Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gay Portland Mayor Lied About Sexual Relationship with Teenager

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House Bill 1385 (relating to sexual misconduct by school employees) introduced by Rep. Larry Haler, (R-Richland) on January 20, 2009, includes in the definition of sexual misconduct any school employee engaging in or assisting anyone to engage in the sexual involvement with any student up to age twenty.
Please be aware of this bill. We will advise when the public should respond to lawmakers, although you may want to thank Rep. Larry Haler for his work on this matter.

Gay Portland Mayor Lied About Sexual Relationship with Teenager

Portland Mayor Sam Adams has been quoted as saying he is the first, "Queer mayor of a major city in the nation."

Adams officially took office at the beginning of this year--three weeks ago. Now the Portland press, not known for their traditional or conservative views, are calling for his resignation. The editorial boards of both The Oregonian and The Portland Tribune say he should go.

Last fall, prior to the election, he was asked about his relationship with Beau Breedlove, a teenage intern.

He forcefully denied any improper relationship with the boy, wrote an open letter to the public denying any wrong doing and taking to task those who were asking, calling their questions, "A nasty smear," saying he was merely the boy's mentor.

A part of Adams' lecture to the press and the public had to do with people trying to stereotype gay men as predatory.

Now he is admitting that he lied---and his explanation is not being well received.

Although this story has been brewing since the election campaign, it broke with his public apology after being caught through the investigative work of a reporter at the Willamette Week. Adams went to Washington D.C. Monday for the inauguration but when the story hit the press, he made an apology to the public through the media and boarded a flight back to Portland on Tuesday.

Knowing he was caught in his deceit, he admitted he was lying and apologized for lying.

No apology for having sex with a teenager.

He told the press, "It was an error in judgement. An anomaly, not a trend."

The apology didn't work. He is now explaining that although he had a sexual relationship with the boy, he didn't have sex with him until he turned 18, even though they had a relationship while the boy was 17.

I lied the first time, but I'm telling the truth this time.

The State Attorney General has announced his office will investigate in response to a formal request from the Portland Police Chief.

Adams had originally said he would not resign but has now said he will resign only if his actions may hurt the forward progress of the city.

The Oregonian wrote, "We don't believe the public makes much of a distinction when it comes to a man over 40 having sex with either a 17-year-old or an 18- year-old. And it makes no difference if the teenager is male or female---it's sexual opportunism, pure and simple."

There is a story circulating here in Washington State regarding a current elected official and a foster child. We are following the story closely and will report anything that is confirmed.

God protect our children.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Is the city of Sin surprised their star mayor participated in an "illegal" act?

    Portland is a cesspool of disgusting activities. Obama is attempting to push through an individual who used turbotax for treasury secretary and no doubt, California will overturn the marriage amendment.

    This story is just the beginning of the unraveling.

  2. What a fascinating insight into the triumph of politics over ethics at FFN the archives of this blog provide us. You see, the story of Adams recalled the saga of another NW mayor, who was revealed to have had sexual relations with 18 year old boys(18 year old prostitutes at that). That would be one Jim West of Spokane, who was also accused of having molested young boys decades before.

    So, given that Gary is quick to jump trumpet the accusations against Adams, an openly gay single politician, what do you suppose he had to say about West, whose actions were not only inappropriate, but violated the sacred vows of marriage?

    Well, a perusal of archives for the months follow May 2005 when the story broke reveals that Gary had absolutely NOTHING to say about the incident. Now why do you suppose one story would prompt immediate comment, with an insinuation of more wrongdoing than is currently known, while the other wasn't deemed worthy of comment at all?

    Anyone want to bet that it was because West, having been a conservative anti-gay Republican, was seen as a political ally, while Adams, being a liberal openly-gay Democrat, isn't?

    Once again Gary has revealed that to FFN ethics are situational, and politics with always trump principal.

    Oh, and to preclude the obvious response, yes gay blogs have covered this story, they have been on it since day one. You see some folks value truth above power.

  3. anon 11:01
    I can hardly believe what I just read from your post. Is that the best you can do in response to the gay mayor of a major city preying on a teenager?
    Why didn't you point out more than one story Gary didn't write about or maybe ten stories he didn't mention, then everything would be okay. It would be like Gary is the bad guy and the mayor is the good guy. Like the mayor story didn't even happen.

  4. 12:18 PM,

    I could easily point out other stories Gary didn't cover (Larry Craig and David Vitter and their sex scandals come to mind), but no it wouldn't make it as if Mayor Adams' scandal never took place, it would merely make it as if Gary were consistent and ethical. Instead we find him shouting from the rooftops when the scandal involves a liberal (and a gay one at that!) but MIA when the scandal involves those, who agree with him personally. That and lurid slimy rumor mongering, yet again answering the question who would Jesus smear.

    Since I pointed out that gay blogs covered this story (Just Out - Portland's gay paper called for Adams' resignation.), claiming that my intention is to bury this story is asinine. I'm merely pointing out the very salient fact that Gary's sense of moral outrage comes and goes depending on the politcal affiliation of the parties involved. That's a textbook example of situational ethics, something conservatives like Gary claim to oppose.

    Oh, and if you wanted my reaction to the Adams' actions why not just ask, rather than go into all the histrionics?

    For the record, I think Adam's actions are contemptible. I do not find his current claim of not having had a sexual relationship with Breedlove until after he turned 18 to credible, nor do I see much difference between meeting a 17 year old and "waiting" for a few weeks or months for them to turn 18 and just having sex with a 17 year old. Should he resign? As a gay man, I would like to see him do so, he has embarrassed the gay community with is actions. I also think that the appropriate authorities should investigate the accuracy of his current version of events, and if he is found to have broken the law, he should be thrown out of office. But then I'd feel the same way if he was an anti-gay Christianist, would Gary?

  5. Yes, Gary would feel the same way. And does.

  6. 2:36 PM

    Really? And how are we to know this? Certainly not from his public comments on past events. I mean if he felt EXACTLY the same way about all of these incidents, wouldn't he have felt motivated to post on each of them? Wouldn't he have seen fit to call for the resignation of each of them?

  7. I'm not so sure I would be for a
    bill that would make it a crime
    (if indeed the bill would make it
    a crime) for a 21 year old (for an example) teacher to take an interest in a 19 or 20 year old
    student if both are single.

    Suppose there was such a teacher and such a student in a school system that had taken a mutual
    liking to each other and had sought each other out as possible
    marriage partners, if the student was not one who was in the teacher's class. (pursuing a
    dating relationship to see if it
    be the will of God that they marry.) Would such a bill protect
    such person's interests?

    Even if laws do not make some things a criminal offence, there
    is still the matter of right behavior in public, and in school
    systems. I think there are some
    matters that should be handled within the system. There should be
    guidlines for teacher and student

    I see nothing wrong with a 21 year
    old teacher (for example) dating
    a 19 year old student if it's Ok
    with the student's parents (for
    example) and the student is not
    one of the teacher's students.

    In such an instance, I think the
    teacher and student would be wise
    to make the relationship known to
    the school system.

    If students may have friendships
    why not teachers? Is it always wrong? I don't think it necessarily is. I think each relationship needs to be looked at
    for what it really is, and that guidelines should be clear and reasons for being careful made clear also.

    I think we have to be careful with
    making laws so that they are made
    so as to protect when protection is called for and to be careful that they do not violate anyone's
    reasonable rights.

  8. If Gary felt the same way, then why would he have not written a story about these other mayors and politicians.

    Or, BETTER, why is Gary writing about the mayor at all???

    Gary, this does not look good in terms of righteousness - your help in clarifying why you would just expose your political opponents but cover your political comrades - as opposed to being a clear beacon of light to the world for righteousness and purity.


  9. Actually I think if this was a hetrosexual Mayor the scandal and publicity would have been worse.

    Homosexuals still have a negative portrayal by the majority of people in this country , and sad to say that when something sexually inappropriate , perverted even , happens like this the outrage is not as bad if a homsexuality is involved . If it was hetrosexual you would have heard much more about it .

    I am not saying this is a good thing .


  10. Patrick. You are off the page. " Why is Gary writing about the mayor at all"?
    Do you realize this is a national story, not just a northwest one? Gary is not calling for the mayors resignition, he is quoting news papers who are calling for the mayor's resination.Is Sam Adams Gary's political opponent? I had no idea that Gary is running for any office. Are you sure about this?

  11. Ommision proves nothing. Not mentioning a certain event or happening from the past that you would like him to mention or that you think is relevent does not take away from what Gary stated about this event. It is what it is on its own merrits.

    Glad Gary is standing up for righteousness and calling like he sees it. I beleive he is right.

  12. 9:58 AM,

    Really? Gary certainly didn't share that view back when he was attacking the recently deceased Gerry Studds in a feeble attempt to distract from the Mark Foley scandal.

    "I’m not suggesting that Gerry Studds should be berated in any eulogy, that would not be appropriate. But can the same press and the same elected Democrats be so duplicitous in speaking to these two stories? One, of a man who wrote totally unacceptable email to male pages and one who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a male page.

    It is an EXTRAORDINARY double-standard.

    As someone has said, “What a difference a “D” makes.”"

    So all that is being done, and that you are objecting to is Gary is being held to his own standards, and found wanting.

  13. Hi Anon 7:28

    I guess I just not that interested in what people are doing with their bodies - in fact, I am pretty tired of hearing about it. If it was not for a few religous people, I would never even pollute my mind with the thoughts of homosexuality, sexuality in general, etc.

    The Portland mayor's issue s/b handled by the laws that are relevant and the rest of us should be focused on Christ.


  14. "The Portland mayor's issue s/b handled by the laws that are relevant and the rest of us should be focused on Christ."

    Like you ?


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