Friday, March 30, 2018

"Tear Down That Cross"...Or Else

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Radical activists are demanding that the Michigan Department of Natural Resources tear down a historic cross that has stood on public land for nearly 70 years.

We've heard that storyline before, but it's particularly poignant today---on Good Friday.

And even more so when you learn how the cross is used.

An atheist filed a formal complaint because he is offended by the cross. The activist group, Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists (MACRA), have filed a lawsuit on behalf of the offended person.

Mitch Kahle, co-founder of MACRA, says, "What authority did the state think it had to allow a permanent religious symbol on public land? We expect the state will remove it. Courts are not favorable to crosses on public property."

Well, he's right---courts have not generally been favorable to crosses on public land---or anywhere in the public marketplace.

For nearly 70 years the people of this community, led by the local ministerial association, have walked out to Sackrider Hill where the cross stands and held a united community Easter sunrise service in celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On what authority does the state think---or the atheist himself---think it has the right to tear down the cross? Most of us know it's the inverted interpretation of Thomas Jefferson's letter to the Danbury Baptists assuring them the government would not meddle in the affairs of the church. Our Founders created a wall of protection against state intrusion.

What was intended to protect the Christian Church is now used against it.

Kahle is so empowered by the misuse of Jefferson's intent he felt it necessary to tell the press, he doesn't object to the people having a service---just not on public land.

Does he believe he also has a right to legally object to an Easter service?

This will work its way through the courts, and if necessary, the Christians of Jackson County Michigan and the Grass Lake Ministerial Association will find another place to celebrate the Resurrection. They will, however, celebrate it.

The atheist question about "What authority did the state think they have..." and "What right do Christians have to..." reminds me of the circumstances surrounding the death and Resurrection of Christ.

On Palm Sunday, as Jesus rode into the city on the back of a donkey to the praise of the masses, there were those who didn't understand. And all the joy and praise was most likely a source of unease, scandal and upset for those who considered themselves righteous and faithful. And empowered by certain interpretations of law and certain rituals.

While I am not Catholic, I noted in the missive of Pope Francis last Sunday that he said: "Jesus was a victim of a protest that was not grass-roots in origin, but the result of a campaign of slander by the establishment who wanted to see him dead."

He went on to note that the voices a week later---"Crucify Him, Crucify Him" were not spontaneous but armed with disparagement, slander and false witness---the voice of those who twist reality and invent stories for their own benefit."

Indeed, both the religious leaders and the Scribes sought to disfigure His character by spinning the events of the day, as the Roman soldiers would disfigure His face with their swords and thorns crushed into His forehead.

The repeated question by His accusers most often had to do with, "By what authority...does He teach, do miracles, make certain claims..."

He did not really answer that question to His accusers, but fully answered it to His followers.

Just when His accusers believed they had silenced His voice and re-secured their political positions by finally putting this man in a borrowed tomb---He came up missing.

Plan "B" was quickly activated with a bribe to the Roman soldiers and a new talking point: "His disciples came and stole Him away while we slept."

For those who opposed Him, the Resurrection signaled it was over.

For those who worshiped and followed Him, a new life had just begun.

Meeting with His followers after the Resurrection, Jesus said: "All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth" (Matt 28:18).

The risen, reigning King of Kings and Lord of Lords reigns over this world and over His mission with absolute sovereignty. If He meets resistance, he either allows it for His purposes or overcomes it for His purposes.

Isaiah (46: 9-10) explained it like this: "I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like me," declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times things not yet done, saying "My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose."

If He wants a Michigan cross to be torn down for His purposes, He will allow it---it will be torn down, and those who remove it will likely never know they were used by God.

If He wants it to remain. It will remain.

Our job is to be faithful in prayer and in deed. And do so in His peace.

The symbols of his birth and His death may be removed by authorities and courts---or not removed.

We who know Him, worship and serve Him, shall not be moved.

Those who stood along the parade route in Jerusalem did so with questions, fears, and misunderstandings.

Those of us who stand before an empty tomb stand in peace, and promise and power.

He is risen.

Because He lives, I can face tomorrow, because He lives all fear is gone..." because I know He holds tomorrow...and I know He holds my hand.

He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter.


  1. The place where Secular Progressive Leftism has taken America is where any symbol or image allowed to be in public view cannot be allowed to "offend" anyone.

    Truth....there was a time when the leaders of America called upon the God of Abraham and Jesus to "bless" America, and Constitutional Convention where the Bible was discussed more often than any other source when constructing the constitution, was followed the next day by ALL members joining in a day of prayer to 'their' "our" "Abrahams" God.

    Washington D.C. has symbols and conscriptions in stone to God everywhere, yet no power stands to defend the concept that America is a Christian nation (defined as a nation initially founded to facilitate the open and free exercise of Christian believers "IN PUBLIC".

    Christians now receive more criticism, abuse, and violent forms of punishment than any other religious class in America...and in the World. It is time for Christians to stand demanding that we be protected as a "class" the same as Homosexuals, Transgenders, Women, Blacks, etc. are recognized as 'protected classes' which cannot legally be discriminated against in even the slightest (even unintentional) fashion.

    Chirstophobes are blooming all around. They offend me, they are discriminating against me, they threaten me, and the same laws that protect Gays and Blacks against these violations MUST in justice protect me (A Christian) in the same way.

    Any symbol on private property should not be challenged, for otherwise crosses on church buildings would be targeted. The Christian Community is perfectly capable of rising up nationally to "purchase' small tracts of land in each city upon which to build a memorial to Jesus Christ. Any attack by the courts against these crosses would only be legally and judicially viable if the same law approved to all religious and organizational symbols on private property that "might" offend someone.

    I am offended by Islam. I am offended by every cult that pretends to be Christian and is not, and I am offended by every cult that challenges the legitimacy of Jesus Christ's claims to be God and the judge on judgment day, his teachings, life, death, and resurrection.

    It is past time to protect me and my Christian brothers and sisters from all forms of hate, violence, and most especially from being "offended".

    The simple truth is that Leftism preaches tolerance and equality.

    Truth is a lonely warrior,


  2. I'm wondering what the state should make open invitations to hiring homosexuals. What right do they have to do that? I can understand public employers having that right, but the state? ....They might be offending somebody, somebody a lot higher than any of us.

  3. All things are ours. (See I Cor 3:23) The cross should stay.

  4. The state even allows toilets on it's properties. So what's wrong with a cross?

  5. If a judge says that crosses must be removed from state property if they are used to honor the war heroes, then he has violated the free exercise clause. We can not have a judge make a "law" by his edict that forbids honoring the war dead with crosses on state land. Both the establishment clause and the free exercise clause together have served as a standard for America, by principle, and our constitution has inherent within it, written principle after principle that we must not be in violation of. Nobody forced anything on anyone pertaining to the worship of this cross. No dead body, no crime. The only crime is that this went before a judge and the judge got it wrong.

  6. Yes we can use crosses to honor war heroes, even on state land. We have free exercise protections. We force nothing on nobody. Let us freely honor as we will honor, as long as it's not immoral, but is worthy honor. The cross stands as the highest honor still in America, as it should.

  7. The cross is not obsolete, and we are not obsolete.

  8. Judgments of liberal judges are obsolete.


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