Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving: A Story of Perseverance

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Here's a part of the Thanksgiving story you may not have heard about.

While the first Thanksgiving was celebrated in October 1621, it was not until 1777 that all 13 colonies celebrated Thanksgiving, for the first time.

At one point, our first President, George Washington, proclaimed a National Day of Thanksgiving, but conflict, difficulties and misunderstandings among the colonies ended the collective observance.

Here's how the day came to be recognized as the day we now observe. And how it finally became a law in 1941.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

ABC Blasphemes Virgin Birth

ABC's program "Scandal" aired an episode last Thursday that highlighted the effort by Christians and conservatives to defund Planned Parenthood---showing the main character getting an abortion as the sound track featured Aretha Franklin and choir singing "Silent Night.'

The show closed by playing "Ave Maria."

The episode also shows a Republican senator from Virginia and the state's former First Lady filibustering a spending bill in the Senate over Planned Parenthood funding which has been made discretionary, which means it can be eliminated at any time.

Millions watched.

Monday, November 23, 2015

VA Facility Bans "Merry Christmas" While Gov. Run School Sings Islamic "Fight Song"

President Obama's Veterans Affairs medical facility in Salem, Virginia has banned all Christmas trees and banned employees from saying "Merry Christmas"--- while a public school 7th grade teacher in Orange County California has assigned students to learn, and sing, an Islamic "Fight Song."

Employees have pushed back hard in Salem, Virginia---and a grandmother has confronted the school board in Southern California.

Have we lost our mind?

Friday, November 20, 2015

Washington State's U.S. Reps. Not Concerned About Syrian Terrorists

The House of Representatives voted yesterday to approve The American Security Against Foreign Enemies (SAFE) Act.

However, all Washington State Democrat Representatives voted against it, even though 47 other House Democrats supported tightening the screening process on Syrian refugees.

Quoting the Pope, Rep. Jim McDermott (7th District) characterized the bill as "fear" driven, "racist rhetoric" and "political gamesmanship."

WA Congressman Adam Smith, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee, said, "It is wrong to deny asylum to refugees on the basis of inaccurate assumptions, fear and prejudice."

I suspect these same public servants would characterize King County Sheriff John Urquhart as motivated by "inaccurate assumptions, fear and prejudice" following his email to King County's 700 commissioned personnel.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Pastor Dr. Robert Jeffress: "Christian Response--Borders and Bombs"

While many are wringing their hands in desperation and fear as to how to respond to the issue of terrorism and immigration, others, including our president, are mocking those who are rightfully concerned.

Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of the 12,000 member First Baptist Church-Dallas (Texas) gave a clear and direct message to his congregation last Sunday morning (Nov. 15) regarding the biblical aspect of this issue.

He defined the enemy, and the proper biblical response for our government toward ISIS and terrorism.

House Speaker Paul Ryan is bringing a bill before the House today that he believes is appropriate and in the best interest of all Americans.