Tuesday, January 30, 2018

How Christians Really Feel About Abortion

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A survey conducted by Pew Research Center reveals a significant difference between what professing Christians actually believe about abortion.

Ironically, one "Christian" church is more supportive of abortion than atheists are.

The study also reveals how members of Assemblies of God, Church of God and Southern Baptist churches believe---a group of churches Pew believes to be among the most conservative larger church denominations.

The Pew Research survey includes an overview of beliefs about abortion in a number of categories and how they have changed from 1995 through 2017.

The survey also includes, "Views of abortion by religious affiliation."

One News Now, an affiliation of American Family Association, says, "The shocking statistics were brought to light as the 45th anniversary of the notorious United States Supreme Court case [Roe v Wade] ---that opened the doors for some 60 million innocent preborn babies' lives to be terminated---is being celebrated by abortion activists nationwide."

I agree, and also personally find the statistics "shocking" in many respects.

Here's a look at some of those statistics:

  • More than 4 decades after Roe v Wade, most Americans (57%) are supportive of legal abortion.

  • About 40% believe abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

What about "Christians?"

One News says, "Even though the Bible clearly warns against the evils of abortion and teaches the sanctity of human life that is only God's to take---more and more churches across America do not share God's Word with their congregations on the important moral issue."

  • 77% of members of the Church of God believe abortion should be made illegal in all or most cases.

  • 71% of members of Assemblies of God churches believe abortion should be made illegal in all or most cases.

  • 66% of members of Southern Baptist churches believe abortion should be made illegal in all or most cases.

The question that comes to my mind is how 23% of the members in the Church of God, 29% in the Assemblies of God, and 34% in the Southern Baptist churches do "not" embrace the sanctity of life as taught in the Bible?

Political Party affiliation also gives a clear difference in beliefs relating to abortion.

  • 65% of Republicans say abortion should be illegal in all or most cases.

  • 75% of Democrats say abortion should be legal in all or most cases.

In 2014, just over 3 years ago, Pew took a comprehensive survey called, "2014 Religious Landscape Study."

American adults were asked if abortion should be legal in all or most cases. 

This is the response:

  • Unitarian Universalist -90 percent
  • Atheist- 87 percent
  • Jewish- 87 percent
  • Buddhist- 82 percent
  • Episcopal Church- 79 percent
  • United Church of Christ- 72 percent
  • Hindu- 68 percent
  • “Nothing in particular”- 67 percent
  • Presbyterian Church (U.S.A)- 65 percent
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church in America- 65 percent
  • African Methodist Episcopal Church- 64 percent
  • United Methodist Church- 58 percent
  • All U.S. adults (in 2017)- 57 percent
  • National Baptist Convention- 57 percent
  • Anglican Church- 56 percent
  • Muslim- (55 percent)
  • Presbyterian Church in America- 54 percent
  • Orthodox Church- 53 percent
  • Catholic- 48 percent
  • American Baptist Churches USA- 47 percent
  • Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod- 46 percent
  • Seventh-day Adventist- 42 percent
  • Church of God in Christ- 41 percent
  • Churches of Christ- 36 percent
  • Southern Baptist Convention (SBC)- 30 percent
  • Mormon- 27 percent
  • Church of the Nazarene- 27 percent
  • Assemblies of God- 26 percent
  • Church of God (Cleveland, Tenn.)- 20 percent
  • Jehovah’s Witness- 18 percent

It is generally agreed that members of churches follow the teaching from the pulpit---or they leave the church.

The Catholics are an exception. The Church strongly supports the sanctity of life, yet US Catholics are divided on the issue with 48% supportive of legal abortion, and 47% opposed.

The movement to protect and honor life was given new impetus last week when President Trump reinstated "Sanctity of Human Life Day" on January 22--a commemoration began by President Reagan in 1984. This, after 8 years of "Christian" Obama declining to commemorate or even observe or mention it.

President Trump's proclamation included these words,

"Science continues to support and build the case for life. Medical technologies allow us to see images of the unborn children moving their newly formed fingers and toes, yawning and even smiling. Those images present us with the irrefutable evidence that babies are growing within their mother's wombs---precious, unique lives, each deserving a future filled with promise and hope."

And he said, "Reverence for every human life, one of the values for which our Founding Fathers fought, defines the character of our Nation."

Some are claiming that President Trump is the most overt pro-life president in the history of our nation, while others are chanting "impeach him, impeach him."

And the battle for the mind and soul of American continues.

It is a spiritual battle, not a political one. Politics and politicians ultimately reflect what we the people believe.

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Bold. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. Roe v. Wade....the most unjust thing one could imagine, almost. What about getting rid of prayer and the reading of scripture in public schools, or changing the meaning of marriage? See the fruit. What ever happened to justice? All this does not make for a more perfect Union. No I don't feel as domestically tranquil as I used to, nor do I feel as safe as I used to. With the leftist's social experimentation, they even undermine our common defense. They are not for the constitution, are they? They even want to socially kidnap the children, with the homosexual agenda. They are not for America. You people, leave or get voted out.

  2. It simply proves how the constant onslaught of liberal ideology can affect even those who call themselves followers of Christ. One would have to disconnect from all media to undo this influence--OR read the Word and pray daily for God's protection from it. And we know how many American Christians are following this course from the statistics on Bible literacy.
    Although pastors will certainly be judged for their failures, in the end, we are each one accountable to Him for how we act or react in every situation that involves our upholding His righteousness. Pro-life Christians need to speak up and hold up their values continuously--just as the other side does. It does not matter how "out-voiced" we are against the liberal media. God can make us victors if we are faithful and prayerful.

  3. Questions of whether abortions should be legal or illegal are really questions about getting the state's permission

    "everything which is not forbidden is allowed", while, in Germany, the opposite applies, so "everything which is not allowed is forbidden"

    Cannot help wonder what would be the answer if the question was ask whether one thinks most abortions are good and right

    Abortions are called abortions because it is about the failure to complete something, and since we know of a person's rights by their ability to respond (responsibility) and why the dead have no rights, they cannot respond, I think there is a real question of how responsible are we to extend the right to vote, which is to make decision for us all, to people who choose to fail

  4. That the unitarian universalist "church" is more liberal than athiests is in no way surprising. They are not Christian, and you can believe whatever you want,to be a member. They do not believe in the only true triune God.


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