Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Favorite Phrase Of A Promise Breaker: "Trust Me"

On September 9, 2009, President Obama said, "No federal dollars will be used to fund abortions and federal conscience laws will remain in place."

Soon after, Congress would infamously pass Obamacare into law on Christmas Eve---without even reading it.

They "trusted him," apparently.

Much of what was promised regarding Obamacare has not happened, and likely will not happen.

This week the Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report that clearly shows taxpayer dollars are funding abortions.

In fact, the people's money is going to fund abortions in about 1,000 health care plans that include abortions.

There is a growing distrust in the president, with his approval rating at an all time low. Congress shares the basement with the president.

Yesterday, Gallup Polls revealed that public "trust in the mass media is at an all time low."

Also yesterday, Senator Deb Fischer (R-Neb.) begged her colleagues to be forthcoming with the public, saying, "We are not being honest with the American people."

More on that in a moment, but first on a personal note, thank you for the kind and encouraging remarks sent along to us during this past week while I was taking a little time off.

My wife and I celebrated her birthday and our wedding anniversary and spent some time doing nothing in particular.

Now, more about the cultural cloud of confusion and deception with a definitive answer to our shared concerns and loss of trust in some of our most important offices and institutions.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Personal Message From Gary Randall

Beginning today, 9-10-14, I'm taking a week off. I need a break.

We've been writing this daily column for the past 10 years. I appreciate the wisdom (well, most of it) the encouragement and support many of you give to this effort.

I also deeply appreciate our worldwide readership.

We will return to our regular daily publication schedule on Thursday, September 18.

During these days we will be re-running some of our most listened to radio programs. I will return live on radio on the 18th as well.



Tuesday, September 09, 2014

College Campuses Eliminating The "Wrong" Kind Of Christians

In 2011, Vanderbilt, a private university with Christian roots, removed official student group standing from Christian campus organizations that required the leadership of that group to hold stated biblical views.

Intervarsity Fellowship International was one of the groups affected.

A student leader at the time wrote an article describing how she was apparently "the wrong kind of Christian."

The policy essentially welcomed religious organizations as long as they did not require their leadership to profess any particular beliefs.

At the time, many claimed it was no big deal. I wrote about it and received comments claiming I was an alarmist and needed to relax because this was merely a "tempest in a tea pot."

The tempest is no longer in the tea pot. It now shows signs of becoming a category 5 hurricane if you are a biblical Christian.

Last week the California State University system---which includes 23 different colleges and universities, announced an identical policy to that of Vanderbilt.

Christian organizations can no longer require their leadership to be Christian in the state of California.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Pastor Asked To Become "Life Coach" Instead

Pastor Troy Schmidt was preparing to start his 7th year as volunteer chaplain for the Olympia High School football team when he got the phone call.

His jaw dropped.

The Christian cleansing of Orange County schools was under way, and the school year was only beginning.

Troy listened as he was told he could no longer "open a Bible on school property, talk about the Bible, talk about God or have prayer with individual members of the football team.

However, Pastor Troy Schmidt was offered a solution---a compromise that would allow him to continue to have a relationship with the school district and the football players...a relationship that has helped so many so often over the many years this relationship has existed.

With so much at stake, what should he do?

Friday, September 05, 2014

Mayor Murray Leads The "Marry Me In Seattle" Outreach To Homosexuals

King 5 TV reports that Mayor Ed Murray, along with the tourism marketing arm of the City of Seattle, is heading up an effort to draw homosexuals from all over the world to Seattle and western Washington.

The campaign "Marry Me In Seattle" is advertising nationally with winners being drawn each week. The ads run in various homosexual newspapers, web sites, etc., with catch phrases like, "Hey, come get married in Seattle."

Mayor Murray, himself openly homosexual, officiated the "marriage" of Zacery Baker and Samuel Bush from St. Paul, Minn. Wednesday night at Canlis restaurant.

They were winners of the weekly drawing from over 300 entries.

Mayor Murray told King 5 the attraction to Seattle and western Washington "says a lot about our city as a place of tolerance."

Many activists in Seattle want the city to be known for its "tolerance," but is it?

And how does Mayor Murray define tolerance?

Recent studies and past remarks from a then prominent State Senator suggest tolerance may be seen as a one way street.