Thursday, December 05, 2013

Bainbridge Is. School Investigates Potential Christian Activity

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Seattle's KING 5 News is reporting, "Some parents were kept in the dark about youth pastors volunteering at a public school on Bainbridge Island, WA."

"Concerns," says KING 5, "from parents at Woodward Middle School led to the school district hiring an investigator."

This week the findings were released and made public.

And were discussed at a special School Board study session Tuesday.

KING 5 reports the controversy began months ago when parents noticed the men on campus.

Dawn Weber told KING 5, "We knew they weren't staff and we knew they weren't parents."

It turned out, the men were youth pastors from local churches. One was a Young Life leader.

Joe Weber told KING 5, "Where was the rabbi in the group? Where was the Scientologist in the group? There were three Evangelical pastors."

But was the concern merely about diversity?

Others who attended the meeting this week said the situation has led to the three men being treated unfairly, especially on social media.

One parent said, "Comments and threads that were accusatory, biased and misleading have made me very sad."

Another person stood at the meeting and said, "I've heard all the people that have said we want to keep volunteers, but not Christian ones. I want to warn us not to go there."

But we are going there on many fronts.

A growing, well funded, often militant, group of activists are not just working to remove religious symbols from the public square of America, but to silence Christians and punish them when they share their faith.

We have seen extraordinary efforts to silence Christians in public education, sports and the US military.

Where censorship cannot be enforced by so-called "separation of church and state" or the enforcement of some law or policy, it is mocked and ridiculed and defined by the most pejorative term.


So what did the paid investigation turn up?

The report re-states that the youth pastors were told not to discuss religion on campus.

The investigation found 2 "violations."

One was with a new student at the school and the other was when a student (who also attends the pastor's church) asked him a religious question while on school property.

The investigation found that the youth pastors had invited some students to off campus religious activities.

However, KING 5 summed it up with this:

"On the whole, youth pastors volunteering in the lunch room did not use their time and access to promote religion or convert students to their faith."

Every parent understands the need to know who is on their child's campus.

But why are some so aggressively opposed to any kind of Christian expression in a nation that was founded upon, and been blessed by, Judeo-Christian principles and values?

Much is being written and said about this issue.

Huffington Post, a far left publication, has written a great deal on the subject. In their article, "Christian Proselytizing: A Form of Oppression? Only Death Will Tell" says when Christians share their faith, it creates a climate that marginalizes other faiths like Judaism, Wiccan, Islam, atheism, etc.

The article says Christianity also creates discomfort for homosexuals and gender non-conformity.

Apparently those who seek to silence Christians attach greater value to "diversity" and "equality" than Truth.

But if "diversity" and "equality" are the greatest virtue, how can it be fair or virtuous to discriminate against and silence Christians?

And why are so many Christians so intent on sharing their faith...I mean proselytizing?

Greg Stier, founder and president of "Dare 2 Share Ministries," has written an excellent article on the subject for the Christian Post.

It's titled, "Proselytize: 3 Reasons Why Christians Can't (and shouldn't) Stop."

I recommend you read it.

His points are:

1. Jesus Told Us To.

2. It's Good News.

3. It saves People From Hell.

Jesus also told us not to be surprised if we were opposed.

"If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, because of this the world hates you.…" (John 15:18-19).

Be Vigilant. Be Faithful. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Pro-Active. Be Blessed.


  1. We are in dire need of good, upstanding citizens to help and volunteer in our schools, they take a great strain off already strained budgets and bring in people who actually WANT to be there helping our children. The School District negated much by hiring an investigator, which is frankly just sad, especially given the positive outcome. I will grant that active proselytizing on school ground in an overt fashion would be inappropriate, just as I would not appreciate someone of another religion doing so, but it sounds like these guys were practicing the premise of "Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.", as it is their character that speaks for them.

  2. We should take every opportunity to proclaim the good news. Those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

  3. Seems to me the Parents were absolutely right to object!

    The school allowed men, who are not parents or associated with the school, to be on campus and have unfettered access to their children without so much as the legally required background check- something parents themselves must submit to in order to volunteer.

    According to the report, these youth pastors used their access to invite minor children, who are not part of their church, to after school religious activities without their parents permission. One pastor even took it upon himself to investigate a minor girls romantic life and act as match-maker - TO A MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENT!!

    Says the report:
    "During the course of my investigation, a student reported to me that last school year,
    2012-13, Youth Pastor C sat at her lunch table and talked to her group of girl friends about their 4

    social life and who they were dating and one time he found out the name of a boy she liked and
    he brought the boy to her table to sit by her. This made her uncomfortable. This report only
    came to light during the investigation and administrators were not notified last school year of this
    interaction. Administrators and the lunch supervisor stated to me they were aware that all the
    Youth Pastors walked around the lunch tables talking to students and sometimes the Youth
    Pastors sat down with students to talk to them. "

    Seems to me any vigilant or discerning parent would object to such activity.

    1. Can you imagine Gary's outrage if Islamic religious leaders had done the exact same things?

    2. 11:13

      Couple questions come to mind. Did theses youth pastors tell the kids they didn't need their parents permission to attend church after school? Do the laws in that state require the kids to get parental permission? How is this different than the kids not needing parental permission for an abortion? birth control?

      If they passed a background check I think you would still object, from what you're saying these pastors talked to the students in an open forum, they didn't hide nor was there any inappropriate contact.

      Bravo to these pastors for fulfilling the commandment to "go, preach the gospel" !!!


      If an Iman was doing the same thing, you'd keep your mouth shut for fear someone would show up at your door wearing a suicide vest.

      Craig in Lacey

    3. Craig,

      1. These allegedly responsible and upstanding members of society failed to even submit to the required background check.

      2. Discussing who she is interested in, let alone playing match maker for an unwilling 13 year old girl IS considered inappropriate conduct by most decent folks.

      3. You and Gary would be screaming your objections from the rooftops if to LGBT youth group leaders, who had submitted to and passed the required background checks spoke to minor students in "an open forum" so spare me your hypocritical accusations of hypocrisy!

    4. 1. If the school required one, then why didn't they follow up?

      2. Were you a party to this conversation? No, then all you have is hearsay evidence.

      3. If LBGT youth group leaders didn't get their background checks, you'd say "no big deal", they were afraid of persecution. So spare me the crocodile tears

  4. 11:13 Thanks for pointing out that the youth pastors talked to the students. We sure can't have any of that can we? Christians should not be allowed to have any conversation with anyone in school. I think we should purge the schools of all Christian teachers too. What if they start talking with the kids? And what if the kids reconsidered doing drugs and waiting on sex until after marriage? Can't have that. Thanks Gary. Keep doing what you are doing. We need your voice.

    1. So letting adults, who have no affiliation with the school and haven't completed the required background check, have unfettered access to other people's children - so long as they are Christians (or claim to be)?

      In fact you seem to think the fact that these men are allegedly Christians is paramount to the situation, yet I didn't mention it all in my post. To my mind their religion is irrelevant to the fact that their presence and actions were inappropriate. Then again, I don't feel the need to push the poor persecuted Christians false narrative.

    2. No, just the poor persecuted atheist false narrative


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