Friday, January 30, 2009

Senator Val Stevens: They are Trying to Destroy the Institution of Marriage

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Senator Dan Swecker, myself and a number of like minded lawmakers are moving to defeat a series of bills, that are, under the guise of benefits, intended to undermine marriage and remove the legal difference between marriage and homosexual couples, then through litigation, attach the word "marriage" to homosexual relationships.

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Senator Val Stevens: They are Trying to Destroy the Institution of Marriage

As the newest version of homosexual "marriage" legislation is rolling out in Olympia, Senator Val Stevens isn't buying it. And neither are a number of other lawmakers.

Rep. Jim Moeller (D-Vancouver), an openly gay Representative told the Seattle PI, "Let's be unambiguous in our discussion of this issue---words are extremely important. Marriage is the word and civil marriage is the goal."

The PI says, "The Washington Legislature has shown increasing support over the past few years for gay and lesbian rights."

Senator Stevens said it should be obvious to other legislators why these bills should fail.

She said, "The people who are in favor of it are trying to destroy the institution of marriage and are taking it apart bit by bit."

Senator Ed Murray (D-Seattle), also openly gay and a leader in the gay rights movement in the Legislature, says gay marriage is, "Still new to a lot of people in this state," so he and his colleagues are gaining rights "little by little," not wanting to lose any small battles in order to win the war.

Some of us are not ready or willing to concede. I believe many of you agree.

There are two reasons why this may not go as planned for the gay activists.

Faith and Freedom has stood against homosexual marriage from the beginning. There are many reasons including the birthing and proper nurturing of children and the issue of procreation.

We have stated three main reasons for our position.

1. The homosexual agenda creates a new class of entitlements, putting them on top of an already broken health care system, social security system and pension and benefit programs that simply can not meet the demand. It's fiscally irresponsible.

2. It is a slippery slope of incremental toward redefining traditional marriage; an institution that has served as the cornerstone of society throughout more than 5000 years of human history.

3. Homosexuality is immoral and condemned as sin in biblical teaching. Every major religion in history has condemned homosexual relations as unacceptable. This deviant behavior must not be enshrined into law as normal behavior.

Regarding #2, the incrementalism of the gay rights movement was denied until the past few years. They have now moved past that phase and are very open with their intentions. See the linked article.

Regarding #3, biblical teaching is what it is. Although political correctness has caused some religious leaders to push back on calling it sin or make some attempt to explain away biblical teaching on the matter, it is clearly not acceptable behavior according to Scripture.

Regarding #1. It is fiscally irresponsible. This is one of the hurdles facing the gay rights movement today. There is not enough money to pay the bill. Governor Gregoire is perhaps, the most vocal, out front, advocate for homosexual rights, but she can't write the check.

Even the PI is admitting that even if this legislation were to pass and I think they are pretty certain it's a done deal, there isn't enough money to fund all of the bills---specifically, employee pensions and survivor benefits, estate taxes and the uniform parenting plan which has to do with adoption.

Their second challenge is that, while not a majority, those of us who support traditional, biblical marriage are on the right side of the issue. The PI points out that the gay activists have a majority in the Legislature, but we feel that some who have gone along with the emotional "benefits" and "rights" stories that proceeded the passage of domestic partnerships, will take a bit different look at marriage itself.

I believe in prayer and I believe that we are on the right side of this matter.

I also believe that many of you agree. I believe you will stand with me and those in the Legislature who are standing in the gap.

Much hangs in the balance.

Your financial support this week, will make a significant difference in helping us communicate with other elected officials and their constituents.

Thanks and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. If states in this nation give out
    marriage licenses to anything but
    one man and one woman marriages
    with the intent that they be under
    God according to his purposes, and
    that goes over this nation, where
    will we be but waiting for his judgment?
    Where would justice, discernment,
    discretion be? Where would honor
    be? Where would be America's noble
    heritage be?

    Job 34:27-30
    Because they turned back from him,
    and would not consider any of his
    ways: So that they cause the cry
    of the poor to come unto him, and he heareth the cry of the afflicted. When he giveth quietness, who then can make trouble? and when he hideth his face, who then can behold him? whether it be done against a nation, or against a man only;
    That the hypocrite reign not, lest
    the people be ensnared.

    It's time to clean up America isn't it? Abortions, Porn, Homosexual agendas, Gambling, Scams, etc.

    Will we still be known as one nation under God?

    The planes that crashed into the twin towers was just a warning wasn't it?

    Let's keep writing our lawmakers,
    because God has made himself known. He does take down the hipocrites that they reign not, lest others be ensnared. God's business is the salvation of souls
    for the purposes of Jesus.

    If and when America cleans up, won't we then see the stock markets greatly recover, letting
    us know that America's confidence
    really is in God.

  2. Beginning in the 1960s we were told that the family does not work.
    Now we know that 80% of those in prison come from fatherless homes.
    If you do three things there is an 80% probability that you will never live in poverty. Add a 4th and it increases to 95%.

    1. Graduate from high school.
    2. Wait until you are 20 to get married.
    3. Wait until you are married to get pregnant.

    The 4th item?

    Keep out of jail.

    After a generation of liberals waging war on the family we now have a huge poverty and crime problem. The experiment of eliminating the family has failed and we are left to clean up the mess.

    Lord know what damage same sex marriage would cause. Not only does the Lord know, but he has warned us against it.

    I for one am not willing to experiement with the future of my family or nation.

    I am tired of politicians creating problems (like poverty and crime) and then they confiscate my money to clean up the mess they created.

    PRS in Federal Way

  3. Thanks for bringing such a nice blog faith and freedom.

  4. I really think it is wrongheaded to blame liberals for the culture being destroyed . As if we , those who are In Christ are outgunned ?
    If we have God on our side , who can be against us and even make a show of it ? Take Authority , Bring Heaven down to earth , that is our job , Pray , Love our neigbors , be the culture , and quit blaming some boogey man for taking it from us .

    Yikes its not we who should be using blame and shame , leave those nasty liberals alone .

    Occupy as the Good Book says , we are on the winning side . The devil has been loosing and is on the loosing side .


  5. Mick, when you say 'We have God on our side'---have you considered our 'concern' is that we need to be on GOD'S side when it comes to the immorality occuring in our society and our country!? God will not be mocked--he expects us to stay within his basic principles--as authentic marriages of one man and one women, and the importance of preserving life, and be against abortions, and against so called 'assisted suicides!' We need to honor what God expects of us, to stay within His basic principles.

  6. But there is an even greater reason to not allow homosexual "marriage". In our free republic, the individual is the very foundation of the republic, upon whom the entire country rests. It is their self-discipline and morals that if the individual is strong and moral, the country will be strong and moral. Allowing any form of immorality, weakens this base.

    The next level up in our government of the people above the individual is the family unit. All research shows that homosexual couples are very unstable, so allowing degradation at this level also weakens the foundations of our government. As we move to a shakier and shakier foundation, the government has to grow bigger and bigger to accept the responsibility for government that the people at the foundation are not taking care of.

    This at the very core of why we should not allow legal homosexual activity and definitely should not allow any civil homosexual anything, because it is destroying our republic at its foundation.

  7. "We need to honor what God expects of us, to stay within His basic principles"

    Yes anom1144 . I see what you are saying . We need to be concerned about being on the side of God true . I was trying to spoeak from a Christian view , that once we accept him into our life , We become His favorite. I guess I was trying to convey its not us against them , which sometimes I think we as Christians take on . Like we are in a war of sorts against the culture of the day .

    We are suppose to be the salt , and be in the culture . It always seems like Christians are attacking it instead of Loving It . As Christ did he walked among the low lifes ,tax collectors, sinners , the culture of the day . He kept His principles hHe did not compromise , but he did not attck either . Hard to do , But I believe that is what we are called to do . This US against Them thing that the religious right took on has not promoted the Gospel or stopped the advancement of the family breakdown, abortion, gay issues , etc . All issues that I would agree are important and indicators of a culture gone wrong.


  8. Mick, with the movement of the homosexuals determination to have society, and yes, us 'people of faith' accept them, it is a 'war' of sorts! Do you not know the deterimination to 'shut us up' and yes to set us up as 'enemies' for rejecting their agenda? I for one don't apologise for speaking up for my God's principles, and against their agenda, as I know God is with us, and that is good enough for me, as we are HIS spokepersons, and we must never stop, as sadly they are not going to quit attempting to get their way to have society accept them--legally! Yes, I pray for those who at last 'seen the light' and turn to God's ways and leave the homosexual ways, and rejoice with them and if more were open about their past, maybe it would help 'OUR' movement and keep many from entering that 'denial' world of homosexuality! We must pray for those who have entered this movement, when they 'think' they don't have a choice, when indeed they do, and pray they will come upon those who have been 'freed' and pray that society will 'butt' out of this so called 'choice' lifestyle! IT is not--it's sad! period!

  9. " I know God is with us, and that is good enough for me, as we are HIS spokepersons"

    Wow, the sheer arrogance of that statement boggles the mind.


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