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Spokane, KSPO 106.5 FM
Yakima, KYAK 930 AM
Moses Lake/ Central WA., KTAK 93.9 FM
Ephrata/ Moses LK./ Soap LK. KTBT 94.7 FM
Tri-Cities/ Walla Walla/ NE Oregon KGDN 101.3 FM

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  1. I find your program informative and often alarming when you report about news/events often not available from any of the main media. Christian media has become the main source of my news gathering. It is most likely to be factual and unbiased even while being reported by Christian sources.

    I will be contributing to your broadcast as it is vital that accurate information be available to those who seek truth. I appreciate your Christian faith and patriotism and hope you are able to stay on the air indefinately.

    Please don't be apologetic when reporting facts. Truth and facts have no bias and you have nothing to apologize for when reporting from your perspective as long as you don't edit the information or put a personal spin on it.
    A loyal listener in Ellensburg (Sandi)

  2. gary randall I have learned the truth about joseph smith the Mormon sex addict and money grabber lier and I am free from satians church..god bless you for all you do

  3. Gary, Do you have a radio program on the West side of Washington state? I live on Camano Island and would like to listen, but don't see any stations I can receive listed??


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