Friday, July 24, 2009

R-71: Too Close to Call

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R-71 petition signature gathering count is too close to call, so we are asking for your help in making one last push.

We feel that by tomorrow morning we will have the 120,577 signatures required, however we also know that some will be invalidated for various reasons. We do not have an adequate cushion of signatures.

We will be turning in the signatures tomorrow at 2 PM.

This is how you can make the difference.

First. If you can gather any additional signatures today, this evening or tomorrow morning, please do so. This will make the difference. If it were not critical, we would not ask.

Second. We are then asking you or someone you know, to drive the additional signatures to Olympia tomorrow [Saturday] at 2 PM and meet Larry Stickney and myself at the Northwest corner of the Capitol steps. We will be there to meet you and to deliver the signatures to the Secretary of State's office.

We know there are several groups and individuals who are already at work on this Help Alert and will be meeting us there.

I will look forward to seeing you as well.

Thank you so much and God bless you.

Gary Randall


  1. would like to sign petition supporting Ref 71, but no information as to how or where?

  2. Ditto on the above. The news is full of how to sign against it but nowhere does it mention where to sign R-71. I'm wiling if I knew where.

  3. Shame on you people for seeking to deny basic rights to a segment of population. Your mean spirit reflects badly on our state and on society in general.
    From a straight, white guy in Gig Harbor

  4. you people are horrible. people deserve equal rights and you want to take that from people. YOU ARE THE REASON THIS COUNTRY IS IN A BAD POSITION!!!

  5. Well my political discernment is not what it use to be . I thought this would fail to get the signatures . Some people must have worked very hard .

    It mst be hard for a gay person who reads about all of this in the paper or watch the news . The basic folks who post here in hatred by the gay community are not the average person . would hope people realize this as they speak to this issue .


  6. 4:51 OH, but the gays do have basic rights, just as much as the rest of us have! They are SINGLE people, asking to have divient behaviours to become 'legal', and to abolish our DOMA (defense of the marriage act). They should choose to live in peace, as they have before, in our country of freedom! Go back to live and let live, as that is what 'we' want and need! No hates, just love and prayers for the gay community!


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