Monday, September 10, 2012

NBC's "The New Normal: Trying To Redefine The Culture

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NBC's "The New Normal" was scheduled to debut tomorrow night, but has been moved up to tonight.

Don't watch it. Here's why.

This show is one more attempt by the entertainment industry to redefine the culture and redefine that which is natural and normal. When called out on their blatant attempt, they have said what they always say, "We are not tying to redefine the culture, we are 'reflecting' the culture."

I have reviewed the pilot.

Here's the essence of it:

Goldie Clemons is a struggling single mom who wants the best for herself and her daughter. Dave and Bryan, two homosexuals, want to have a child. They offer Goldie $35,000 to rent her uterus and use her as a surrogate mother.

The storyline is built around supposedly disenfranchised people, for whom the viewer will be empathetic.

You can fill in the blanks.

The creators of this show are the creators of GLEE.

In one scene, Dave and Bryan are sitting on a park bench, watching other families---all non-traditional, play in the park. Their conversation is built around this statement: "abnormal is the new normal." In the 1-minute scene, they mention Mariah Carey and Barrack Obama as having been raised in a non-traditional family and how well they have done.

This is that approximate 1-minute clip.

I don't like this show for the obvious reason, its message, and NBC's blatant attempt to redefine what is normal and natural.

Secondly, in my opinion, the show is not well written, at least not the first one. I know the creator created GLEE and it has fairly high ratings, but this is boring and contrived and doesn't have a music component. The producers seem to be so fixated on their message, they skip the quality of characters. Dave and Bryan sitting on the park bench is cheesey and precontrived. The characters are packaged in my opinion.

Personally, I don't think it will succeed. I certainly hope not.

A few reasons why I think it will fail.
  • A majority of people in American won't buy the message. And it's all about the message.
  • Some organizations will likely launch a boycott because of the blatant message.
  • It isn't well written and those who are ambivalent about the message won't remember to watch it.
  • At some point, NBC will abandon the "mission" of the show and drop it because of poor ratings---and money.

I highly recommend you not watch it and not let your kids watch it.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Modern Family & New Normal.

    In one sense it isn't modern and it sure isn't normal.

  2. Shorter NBC: "Well, we believe we're reflecting the new normal, but if you don't think it's normal, that's your prerogative. Just kidding – it's not really your prerogative anymore."

  3. Thanks Gary, for the heads up. I've heard my kids mention the show, I didn't know wha tit was about.

  4. Thanks for sharing Gary. As a pastor I can deliver it from the pulpit as a satanic assault again. It is interesting though that NBC has a bit of truth in the new normal. It does reflect the very thing they have been attempting to promote, yet not taking responsibility for it. The new normal is not hardly practiced by the majority at all! It is only a small fraction of any who act like NBC portrays, and they make it look like it is just another American custom that everyone is doing or considering. The reflection is their corrutp culture in the entertainment industry, and by the way, my wife's womb is not up for sale even if I pass away. It is God's prerogative and right for us to submit all life from conception to death unto Him.

    1. @Jon

      If you are really a Pastor of Jesus Christ, you might start with making a brief effort to edit your writing before hitting send. Just sayin'.... you will at least look reasonably intelligent.


  5. Gary, thanks for the warning. Have you thought about publishing a list of unsafe tv shows & movies that might cause our kids to question things?

  6. You consistently call things as they are. I think that is why people either support you or try to discredit you or put you down. You don't have shades of gray. Once again, thanks Gary.

  7. RE: "This show is one more attempt by the entertainment industry to redefine the culture and redefine that which is natural and normal."

    The entertainment industry's main goal, like every other industry's, is to make money. If they don't think it'll make them money, then they ain't gonna show it on TV.

    To portray the industry as manipulating Americans tells me that you don't put much faith in the rest of your arguments on this topic.

    Given that a solid majority of Americans now supports same-sex marriage, and given the popularity of shows like Modern Family and Glee, you can say the industry's calculation that Americans will want to see this show is wise -- that is, if the script and acting are good. If the show is terrible, it'll get dropped, but there will be another one in its place that reflects contemporary America.

    In other words, the train has already left the station...

  8. I was conceived by a teenage mother who loved me enough to give me up for adoption to a couple unable to have children of their own. My parents showered me with love and gave me a great childhood. They have since passed and I miss dad and mom very much.

    I'm a gay dad with 4 adult children I love more than life itself. Their mom is a wonderful woman and loving mom. I enjoyed 25+ years of marriage with her. We share a deep commitment and love towards one another and our children.

    My Domestic Partner and I deeply love each other and are committed in our relationships to one another, hoping to be able to marry after November 6. He also loves my children and they love him. And while not rushing it, we can't wait for grand children.

    One of our friends is an incredible single woman in her early 40's. She has tried several times to have a child through the help of a couple who donated their fertilized embryos to her. She is currently in Africa adopting a child who has AIDS infected parents and are giving him up for adoption because they love him and want him to have a better life. Our friend is surround by loving and supportive people here who will be a part of this child's life. My Partner and I plan to be the best uncles you can be for her new son!

    Another friend (a local pastor) and his husband enrolled their son into full time kindergarten this year. It was a milestone celebrated by the two of them as well as their son's birth mother who has a loving role in their son's life.

    Two other friends (married in California), living in Seattle have just been approved to adopt a 10 year old in the foster system that no one else wants. They will provide him with a loving, committed family for the first time in his life. He is getting two dads.

    Another friend and his Partner never intended to have children, but his sister...a drug addict...was having her daughter removed from her care by the State and no one else in the family wanted the responsibility of a 2 year old. My friend and his Partner adopted her and provided her with a loving family. She is a bright young woman beginning her senior year of high school.

    My oldest daughter dates a young man. His dad was previously married to a woman and they had a daughter. That daughter grew up and has a 5 year old son as a single mom. Her mother would come out as a lesbian early in her childhood. Her dad remarried and that union produced my daughter's boyfriend as well as his other sister. There is so much love in that family you can hardly stand to be around them. I'm so glad my daughter has found a young man who learned how to love in a loving nonjudgmental environment.

    I could fill this reply thread with example after example of normal loving families that may not fit your definition of 'normal', but if commitment, unconditional love and familial bonds are normal then they are indeed normal.

  9. 11:05 Tricky? Gary is not advocating we not allow our kids to "question" things. He is advocating we not let television train up our children in the way they think our kids should go---according to their secularist creed.

    1. I understand that and agree with you. I was only saying that it's best not to expose our kids to shows that would cause them to question what we've taught them. It's hard enough to keep faith these days without being exposed to other ideas.

  10. its interesting how loudly the progressives howl if someone inserts anything about god or christian beliefs into the public discourse, yet fervently defend advancing their humanism and secularism.

    1. You can start with the first amendment and you can follow i t up by the long-term history of oppression and suppression of free and peaceful citizens - all in contrast to the scriptures which call us to work quietly with our hands.


    2. For those who may be interested in the science behind children raised in a non traditional household, meaning a father and a mother, a recent study shows these children do not fair as well. Not that they can't do well they will have to work harder. As a parent, I know how heart breaking it is to see my child have to work harder because of a choice I made.

      Same-sex parenting and children’s outcomes: A closer examination of the American psychological association’s brief on lesbian and gay parenting
      Social Science Research 41 (2012) 735–751
      Loren Marks ⇑


  11. Children do not do as well being raised by a gay couple as a mother and a dad. There is a higher rate of sexual abuse in gay families than straight.

  12. 10:24 I agree the entertainment industry's main goal is to make money, however you see that goal compromised often for the sake of the progressive agenda. Look at how newspapers have compromised their credibility in recent years. I know the yare losing readers to the internet, but that's not the only reason their sunbscriptions are declining. The industry wants it both ways. They want to push an agenda and make money while doing it.

  13. 12:40 A solid majority of Americans do not support gay marriage. Every time a state votes on gay marriage the ydefeat it. How do you explain that? If a solid majority supports it why does it always fail at the ballot?

    1. Times are a changing. Gay marriage has been the subject of intense national focus for awhile and consequently attitudes have changed. We'll see how your statistic holds up in November.


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