Thursday, December 06, 2012

Sodom Sunday: "The Cut Flower Syndrome"

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This coming Sunday marks the first day that homosexuals can legally "marry" in Washington State.

Those who advanced the redefinition of marriage are celebratory, to say the least.

Seattle's First Baptist Church and others are joining the celebration as they break with over 5,000 years of societal norm, and even more tragically, defy God and His model for marriage.

Recently I have been receiving a number of comments both publicly and privately from homosexual advocates, reminding me that marriage has been redefined and the sky has not fallen. Some have reminded me that Massachusetts has had same-sex marriage for years, and everything is just fine.

But it isn't fine.

We are not only defying God's model for marriage, we are violating a principle of nature that has absolute consequences. We are living in The Cut Flower Syndrome.

The Cut Flower Syndrome.

I first became aware of the term, "The Cut Flower Culture," from the writings of Will Herberg. He was an American Jewish sociologist and theologian who turned from his Communist roots to join the Conservative movement several decades ago.

In Judaism and Modern Man he wrote:
"The attempt made in recent decades by secularist thinkers to disengage the moral principles of western civilization from their scripturally based religious context, in the assurance that they could live a life of their own as "humanistic" ethics, has resulted in our "cut flower culture." Cut flowers retain their original beauty and fragrance, but only so long as they retain the vitality that they have drawn from their now-severed roots; after that is exhausted, they wither and die. So with freedom, brotherhood, justice, and personal dignity — the values that form the moral foundation of our civilization. Without the life-giving power of the faith out of which they have sprung, they possess neither meaning nor vitality."

We continue to detach ourselves from the source of our beauty---we are severing our roots. With bouquet in hand, we say, "See, nothing has changed. They are still beautiful."

"Everything is just fine."

They will be sustained as long as they can live off the vitality of the roots from which they were severed. Then they will wilt. And die.

Legalized abortion is a severing from the roots of the principle of the sanctity of life.

Redefining marriage is removing the most fundamental human component for social health and human sustainability from its roots and declaring everything will continue in its original vitality and beauty.

It won't.

We are severing ourselves from the roots that made us a great nation.

We are in the wilting stage.

Unless and until we return to the roots of Judeo-Christian values upon which this nation was birthed, we will continue to wither and die. And celebrate. And tell ourselves, "Everything is just fine."

God help us.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Homosexual marriage and marijuana use are now legal in my state of Washington. That legislation was promoted by amoral billionaires, pastors in name only, and Alinsky communists attacking our institutions. Most pastors didn't mobilize their congregations to fight this clear and present danger to their churches and Christendom; do not support them. This state is now hostile to traditional families; do not come here. You are not required to associate with the very small numbers of homosexual addicts or drug addicts; shun them. GOP elected and party officials who supported this garbage must be branded, disempowered, and purged. Our freedom is based on our morality. The depraved are enslaved. Alinsky, Gramsci, and Lenin knew that.

    1. Oh my gosh, how well said! I am also very frustrated that most pastors did not mobilize their congregations. And the concept of the "cut flower syndrome" is painfully true. How dare the people of Washington shake their fist at God in utter defiance against His Word! I'm praying God will have mercy on those of us who loves what He loves, and hates what He hates. I'm also ashamed of Washington. Is there any hope of undoing the damage and curse that the people of Washington have put on this State?

    2. Jesus associated with the sinners. The lowest of the low, the dregs of society and doing so infuriated the Pharisees to the point of murder. We are not to flirt with or indulge in the sins but we are to be among the sinners, to cast the light of Jesus into the darkness and lead the sinners from their bondage. Shunning them will not bring them into Christ. Are you a follower of Christ or the Pharisees?

    3. Feel free to move to another state where you find more people who think like yourself.

    4. Robert Davis, could you please clarify your position?

    5. Robert Davis, your primary thrust appears to be to shun the shuners whilst pretending to support Jesus. Would you admit to this, I dare say you would not.

  2. A provocative analogy.

  3. So give us a timeline, Gary. How long does it take to see the effects of same-sex marriage on society? it has been legal for nearly a decade and NONE of your doom and gloom scenarios have come to pass.

    1. I would add NONE have come to pass on ANY topic. Gary is batting zero. C,mon folks, get real, how many outs does he get until it's time for a new batter?

    2. Good point! After all, note that all people who have suffered the ill effects of alcoholism, smoking, or asbestos exposure had these effects appear within a decade.

    3. That's because you think in finite time, not eternity! Just like we are paying for some of the 60's thinking now, we will reap what we sow, now and forever.

      Craig in Lacey

    4. All people? Not hardly, most don't suffer the effects of smoking for decades.

    5. This was exactly my point about the effects of smoking, asbestos, etc. If it takes more than a decade for the damage from these to become noticeable, why do the effects of homosexual marriage need to be noticeable within a decade?

  4. Do not be deceived. God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7

  5. Please explain what part of marriage is against Christ's Law? How is letting all citizens use the same 100% secular contract to license with the state different from yesterday where they were required to use two?

    You've wasted time and millions of dollars taking the role of New Age Pharisees forgetting among our cardinal founding fathers were Unitarians, Deists, Quakers and even atheists, all that wouldn't pass your scathing judgement as you usurp God's task as your own.

    These people who have lived and loved for decades have survived much, and they will survive even your sour grapes. God loves them just as he loves you, as hard as that seems to be for you to accept.

    Rejoice in this one step closer to the more perfect union on the road our founding fathers made for us.

    1. Again, God determined what marriage is, not the State. God said if you're a man DO marry a woman and vice versa. You've taken a New Age philosophy all right, the same one that has killed 50 million kids, led to increased hedonism in the culture and continues to destroy the foundations of morality. You think its modern, but its the same lie Satan told Eve, "did God really say?".... "eat the forbidden fruit, you can become just like God, knowing good from evil".... "No, you will not surely die".

      Our Founders, whatever there religious beliefs, didn't even conceive of same sex 'marriage', let alone legalized prostitution, legalized drug abuse, and legalized infanticide. You say that you see, therefore you remain blind. The bus IS coming, get back on the curb.

      There's nothing Pharisitical about warning of the wrath to come, it's the essence of love. I rejoice in the perfect union our Heavenly Father made for us. One man and one woman for life. Yes, God does love you and them and me, but that love comes with an IF.


      Craig in Lacey

    2. 'Warning of the wrath to come' and that again, pretty much says it all - if that's your focus, that's your fate - Jesus was clear about that. And as for your misinformation about the founding fathers, they were the liberals of the liberals of their time - if they lived to day they would not be as you've made them in your head. But your laundry lists of complaints shows you aren't really in touch on many issues - you do realize people smoked pot legally until 1923, right?

      We see God's message very differently, and those Christians that support marriage equality are far more in line with Christ than what you represent - as Martin Luther said about Revelations 'I see none of the Holy Spirit in it'. Tricking people into looking for 'the bad' in others is Satan's most powerful seduction - one need only look for historical Christianity at its worst to know this is true.

      Again, your obsession with fear and judgement will be that which marks you for all time, I feel very sorry for you and hope you can turn from this lose-lose path in time.
      Christ's yoke is light - try it.

    3. My obsession is the love of Christ and his call to lead others to REPENTANCE is what does mark my life. John the Baptist asked some of those who came to be baptized, "who warned you of the wrath to come". Do you think because of God's mercy and grace, His patience and longsuffering towards us, that we will escape if we treat that as filthy rags? We're kidding ourselves.

      Fear? No. Awe? Yes. "It is a fearsome thing to fall into the hands of an angry God". "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom".

      Jesus said, "don't fear those who can kill the body, but fear him who can throw both body and soul into hell". That's not the Bible according to Craig, the CIV=), it's what GOD himself said.

      Heroin and opium were legal also in this country, did you realize that? Maybe we should legalize them, you know, for the good of the country. More taxes too. Satan's most powerful seduction is the same as I mentioned above.

      Our Founders believed The rights of man came from God, not the State. Which is clearly evident from their writings. They would be appalled at the immorality of our culture, that has nothing to do with whats in my head.

      I don't follow Luther, Calvin, Wesley or the spaghetti monster. Revelation, no (s), was written by the Holy Spirit thru John. If it wasn't then I guess Christ's not coming back. Don't bet on it.

      Yes, his yoke is light and my shoulders feel great, thank you for your concern =)

    4. Our founders believed our rights came from the Deist Creator, nature's god, which is 100% on board with marriage equality. As is the Unitarian non-Trinity God that is for all people, Christian or not, or the light of the society of friends that fills us all with grace and godliness.

      And whether Christ comes back as in Revelations or not doesn't matter to a Christian, does it? They aren't supposed to be worrying about the future, but about what they are doing right now. Christ's Law is a active principle that we are to make part of our lives each passing instance, the future will take care of itself as God desires. Worrying about getting a reservation for the banquet is just about the best way to not get a seat from what we've been told.

      Again, married couples can survive the test of righteous judgement regardless of their sexes. Those that can't get over that just don't understand what God's task for them is and I hope they figure it out in time. Those that have tried to take over the task reserved to the Divine are just setting themselves up for failure - they can't do it nearly as well as the one who's job it is.

    5. If the Unitarians thought that their God was for same-sex 'marriage', where is the evidence during the founding of our country?

      Deists don't pray, what's the point? God's not listening. He's long gone, we're on our own. Yet Jefferson prayed, not much of a deist, huh?

      John Adams, who was certainly there at our founding, said it was based on...... the general principles of Christianity. I've heard or read of nothing from our founders to dispute that.

      Actually, yes it does matter. Those who seek to understand Revelation will be prepared for the impostor, the son of perdition, who will set himself up as God. Many will be deceived and persecute those who don't worship the image of the beast. I don't worry, I just seek to understand all of God's Word, not just the parts I agree with.

      Jesus Himself said "Watch"

      Craig in Lacey

    6. Unitarians, 'think', they don't 'thought'.
      Deists do pray, you just don't understand prayer. Its not asking for a 'God gimme', the benefits o prayer don't depend on some intervention by the creator. But then you think Deists think god is gone so your understanding is flawed anyway.

      John Adams, a Unitarian, thought that the general principles of Christianity are the founding of our nation - I agree, so did Jefferson. But the founding principles of Christ's Law are completely compatible with marriage equality - that is our cardinal difference. You want to walk the road of the Pharisees their niggling rules following thinking they are going to pedantically arrive at salvation, and I believe in Christ's Law, a positive principle that tells us what we should do and how we should be.

      Christians who follow Christian principles aren't on your side of these issues. You are obsessed with things of this world when Christ wanted us to be about the things that aren't. Someone who says a harsh word to others is at far more risk of perdition someone who smokes some pot, has a glass of wine, or has a same sex spouse.

      Where love is God is.

    7. "Thought", as in during the founding of our country. It seems they weren't on board with your definition of 'marriage'. They understood what it was and acted accordingly.

      Deists believe that a creator god exists, but after the motions of the universe were set in place he retreated, having no further interaction with the created universe nor the beings within it. Like I said, Jefferson prayed, sounds like he had doubts about God having retreated huh?

      Who's understanding is flawed? I understand the biblical need for prayer, at it's core, it's a personal relationship with our Creator. God said we don't have because we don't ask, we don't have because we ask amiss to use it on our own pleasures. There's not enough space here to quote all God's commands to pray.

      Seriously, I say this with much love Oshtur, read the Bible and pray for discernment. He will give it to you for His glory.

      Oh! Now you want to agree on our founding principles? You've been saying for years that it was the 'enlightenment', not Christianity. Good for you, finally did some research, eh?

      Salvation is by grace thru faith, it's a gift of God, lest anyone should boast. Nobody can earn it. I've said so repeatedly. Apologetics has nothing to do with earning salvation, only correcting false doctrine so that others may be edified and myself as well.

      Marriage is defined by God, you know quite well what He says about it. Anything outside that violates His law.

      Craig in Lacey

    8. Yes, 'thought' in as their understanding was incomplete - that's part of the tenets of Unitarians then and now.

      And no, you don't understand Deism at all. The creator didn't retreat - just as close as the day of creation, just made a perfect one that doesn't need a tweaking. And again prayer is for you, not God. If you are asking for a 'gimme' in Prayer then you're doing it wrong.

      And I have read the Bible, that's why I know you aren't following it in any way shape or form. Christians support marriage equality, you have taken a book and turned it into a talisman, idolatry pure and simple. But then you don't know what the Christian principle are, the are completely compatible with the Enlightenment. My previous mistake was accepting the deceits presented as Christian principles as true when they are not.

      And that's what you and yours have missed - that the Bible talks of one form of marriage doesn't mean there aren't others. Christ's Law is inclusive, not exclusive. You have been told what you should do, not what you shouldn't - that is God's concern. That this core concept of Christianity, the guiding Christian principle, is invisible to you is why all your complaints find no purchase.

      Again, Christ's yoke is light, far lighter than you seem to be able to realize. God doesn't want you to be His Pharisee - for your own sake stop.

    9. I've done some research into Deism and it doesn't agree with your understanding of it. If you mean by "gimme" that someone's treating God as some kind of one-armed slot machine, then yes I agree.

      God speaks exactly to that, don't pray with selfish motives. Does Jesus need us to pray to him? No, but he desires that intimate personal relationship and yes he grants blessings to his children. If that's a 'gimme' to you, I pity you.

      The deist god doesn't interact with man, everything's perfect, doesn't need to be tweaked as you say. Deism is incompatible with Genesis, Exodus, etc...... It's more akin to Gnosticism.

      If there are other forms of marriage, then we are free to marry whomever we want. Brother, sister, mom, dad, sheep, whatever and no one can tell us we
      can't. They would be intolerant and a bigot, right?
      God knows what he's doing, sexual relations outside the parameters God commanded is sin. That has not changed

      My complaints find no purchase with you because you say that you see, therefore you remain blind.

      God doesn' want you to follow Satan- for your own sake stop.

      Craig in Lacey

  6. The celebrations here will be just as great as those when a former Austrian became chancellor of Germany in 1933.

  7. Timelines are in His timing, not ours! God is very patient with wayward lovers of self, lawless and mockers of God. Romans 2:4 says"Or do you think lightly of the riches of His kindness and tolerance and patience, not knowing that the kindness of God leads you to repentance?. God is waiting for repentance, He may wait a lifetime. Nevertheless, folks mock this patience as no action or no doom, but read history from an objective Biblical perspective and it occured. I wonder how long it will be when the activists demand churches and clergy to marry and begin their legal and media assault?

  8. "How long does it take to see the effects of same-sex marriage on society? it has been legal for nearly a decade and NONE of your doom and gloom scenarios have come to pass."

    In response…. Just wait for the next generation to come into the public arena in the workplace. I see the children growing in those homes with 2 moms and 2 dads daily. They live like in a gaze of identity confusion and all is grey to them, there is no right or wrong of thinking, acting or all the choices they make or want to take are OK regardless of the consequences of others. They know they are different in their family life… is the “new normal modern family”.
    Our generation acts and lives with moral rules and standards ingrain in our government, personal and professional life. Our country is based on these values and the rules of the government still under those rules (at least some of them for now) but, when the young generation comes to the government positions and workplace and places of authorities, the world as we know with “tolerance” for the old (which we will be by then), for the youth, for the unborn, for the people with moral standards will no be tolerated, we will be under a new law. So, yes, just you wait!

  9. A couple of years ago, Gary wrote a column that attempted to explain away the reasons why his dire predictions about domestic partnerships and same-sex marriages in other states had not yet come true. The destructive process, as he described it, is slow.

    Now we have a new metaphor. Supposedly the effects are difficult to see because it’s really like a “cut flower” that slowly wilts and dies. Hardly the destructive impact we were promised.

    It appears the onslaught of destruction caused by these unions is getting increasingly slower and always just around the corner, but not quite yet here. But soon! I suspect in two years, we’ll compare the “destruction” brought on by loving gay couples marrying as the “Mammoth Glacier Melting Under a 20W Lightbulb” syndrome.

    I say, let’s remember December 6, 2012, as the day that Gary proposed the “cut flower” syndrome, and let’s request an update on December 6, 2014, to see just how much that flower has wilted.

    (Speaking of which, aren’t we due for an update on the dire predictions about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?)

  10. One look at the filth filled culture and we can see that ALL of the Doom and Gloom is upon us. But you wouldn't know anything about that I guess.

  11. We are not defying God, we are honoring God by using the intellect and reasoning powers he gave us to increasingly understand the wonderful world he gave us.

    We are defying the sad people that would use the Bible to justify their prejudice and their fear of knowledge & growth. That's been the story for centuries now.

  12. Thank you Gary for sharing this eloquent description of what is happening in America. Indeed, we are already experiencing the cut flower syndrome in many ways. When one steps back to get a long term perspective, we can see the departure of American culture from Biblically prescribed morals which began in earnest in the 1960s and is today manifesting in more broken homes, more kids raised in single parent homes, children needing counseling and drugs to cope, more of those kids going on to repeat the cycle and end up on welfare or in prison.....And a lot of the effect of our moral decline is still being obscured by the appearance of economic prosperity - an appearance that has been purchased at the price of personal debt and deficit spending on the part of the government. In other words, the cut flower has been on artificial life support for some time now.

  13. Thank you Gary for sharing this eloquent description of what is happening in America. Indeed, we are already experiencing the cut flower syndrome in many ways. When one steps back to get a long term perspective, we can see the departure of American culture from Biblically prescribed morals which began in earnest in the 1960s and is today manifesting in more broken homes, more kids raised in single parent homes, children needing counseling and drugs to cope, more of those kids going on to repeat the cycle and end up on welfare or in prison.....And a lot of the effect of our moral decline is still being obscured by the appearance of economic prosperity - an appearance that has been purchased at the price of personal debt and deficit spending on the part of the government. In other words, the cut flower has been on artificial life support for some time now.

  14. I'm sure the people of Sodom and Gomarrah thought nothing was going to happen either. I'm sure Pharoah thought Moses was a fraud. The people thought Noah was crazy, "an Ark? LOL".

    Jesus said, "as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man. For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and took them all away". (Matt 24:37-39)

    God is patient with us, may He be praised for that! His patience has an end. Don't be deceived, you will reap what you sow.

    Craig in Lacey

  15. I am ASHAMED of the state of Washington. My place is FOR SALE.

    1. Really Earl? You sure your not just saying that? You can't post the link, but how about giving us just enough to be able to find the real estate listing that would prove you're not just blowing smoke.


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