Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Republican Reagan Dunn Supports Homosexual "Marriage"

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We Published The Following Alert Yesterday Afternoon:

Senator Dan Swecker's office just called and told me the hearing on the marriage bill has been scheduled for January 23 from 10 AM to 12 PM. The bill has not yet received a number. We will let you know on that.

The hearing will be held by the Government Operations Committee in the John A. Cherberg Building--Hearing Room 2.

We are asking for 10,000 people to show up for the hearing. More details will follow.


Another Republican has abandoned the basic principles of the Republican Party platform, which defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman, saying that there is no question the voters will approve homosexual "marriage" and voter approval will give the homosexual community "more legitimacy and authority moving forward."

The Seattle Times is reporting that the King County Council has voted to support homosexual "marriage."

The vote was 8-1, with only Kathy Lambert voting no.

The sad news is that Republican Reagan Dunn, who succeeded Rob McKenna on the King County Council, has come out strongly in support of re-defining marriage.

Joe McDermott, an openly homosexual council member, said he and his partner Michael Culpepper, were engaged late this last year and want to be "married" in Washington. They don't want to be forced to go to another state to "marry."

McDermott told the Times he wants marriage, "because it's a term that's 'universally understood' that explains a relationship in a way 'domestic partnership' does not."

Republican Dunn congratulated McDermott on his engagement calling it "great news."

Dunn said there is "no question" that voters will "approve gay marriage" and that a statewide vote would give homosexual "marriage" "more legitimacy and authority going forward."

"Erase the stigma of the behavior."

"Normalize the behavior."

Here's the tragic problem:

Reagan Dunn is running for state attorney general to once again follow Rob McKenna. So-called "moderate" Republicans are gearing up to elect him, counting on conservative people of faith to vote for him because, "He is better than Democrat Bob Ferguson." Much like McKenna is "better than Inslee."

Christians. Wake up.


  1. Ridiculous! Just saying, "Normalize the behavior." proves that it is NOT a normal thing and that Dunn is just another bleeding heart liberal who wants to justify improper behavior. If we go on "normalizing" wrong behaviors of any sort and no longer calling thing 'right or wrong' the fabric of our society is doomed. There are absolutes, morals and consequences to behaviors.

  2. I'm done with Dunn.

    What are pastors like Joe Fuiten and Ken Hutcherson going to do?

  3. I am speechless. Are we witnessing a big apostasy by allowing marriage to be something that it never was in history? What will happen next, forcing churches to hire homosexual priest and pastors? Also forcing Catholic and Orthodox to have women priests and bishops? Maybe forcing them to perform homosexual marriages under the of law? And what other "conservative" GOP member will support this?

  4. Raymond,

    I wish you were speechless because you're spreading baseless paranoia.

    No one is talking about forcing the churches to do anything. They can currently pick and choose which couples they will marry and no change to that has been proposed.

    Enforcement of anti-discrimination laws in employment would have nothing to do with marriage law. Churches usually get a religious exemption card to most anti-discrimination laws and I don't see that changing.

    Gay marriage will have no effect on your church.

    1. Mark my words, it will happen. Fortunately the US Supreme Court did decide in favor of a church firing. But how long will that last? When will "equal rights" for homosexual trump rights outlined in the US Constitution? In some cases it already has.

    2. I hope they eventually do end religious exemptions to laws. It's ridiculous that we create laws that we deem are good and that they should apply to everyone - unless someone thinks their imaginary friend in the in sky disagrees.

  5. Outrageous AND ridiculous. How hard is it to figure out that a man doesn't GO with a man and woman doesn't GO TOGETHER with a woman. I mean - how smart do you have to be to not be able to figure that out. The only reason we have homosexuality is because someone has abandoned the natural and been seduced into the unnatural. Talk about 'wake up'.

    Read the book - The Emperor Has No Clothes. Even a child knows that a family is a mom and a dad.

  6. i'm with JudyG46. Why would you have to "normalize" behavior if it was already normal, huh? Why would you have to give "legitimacy" to behavior if it already was legitimate? And, if the State gives "normalization" and "legitimacy" to something not already normal and already legitimate then what does that say about what the state is sanctioning? Could it possibly be that the State is sanctioning behavior that is not normal and not legitimate in an attempt to, by law, give it credibility? And, credibility in whose eyes? the state alone? I have long since stopped caring what the state sanctions or what any legislature, legislator or member of congress says or does. The fact that no one bothers to put this issue up in a referendum shows how afraid they are of it failing. Remember Iowa folks. Three judges lost their seats. If state legislatures continue to bypass the voters on this issue they are just going to reap the necessary backlash for circumventing the will of the people in any given state. the very fact that they circumvent the referendum process indicates they are lawless. And, a bunch of elite bullies who think they know best. Well, let them do their darndest to the will of the people. We saw what the people can do in 2010 mid terms. I wouldn't worry. None of these people will last long anyway.

  7. Ernest H. I know for sure Ken Hutcherson is standing with Gary and others who are trying to stop gay marriage. I think Joe Fuiten is being very quiet. A lot of people are upset at him. He did every thing he could do to defeat R-71 by calling pastors asking them not to support it and talking endlessly to the news media. Near the end he publicly said he was behind it but the damage had been done. As a pastor I was very disappointed with him. He has lost a lot of credibility with biblical conservatives.

  8. @East Side Pastor:

    Fuiten did not try to defeat R71. He tried to stop it from going on the ballot in the first place. If Pastor Randall had been more open-hearted and listened to a brother in Christ, he might have avoided the very embarrassing defeat at the hands of the gays. That was the first time a whole state signed off on what is essentially gay marriage by popular vote. We should have listened to Fuiten, but instead Pastor Randall insisted pridefully on blundering ahead. At that point, Fuiten did the Christian thing and supported the effort. I don't see how you could possibly blame Fuiten when he did everything possible to save Pastor Randall from himself.

  9. Vicki. As I recall, Randall's brother in Christ, Fuiten, berated Randall and Stickney, especially Randall with an op-ed piece which appeared in several news papers, including the News Tribune here in Tacoma. Did you read that? I suppose that was also a Christian thing to do. I have never seen a public slander of anyone by a pastor equal to that. Fuiten received a lot of mail from Christians across the state, telling him he was wrong.

  10. @Paul & East Side Pastor,

    What Fruiten did was point out that the R-71 effort would likely lead to the first ballot=box victory being handed to the other side. He was right.


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