Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Ten Commandments Going Up In Mall

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New ownership of the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewis, Texas [Dallas area] is not only changing the name of the regional mall but desiring to give shoppers "hope" and "peace" for the day.

The new ownership, who have changed the name to "Music City Mall" say, "We just feel like if we expose God's Word out to everyone that might have an impact on people and be a positive impact on people and be a positive thing for everyone."

There is no doubt the Ten Commandments makes an impact.

It drives atheists over the edge---yet it is the basis for the legal system in America, the most free, prosperous, blessed and exceptional nation in the history of the world, even though secularists claim the Commandments are "not" the basis for our laws.

The new owner, John Bushman, says his goal is to make Music City Mall a family-friendly environment and he expects the Ten Commandments to have a positive effect in that direction.

Bushman, who owns a number other retail properties in Texas, says he wants to turn the mall into a place where people can find some "peace and love" in the Ten Commandments..."

The 8-foot high, 5-foot wide, 800-pound stone tablets are too heavy to go on the second floor of the mall so he says, "We're putting the two greatest commandments about loving the Lord and your neighbor on the second level where the floor can handle it."

"In times of turbulence in the world, we're sharing peace and the Lord's love. We all need more of that," he says.

Indeed, but not everyone knows they need that---or simply don't want anything to do with God.

Interestingly, however, the angry atheists who sue everyone who tries to put the Ten Commandments on public property will only be able to discourage people from going to this privately owned mall.

The owners have also added a 30 by 60 foot US flag, a music venue where local artists will perform, and giant TV screens for people to watch sports events, etc.

The owner says he thinks this will work in Dallas even though a number of his other properties that have some of the same features are in smaller cities.

The Dallas Morning News is already trying to label this new version of the mall as a "Christian themed mall" and says it isn't new---others have done it---etc., etc., etc.

The Ten Commandments is indeed a lightning rod. I'm certain if the Commandments were not ensconced so widely and deeply into our culture---and into the concrete in Washington DC, atheists would be hauling the monuments away in the trunk of their cars.

The secular Left in our country has, in recent years, done all humanly possible---revised history, misled students in public education and as Barack Obama loved to do, pushed the idea that America is no longer a "Christian nation, if indeed it ever was."

David Barton was asked some time ago to make the legal case for the public display of the Ten Commandments in Texas, and its place in our culture.

I cannot adequately summarize the case he made, but it is in-depth, strongly sourced, and compelling.

It's linked above. If you have an interest, I strongly recommend you read it.

I have shared several times in recent years how people have rammed their cars into Ten Commandment monuments---as though that will somehow neutralize the impact of the Ten Commandments by removing them from public view.

Cecil B. DeMille, at the 1956 New York opening of his epic film, "The Ten Commandments," said, "The Ten Commandments are not the laws. They are The Law."

DeMille continued, saying, "Man has made 32 million laws since The Commandments were handed down to Moses on Mt. Sinai more than 3000 years ago, but he has never improved on God's law. The Ten Commandments are the principles by which every man may live with God and man may live with man. They are the expressions of the mind of God for His creatures. They are the charter and guide of human liberty, for there can be no liberty without the law...What I hope for in our production of "The Ten Commandments" is that those who see it shall come from the theater not only entertained and filled with the site of a big spectacle, but filled with the spirit of truth. That it will bring to its audience a better understanding of the real meaning of this pattern of life that God has set down for us to follow."

This from one of the founders of Hollywood.

I can only wonder how many more laws man has made in addition to the 32 million since 1956.

Yet humanity is not better, it's worse as a result of our feeble attempts to remove God from the culture and from our lives.

Bill Federer wrote an affirming article on the Ten Commandments a couple of years ago. It is titled: "Affirmed: Ten Commandments Foundational to America."

I strongly suggest you read it.

Ronald Reagan stated at a National Rifle Association banquet in Phoenix, May 6, 1983, "If we could just keep remembering that Moses brought down from the mountain the Ten Commandments, not the ten suggestions---and those of us who live for the Lord could remember that He wants us to love our Lord and our neighbor, then there's no limit to the problems we could solve."

De Mille chose a Scripture verse for the end of his epic film. He was criticized by the same folks who declare the Commandments have nothing to do with our laws.

Charlton Heston, who played the character of Moses, stretched out his arms and declared, "And proclaim freedom throughout the land unto all the inhabitants thereof" (Lev. 25:10).

Marjorie and I, and some of our family, got to know Charlton Heston in his later years.

Heston told me personally when he stood with hands outstretched in the scene at the end of the film he felt the power of God's Word that he was proclaiming. He said he had never experienced anything quite like that before.

It is not coincidental that the Founding Fathers of America felt the same sense of empowerment when cast the Liberty Bell with the same message inscribed.

While some see God's Word as rules that cramp their style---others discover that His Word---particularly His Ten Commandments, while impossible to keep in our own strength, in God's strength are liberating.

Be Liberated. Be Free. Be Informed. Be Prayerful.