Wednesday, May 04, 2016

2016---"On The Verge..."

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Every distinctive value on which America was founded is in jeopardy in the America of 2016.

Yesterday in Indiana, everything changed in the campaign for the next President of the United States.
The Christian Post, one of the largest Christian news sites in the world and a strong supporter of Ted Cruz, ran this headline late last night: "Ted Cruz Drops Out: Trump Likely Republican Nominee."

In a powerful and moving speech, Cruz told his supporters, "Together we left it all on the field in Indiana. We gave it everything we got. But the voters chose another path, and so with a heavy heart, but with boundless optimism for the long term future of our nation, we are suspending our campaign."

Ted Cruz was scheduled to be in Washington State today. KING 5 TV reported his schedule earlier in the day yesterday, then updated their report last night. Cruz was scheduled to be in Spokane, Redmond, and Bothell.

Many who tirelessly supported Cruz are asking themselves last night and this morning--now what?

I'll be talking more about yesterday's election on our live radio program this morning. Please join me from anywhere in the world at 9 AM PDT. Here's how.

The 2016 presidential election is the most important in our lifetime, and likely reflects the deepest divide among Americans since the Civil War.

We've got to get this one right, but what's right?

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

High Cost of Public Education

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Socialist Bernie Sanders and his allies trumpet the message that public education is too expensive in America-----in terms of dollars, he's right.

However, there is a much greater cost inflicted on America by public education---and it's reflected in a new survey by Harvard.

The Washington Post headline reads: "A Majority of Millennials Now Reject Capitalism, Poll Shows."

Public education is costing us our free and prosperous country, and a generation of our children---maybe more.

Yes, Bernie, public education is too expensive.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Target Boycott Hits Bullseye

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As of Friday evening, more than 1 million people have signed the boycott against Target stores.

Thank you to our readers who joined me and hundreds of thousands of others in doing the right thing.

The effort led by American Family Association has hit the bullseye.

Target's stock has dropped dramatically, reducing the company's value by over $2.5 billion, public favorability has fallen substantially with only 28% now saying they will shop at Target next time they go shopping.

This trend will continue.

Nancy Pelosi let the secular progressive mask slip last week as she applauded President Obama's legacy, inadvertently explaining what's driving Target and other big businesses to make foolish and costly business decisions.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Permit Required to Talk About Jesus

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North Carolina State University is requiring Christian students to obtain a permit before talking about Jesus on campus.

Although the Christians have followed school policy and obtained a permit, the school continues to censor and silence the group, while allowing other, non-Christian groups, to function without restraint.

A lawsuit has been filed.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Former Islamist: "Must Change Terrorists Ideology and Theology"

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Former Islamic radical Ed Husain told the European Parliament this week at their meeting in Brussels: "Muslims are radicalized not because of Islamophobia, but because of an ideology and theology that must be uprooted if the growing problem is to be addressed."

"They must moderate their beliefs," he told the European leaders, "if we are to control this global surge of extremism."

Husain, a former Council on Foreign Relations senior fellow, now a senior advisor to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, told the leaders we must "be honest about the nature of the problem."

Ed Husain, a practicing Muslim, was given a standing ovation.

Please read all my comments before drawing a conclusion.