Friday, March 09, 2012

The Man Behind The Emails

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Paul Thomasson is the man who has been writing personal email to those who signed the R-71 petitions 2 years ago.

Who is he and what is his goal beyond the obvious?

Paul Thomasson is a homosexual activist and Boeing employee.

So far he has sent out more than 1600 emails to people who signed R-71. I wrote a blog Monday in which I shared that people were receiving emails and shared one from him.

This week we have learned that he intends to contact everyone whose name is legible, who signed a R-71 petition. All 121,757 names on the database--- before June 6. He's, of course, asking you not to sign R-74 or any other petition that would deny the redefinition of marriage.

KOMO News reports that he has heard back from 47 of the 1600 he has contacted so far. And, of course, KOMO reports on the most favorable responses.

He is posting every response on his website and now with KOMO reporting on it, more people will be directed to the site.

I would suggest you not respond to him, however if you do, please know that your comments and probably your name will be further publicized to his readers.

KOMO proudly reports, "Thomasson 's campaign may actually be working."

From what I'm seeing on the I-1192 petition reports, his efforts don't seem to be working at all. The response is terrific. I am certain it will be on R-74 as well.

Most of his emails that I have seen are the same with a little variation. He touts his military service, but fails to say he was removed from the military over issues with the "Don't ask, Don't Tell" policy. He was one of the first cases to challenge the Constitution on the matter.

He was also one of the first to sign up for domestic partnerships. He also appears on most of the LGBT activist lists.

While he presents himself as the "guy next door," he is a hard core homosexual activist.

He has the right, under law, to do what he is doing.

You have the right to know about it, ignore it and remain vigilant.

This is an historic moment for marriage and the family in Washington State and the country.

Thank you for standing with us as we, together, stand for marriage.

Your support is deeply needed and appreciated.

If you have not signed up to circulate petitions, please do so here.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Where there is a conflict, their is opportunity. As somebody should demand a debate with Paul Thomasson over the issue to Homosexuality. Paul Thomasson will lose the debate and the issues will be revealed to the citizens of Washinton? KOMO and other biased stations will be forced to listen to the truth.

  2. Gary, you are a light in the darkness. Thank you and God bless you.

    1. God does not bless those that oppress others. The darkness is where the intolerant live and light only serves to illuminate intolerance.. God blesses those that love and do loving things, not those that attempt to thwart the love of others or take away their rights.

    2. God blesses those who stand against what He has decreed as sin. Those whose deeds are dark indeed hate the light, for it reveals their deeds. They must justify their behavior to themselves and others, so they call good, evil and evil, good and they are receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.

      God blesses those that love the sinner w/o approving the sin. There is no right to perversion.

      Craig in Lacey

  3. "I would suggest you not respond to him, however if you do, please know that your comments and probably your name will be further publicized to his readers."

    Why does Gary persist in his dishonest scare tactics? If he has visited Paul's site (link through the KOMO story, since Gary lacks the decency to link to someone's he's attacking) he's well aware that Paul is redacting last names other personally identifying info on the responses he posts. A standard of courtesy that Gary failed to follow when he originally posted Paul's name and phone number - since removed (I guess delayed courtesy is better than none at all).

    The fact that Paul was discharged under the discriminatory DADT policy in no way lessens the fact that he served his country and fought for our freedoms, even the freedoms of those like Gary, who would condemn Paul for his service.

    Paul is the "guy next door" and is no more a "hard core homosexual activist" than each and every signer of R-71 and now I-1192 & R-74 are hard core anti-gay activists!

    The fact that Gary encourages his flock to ignore Paul and his attempts at reasoned and honest debate, just reveals how powerful Gary think's Paul's message is. Keep up the good work, Paul!

  4. Paul Thomasson received an Honorable discharge from the Navy and had a superb service record. From the court case Gary links to:
    Lt. Paul Thomasson has been declared unfit to defend our country based on nothing more than
    an expression of his state of mind. The expression was not illegal, and the fact admitted is not a ground
    for discharge. His record of service is superb, and the Navy presented absolutely no evidence that he
    has violated any military rule of conduct in any way at any time, and absolutely no evidence that his
    exemplary record is not indicative of his likely future behavior.
    Lt. Paul Thomasson's career is over because it is presumed that he will misbehave in a manner
    that is assumed to incite the prejudices of his colleagues, whom it is speculated will abandon their duties
    to defend the United States rather than tolerate him in their midst. There is no proof of any of these
    hypotheses in the record, and there is abundant disproof. In the final analysis, the expression of Lt.
    Thomasson's thoughts, without more, is the cause of his "honorable" banishment from the Navy"

    Shame on Gary for trying to smear Thomasson for being discharged under the bigoted anti-gay DADT policy.

  5. Shame on Gary for trying to smear Thomasson? Gary simply told us the truth. Who is Thomasson, what he has done in the past, the fact that he had issues with the military over DADT, left the military and that he is a gay activist, one of the first to sign up for the domestic partnership arrangement, and has a legal right to do what he is doing. I think you are responding more to what you know about Thomasson than wha tGary said about him.
    I'm still looking for the smear. Thank you Gary, your blogs are very helpful.

    1. The smear is the implication that there was something nefarious or dishonorable about Thomasson's honorable discharge under a bigoted anti-gay policy.

      The smear is the claim that a man, who served his country with honor, and who earns his living as an engineer at Boeing is a "hard core homosexual activist". I guess just being a regular taxpaying citizen, who exercises their first amendment rights in support of a position Gary opposes, makes one a "hard core activist". By that standard, every single singer of R-74, R-74 or I-1192 is a hard core anti-gay activist, not just those like Mr Randall, who make a living from their anti-gay activism.

      The smear is in the implication, which you parrot, that there is something unsavory or untoward about being one of the first people to exercise a new right granted by the legislature.

      Gary wants us to think of the R-74 backers as just everyday citizens, while anyone opposed to it is a "hard core homosexual activist". This is simply false.

  6. Gary comes across as a the guy next door - but, in fact, he is a hard core religious humanist activist. Gary and Pat should get along great - neither one of the care about the Word of God or Jesus Christ.

  7. Gary Randall's relentless and dishonest battle to thwart the civil rights of his fellow Americans is the REAL story here. In his zeal to install a Christian theocracy, he smears Paul Thomassaon by claiming that he is publishing the names of those who signed R-71, which as all press accounts have noted, Thomasson IS NOT. The irony is rich, of course, because those names are readily available to anybody with a computer thanks to Gary Randall's numerous court losses on that issue.

  8. Waaa! Waaa!... typical hater response when they are confronted. Gary Randall wants gays dead and buried!

  9. Uh, weren't the email address on the petitions that were submitted, and as such, by law they are public record. The best way to prevent having your name made public on the petitions is simply NOT to sign the petition in the first place. It has been the law for some time, perhaps you should have informed people of that law before you asked them to sign.

  10. Gary Randall is now the one squirming? How ironic that with all the money and lies that went into the pro R71 campaign, the sick lies that money bought for TV ads demonizing gay people, that now the shoe is on the other foot and Randall and Protect Marriage (from what?) are on the receiving end of what? Emails? The complaint department is CLOSED.

  11. I checked out his site. He is not publishing people's names. He is indeed publishing their responses. Not sure why you have a problem with that or feel threatened by him or his project. Really, you spend way to much time thinking about this gay stuff.

  12. Why did the petion collectors gather email addresses? And why were they not redacted before being submitted to the state. I blame you and the other 'organizers' for putting our personal information out there in the first place. You should have known that by law this information would have to be published.

    1. Cockroaches always run and hide when light is shined on them.

  13. why do these people need to resort to lies, scare tactics, and bullying to get their point across. perhaps it's because there are no actual FACTS to back up any of their rants

  14. "[T]he fact is that running a democracy takes a certain amount of civic courage. And the First Amendment does not protect you from criticism or even nasty phone calls when you exercise your political rights to legislate, or to take part in the legislative process."

    Sounds like some liberal activist, right? Wrong.

    Antonin Scalia said that in reference to Doe v. Reed.

  15. Randy you only have yourself to "blame" because you didn't redact the email address's before you submitted the petitions to the state and now your lying saying Paul was publishing peoples names...he isn't! Your the negligent loser and your trying to put the blame on Paul when the emails were actually your fault! I thinks it's funny! Oh and CIVIL RIGHTS SHOULD NEVER BE VOTED ON! No more H8!

  16. I applaud Paul for his courage: his courage in serving our country; his courage in standing up against discrimination in fighting the DADT policy; his courage in choosing to come out of the closet in spite of the fact that it meant an end to his Navy career, which to that point had been exemplary; his courage in approaching each of the people who had signed the petition and included their email addresses and exposing himself to whatever reactions they might have. He has done nothing more than exercise his right to free speech, which includes contacting those whose information was freely provided and mistakenly not redacted from the petitions before they became public record.

    You, on the other hand, show a distinct lack of courage. You attempt to paint him as a "hard-core gay activist"; you attempt to smear his military record by implying that his discharge was anything more than a direct result of a flawed and poorly conceived military policy; you attempt to depict him as almost a shadowy, underhanded figure who is out to "get" those who want to "protect" marriage. Let me remind you -- as the supposed defender of Judeo-Christian values -- that among the first tenets of Jesus's teachings was for us to love one another. As well, to quote Matthew, "Judge not, or you shall be judged; for the judgment you give out is the judgment that you shall receive." It seems to me that a large number of so-called Christians get so wrapped up in judging others on their supposed sins, and fail to remember that they were instructed not to judge but rather to love.

    Oh, and by the way, while Paul makes the effort not to publish the last names of the people he contacts, I notice that you have no such discretion, but are perfectly willing to expose him, his family, and his neighbors to any kind of retaliation that might be coming his way by publishing his full name on your website. That is the true act of a coward.

  17. Sure, Gary is a coward. He runs away from taking a stand for righteousness because he fears the wrath of the haters.
    The Seattle times actuall;y published Thomassons name, not Gary. Keep up the good work Gary.

    1. And the truth shall set you free. Ditto Gary

      Craig in Lacey


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