Thursday, December 18, 2014

Franklin Graham on Movie "Unbroken"

Franklin says, "Angelina Jolie did an incredible job with the film 'Unbroken,' but unfortunately stopped at chapter 33, leaving out the most important part of the book."

Why was chapter 33 left out?

Earlier this year an article in the Los Angeles Times, which chronicles the development of the film, said, after much consideration, the film storyline "came to Jolie at 2 AM in Cambodia."

She came home, met with chairman of Universal Pictures Donna Langley, shared her vision explaining to Universal that "she would not include the part about Louis Zamperini's alcoholism and the Billy Graham inspired religious conversion."

That's chapter 33 in the New York Times bestselling story about the life of Louis Zamperini.

Franklin says that's the most import part because it is the part of his life when he was truly set free.

Here's the part America won't see in the movie because Jolie promised Universal she would leave it out.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hollywood vs the Family

An analysis of every major broadcast network and every prime time show that featured "family" as central to its story line finds that 99% of programs that claim to be about families are not actually morally safe for family viewing.

Tim Winters, President of Parents Television Council and the group that conducted the year long study, concludes, "What this says to us is that folks in Hollywood, they talk about shows about family, and they suggest it friendly for family viewing; in fact it's not."

He says, "It's very disturbing, very troubling and very disappointing..."

Most of us already knew that, but this is affirming.

However, the study also revealed something even more disturbing---something we have not seen in television programming until recently.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Homeschool and the Battle for our Children

A recent custody battle in Kansas exposed the bias of the progressive left against homeschooling. It isn't surprising, but it is very concerning.

More than 2 million children have now been removed from government or public education as more and more parents opt to educate their own children and remove them from the current failing environment of public education.

And for good reason.

The attack on the notion of parents educating their children at home is escalating. And it's two pronged.

Every child who does not attend public school represents a loss of revenue to the public school complex.

There is another reason the far left progressives are deeply committed to "educating" every child. There is no more fertile ground for indoctrination than in the government run classroom where children are captive for hours every day for about 9 months of every year.

A California court has declared homeschoolers lack socialization and interpersonal skills---making them a kind of second rate citizen.

This week we have learned that a California high school has had Planned Parenthood in the classroom teaching sex ed---specifically using a gingerbread man-like diagram, teaching freshman about transgenderism.

Planned Parenthood is also behind a course being taught to the kids in the same high school titled, "Sex Check! Are You Ready For Sex?"

The criteria for readiness is stunning.

Our children and grandchildren are the coveted prize of the secular left.

Parents and grandparents must be informed.

Monday, December 15, 2014

White Cop Won't Arrest Black Thief

In cities across America the demonstrations continued yesterday with the chant, "Hands Up Don't Shoot."

Al Sharpton, the headlines read, "Leads Thousands in Nation's Capitol for the 'Justice For All Rally'."

The Seattle Times  reported last night that "Two hours before the Seahawks-49ers kick off, a crowd of demonstrators at Century Link Field had swelled to 400 people chanting 'Black Lives Matter, Not Just On The Field'."

While thousands are marching and chanting, some are actually carrying out deeds of goodness and compassion. Acts that are meeting needs and changing lives.

In fact, a white cop decided against arresting a black thief this past week. A passer by caught part of the actions on video taken with his iPhone.

Generally the media failed to even mention it. Fortunately the video was posted on Facebook.

Here's what happened.

Friday, December 12, 2014

New Campaign-- "No Gender December"

An international campaign is under way this Christmas season called, "No Gender December."

The campaign advocates that consumers should buy more "inclusive gender neutral toys."

Why is this important to those promoting the campaign?

Dr. Rebecca Hains says, "'No Gender December' is to encourage children to shop whatever toys interest them, without defining them as 'boys or girls toys'."

Why is Dr. Hains and others around the world promoting gender neutrality this Christmas?

And what do they hope to accomplish with this campaign?