Monday, March 05, 2012

Kirby Wilbur: GOP Coalescing Around Romney

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With a turn out that exceeded expectations in many areas of the state, causing people to be turned away from some Republican caucuses Saturday from Sammamish to Spokane, those who participated gave Mitt Romney the win.

Some are suggesting too many people were turned away, creating an unfair outcome.

It was reported that 1500 were turned away in Kennewick. I was in Olympia Saturday and can tell you the caucus in Olympia was jammed with people and there were those turned away even though the voting was delayed in an attempt to include everyone.

Kirby Wilbur, the state Republican Party chairman, said the results will stand.

Wilbur told the Seattle Times he thinks the national party is finally coalescing around Romney.

He said, "I think it's possible the party is starting to gel. He's not Barack Obama, and he has a vision for our country. It's taken him a long time to make the sale, but maybe he's been able to do it."

Associated Press says Romney's win is worth at least 12 delegates. The final distribution of Washington's 43 delegates will be bound to a candidate at the state GOP convention in June.

I think Brad Shannon, with The Olympian, summed it up most correctly with his article, "Voters Have Different Favorites, Same Goal: Defeat Obama."

On a different note: Homosexual activists are beginning to contact people who signed the R-71 petitions. What I have seen so far has been intrusive, but not threatening, however, we need to keep a very close eye on this. I will be making a few more comments about it tomorrow. If you or someone you know has received a contact from an activist as a result of signing R-71, please let me know.

If you have not yet signed up to circulate petitions for I-1192 and R-74 please do so here.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. People were not turned away that came to the caucuses during the registration times, before 10 AM. It is my guess that the people who were turned away came after credentials were closed and the caucus business already started. People were asked to show ID this year. More of a process. My suggestion is to for more people to offer to volunteer at your county party office to help with the process. This is a volunteer organization and the volunteers did an outstanding job.

  2. I went to the Puyallup 25th Dist. Caucus. As expected, Ron Paul had a lot of materials there and a strong following, though hardly more than 20% of the total.
    They would not allow anyone to speak on behalf of Gingerich, though a guy at my table got up to do so.
    Paul spoke a few minutes and a Santorum rep also spoke briefly.
    As far as I am concerned, Santorum is the pro life pro family candidate, and the front runner is a career influence peddler.

  3. I don't want to go against God by voting for a mormon. I'll write in Santorum.

  4. Anon - 2:09

    Thanks for staying strong to your convictions in Jesus Christ - so many evangelicals show just how phony they are when they support a mormon for president of the United States.

    1. You must be kidding ? You would rather of a Jimmy Carter be your President because he is an Evangelical believer then a Mormon who believes in smaller government ? It would not matter to be if the man was a Homosexual and he governed us fairly and with conservative view points . Such opinions as yours make the other side sound more reasonable not only to the general public , but to Evangelicals .

      Jesus Christ is my Lord, it does in no way make be better then another at administrive or legislating . , it makes me Thank full. I am pro life, pro Traditional Marriage and vote that way . If more Christians showed the Blessing of the Love of Christ in our lives , the world would be more inclined to consider the GIFT we were given was something they might be interested in .


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