Monday, February 06, 2012

Komen Is Cured

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This past week we experienced "The Cure" of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation.

They were cured from the notion that they could exercise their right to "Choice" and decline sending more money to Planned Parenthood.

After announcing they were aborting their relationship with PP and vowing, "We will never bow to political pressure," they bowed to political pressure---from the left.

Within 24 hours, a well respected organization was brought to its knees by one of the most corrupt organizations, all because Komen had decided to cancel funding to it.

The far left pro-abortion forces, along with a complicit press and some members of Congress, bludgeoned and bullied Komen. Komen bowed.

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN---you know who they are, unleashed, along with a number of pro-abortion advocates in Congress, a relentless attack, expressing shock, threatening repercussions and demanding Komen reconsider the decision to stop sending money to Planned Parenthood.

Bowing to political and social pressure and bullying, Komen was cured from breaking ranks. Nancy Brinker, Komen Founder, issued a statement the following day after the Planned Parenthood decision, "We apologize to the American public for recent decisions..."

Senator Patty Murray called the reverse, "A huge win."

Megyn Kelly at FOX News aired an interview on Friday discussing the reversal of Komen. I suggest you watch it. There is also a related FOX article you should read.

Komen seemed to leave the door open saying they would honor grants already made to PP, but would look at future requests on a case by case basis.

My guess? They're cured. They will not withhold money from Planned Parenthood in the future. The price is too great.

Some thoughts and questions:

Hopefully this was a learning moment. Last year I wrote an article saying that Komen was sending a substantial amount of money to Planned Parenthood. The reaction from some pro-life leaders was swift and strong. They told me I should not have written that and I was fundamentally wrong.

We now know that it was a little over $700,000 in 2011.

Some questions:

  • Should members of Congress be pressuring a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization as to how they should spend the money donated by their donors?
  • Were the 26 members of Congress who wrote Komen demanding they reconsider, bullying them, given the amount of power members of Congress can wield?
  • What about the "We are the Champions of Choice" the left loves to use in defining themselves? Clearly they only believe in "Choice" when one makes the "politically correct choice."
  • Does Planned Parenthood even do breast cancer screening? The abortion advocate interviewed in the Megyn Kelly interview linked above said they did 700,000 screenings last year, then corrected the number to about 140,000. Or do they just refer?
  • If Komen is truly committed to curing breast cancer, and I believe they have been, why would they help fund the largest abortion provider in the US when there is scientific linkage between abortion and breast cancer?
A final thought:

I am not suggesting Komen made their decision to sever the relationship with PP on moral or pro-life grounds, however, they did say initially it was because PP was being investigated by Congress.

This episode is revealing.

Both "tolerance" and "choice" are not that at all in the world of secular progressivism.

The smiley faced, "Be tolerant of everyone" and "You have a right to choose" is a facade masking a steel hard, cold, secular agenda that is slowly exchanging the Truth for a lie. And eroding our most fundamental freedoms.

We have seen this in the issue of abortion and we have seen it in the issue of redefining marriage and family.

Whether it is abortion, redefining family, redefining marriage or simply religious freedoms, the assault is under way.

Just last week Nancy Pelosi pledged to stand with President Obama in his war on the Catholic Church over mandating birth control medication in his healthcare scheme, thus forcing them to comply with his healthcare laws or violate their faith and religious beliefs.

In the secularist world you may believe whatever you wish, but if you choose to act on those beliefs, there will be consequences.

Nancy Pelosi called President Obama "courageous" for his stand against the Catholic Church.

In a better time, those who stood for morality and Truth were called "courageous." Now those who seek to destroy the foundations of this great nation and the basis of its freedoms are considered "courageous."

King Belshazzer is one of the most tragic figures in Old Testament history. The book of Daniel records that he was, "Weighed in the balances and found wanting." And his country was destroyed.

Unless this country fundamentally changes and turns toward the God who gave us our freedoms and liberty---we will be found wanting and will cease to be free.

The handwriting is on the wall.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed. Be Free.


  1. I will never run again and will never send another $ to them. This is beyond crazy. They had everything in their right to judge whether they wanted to send money. Outrageous. Wake up people

    1. You won't, and conversely nor will many PP supporters. Komen damaged themselves pretty badly when they strayed in the political arena. There now appears to be an email trail exposing Komen VP Karen Handel's plan to cut funding to PP and then use the 'investigation' for cover. She won't last much longer. Komen wasn't 'brought to its knees by PP', they were jolted into reality by the population at large.

    2. Look's like Handel's gone already. I thought it would take a couple days more. This is serious damage control.

  2. Thank you for a very enlightening article. We appreciate your writing and often discuss what you say in our home. We also send your articles to many of our friends. Thank you Gary, keep up the good work. I am so disappointed about Komen Foundation. I have been a supporter.

  3. Gary, I'm amused by the silence of your critics on this post. Keep up the great work you do.

    1. Not much to say except that 2012 has been a pretty bad year for you folks already. Gay marriage in Washington is now pretty much assured. The Komen Foundation's blunder was a huge victory for PP, netting them about $1,000,000 in windfall donations. And it looks like you're going to have either Mitt or Newt as your candidate. Wow, tough year!

  4. Actually, it was the right, not the left that politicized Komen. When GOP donor and Komen board member Nancy Brinker hired former Bush administration hack Ari Fliecher to vet and hire anti-PP crusader Karen Handel as Senior VP of Public Policy last year, she thought she was going to slip this attack on PP under the radar. Handel quickly discovered a ruse to cover her goal, falsely claiming that the removal of funding was due to a transparently partisan witch-hunt of an "investigation" in Congress. How do we know this new rule was a pathetically transparent ruse? Because no other recipient of Komen funds currently under investigation (e.g. Penn State) was cut off! This was nothing more than a case of Komen bowing to political pressure from the right! A fact supported by the triumphalist, gloating post Gary made on Friday(which quickly went down the memory hole), before he was aware that Komen had reversed it's decision.

    Contra Gary, the backlash wasn't driven by the media or even by PP itself. The backlash started before Komen even made its cave to the right wing public, a fact borne out by the resignation in protest of Mollie Williams, managing director of public health programs and the top public health official at Komen. Like Williams millions of everyday people were furious at Komen for putting right-wing politics above women's health, they wrote to Komen, wrote letters to the editor, posted their outrage on Facebook and twitter.

    The simple fact is Komen changed their position because it wasn't just bad politics and bad for their fundraising, it was bad for their stated organisational goal of women's health and cancer prevention/detection/treatment.

    As for Gary's tedious list of leading questions:

    1.Why not? Do elected officials loose their first amendment rights once elected? Why would they be subject to any different rules than the countless Republicans, who Gary supports and who speak out against 501(c)3 groups like the Girl Scouts, GLSEN or Planned Parenthood?

    2.Not at all. They were exercising their first amendment rights. Is Gary now trying to criminalize politics (or at least politics when practiced by those, who disagree with him). Again, how is this any different than the countless GOP members of Congress who have spoken out against the very existence of 501(c)3 GLSEN?

    3. This one is just idiotic. Komen's "choice" denied basic life saving health screenings to hundreds of thousands of poor women, who had no other "choice". The "choice" that the champions of choice are talking about belongs to individuals, not organizations!

    4.PP does breast cancer screenings! They do manual screenings and give referrals for mammograms, just like pretty much every GP in the country! This is a simple and easily verifiable fact. I can only assume Gary included this as a question in an underhanded attempt to smear PP as lying without having to back it up.

    5. There is no valid scientific linkage between abortion and breast cancer! There is a much greater link between a diet rich in fried foods and breast cancer. Why isn't Gary complaining about Komen's "pink bucket" partnership with KFC?

    John in Seattle

  5. As for Gary's misrepresentation of the birth control rules:
    1. The Catholic Church itself if exempt from the requirement. What is not exempt are Catholic hospitals and Catholic Charities, both of which, despite the names, receive the vast majority of their funding from tax dollars. Last I checked we the people had every right to dictate how our tax dollars are spent!

    2. 98% of Catholic women in the US use or have used artificial birth control in their lives, so this is really about the Church hierarchy in Rome, not the views or practices of everyday Catholics in this nation. In fact, last I checked Nancy Pelosi was a Catholic.

    Oh, one other thing. I believe that Pelosi, Obama and those opposed to Komen's political move to cut off funding for breast cancer screenings done at PP ARE standing for morality and Truth!!

    John in Seattle

  6. Gary, so far I haven't seen anyone mention the fact that women who have had an abortion have a higher rate of developing breast cancer. I think they increase their chance of developing breast cancer by 35%, but I didn't research the exact % for this post.

    It doesn't make sense or help Komen's credibility for it to give any of its donated money to PP period.

  7. @ 01:16 PM,

    Gary's critics aren't silent, they and their responses have been silenced by the site's censors!

    John in Seattle

  8. It's thuggery by the abortion industry, which seems to be the MO for the whole left wing. "Nice charity you have here. Be a shame if anything was to... happen to it."

  9. Faith and Freedom Board Member9:18 AM, February 07, 2012

    Joel. It has already been attempted. There is a constant attempt to shut down Faith and Freedom and silence Gary. The secular activists are relentless in this. There was even one attempt a couple of years ago from within the Christian ranks by a "competing" organization. A person at the Public Disclosure Commission once told us that our enemies were circling like vultures-that's a quote. Good insight.

    1. Oh please! If you have so much as a shred of evidence to support your claims of constant attempts to "silence" Gary or this organization, which enjoys tax-exempt status produce it.

      Funny how it's "thuggery" when it's the left refuting the constant stream of anti-gay propaganda and lies produced by FFN and Gary, but it's just people exercising their first amendment rights when it's right-wing Christianists attacking JCPenny's for employing Ellen Degeneres or urging a boycott of the Girls Scouts and their cookie sales. The hypocrisy of this site and it's supporters knows no bounds.

    2. Quieting Gary would be a mistake. Over the last 20 or so years Gary and his ilk have steadily pushed the Republican party further and further to the right. And, over the last few years especially, they've moved way to the extreme. The presidential primary is a perfect example, the candidates have to go soooo far to the right now to win a primary that they'll be unelectable in the general with the swing voters (thank you, tea party). So, go get 'em Gary. Lead 'em to the right, right over the cliff.

      Mark in Tigard

    3. That's right, go Gary, continue to stand for the sanctity of 1 man + 1 women = marriage, continue to give voices to the millions of children killed by the genocidal policies of our government, continue to resist the perverting of our schools, continue to speak out against the moral depravity of our time. Some are listening and acting.

      The people laughed at Noah until the rains came and washed them all away. Only 8 lived.

      Craig in Lacey


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