Friday, December 07, 2018

Azusa Pacific University "Drifting"--Trustees Resign

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Two members of the board of trustees of Azusa Pacific University have resigned publicly. They say the formerly evangelical 11,000 student university has "drifted" from its foundation and mission and is now "at odds with its written policies, statement of faith and the Bible itself."

Be informed.

What's happening at Azusa is profoundly disappointing, but this and other similar incidents also shine a ray of hope--there are those among us who are taking a stand.

In an unrelated incident, a lone Episcopal bishop is also taking a stand for true biblical belief about marriage and human sexuality. Standing against his liberal Anglican denomination and the pro-homosexual resolution they passed earlier this year at the Episcopal Church General Convention.

The stand at Azusa Pacific University.

World Net Daily spoke with the trustees following their public resignation from the board.

The two trustees are Raleigh Washington, a prominent pastor known for his leadership of the Promise Keepers movement, and Dave Dias, a Sacramento, CA., business executive.

Washington has been a trustee for the past 15 years and says he has constantly confronted the board with an abundance of evidence that the administration and a substantial number of the faculty were promoting a progressive ideology that clashed with the school's statement of faith and core values.

The pastor says the board has "failed in its responsibility to hold leadership accountable, and therefore has become "complicit" in this disobedient behavior."

Washington, in his stand, cited the biblical prophet Eli's refusal to discipline sons who "committed sexual sin in the House of the Lord." He noted that all three of his sons died and the son born to the wife of Phinehas was named 'Ichabod' meaning, 'The glory has departed from Israel'."

The university's public relations put out a statement saying they respectfully disagree with both Washington and Dias, affirming they have not drifted from their values.

But Washington told WND that members of the board have "admitted to both Dave and myself, and to others in private, that virtually everything both Dave and I have said is true."

He says, "There's duplicity in the highest order."

Last September, APU was in the news when the homosexual lobbying group on campus convinced the university's administrative board to approve the elimination of the university's policy of barring students from engaging in "romanticized" same-sex relationships.

An 8-point statement on human sexuality also was edited, removing language such as "homosexual acts" that are "expressly forbidden" by Scripture and "heterosexuality is God's design for sexual intimate relations."

I wrote about it in this column at that time, and discussed it on our daily live radio program.

The board of trustees later reversed the administrative board's decision, restoring the student handbook to its original language.

The problem is much deeper than the handbook. Washington and Dias say the problem is a theological drift from what is required of an evangelical Christian university.

Dias agrees with Washington, saying in his letter, "I cannot support the obvious and intentional 'mission drift' and departure from the sound, Orthodoxy and Theological foundation for which APU was founded."

He said although "APU policies speak eloquently to remaining steadfast, the practices and evidence dictate otherwise."

He said the "APU culture is toxic" and, characterized by "compromise" and "mediocrity" saying the institution is Christian in name only.

"Far from being a 'God First' and 'God Honoring' University," he said, APU continues down the slippery slope of appeasement and concession."

The stand at the Episcopal Church.

A lone Episcopal bishop is holding true to biblical beliefs about marriage and sexuality.

It appears only one lone bishop, William Love, is refusing to abide by a resolution passed by the Episcopal Church earlier this year, which took effect on December 2.

He has written an 8-page letter stating that the Episcopal Church and Western Society have been hijacked by the Gay Rights Agenda, which he describes as well-organized, well-financed and very powerful.

The pro-homosexual policy was actually described as a"compromise" for bishops who refuse to officiate a sex-sex "marriage."

But Bishop Love is having none of it. His letter was read aloud to several congregations around Albany, New York last Sunday. The Episcopal News Service reported that people were in tears, angry and upset that the pastor described homosexuality as "sinful and forbidden."

Most other Episcopalians agree with the congregants. They are angry at Bishop Love.

However, Rev. Phil Ashey, president and chief executive officer of the American Anglican Council says the problem is that Love "pinpointed the problem."

He says of the Episcopal Church, "It collapsed and it has compromised and exchanged biblical truth about human nature and human flourishing for a compromised and really poisonous secular vision."

And he predicts "Love will be the next target of his denomination's ongoing effort to punish dissenting clergy, which has cost approximately $60 million in litigation over seizing church properties."

While a conservative Anglican group is supporting Bishop Love and standing with him---most are not.

These are examples of why Christ told us to "count the cost."

The denomination is so committed to the homosexual agenda, that in a number of cases they have turned church property of pastors who refused to compromise to other groups, including in some cases Muslim groups.

Anything to keep biblical truth from being preached from their pulpits.

Joshua famously said, " Choose you this day whom you will serve." His people who had seen God's provision and presence were now undecided about whom they would serve.

I believe we live in such a time as his, when people who have known the power of the gospel, are turning away from it, lost in the whirlpool of secularism and rebellion against the God they claim to serve.

Question: How do you think God may be asking you to take a stand? And...will you do it?

Be Informed. Be Faithful. Be Prayerful. Be Bold.