Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Disposing of the Past

Forgiveness, restoration and healing most often involves letting things go.

KOMO News in Seattle carried a story yesterday titled, "To Remove or Not: Institutions Reconsider Honors for Racists."

Following the massacre of 9 blacks during a prayer meeting and Bible study in the church in Charleston, many have been re-evaluating, revising and removing those icons and images from the past that represent and remind us all of the oppression of slavery.

From Charleston to Yale to Minneapolis to New York City to Helena to Massachusetts to Alaska, monuments and names of schools and counties are being disposed of.

The Democratic Party in Connecticut will decide this month whether to strip from their identity the names of 2 former US Presidents---Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson for the same reason.

Hillary and other progressives, in the same spirit, have been advocating we dispose of certain old religious and theological beliefs that are offensive and discriminatory toward abortion and so called gay rights.

Americans are generally good people. Most are not racist or bigots.

But how far is too far in the "Removing?"

Monday, July 06, 2015

Montana Man Applies to Marry Wife #2

Nathan Collier loves both of his wives. Last week he applied for a license to legally marry wife #2.

The Yellowstone County Courthouse officials initially denied the application "because bigamy is against the law in Montana"---as it is in all 50 states.

Nathan, Victoria and Christine say they now have a right to marry whom they love.

Collier told AP, "It's about marriage equality." And, "We are just asking for tolerance."

After initially declining Collier's application, the county officials have now taken a step back and said they need to refer the matter to the state attorney general, who as of Friday, was simply repeating that polygamy is against the law.

The happy threesome are standing by. So are many others.

Friday, July 03, 2015

July 4: Pilgrim's Pride or Gay Pride

President Obama called the recent Supreme Court ruling on marriage "A victory for America."

On this 4th of July weekend, a petition is circulating around the nation to change the American flag to a rainbow colored Gay Pride flag.

The iconic 1945 photo of Marines raising the American flag over Iwo Jima has been recreated with the gay pride flag replacing the American flag.


The petitioners say, "A lot of people are offended by the American flag" and they are offering "a new American flag for a new world order."

To keep prospective, remember more than 200 million people agree with Samuel Francis Smith who wrote the lyrics to what we know as "My Country 'Tis of Thee" or simply "America"---"My country 'tis of Thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the pilgrim's pride, From every mountainside, let freedom ring."

Much like 1776, there are currently 2 very distinct views for America's future. Pilgrim's pride or gay pride?

Thursday, July 02, 2015

WA State to 6th Graders: Coke, "No"-- IUD, "Yes"

School is out. But the assault on our kids and grand kids is in place, waiting their return in September.

Middle and high school students can't get a Coca-Cola or a candy bar due to a 2004 ban on junk food, but they can get a taxpayer funded IUD (intrauterine device) implanted at their school-based health center without parental permission or knowledge.

It's called "women's health care." And "family planning."

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Texas A/G: "Obey God, Not Man"

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has declared state employees can refuse to issue marriage licenses to gay couples if doing so violates their deeply held moral or religious beliefs.

Human Rights Campaign, America's largest homosexual advocacy organization, told CBS they are calling for "full and comprehensive nondiscrimination protections"---"All marriage bans must fall."

Hillary has recently been advocating, "Religious beliefs have to be changed."

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore told the congregation at Kimberly Church of God last Sunday, "Welcome to the new world. It's just changed for you Christians. You are going to be persecuted according to the US Supreme Court dissents."