Monday, May 02, 2016

Target Boycott Hits Bullseye

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As of Friday evening, more than 1 million people have signed the boycott against Target stores.

Thank you to our readers who joined me and hundreds of thousands of others in doing the right thing.

The effort led by American Family Association has hit the bullseye.

Target's stock has dropped dramatically, reducing the company's value by over $2.5 billion, public favorability has fallen substantially with only 28% now saying they will shop at Target next time they go shopping.

This trend will continue.

Nancy Pelosi let the secular progressive mask slip last week as she applauded President Obama's legacy, inadvertently explaining what's driving Target and other big businesses to make foolish and costly business decisions.

Target is struggling, and that's putting it mildly.

Target's stock price and its favorability among shoppers are crashing as the public rebukes the retail giant for ignoring their vigorous protest against mixed-sex changing rooms and bathrooms.

On April 19, when Target told the public it would no longer allow shoppers to use single-sex bathrooms or changing rooms, the store's stocks were 2 cents under $84 per share. As of 4 PM Friday, their stock was down to $79.50---a 5% loss in stock value which represents about $2.5 billion in company value.

Between April 19 and Friday, more than 1 million people have signed the boycott against Target, including myself and many of our readers, led by American Family Association.

YouGov BrandIndex is a business tracking service used widely by corporate leaders---the damage to Target's favorability with the public is being tracked by the service.

YouGov, using their "Buzz score," reported that by April 27, "The percentage of consumers who would consider buying items at Target the next time they go shopping at a department store dropped from 42% to 38% over the past two weeks."

They attribute the 10% drop as likely being caused by this story being discussed on social media.

But it's worse than that. When asked more specifically, there was a 40% drop in likelihood of returning to Target next time---from roughly 19% to 11%.

This can give you a perspective. You may remember the Target credit card fiasco back in 2013, regarding customer's privacy, etc.? Following that incident, Target's"Buzz" score for the week leading up to the data breach announcement was 26. One day later, it was -9, representing a drop of 35 points.

Friday, the "Buzz" score was -19, making the drop now 45 points. Since June of 2007, the lowest "Buzz" score Target has ever received was about a positive 10.

Behind the scenes, however, the advocates for this kind of nonsense are fighting back.

For example, YouGov is now refusing to comment on the study when other news organizations contact them for comment.

They told Breitbart News Friday, "We are no longer commenting on this research. I'm sorry we can't accommodate you at this time."

Most in the mainstream press are ignoring this story. So far, for example, the Washington Post and ABC have refused to cover the story.

I believe that will begin to change today.

The New York Times, NBC and CBS did cover it, but with a favorable bias toward Target---unfairly targeted for trying to do the right thing, etc.

This story will play out over the new few days and even weeks.

I personally believe this is about more than this single incident with this single store. It is certainly about that, but it's also about the trend---how our culture is being remade into something that was never intended for the human race---something that stands against history and biblical teaching.

I believe people are sick and tired of the assault on normal human sexuality, marriage, and family---and they're sick of the assault on common sense.

Last week, Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader, spoke at a press conference promoting HR 3185, the Equality Act.

In her speech she touted the wonderful record of President Obama on "gay rights" issues, saying that would be his legacy most remembered, and in doing so, the mask of the secular progressive movement slipped a bit revealing what's really behind the madness.

Pelosi told the press, "Just to place where we are from the standpoint of Congress, when we came into the majority, we had four points, it was a four-legged stool of what we wanted to accomplish."

Of course, she explained how Republicans have worked against the president and the progressive agenda, however, she gave the president praise for all they have accomplished.

The four-legged stool:

1. As the first item of the four points, Pelosi said her Party desired a "fully inclusive hate crimes legislation" and the Matt Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act was pushed through in 2009 and signed by President Obama.

2. Second, she said, "The second leg of the stool would not have happened without the president's leadership and courage, and that was the repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'. That policy was repealed by President Obama in 2011 after a federal court judge issued an injunction banning the enforcement.

3. Pelosi's third leg is"Same-Sex Marriage." She said, "Legislatively we could not have succeeded"...Rather, she said, US courts and the Supreme Court handed them that "victory" in 2015..."But," she said, "the courts and the rest, and public opinion, of course, in the actual courts and in the court of public opinion, that victory was won."

4. She then said, "There is still one more piece (the fourth leg, I suppose) which is ENDA--Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and its precursor HR 3185."

She said when we saw "the successes and the momentum, especially of the marriage equality, we saw the opportunity to do something bigger."

As 1 million plus, and growing, Americans see where Nancy's and Barack's and Hillary's and others "stool" is taking us, we have decided to take a stand---and oddly it's in the bathroom.

Decent American people have had it. While they have already hit the bullseye of Target, this is not the end, it's a beginning.

After Paul instructed Christians (Ephesians 6: 10-13) to first be strong in the Lord and put on His full armor, he explained that the battle is not against "flesh and blood" but against principalities, against powers and rulers of the darkness of this age, he told us all, having put on the whole armor of God to "stand"---"stand firm."

All Christians are called to "Stand." "Standing Firm" usually involves taking a stand, and that's exactly what more than 1 million people are doing.

And that number will grow, because those taking a stand will inspire others to do so as well.

Be Informed. Be Vigilant. Be Discerning. Be Bold. Be Prayerful. Be Blessed.


  1. This policy of weakness through appeasement and the promotion of corruption is something the constitution can not bear. This has to change. May America never go down that road to ruin again.

  2. You've fallen prey to the "Post hoc ergo propter hoc" logical fallacy that says "Since the stock dropped after the boycott, the boycott must have caused it." Stock Market focused publications like "The Street" have a different perspective, in their piece "Target Boycott Shouldn't Worry Investors: It Won't Hurt Sales; Target Responds" it reported:

    ' "While the religious hoopla has caused a media frenzy, especially with the heated battle over North Carolina's transgender law currently underway, it's not likely to have an enormous impact on sales.

    "I don't think, at this point, it's going to be an impact on Target's financial results," said Efraim Levy, an analyst at S&P Global Market Intelligence who covers Target. "Maybe it will be an impact on what their policy is, which could ignite a bigger debate, but at this point, I don't think that many people are going to stop buying at Target because of bathroom policy."

    Joe Agnese, an analyst covering Walmart at S&P Global Market Intelligence, said he can't imagine it will be extremely important for Walmart's earnings, either.

    "I've not noticed or can remember a time when boycotts have had a negative impact, or positive, depending if it's a competitor, on their sales," he said. "It's a very large company, and there hasn't been one that represented a significant percentage of their customer base to make a difference."

    The sheer size of companies like Target and Walmart makes it hard for boycotts to really pack any punch. Nearly three-quarters of a million might sound like a lot of customers, but the company has nearly half as many employees at 341,000.

    A similar religion-driven boycott of Starbucks last year over its plain red holiday cups, while noisy on social media, does not appear to have been detrimental to sales. For its fiscal first quarter, the company reported a 9% increase in comparable store sales, driven by strong holiday performance. In an investor call, CEO Howard Schultz called the period "the strongest holiday in our history."

    "This idea of making people think that you have this magic power over retailers just isn't there, especially with global brands," said Bob Phibbs, CEO of the Retail Doctor, a New York retail consultancy.

    He said the AFA's petition is largely a marketing ploy, noting that Target signed on to support the Equality Act (a congressional bill that amends the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation and gender identity) months ago.

    "Retailers have much bigger things to worry about than this issue, which is being trumped up like it's something important," he said. "It comes down to consumption and patterns of behavior and pricing, which are much more fundamental.
    Boycott's are a tool of PR persuasion, not Stock Market punishment. The failed Starbucks boycott produced no change in policy and no impact on the company's bottom line, and it seems retail and stock market experts think that will prove true once again with Target.

    1. Boycotts don't have an effect? How do you explain away the not-so-long-forgotten Chick-Fil-A event? It seems the same "insignificant" Christian/Family Values folks played a huge part in stopping that bit of lunacy. Time will tell, but don't be too surprised if Target quietly keeps the bathrooms individually separate.

    2. Just a consequence ... Lol! Naive much?

    3. Since the boycott/petition is having a negligible effect on Target, I am surprised the news media has not been covering it so they can show how ineffective and inconsequential the Christians are.

  3. Faith and Freedom Staff7:38 AM, May 02, 2016

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  4. It today's volatile market with computer generated reactionary trades, a 5% variance is just not that big of a thing. In fact, it might signal a buy opportunity, but there are a million other factors. Target has bigger issues to worry about than a soon forgotten petition. Plus, they are banking on this helping their reputation with the critical millennials -and that group is far more important to them than you are. Enjoy your boycott, but don't expect success.

  5. Retailers not worrying about sales?? OK Target...go on dreaming in that illogical world that B.O. lives in.... and fall.

  6. I as an male adult don't usually use the bathroom at a store when I go shopping. But if I had children with me, I would not shop at a store where policy could put the children at risk.


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