to let the Planned Parenthood attack die.

In either event, you, the people, made the case and the lawmakers heard you, even though the news media and the abortion industry continue to charge forward, hand in hand, in support of their "most trusted."

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Good News in Idaho

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After a week where the price of a womb was debated in the Washington State Senate---some good news from just across the border in Idaho.

After success with their assisted suicide
agenda here in the Northwest; in Oregon, Washington and Montana, the Hemlock Society---now calling themselves the "Compassion and Choices" organization, began recruiting a nurse or doctor to test Idaho law on aid in dying or assisted suicide.

They were looking for a Idaho style "Dr. Jack Kevorkian" to use the court system to legalize assisted suicide.

People in Idaho got nervous---and active.

Although the state has a common law that prohibits the practice, the citizens decided to strengthen it---just in case.

David Ripley, with Idaho Chooses Life, has led an effort to make "assisted suicide" illegal.

The Idaho Senate has passed the bill banning assisted suicide and sent it on to the House.

Ripley says he is pretty confident the bill will become law.

May God bless them all for honoring life.

Have a great weekend.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big Push to Repeal DOMA

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While we have been busy trying to stop Washington State Legislators from commodifying babies and the use of the womb, Democrats in the other Washington have introduced bills in both houses of Congress that would repeal DOMA.

The narrative at the federal level is much the same as it is at the state level, but unlike the Washington State House of Representatives, the US House has a majority of Republicans who have promised to protect DOMA. A large majority of Americans agree with them.

Whether these Democrats are emboldened by President Obama's refusal to defend DOMA or simply pandering to the homosexual activists who voted for them, I don't know.

I am pretty certain, though, that the majority in the US House will defend DOMA and will not cave in their defense.

We will remain vigilant and keep you posted as this progresses.

Thank you for
your support of Faith and Freedom.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suburbs Of Sodom

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Thank you to all who attended the senate hearing yesterday on HB 1267 in Olympia. The hearing room was over capacity and an overflow room was opened in another part of the building.

I personally enjoyed seeing and chatting with many of you.

Rep. Jamie Pederson, the sponsor of the bill, spoke first, introducing his reasons for the bill, etc. That was followed by testimony from a number of homosexuals and I think one straight couple who supported the bill. Those who support the bill did what they have consistently done on homosexual issues, they brought children to read testimony in support of the bill.

Those who testified from our side did well. I was not given opportunity to testify, although I had requested it.

Aside from the many valid reasons why this bill must not become law---and there are many, it was a personal comment made by Pedersen that continued to resonate in my mind last night.

He told of how he, as a kid, had watched "Leave It To Beaver," concluding that those days are gone and families look very different now. Therefore, the laws must be changed to reflect and support the change---specifically the picture of family the homosexual community advocates.

But I'm wondering if the laws of a society should be changed to support and affirm principles and practices that have been rejected by every major religion and every successful society for the past 5000 or more years.

I'm thinking specially of marriage, family, and now, motherhood.

It occurred to me that those asking society to abandon those principles and practices are doing so because of their sexual preferences and behavior. And although they represent between 2% and 4% of our population, they are asking---no, demanding, change for an entire culture. Re-do the neighborhood.

Rep. Pedersen and others do indeed see a very different standard for "family". But should the standard be changed for a few?

Are we creating a Suburb of Sodom?

In this new neighborhood, left turns are mandatory, right turns illegal. Two mommies and two daddies are normal and those who oppose this change are out of touch, rigid, uninformed, haters, bigoted and intolerant. Mother's wombs are not sacred, but for sale.

In this neighborhood green lights mean stop---red lights mean go, up is down and down is up, unnatural is natural, abnormal is normal and if you speak of it, you may be committing a "hate crime."

I would ask---no beg, that our Senators lead us not into the temptation to reorder society and compromise motherhood, but deliver us from evil by rejecting this bill.

Please contact your state senator today and ask them to oppose
HB 1267.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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**Image of Sen. Dan Swecker and Gary Randall at Hearing.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How Important is HB 1267 to Rep. Pedersen?

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It is being presented as "clarifying" and "expanding" the rights and responsibilities of registered domestic partners----and other couples related to parentage.

That is the prettiest face Rep. Jamie Pedersen and his homosexual activist colleagues could put on a bill that will fundamentally alter family and motherhood, while setting the stage for abuse and exploitation of women.

Pedersen, Moeller, Liias and Upthegrove, all gay activist legislators, have brought along a willing support group to sponsor and support Pedersen's
HB 1267---paid surrogacy.

It's ironic that homosexual activists who have championed the idea that sexual behavior and ethnicity are equivalent and their homosexual rights advocacy is equal to the civil rights movement of the 60's and beyond, are now attempting to enslave women for their own purposes of surrogacy. Which is exactly what may happen if Pedersen's bill becomes law.

Senator Dan Swecker wrote in his letter included in our alert last Saturday:
"By making it legal to pay for a woman to get pregnant and carry a child for someone else, we are opening up yet another avenue for those who would use their fellow humans as slaves."

That Bill,
HB 1267, is in public hearing today in Olympia.

How important is this surrogacy bill to Rep. Pedersen?

When Pedersen and his partner "had" their first child in 2007 in San Diego, Seattle's homosexual newspaper, "The Stranger,"
announced the event with this headline: "For Unto Them A Child Is Born". Even then Pedersen was putting paid surrogacy at the top of his "to-do" list.

Since that time he and Eric have "had" triplets, and Pedersen has continued to make paid surrogacy a top priority.

Now the House of Representatives has passed his so-called "clarification" bill and the Senate is hearing it today.

The national homosexual media is promoting the bill while slamming and slandering anyone who opposes it.

Senators Dan Swecker and Val Stevens, Representatives Shea, McCune and others are being vilified for their opposition. I have also been mentioned.

This bill is not about "other" couples, nor is it about "clarification."

It's all about the homosexual agenda to redefine marriage, family and now, motherhood.

Are Pedersen and his gay activist colleagues so consumed with their own passion that they really don't care about the consequences of such a bill?

One of their Democrat colleagues cares. And he is not happy.

Rep. Mark Miloscia, D-Federal Way, cares a lot. In fact he is very upset about the matter and has called the bill "repugnant" and "unconscionable."

Indeed it is.

He compared it to, "sex trafficking, prostitution and ordering pizza."
And said, "Commercializing surrogacy is paying someone to be a breeding animal" and that "exploitation is inevitable with rich couples and lawyers taking advantage of vulnerable women."

He makes a dramatic difference between "compassionate" surrogacy and paid or "commercial surrogacy."

He told his Democrat colleagues in the House as they were preparing to pass Pedersen's bill, "There is no minimum wage for doing this work. We're privatizing a work force with no oversight, letting contracts be negotiated in secret with zero oversight. Democrats would never stand for that in any other instance."

I wonder why they are willing to abandon a consistent position on labor in favor of paid surrogacy?

"What if a rich couple sees the baby isn't going to have blond hair and blue eyes?" He asked, "Are they going to pay the surrogate to have an abortion?"

He also pointed out under Pedersen's bill, farm workers who have an average comp insurance of $37,000 annually are better cared for than mothers under HB 1267 with $27,000 comp for them.

Do the sponsors care?

You decide. They are marching forward with pride.

Pedersen and his colleagues even killed an amendment that would have prevented them from using non-citizen women---women from the poorest countries, as surrogates.

We have many concerns about this latest venture into the brave new world of the homosexual agenda. Not the least is that of the moral implication of it all.

Even if those promoting this agenda don't care, there should be concern for the consequences---even unintended ones.

There are at least a couple of moral quandaries. We've got to look at the moral dimensions and ambiguities of commercial surrogacy.

It will be exploited.

Even without the insistence of Pedersen and his surrogates in the legislature, to include non-citizen women from the poorest countries, this practice exploits women.

The state is being put in a position to enforce the contracts, something they have not done in the past in compassion surrogacies. If a woman is not emotionally prepared for the natural bonding with her baby during gestation, she may reach birth and find she cannot part with her child.

The state steps in, takes the child and gives it to the folks who wrote the check.

It Commodifies Pregnancy, Babies and Motherhood.

Through commercial surrogacy, babies are given a price, and sold or exchanged as goods, chattel or services. If we allow babies to be bought, on what basis do we deny the purchase of say, a 2 year old baby? Should we allow babies to be sold at auction?

When pregnancies are motivated by profit, the role of women and motherhood is diminished and de-valued.

This bill seems terribly duplicitous coming from people who have made their battle cry "equality" and "fairness" while they now seek to exploit women with financial needs.

What if a surrogacy child is seen to have severe disabilities? Whose lifetime responsibility is that? Or, do we simply abort them and call it choice or reproductive health care?

Have we completely lost our way? I pray not. God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Monday, March 14, 2011

"Baby Selling Act of 2011"

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Representative Mark Miloscia, a Democrat from Federal Way, is so upset about HB 1267, he has referred to it as the, "BABY SELLING ACT OF 2011."

Indeed it is.

The bill will have a
public hearing:
tomorrow, March 15, in the John A. Cherberg Building, room 2 at 1:30.

If you can attend, please do so. And if you have not
contacted your Washington State senator, please do so today and express your opposition to the bill.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Friday, March 11, 2011

WA Senate to Consider Selling Babies

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Tuesday, March 15, the Washington State Senate will consider HB 1267 with a public hearing at 1:30 PM in Senate Hearing Room 2.

If you can attend the hearing, please do.

Here's why.

HB 1267 will allow the sale of babies before they are conceived.

Most states, including Washington State, do not enforce surrogacy agreements because they do not want to put themselves between a biological mother and her child or in a position where they would be forced to take the child away and give it to someone else.

Often a mother who considers surrogacy, changes her mind following birth, that's why there is only a few hundred surrogacies in the US each year.

This bill will provide for binding, enforceable contracts between a couple or individual and the surrogate mother in exchange for money---in advance.

We strongly oppose this bill because children are not chattel.

We also oppose it because it is a Trojan Horse of sorts. While the homosexual activists in the legislature are presenting the bill as a "common sense, clarification" bill, it is much more than that. Representatives Jamie Pederson, Moeller, Liias and others are driving this bill as part of their vision for the homosexual agenda. Please notice the list of 53 names of sponsorship on the bill.

Fortunately there are pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage legislators in Olympia. Although they are in the minority, they stand strong and consistent on these important social issues.

Senator Dan Swecker, a long time personal friend and proven friend to advocates of Judeo-Christian values, has asked me and others to forward his letter asking for help in this matter. Click here for text of letter.

If you can attend the hearing, please do. Your presence will make an important statement. If you cannot attend, please take a moment and call or email your State Senator.

God bless you.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Courts, Not Obama, Will Decide DOMA

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Speaker of the House John Boehner said this week that an advisory group of House leaders---including top ranking Republicans and Democrats---has directed the House General Council "to initiate a legal defense" of the federal law which defines marriage as "the union of one man and one woman."

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, perhaps spoke for many when he said, "President Obama's decision to abdicate his executive branch responsibility to defend DOMA is a constitutional outrage."

President Obama's Press Secretary, Jay Carney, said Obama believes DOMA is "unnecessary and unfair."

Thank God, we now have a pro-marriage majority in the House of Representatives.

Elections matter.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Vocal. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Planned Parenthood and it's Problem With Truth

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Abortion advocacy creates an environment where it becomes as hard to tell the truth as it is to hide it, because truth will rise above falsehood as oil above water. And, as we know, life ultimately prevails over death.

Planned Parenthood is having an increasingly difficult struggle with truth. And "omission" is often a great part of the lie.

Three examples. One with Planned Parenthood, two in Washington State in responses to citizens from Sen. Patty Murray and State Rep. John McCoy from the 38th District.

Although federal law does not allow for taxpayer dollars to directly fund abortions, a glance at Planned Parenthood is telling many that the hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars they receive through Title X each year is used to free up other donor funds to be used for abortions.

Legislative action to de-fund Planned Parenthood is working its way through Congress.

Although they have a best friend in the White House and many in Congress, things are changing.

Planned Parenthood sent out an email alert saying, "They're spreading lies about Planned Parenthood health care centers online, on the airwaves and in the halls of Congress."

The alert also says, "The anti-choice extremists behind the effort to bar Planned Parenthood health centers from federal funding are on a tour to push lies and misinformation about who we are."

"Anti-choice" extremists? Planned Parenthood has never been a champion of choice---unless you choose to abort a baby. The pro-life people I know, myself included, are not anti-choice, we're simply pro-life and believe that a baby should have the right to grow to a point where they can have life choices. And that life, which begins at conception, is a gift from God, not a fetal mass about which a "choice" must be made.

The "tour" they mention is a
bus tour sponsored by the Susan B. Anthony's List, a pro-life advocacy group that is touring the country with a simple message: "Women Speak Out: De-Fund Planned Parenthood."

They are not lying. They are telling the truth. They want Planned Parenthood de-funded. Honest.

In panic, Planned Parenthood has now
launched their own bus tour. They are calling it the "Truth Tour." That's right, "Truth Tour." And the people traveling with them on the "Truth Tour" are called the "Truth Team."

The banner on the bus says: "4,000,000 STD Tests; 1,800,000 Cancer Screenings; 2,500,000 Birth Control Patients; 830,000 Breast Exams." And..."Stand With Planned Parenthood."

Something is missing. Ironically, there is not one mention that in their last mandatory report (2009) they logged 332,278 abortions. This is up 8,270 babies from the previous year.

Omission. Truth needs no crutches. If it limps, it's a lie. I think their truth is limping.

It's as hard to tell the truth as it is to hide it. Do they really think the American people will simply put aside the illegal activities that have been revealed in their offices recently? And forget that they were able to "free up" some money to perform 332,278 abortions while receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from taxpayers? And not mention it in what the are calling a "Truth Tour"? And that their founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist?

They are the face of evil.

However, their friends keep telling their story as they would have it told.

Recently, I asked our readers to send me the responses they receive from elected officials when they write to them opposing specific legislation. Many of you have done that. While a coordinated thread is apparent, the versions are very interesting and revealing.


A recent response from Sen. Patty Murray to a constituent who expressed opposition to tax payer funded abortion:

"Thank you for contacting me to share your views on women's reproductive rights. It was good to hear from you."

"One of my priorities as a Senator -- and as a mother -- is to ensure that all women in this country have the opportunity to make decisions about their bodies and their health. I believe the government must not interfere with a woman's private decision, and I am concerned when attempts are made to restrict a woman from making her own choices."

"Beyond the issue of choice, I am dedicated to creating policies which reduce the rate of unintended pregnancies in Washington state and the nation. This means providing education and encouraging responsibility from both women and men. And, when women do have children, we must support them by ensuring that they have access to health care, parenting education and child care when they need it. Again, I believe it is imperative that we support all women and the choices they make."

And a response from Representative John McCoy (D) Washington State, Legislative District 38, regarding the just defeated HB 1366:

"Thank you for contacting me with your opposition to HB 1366 and SB 5274 regarding limited service pregnancy centers. I understand you concerns and agree that both sides of the story need to be heard so woman can make an informed decision. From my understanding this bill does not shut down limited service pregnancy centers, also known as crisis centers, or interfere with the work they do. Instead, the purpose is for these centers to be transparent about their services to prospective clients. The bill would require them to meet the same standards as other facilities offering reproductive advice to young women.

HB 1366 and SB 5274 are not ideologically motivated. They were drafted to protect women who attend these clinics who rely on their honesty and transparency. This bill will help crisis clinics live up to these expectations as they continue to serve the community."

First, let's look at Rep. McCoy's response.

He understands that HB 1366 would not have shut down the Pregnancy Centers. No one who took an honest look at the bill and its implication could honestly believe that. He was following talking points. Whose talking points?

The purpose of the bill is for "these centers to be transparent"? Transparent?

Had HB 1366 become law it would have imposed demands on Pregnancy Centers that no other business or service function in the state is required to meet. Publicly list what they don't do among other things--specifically abortions.

Is Planned Parenthood transparent?

Rep. McCoy says the bills were not "ideologically motivated." I won't even comment on that. Was he traveling abroad during the hearings?

Is he lying? Who knows? In the best case, Planned Parenthood, through their surrogacy management program of elected officials, probably misled or under-informed him in giving his caucus their talking points.

Senator Patty Murray's response is the classic, pro-abortion response. You can review that.

I would point out that she and others who share her pro-abortion position, champion the idea of keeping government out of women's lives---not interfering, when they are most often the most aggressive in expanding government to take more and more control of more and more of our lives.

And. Does the current structure keep government out of women's lives or does it allow Planned Parenthood to control too much of women's lives and too much of the life of our government and too much of what is taught in the public school classroom?

George Washington once said, "Truth will ultimately prevail where there are plans taken to bring it to light."

The "Truth Tour" may well accomplish just that. A half truth and a whole lie are congenial companions.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful.

Thank you for
your support.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011

"Death Bill" Dies in Olympia

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HB 1366, a bill designed to essentially kill pro-life Pregnancy Centers through litigation, failed to make it out of the House of Representatives before 5 PM Monday evening---and died.

A similar bill in the Senate also failed to make it out of committee before the 5 PM deadline.

This is significant in that Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other highly funded abortion industry leaders and advocates pulled out all the stops to get this legislation passed. And a majority of Representatives and Senators are "pro-choice"---pro-abortion, with many of their political campaigns supported by the pro-abortion folks.

Had the bill become law, it would have likely expanded the abortion industry in Washington State by eventually eliminating the community funded, pro-life Pregnancy Centers as a viable alternative to PP.

Representative Matt Shea, a leading pro-life legislator in the House of Representatives, told me yesterday, it was indeed a big win against a very bad bill.

He said the bill is dead, "unless some unforeseen circumstances arise."

Shea said, "It's a great victory for non-profit, privately funded pregnancy centers across our state that provide vital counseling services and maternity homes where young, pregnant girls have a place to stay and learn important life skills."

He asked me to thank all of you who are Friends of Faith and Freedom who contacted your legislators with calls and emails, and those who attended the hearings, joining the Pregnancy Centers and other pro-life friends across the state.

Shea and other legislators who hold our values, have told me often, the response from citizens like yourself cannot be underestimated in dealing with the pro-abortion, anti-marriage and family majority.

In parting Shea said, "Gary, keep up the great work you are doing." I told him we would.

Your support allows us the opportunity to continue. Thank you for your financial support, your prayer support and your kind and encouraging words.


Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Goodbye, Pinocchio

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Next Tuesday, March 15, Disney is putting Pinocchio back in the vault. If you don't have a copy you should get one.

I'm sad to see Pinocchio get locked up. Oh, I know he'll likely be back someday---that's part of Disney's marketing strategy.

I think we need him now more than ever. Remember his theme song? "Give A Little Whistle." Here's the lyrics, if you've forgotten:

When you get in trouble and you don't know right from wrong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!
When you meet temptation and the urge is very strong
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!

Not just a little squeak, pucker up and blow
And if your whistle's weak, yell, "Jiminy Cricket!"

Take the straight and narrow path
And if you start to slide
Give a little whistle! Give a little whistle!
And always let your conscience be your guide

Take the straight and narrow path. Always let your conscience be your guide.

But if you don't have a conscience, how can you let it guide you? Many researchers are suggesting that we have a "conscience crises"---a generation without a conscience.

Kids are whistling and there's no Jiminy Cricket. Some are not even whistling.

More than 20 years ago; Dr. Ken Magid, Carole McKelvy, Dr. T. Berry Braelton of Harvard, Dr. Foster Cline, Dr. Edward F. Zigler of Yale and others conducted an in depth survey on their changing culture.

Among their findings was the title of one of the books written from the survey, "High Risk: Children Without A Conscience."

They said, "We live in a transition time," urging parents to put aside professional and career pursuits in favor of "parental bonding" particularly during the first 2 years of the babies life. Otherwise, they discovered, they were putting their children at risk. The risk of having no conscience.

Now, a generation later, we see the consequences. The people at
Josephson Institute on Ethics have released a recent study that found, guess what, that kids are growing up without a conscience.

H.C. Trumbell has said, "Conscience tells us to do right, but does not tell us what is right."

After 50 years of secularizing the culture and our public education---attempting to create a "morality neutral" culture, with parents who have put their career before their baby's development, we are now reaping the consequences of kids and young adults without a properly developed conscience.

Our contemporary society sees conscience as a defective emotion, robbing people of their self esteem, while creating guilt. When guilt or conviction is eliminated, so is the opportunity of recognizing one's need for forgiveness and restoration.

How do we mold a child's conscience?

5 Things I Strongly Suggest.

1. Develop a bond and attachment with your baby during the first 2 years---particularly the first 9 months. The most important event in that child's life during the first year is the formation of social attachments. They will attach. You must decide to whom.

The most beneficial attachment is to the child's biological father and mother. Certainly there are circumstances that cause exceptions, however, children do not need nor deserve "two mommies or two daddies."

2. Help your child to recognize the Bible, God's Word, as the ultimate authority for knowing right and wrong.

Deuteronomy 6: 5-7 is a great formula.

A. "You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your mind, with all your soul, and with all your strength. And these words which I commend you shall be in your heart."

It's got to be in the parents heart. Internalize God's truth and principles.

B. "
And you shall teach them diligently to your children. And you shall talk of them when you sit in the house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, when you rise up and you shall bind them as a sign on your hands---and you shall write them on the door posts of your house and on your gates."

After bonding with your child, this is about teaching, modeling and living a lifestyle that affirms your teaching.

3. Teach them to be responsible for their actions. Post modern thinking strives to eliminate the concept of sin, while advancing the notion of no-fault living. In this environment, everyone becomes a victim of circumstances and is responsible for nothing. Or they suffer from a deficient disorder, disease or addiction.

4. Teach your kids to "Love Your Neighbor As Yourself." Loving, caring and helping others is not defined by affirming sin and immoral lifestyles. Tolerance can and should be practiced. However, your child can love, care and help while rejecting unacceptable behavior. And rejecting it being enshrined into law.

5. Keep their conscience tender and pure. Their conscience can become diluted, defiled and "seared".

I Timothy 4:2,
"Speaking lies in hypocrisy, having their own conscience seared with a hot iron."

A "seared" conscience is incapable of properly discerning the truth---distinguishing between right and wrong, and the conviction of wrong behavior.

The importance of a morally based conscience cannot be overstated, in experiencing a meaningful and balanced life, and an orderly, free society.

Moral Relativism destroys civilizations. And people.

Titus 1:15-16: "To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are defiled and unbelieving, nothing is pure. But even their minds and consciences are defiled. They profess to know God, but in their words they deny Him, being abominable, disobedient and disqualified for every good work."

Very strong words.

Good bye, Pinocchio. Please come back soon.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Monday, March 07, 2011

"Gay Legislators Having Impact..."

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Yesterday, KOMO NEWS joined other news outlets across the country in carrying the story, "Gay Legislators Having An Impact In Marriage Debates."

America has 7,382 state legislators with 85 of them being openly homosexual.

The news story says, "They are, however, playing an outsized and often impassioned role when the agenda turns to recognizing same-sex couples with civil unions or full marriage rights"

The number of openly homosexual state legislators has increased from 44 in 2003 to 85 at present.

In 2008, KOMO NEWS
reported that Washington State had 6 openly homosexual legislators, second only to New Hampshire with 7. So, of 85 nationally, Washington has 6.

Senator Ed Murray has the most tenure and presently serves as Chairman of the very powerful Ways and Means Committee.

He is also committed to redefining marriage. nearly every year he has introduced a bill to create homosexual marriage in the state, including this year.

In 2008 Murray
said it should take about 10 years to redefine marriage.

While Seattle First United Methodist church has
honored him with their "Social Justice Award," not all in the religious community appreciate his agenda.

Senator Murray has not been timid in lashing out at those who disagree with him. Following an appearance by Pastor Hutcherson at Mt. Si High School, Murray wrote a scathing
letter to the Principal Randy Taylor, telling him he should not have had Hutcherson speak at the Martin Luther King event because Hutcherson is "an agent of intolerance and contempt."

Murray has also created some who oppose him for reasons other than his homosexual "marriage" agenda.

You can read that
here, I have no comment on that.

Murray and his partners may be playing an "outsized" role in the marriage debate. With a complicit press and a number of uninformed or misinformed legislators, such as former legislator Dale Brandland who said from the floor "they are born that way" as he urged the passage of Murray's SB 5688 last year, they have an advantage---at the moment.

The power of the people and the power of prayer can change things.

Murray and other homosexual activist legislators have said those who oppose homosexual "marriage" are on the wrong side of history.

I would suggest, they are on the wrong side of right. History says every civilized society and every major religion has condemned homosexual behavior and refused to enshrine it into law for more than 5000 years.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Friday, March 04, 2011

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary..."

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"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary..."

These introductory words from the Declaration of Independence are forever enshrined into the history and character of the United States of America. And our communities.

As it was "Necessary" for our Founding Fathers to declare their independence from a king who had a history of "repeated injuries and usurpations," it is becoming more and more evident that people of faith and conservatives must respond to the "repeated injuries and usurpations" of a movement defined as a secular, so-called, progressive one that seeks to destroy the very foundation of this great nation and to transform and re-make it into something very different than the America we have known and that God has blessed.

Have you read the Declaration of Independence? Or the Constitution?

You should. You should have a copy of both in your home for reference.

During this month of March we are offering a beautiful pocket size booklet which contains both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States to everyone who donates to this ministry.

We have purchased copies of this booklet from the Heritage Foundation and will send it to you as an expression of appreciation of your support in our ongoing effort to educate the public. Maybe you have a copy and would want to give it to a friend.

Everyone who
donates this month will receive the Constitution and "Declaration" booklet as a gift from Faith and Freedom Foundation.

Your additional donations last month helped us to make up over half the amount we were short during the month of January. We have a way to go, but I believe we will get back on budget this month, with your help and God's blessing.

Our budget is both modest and frugal---but very necessary to continue.

Your donations are allowing us to continue on a month-to-month basis and your prayers sustain us.

Thank you for the kind and transparent personal comment:

One person wrote: "Thank you for standing firm on Christian principles. No nation that forgets God can prosper. You guys are in my prayers and may He bless you as you contend for the faith once delivered to the saints."

Another: "Please use the $500 donation to do all you can. I am a public school teacher...I am saddened by the new 'bullying' law" and its implications in public education. "O, God help us."

And there was this note, not unlike several others:

“Dear Mr. Randall: I want to express my gratitude for your ongoing efforts to uphold the absolute truth in this relative age we live in. I must confess that over the past few years I have gotten discouraged and even thought that we should soften our stance on some of the social issues so we could work to strengthen our nation. Your timely reports have challenged me and encouraged me to stand strong in the Word of God and to not falter in our protection and proclamation of truth."

This person continued: "Thank you and God bless you as you continue your efforts. It is making a difference in my life and helping to hold the banner higher when my arms have grown weaker."

And then this: "I wish I could do more, but as a realtor, my income is basically nothing these days..."

Yes, these are very difficult times financially. Each of us can do different things at different times.

Interestingly, the last phrase of the Declaration defines two elements that always exist when people accomplish great things.

"And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

A firm reliance on the blessing of God and a shared mission is always part of any accomplishment.

What we cannot do alone, we can, together with God, accomplish.

I feel a profound sense of call and urgency to do what we do yet I can only proceed with your support and God's blessing.

Click here to make an online donation.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Thursday, March 03, 2011

High Court Bars "Christian" Foster Parents

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A Christian, married couple, Owen and Eunice Johns, who, because of their religious beliefs, could not agree to affirm homosexual relationships and behavior, have been deemed by the High Court as unqualified to foster parent kids---even though they have successfully done so in the past.

Lord Justice Mumby and Justice Beatson, from the UK High Court, handed down a landmark ruling earlier this week suggesting that Mr. and Mrs. Johns' traditional Christian beliefs on sexuality are "inimical" to children.


Webster says it means, "hostile; unfriendly; in opposition."

The UK Derby City Council had blocked the Johns' foster parent application earlier because of their biblical beliefs which kept them from affirming the practice of homosexuality to a child. The Johns are well known in the community and are Pentecostal Christians.

They told the press, "We have been excluded because we have moral opinions based on our faith."

Isn't this religious discrimination?

"No," the judges say. "There has been no religious discrimination," because they were excluded because of their MORAL views on sexual ethics, rather than their Christian beliefs."

The Judges added that the right to manifest religious belief outlined in the European Human Rights Act was only a "qualified" right.

Their ruling also implicitly upheld a charge brought against the Johns by the homosexual activist group Equalities and Human Rights Commission, stating that children risk being "infected" by Christian moral beliefs.

BBC News religious affairs correspondent, Robert Pigott, says this is certainly a landmark case.

He said, "This is the most decisive ruling against the idea of Christian values underpinning English law since judges ruled last year that to protect views simply because they were religious would be irrational, divisive, and arbitrary."

The Christian Post quoted Christian Legal Center (who are representing the Johns in an appeal) director Andrea Williams, "If Christian morals are harmful to children and unacceptable to the state, then how many years do we have before natural children start being taken away from Christians?"

How many years...

The Derby City Council welcomed the court's ruling, promising to walk on through the night, while a director of "Stonewall," a homosexual rights advocacy organization in England said, "Thankfully Mr. and Mrs. Johns' outdated views aren't just out of step with the majority of people of modern Britain, but those of many Christians too."

"Out of step with many Christians too."

"Outdated views."

But this is in England, not here. Right?

Today as you read this, in Olympia, there are more than half a dozen bills being nurtured toward being approved by a Legislature in which a majority agree with much of what I have shared with you above. Are we that far down the slope? No, but the stage is being carefully and incrementally set for such a time.

There are senators and representatives in Olympia who boldly and vocally stand against this kind of cultural tyranny every time it rears its head---however, they are in the minority.

As we speak, Sen Ed Murray, Rep. Jamie Pederson and other homosexual activist legislators are working bills through the legislative process, explaining that they are merely adjusting to laws previously past or clarifying what is already on the record in a, "this is no big deal tone of voice."

Some legislators look at their bills individually and see fairness, tolerance, civil rights, etc., and say "Sure, I don't want to be a bigot, I'll vote yes or no as required." But I promise that these bills collectively are setting a stage that will produce a narrative that most really don't want.

We are doing what we can do to sound the alarm, turn on the lights, shout it from the rooftops and the mountain tops and whatever other descriptive metaphor comes to mind. Your prayerful and
financial support allows us to continue.

A cultural battle is continuing to develop, the likes of which we have not seen in this country and in our communities.

"Again, if the trumpet does not sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?" I Corth. 14:8.

Thanks for helping us blow the trumpet.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Heard. Be Blessed.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose"

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Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United states.

The New York Times reports that legislation designed to "help" the states by lifting the burdensome requirements Obamacare imposes on each state has been introduced by Senators Ron Wyden, D-Ore. and Scott Brown, R-Mass.

President Obama says he would sign the bill.

The Times said, "Seeking to appease disgruntled governors, President Obama plans to announce Monday that he supports amending the 2010 health care law to allow states to opt out of its most burdensome requirements three years earlier than currently permitted."

The President sounds a little bi-partisan and willing to work with everyone, although he is admitting his plan is "burdensome" and Wyden and Brown can go to their constituents in Oregon and Mass. and, with a straight and sincere face, tell them they are working to help their state, etc., etc., etc.

But are they? A closer look suggests they are either "duped" or are "duping."

Michael F. Cannon, who writes for
Cato did take a closer look and guess what he found? Something completely missed by the New York Times, Politico, and other news sources. Imagine that.

Cannon writes, "A closer look shows that the president is NOT lifting the burdensome requirements Obamacare imposes on states. All he is doing is proposing to move up, from 2017 to 2014, the date on which states can apply for federal permission to impose a different but equivalently or more coercive plan to expand health care coverage."

So states can opt out, but here's what will happen:

A state---no state, cannot compete with the federal laws that are fueling Obamacare. The states will then be forced to do exactly what the Obama administration is attempting to do---force people to either buy even more expensive health care which they can't afford, or---you guessed it, "or" the state will be forced into the final option, which is single payer insurance.

This accomplishes exactly what the President had in mind from the beginning---a government run health care system.

Socialized medicine.

This "helpful" move will accelerate us toward the goal of European-style single payer insurance--3 years sooner than it would have otherwise.

And all the kings subjects will be tucked in and cared for.

The President to the people:

"I want to help you. I want to work with you."

"Let's flip a coin---in fact let's flip trillions of coins."

"Heads I win, tails you loose."

This is Saul Alinsky in his finest hour. This is community organizing in its finest moment.

Think 2012.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Free.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Censorship and the Abortion Industry

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They say bullying and threats caused them to take down a pro-life billboard in Manhattan.

The billboard showed a black girl along with the message, "The Most Dangerous Place For An African American Is In The Womb."

Dr. Alveda King, Dr Martin Luther King's daughter, said the sign is accurate and "should be posted in every city in the country."

Lamar Advertising, which owns the billboard, decided to take down the sign even though it was contracted, after people opposed to the message threatened people in the building next to the sign.

It should also be noted that Rev. Al Sharpton had planned a demonstration at the billboard within the week.

Dr. King says, "It was an outrageous act of censorship."

Indeed it is.

NARAL's vice president Mary Alice Carr said the billboard was, "Attacking women for choosing abortion while simultaneously destroying family planning."

Actually, those who opposed the message on the sign are attacking the truth because it doesn't support their devalued and perverted view of life. And they are imposing censorship, while claiming to champion "choice."

So-called "family planning" is more important than truth or life.

The message on the sign is true.

The New York City
Department of Health, in their most recent report (2009), revealed an abortion rate of 41% of all pregnancies in the city, with 59.8% of those involving African American women.

Margaret Sanger, eugenicist and founder of Planned Parenthood, would be proud.

There is a message to kids in this episode as well.

If it advances abortion, it's okay to bully and threaten and kill the truth. This, while the kids are being programmed in the classroom, often with materials distributed through Planned Parenthood, not to bully or threaten.

No wonder too many kids are confused and conflicted---threaten and bully people on certain issues and you are out of school and maybe arrested; if you bully or threaten people regarding advancing abortion, it's okay.


Shouldn't bullying and threatening always be wrong?

"Choice" is a one way street.

Dr. King says the sign and the truth that it reveals, "Should provoke outrage in the African American community---not because it's racist, but because of the truth it reveals; the truth that is being kept from the African American community."

King said, "Black people in New York and all over the country should be outraged at the numbers of black babies we lose every single day to abortion."

She said, "An astonishing 60% of African American pregnancies in the five boroughs of New York City end in abortion."

Dr. King says, "That's unfathomable."

Indeed it is.

This episode once again reveals the "face of evil" for what it is. The abortion industry presents itself as an angel of light---claiming to champion "women's reproductive health care" and "family planning" while it seeks and destroys life itself, even while it is still in the womb. And the "face of evil" disproportionately targets the poor and the minorities. And people threaten and bully and lie in defense of it. And taxpayers fund it.

Yes, Dr. King, it is unfathomable.

May God give us the strength to resist evil until it "flees from us."

And may we never forget, "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free."

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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