Monday, December 12, 2016

Hillary Spent $1.2 Billion And Lost---Some Things Are Not For Sale

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In her losing effort, Hillary's campaign spent a record $1.2 billion in her attempt to hold the most powerful office in the world.

In his winning effort to hold the office, Trump spent half that much.

Some things are not for sale---at any price.

A young Fox news anchorwoman has recently demonstrated that principle regarding her own job. It's difficult to imagine a more clear-cut example of acting on personal values---and media bias.

During the primary campaign, one reporter at the TV station said on air, "Ted Cruz is like the dark lord from Star Wars," and "I think he's the Anti-Christ."

Another reporter at the same Fox TV station posted on her private Facebook page the day after the election that she was "happy and relieved" regarding the outcome of the election.

She has been fired.

The reporter who made the comments about Ted Cruz still has his job.

Scarlet Fakhar was a rising star, a reporter and the noon anchor for KRIV-TV, the Fox 26 station in Houston, the 8th largest television market in the country with 2.4 million households that watch TV.

By comparison, Seattle-Tacoma market (#14) has 1.8 million households with TV and Spokane (#73) has 422,000 households.

She says, "I worked my way up, I didn't start off as the noon anchor. I started as an evening news reporter then started anchoring."

She says bluntly, "I was fired for my political beliefs."

When you learn how her family came as legal immigrants to America and from where they came, you will understand why some things are simply not for sale in this young conservative's life.

I'll come back to Scarlett Fakhar in a moment.

Meanwhile, the nation has learned that everything is not for sale.

Hillary's attempt to become the first woman president spent a record breaking amount of other people's money (OPM as it is sometimes called) but in the end couldn't buy the office.

One News Now said this yesterday:

Despite accumulating more funding than any other presidential candidate in the history of the United States, the Democratic challenger fell considerably short of beating her challenger in the Electoral College.
Defying the odds, President-elect Donald Trump proved countless media polls wrong and proved himself right by cashing in on his assurance that he did not need to spend or raise $1 billion or more to land himself in the White House. When all the receipts were counted, the latest records show that the former GOP presidential nominee breezed to victory with a cool $600 million – half as much as the highly favored Clinton.
Heading down the home stretch
During the final weeks before election day, the expenditure for the Clinton campaign reached $131.8 million. She ended up with approximately $839,000 on hand – a figure tabulated on November 28.
The amount running through the hands of Trump’s presidential campaign was significantly different.
“Team Trump spent $94.5 million in the home stretch – from October 20 to November 28 – and had $7.6 million left,” Breitbart reported. “The figures include all spending by the campaigns, PACs and party committees.”

One News is also reporting, "Not fully relying on donors, Trump made $66 million in contributions to his own campaign. He originally projected spending $100 million out of his own funds, but ended up winning his White House run with $34 million more in his pocket than he anticipated."

They say, "Even though the 70-year-old conservative considerably helped his cause with his own cash, a major player on his team contends that the turnaround in the final weeks heading into the election pushed him over the top."

Money alone, at least this year, can't buy the White House. Millions of Americans are still thinking for themselves.

Neither was money the main factor with TV news anchor Scarlett Fakhar.

Scarlett's star came crashing down when she became the story.

The Houston Chronicle saw her comments on her personal Facebook page---after the election---and wrote a critical article about her. The station got hold of the story, demanded an apology from her that they wrote, then fired her.

"Reporters at my station are allowed to espouse their liberal views on-air and on their public work pages, but I'm not allowed to write my conservative views on my personal page for friends," she says.

After posting on her personal Facebook page---for her friends---the morning following the election, she expressed concern how the country "has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration." Then she said, "Since everyone is talking about how they woke up this morning...I'll just go ahead and say I could barely sleep from how happy and relieved I was."

She said, "I've prayed about this for a long time."

She spoke of the racial strife in our country, and asked how millennials could support Hillary Clinton just because she was offering "free education"---reminding her friends that "No one is entitled to anything. Get an education...then work hard like the rest of us" and pay off your student loans. "I have student loans," she said, and, "I will not be paying for your laziness."

She then extolled the virtues of capitalism, slamming those "who seek to punish successful people with higher taxes."

Finishing, she recounted how her father legally immigrated to the US from Iran with little money, working his way through college to become a successful engineer in spite of the fact that he didn't know anyone or even know the English language.

Many Christians have fled Iran over the past several decades as the persecution increased. I have known some of them personally. I have never met anyone who has a greater appreciation for our freedoms than those who have fled persecution.

In stating she had "prayed about this for a long time" indicates she had weighed the cost of standing for what she believed, just as her far Left progressive colleagues regularly stand for what they believe.

Although the progressives spoke their views on the air and Fakhar spoke hers privately to friends, she had considered the cost and had decided her job---money--could not buy her silence...or change her mind and heart about what she believes.

She concluded her post with: "God is so good. And He had a hand in this election."

Be thankful for the freedoms we have in America, particularly our religious freedom. And may that freedom never be for sale---at any price.

Be Informed. Be Discerning. Be Vigilant. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.