Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Washingtonians: "Please Develop More Bad Habits"

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If you don't do so already, the controlling political party in Washington State cordially invites you to eat more candy, chew more gum and drink more bottled water and beer. All for a "good" cause.

The Seattle Times says, "Washingtonians: It's time to stand up, be counted and develop a few bad habits, if you don't have them already."

New taxes on candy, gum, bottled water and beer take effect today.

Those who passed the new taxes say it will bring in an additional $122 million to help toward the $2.8 billion they don't have.

Need to raise more tax revenue? The "candy man" can.

This new tax scheme is essentially brought to you by the same elected officials who find life support from gambling and lottery dollars, demand that the gaming industry provide counseling for those who do it too much, while they themselves are addicted to its revenue.

Some of these elected leaders, only last year, were suggesting the state increase the number of state run liquor stores to increase revenue to the state. Drink more alcohol ---save the state.

And there are those who want to legalize marijuana. They say this will provide a high income stream to the state. And the marijuana can be sold through the state run liquor stores. That would be a new, "people helping people" concept.

In a way, the new candy tax highlights the confused and flawed thinking behind such money raising schemes. The government's inability to properly define "candy" highlights a greater lack of being able to define themselves and their proper roll in every aspect of our lives.

Under the "candy plan" Aplets and Cotlets, those little fruit based things made over in Cashmere that some of us have been eating since we were kids, are considered candy. Fortunately, my mom thought they were good nutrition.

Kit Kats and Twix are not candy. You only thought they were.

Greg Taylor, owner of
Liberty Orchards, maker of Aplets and Cotlets, understandably doesn't like this new tax.

"Candy" is defined as not containing flour. Taylor's products do not contain flour and will be taxed. Kit Kat and Twix contain a wafer made from flour, therefore they are not "candy". And not taxable.

Imagine this: You own a store that sells candy and items previously known as candy. How many honest mistakes will your part time employees make, even after you have trained them on what is and what is not candy? How will you know what is and what is not candy. Will the state publish a candy reference guide? Will you need to read all the labels? What if a manufacturer changes its formula slightly? Will they contact you personally? How much will those mistakes cost the business owner? Will the state do candy enforcement stings?

The bad news. Washington State does not have good leadership in the majority.

The good news. You get to vote this year. You can change much of that. Think of it as having your candy and eating it too.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I just returned from a government run liquor store. It seems like years since I was in one. I think I was there about a year ago when I had purchased a $2.00 bottle of whiskey. Today I came out with a $2.00 bottle of Irish cream for my coffee.

    I used to complain that because of their hours and rush hour traffic, that one would have to make an appointment to buy a bottle, or take a day off of work.

    I am one that doesn't believe the state can run a thing as well as a private business man.

    I would also prefer to do business with a privately owned company than with a state owned one.

    I wouldn't want to take my vehicle to a state run garage for repairs, or buy the parts myself from a state run parts store.

    It just wouldn't seem right.

    I noticed the high amount of tax on the bottles. Something that might have cost $9.00 and something is selling for about $12.00 something because of taxes is what it looked like to me.

    They call these "sin" taxes, but I don't believe it's always sin to purchace these items, though it often may be.

    I remember having only one bottle of hard liquor in my cabinets and it was there for years. It took me years to go through a bottle of fine whiskey.

    The liquor store wasn't open on Monday due to the holiday.

    I wonder if the employees there make more money for what they do because they work at a state run store. I just don't know.

    I'm not in favor of the state running things. I think it's expensive and burdens an economy, as well as being something most of us don't prefer anyway.

    I remember being a resident of North Dakota back in the 70's.

    At the time they had no income tax but they had a sales tax that was about 3%.

    Now I pay a dime on every dollar I spend, on things that are taxed.

    North Dakota had just as fine of roads, even better in my opinion, safer with better width and shoulders (due in great part to the terrain of the land I suppose)
    and less potholes it seems to me.

    They had what seemed like just as good of libraries and schools also. I think that goes for police and fire departments also,
    and it seemed to me, all on 3% sales tax, though I know there are other tax revenue sources they employed, just as they do now in Washington state.

    Is more government cheaper or not, more efficient or not?

  2. I love Aplets and Cotlets and will buy them anyway - tax or not.

    Does Arizona make anything I can buy?

  3. There no such thing as a free lunch .

    Somebody has to pay.
    The Republicans will complain because their car hit a pot hole in
    the road in one breath and then complain about the taxes that pay for fixing the pot hole.

    For me to vote Republican would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders.

  4. 2:12

    Yes, they do, and apparently you've already bought it.

  5. "For me to vote Republican would be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders."

    For me voting for a democrat would be like voting for his husband.


  6. They say that Christopher Columbus was the first Democrat. When he left to discover America, he didn't know where he was going. When he got there he didn't know where he was. And it was all done on a government grant.

  7. Ralph

    Government does seem like it spends our money like water, but now we are actually taxing it too.

    Not too many economists will advocate raising taxes during high unemplument and a recession, especially taxes on small businesses.

    Could have been worse , they could have raised the sales tax . But we now have a state government using money that should have gone to stimulate the economy by the Feds just filling in the gaps of an infalted government from the past 5 years. Money by our Federal government that the Feds had to borrow,

    I pretty much vote pro life, meaning if my legislaturer was a pro choice republican and his or her opponent was a pro life democrat , I vote for the democrat . What I have the problem with these folks in office and idealogues apparently such as yourself is They may say there is no free lunch , but they have no problem raisning taxes on the least of us, plus promising people free programs , or borrowing money to try to make out like we don't have to pay for our free lunch .

    How could you support what this legislature did ,regardless if they were republicans or democrats , what I wish is the democrats had their own revolt and replace their guys down there .



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