Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gender Trauma in Tacoma

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"It's excruciating," the Tacoma Tribune reports, for Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldier Jennifer Peace.

The Tribune says, "As she came to realize her true gender as a woman, Jennifer Peace knew she needed to have two difficult conversations."

According to the Tribune, "The first would be with her wife Deborah---The second would be with the Army."

"The Army," the Tribune notes, "has known Peace is a woman for almost a year, but still refers to her as a man."

This week VP Joe Biden set the record "straight"---on the matter.

The Tribune says of Peace, "She's a soldier not-so-patiently waiting for a new Pentagon policy she's almost certain will repeal the Defense Department's ban on transgender military service members."

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has convened a working group tasked with figuring out how to integrate transgender troops into ground level units.

Sue Fulton, a former Army officer who is president of a transgender military advocacy group, says, "There's a collective holding your breath."

With all due respect, many Americans are also holding our collective breath as we watch the United States military used as a social experimentation Petri dish by the far left now in power rather than the fighting force it is supposed to be.

Many within the military agree, but are silenced by the political correctness imposed by the progressives now sitting on the throne.

Peace says her biggest fear is being introduced to a new commander as a transgender soldier---not as highly qualified, capable intelligence officer.

Secretary Carter says the ban on transgenders creates confusion in the military---it is confusing for service members because they are told the qualification is whether they can do the job, but the rules regarding gender identity says the opposite.

Carter says knocking down the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy by this administration has helped clear the way for more of this kind of "progress."

He and the advocates working with the government are certain all this "will make the Armed Forces stronger."

VP Joe Biden agrees.

Biden set the record straight last Saturday while speaking to a LGBT-Human Rights Campaign fundraiser.

He said he is throwing his "unequivocal support" behind redefining service by transgenders in the military.

He told the crowd they should not worry about those seeking to "undo gay marriage and other advances" because "Americans have moved so far beyond them and their appeals to prejudice and fear and homophobia."

The man who will soon declare his candidacy for President of the United States said, "There's homophobes still left---most of them are running for president," referring to the Republican candidates.

Following the striking down of "Don't ask, Don't Tell," the Department of Defense admitted they had a huge problem with sexual assault by male soldiers on other men. Of 26,000 service members who were victims of sexual assault in 2012, about 14,000 of them were men assaulted by other men. This represented a 129% increase in assaults in general, and as the Center for Military Readiness pointed out, the 14,000 assaults on men were almost entirely perpetrated by other men.

The Pentagon didn't want to talk about it. Neither do I, but Americans must be informed.

Earlier this year the Center for Military Readiness addressed this and other related issues. Among their concerns was what they call "sexual orientation diversity promotions." A situation where some pretend to be homosexual, transgender, etc., to get preferential consideration for promotion.

Family Research Council has spoken to this issue:

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, Family Research Council's Executive Vice President, released the following statement:

“Considering the abysmal condition of our military and a decline in readiness, why is this a top priority for the Obama administration? Before changing any policy, the impact on military readiness has to be the first consideration. The Pentagon must answer whether this proposed policy makes our military more capable of performing its mission. The answer is a very clear and resounding no.
“This has everything to do with President Obama’s social agenda for the military, but it has nothing to do with enhancing military readiness. No new science has led to the Pentagon’ transgender study—only the politics of the Obama administration and the transgender movement.
“Allowing the Obama administration to use the military as a tool of social re-engineering will only undermine morale, unit cohesion, and readiness. It’s time that we allow the military to focus on its only job—defending our country against its enemies.”

While it may be traumatic and "excruciating" for Mr./Ms. Peace to wait for Obama's military leadership to take another bow before the Prince of Political Correctness, it is equally uncomfortable for many of us who believe this exercise is morally wrong, and that it undermines the capability and readiness of our military.

I'm reminded of Patrick Henry's warning: "When people forget God, tyrants forge their chains."

This most current crusade against Nature and Nature's God is not mere dementia, but complete moral Alzheimers.

God help us.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Prayerful.


  1. I'm just thinking that if the military had a bit more moral clarity, maybe accidental bombings wouldn't happen so often. The way they are going doesn't make anybody any safer. Neither does it make the constitution any clearer.

    All they need to do is say "No", and we will all be better off. Those who will do whatever they will do in the name of sexual confusion can find their future somewhere else. The military needs clarity.

  2. Boykin is right. Politicians need to start listening to military people who know what's going on. They cover their back side.

  3. When a nation has people in government who truly seek the favor of God, they will then have political adjustments from wrong to right, a removal of errors, a clearer vision of faults and weaknesses, and be more able to see a cure.

  4. As long as we have people in high places in government who are for sexual disorientation, and sexual confusion, they will likely not be thinking very clearly on other matters.

    It's mind boggling.

    Have you ever tried to add up a list of numbers, or do some other work that requires concentration, and you are in an environment of chaos?

    Why bother the military with any more confusion? They are burdened more than enough already.

  5. Rock and roll time ....emphasis on roll some folks out of the conversation.....We have this confusion because of our rebellion. Christians get in church, get in the community, get on your knees. BE a christian and not a tree trunk , rotting or just in the way.

  6. PTL! we are retired. In our time every commander had the kahunas to say no! Shame on us for putting the military in this position. They are a function of the constitution which is by the people. The people need to stand up and turn to God, the posture of our forefathers. Downright lazy, rebellious nation. Tough to say, but you deserve what you are getting.

  7. Realism of our Human Beings

    In my opinion that the disusing about the American law looks like a demagogy game in order to oppress to the human honest, innocent and poor American people than performance to the United States Constitution. In fact, the American Congress has been approved for the Vietnam War, but, not only have the American authorities have been sat on the American law and also tear to pieces the United States Constitution. As we understand about the War Power of the United States of America of the Vietnam War during the Kissinger has torn the peace agreement in Paris in 1973, and then, Former President Nixon has said to apologize for the South Vietnam or so-called is Republic of Vietnam. If they have sat on the United States Constitution, but they must keep the face of the United States of America
    since they have been taken the Vietnamese bodies in order to play their powerful game. They did not care to the life of the Vietnamese people or human beings in the world. yard of playing war game is to should be equal because no one was born the children lets them use to their war game which is why they
    have been spent for their new modern weapons but they never compensate injury to the Vietnam people or so-called is Southern soldiers since not only American Congress has solemnly been supported for the Vietnam War and few of terms of American President have solemnly promised to protect for the South Vietnam that must fight to anti- communism.

    However, the American government has concerned its own
    interests and betrayed themselves. According to a super nation and great equal constitution always keeps its face in one's self because the American constitution has approved and declared, " All Men are created equal and In God We Trust."

    All of the American authorities before come to the throne, they
    have taken an oath loyalty to the American flag and Constitution and lets hand on holy Bible in order to be oath faithful for their nation, people and Constitution, but the greed of ambition of fame and private rich of them is limitless, they have forgot in all, if the poor and weak American people have done to look like them, they are punished by the America courts to death completely.

    If the American authorities should think about to the human
    beings are loved peaceful more than barbarous wars, and then, they should be questioned in themselves and here: If they wish to bury the hatchet and do realize about the happiness of the human beings looked like their own, the source of life of human beings is as important as their life and the sorrow of human beings looked like their own, so our human beings is very unlucky during
    our life is short and bitter, but which is why, they are luxurious and
    glorious for living when our human beings are living in fear of barbarous wars and of inequality of them offer what is why the quote "All Men are equal." During, they have been falling in love with wars, but they did not need to win any wars? To look like the Vietnam War is so much not only to have wounded soldiers unluckily but also southern soldiers were not only died and also broken life, but our American Constitution has approved to the
    Vietnam War, but not perform it and the author said, "Distort justice is national traitor."

    Respectfully Yours

    Bright Quang

  8. It used to be that Communism was seen as the greatest threat of the free world.
    Now we have Obamunism, which really is a greater threat to the American way of life than Communism across the ocean somewhere ever was.


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