Monday, October 29, 2012

R-74: The Bottom Line

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Last week an Elway Poll found that the support for redefining marriage had shifted---significantly.

Earlier, support for redefining marriage was showing a 14 point lead over traditional or natural marriage.

Now, that support has evaporated by 10 points, with same-sex "marriage" showing only a 4 point lead.

Why? The television ads?

Sen. Ed Murray, sponsor of the legislation to redefine marriage, has contended that as people get to know us they will support us, however, with the same-sex "marriage" people spending $9.5 million of the $11.2 million they have raised, they have given everyone a chance to get to know them.

If it was about money, the homosexual agenda would win hands down.

Are the ads in favor of traditional marriage so compelling they are changing people's minds?

I have great respect for the guy, Frank Schubert, and his agency who are responsible for the pro-marriage ads running in Washington state. They are very important, but are they "that" compelling?

Another poll has been published recently by Gallup, which I feel, along with some observations of how the homosexual community has framed their agenda, sheds light on what we see happening.

The bottom line:

Gallup released an extensive poll earlier this month which found that only 3.4% of Americans consider themselves Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual or Transgender---3.4%. And only 4.4% said they are confused about their sexual orientation. I would suspect a good number of the 4.4% are younger, just out of public school or college, where they have been indoctrinated for 12 to 16 years.

Homosexual behavior is not nearly as pervasive in our culture as the homosexual activists, the entertainment industry, the news media and public education leads people to believe.

Supporters of homosexual "marriage" have worked very hard to normalize their behavior in the minds of the public, while incrementally advancing their agenda. Sen. Murray has been praised for his incremental approach toward "marriage."

While advancing their agenda wrapped in love, fairness and tolerance, they have worked hard to frame the issue, not as an ordinary political conflict, but as an all or nothing issue that pits secular progressive enlightenment against reaction to the unknown, bigotry and hate. Or "Christian" intolerance.

Playing to the inherent goodness of most people, they have framed a picture of love, fairness and civil rights. And they have attached it to redefining marriage. While operating under the guise of fairness and tolerance, they have set a stage that reveals a struggle between good and evil. And is neither fair nor tolerant if you disagree with them.

And they have inverted good and evil.

If you support redefining the oldest, most basic and consequential human institution of marriage, you are "good."

If you oppose redefining marriage and stand in support of natural marriage between one man and one woman, you are evil---bigoted---hateful.

No middle ground of tolerance toward those who hold a different belief about marriage. Either, Or. You are either pro-same sex "marriage" or anti-gay. And bigoted.

You are: Intolerant. Closed minded. Out of touch. Not enlightened. Backward.

This carefully crafted agenda sometimes backs people into a phantom corner. Wanting to be known as good, not evil; fair, not unfair; they advocate and sometimes write big checks as proof of their goodness, fairness, etc.

I believe Referendum 74 itself, not necessarily the millions of dollars spent for and against, has brought many people to a personal "moment of truth."

Gov. Gregoire said she was conflicted for a long period of time---years, before coming out in support of so-called homosexual "marriage." Others have expressed the same kind of personal conflict when confronted with this issue. Sometimes politics and the drive for personal advancement overrides the natural moral conflict in processing all that same-sex marriage actually involves.

In the privacy of their own homes and their own thoughts the people of Washington are pausing and asking themselves, "What do I really believe about this?" Not Ed Murray or Rep. Maureen Walsh or whomever, but me. What do I believe?

And in our heart, most of us know same-sex behavior is not normal, nor is it a healthy lifestyle. Nor is it genetic. There is not a shred of scientific evidence that proves people are "born that way." In those moments, many of us know we really don't support redefining marriage in the name of civil rights or fairness or equality, because redefining marriage achieves none of that.

Sexual behavior isn't the same as ethnicity. It is not a civil right. And we know it.

And it doesn't achieve "equality". There are still many combinations of couples or groups that may desire to be married, but can't.

R-74 has created a moment where people focus and think. And cut through all the noise of homosexual activists and their surrogates, and think for themselves.

Will so-called same-sex "marriage" be rejected in Washington State next week?

I don't know. I hope and pray so. However, I do know that the issue won't be decided by the amount of money spent, nor the passionate appeals for "equality." It will be decided by honest people, who take a look at their personal values, absent from the noise.

Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful. Be Active. Be Blessed.


  1. Why? The television ads?
    No it was an Elway poll, which changed its methodology between the two previous polls it had done mentioning R74.

    You remember the R71 Elway poll? Under estimated support for it by 3% making the same errors as it did this time - too many 65+ in poll, too few Democrats, over representing eastern Washington.

    Then the state voted that all married folk should be able to register their spouses, R74 is just going to let them all do so with the same 100% secular legal instrument titled Marriage instead of everyone being forced to use two.

    Nothing will change from Domestic Partnerships... Oh wait something will. While the state civil rights laws protect those of religions that bless same sex unions and all sexual orientations from businesses discriminating against them right now, approving R74 will allow many to discriminate against any marriage they want - they will actually be more able to discriminate against marriages if they APPROVE R74. Something to consider, because as it stands a religiously affiliated venue can't refuse to rent to a Domestic Partnership ceremony of people of a faith that support same sex unions, they could if R74 was approved.

    Simple equality - let all married folks use the contract that is most widely recognized and most transferable. Lets hold the Marriage contract up as the gold standard for all married folks.

    1. How did the methodology change? Do you have a link to the 2 polls?

    2. It is a subscription poll so the only time you can get them. They did poll asking about R74 in February, September and October. The first 2 got 51% approve the last they did a 'likely voter' adjustment, upped the over 50 y/o voters by 5% and increased the number of Republicans polled by 5% also, so even with those adjustments it only brought approval down to 49%.

      Remember in 2009 Elway showed R71 (polling at 46% support in September 2009 and it passed with 53% support.

      Elway polls always seem to be more conservative in their predictions.

  2. Good article and thought/talking points Gary. Once again, thank you for standing for truth in love.

  3. Outstanding. Thanks Gary

  4. This article should be forwarded to all friends and family. This is the heart of the issue. God bless you Gary.

  5. As I've said before, it's not marriage equality if it doesn't apply to the Mormon fundamentalists. And fighting for one and not the other is hypocrisy.

  6. Sorry Joel, just not true. A legal spousal relationship is the complete and unique commitment of one citizen to another, that's what differentiates it from a friendship. Someone makes such a legal commitment to one person, they are in a Marriage, they do it again with someone else they are committing fraud. That's why bigamy is a crime.

    And mormon polygamists even in the day didn't register more than one spouse, AND we already let all married citizens register with their spouses, this is only about letting them all use the same legal instrument to do so.

    Simple equality for all legally registrable spouses, its really not that complicated.

  7. Oshtur. "Simple equality for all legally registrable spouses, its really not that complicated."
    If same-sex people are or can become "legally registrable spouses", why should polygamists still be considered not legal? You are not asking for equality. You are asking for "special rights." You may be right, it isn't very complicated. Marriage as it has been known throughout history and understood in every culture is the union of a man and a woman. That isn't complicated. Redefining it brings the complications. Lets keep it simple and leave it alone. You already have all the benefits of marriage.

    1. Your reply is difficult to understand. How is letting all citizens who can already register with the state use the same contract to register 'special rights' for anyone?

      As to already having all the benefits of marriage, that's not true as has been described elsewhere, but beyond that its saying that married citizens can't use the Marriage contract.

      Separate is never equal.

  8. That is what you have to say about these Reject 74 ads, the ones that promote homosexual domestic partnerships and show the homosexual rainbow flag flying proudly? Your response, after weeks of silence, is to say that you "respect" the man who made these ads?

    You are destroying your reputation as a Christian leader in this state, Gary. This is really scandalous. Not only have you encouraged Christians to contribute to PMW, making them unwitting funders of pro-homosexual advertisements, not only have you been silent after these ads started to run, but now you "respect" the person who promoted sin on WA airwaves. I am going to let everyone in my church know what you are about. You have no right to speak with any authority on the Word of God.

  9. Anon 12:36 I think you have posted before and I responded to your post. You are either a lunatic or a plant from the other side. Gary Randall, above most other Christian leaders in the state, stands tall in his biblical position, is not politically motivated as some pastors seem to be, wanting to be in the good graces of McKenna and others, and he is not trying to get a job, as Backholm is, in a McKenna administration. This is a man you should be supporting, not trying to tear down. If you read these blogs you know Gary doesn't support the gay rainbow flag. You are either out to lunch or from the gay rights side trying to create conflict. We do not have a more dependable and consistent biblical voice in the Christian community.

  10. 12-36,You can't be serious. Two years ago, during R-71, Pastor Joe Fuiten was telling the Seattle Times he was unsure what the church's response to homosexuals should be. You are going after the wrong guy here. Randall has never waivered on any of the social issues. To suggest that he somehow is okay with the rainbow flag is nuts. Maybe you want him to try to further divide the Christians in the state. Gary has shown over and over he is above that. I seriously doubt you will succede in changing that. At least I hope not.

  11. Vishanti. You seem nervous. Are you sure that it is just old Elway trying to mislead everybody by spiking his poll? What if?

    1. Nervous? There's no point, but an bad Elway poll would only worry me if it was in line with the majority of polls and its not. As I said they severely underestimated how many would support R71 with similar poll demographics, no doubt the same error is happening now. So a 49 is as good as a win in that case.

      Marriage equality will happen, now or later and the day after it happens your lives will go on pretty much the same - again we already register spouse regardless of their sex, this will just reduce state paperwork, make money for the counties, bring more money into the state in multiple ways and the sun will still rise in the morning.

  12. 12:36 I've seen some disconnected thinking in some of these comments, but how do you get off on thinking Gary somehow supports the gay rainbow flag. I bet gay activists are scratching their heads. Are you drinking more than coffee?
    Keep up the good work Gary. Appreciate your insight and leadership.

  13. I am one of the posters above who pointed out Gary's silence about the disturbing ads being run by PMW. Since there is some confusion, let me clarify:

    I have long supported Gary Randall and FFNF. I supported Protect Marriage Washington, the group that Gary and Larry Stickney ran to oppose R71. I circulated petitions for R71. Believe me, I remember all too well how Joe Fuiten undermined Gary and our effort to defeat the homosexual "everything but marriage" law.

    For all this time, I stood with Gary. But I have been extremely disturbed by his conduct this year. First, he refused to stand with Steven Pidgeon and the I-1192 effort as Fuiten undermined that effort. He made some sympathetic noise, but that's all. He made no effort to speak out on behalf of Pidgeon.

    OK, that ended and we moved on. Then, Gary encouraged Christians to donate to Preserve Marriage Washington, the outfit run by Fuiten and Joe Backholm. Many listened to him and did just that, giving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fuiten and Backholm take our money and promptly use it to run expensive TV ads supporting the homosexual "everything but marriage" law that we all worked to defeat 3 years ago. That same ad shows the homosexual rainbow flag flying in the Washington sunshine. This is a shameful pro-homosexual ad, paid for with Christian money.

    Sure, it was a tactic to get voters to reject R74, but for a Christian, that isn't the point. The point is that Christians have been used to promote an ungodly and unbiblical message. In that case, I expect a man of God, a pastor, like Gary to speak up. To open his mouth and speak, for heaven's sake. Gary would have that duty in any event, but he especially bears a burden to speak since he actively encouraged Christians to fund PMW and thus become funders of a sinful ad campaign.

    And I know that a number of us have been asking him to do just that. But he has refused. He has not posted one word on this. And in the post above, he emphasizes his "respect" for the fellow who created these ungodly ads.

    This is unacceptable. It is unChristian. It is not conduct that can be tolerated from a Christian leader. I don't care what Gary has done in years past. I don't care whether airing pro-homosexual ads on TV will help us "win." That is not what God calls us to prioritize.

    Gary has really damaged his reputation within the Body of Christ. I urge him to repent and prayerfully and humbly address this matter with the Body.

    1. Um ... I actually must heartily disagree with the above comment. Gary and his organization gathered over 60,000 signatures for I-1192, more than any other group I believe. He worked tirelessly to promote I-1192 as a needed Initiative and endorsed Steve Pidgeon both publicly and privately. I've heard this from more people than I can count. I'm shocked at how wrong your assessment is. While undermined on so many levels from Fuiten and his "friends", he tried to take the high road for the sake of our culture and Washington state's future. How very presumptuous of you and how very, very uninformed. You should do your homework before you start throwing stones.

    2. I am not so sure about what happened on 1192, but Anon 11:48 makes a serious point about Pastor Randall's support of those pro-homosexuality ads. This is putting political tactics above God's Word. Its wrong. As a Christian if I don't rebuke this, then I am guilty as well.

    3. If anyone has spent any time at all on this blog, they would realize in a second where Pastor Randall's convictions lay. I suggest you read through some of his articles. He stands for biblical truth, never politics.


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