Thursday, February 12, 2009

Irony on Lincoln's Birthday

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Irony on Lincoln's Birthday

I am not the only one who remembers the fleet of bills that were floated in the 60's that were going to lift the nation's poor out of poverty.

We heard terms like, "The War On Poverty" and the "Great Society". President Johnson was going to end poverty---forever. He declared his Presidency a time for change. He promised to not just address the symptoms of poverty, but the causes.

Trillions of dollars later, instead of solving economic problems, government welfare-socialism has created both moral and spiritual problems. The kinds of problems that are inevitable when you turn responsibility of your life over to others.

Perhaps the black community has suffered most from this miscarriage.

It is ironic that this is happening again, through a misguided and sometimes corrupt Congress with the unrestrained support of America's first black President---on Abraham Lincoln's birthday.

A woman who has seen the industry of poverty from the inside of what she calls, "Uncle Sam's Plantation" and has found her way out into personal freedom, can tell the story much better than I can.

Starr Parker has written a poignant column titled, "Back On Uncle Sam's Plantation."

She says following President Johnson's "Economic Opportunity Act" of 1964 and the spending of trillions of dollars, black poverty is the same. But black families are not, with triple the incidence of single-parent homes and out-of-wedlock births.

She describes the return to the plantation and observes that this time, not only is the black community invited to Uncle Sam's Plantation, but industry as well through the massive bailout for nearly everyone who wants more money.

This socialistic scheme was not conceived in liberty, nor is it dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. It steals the essence of freedom, liberty and self reliance.

This column is a must read.

I would pray the closing words of the Gettysburg Address, "That we here highly resolve these dead shall not have died in vain---that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom---and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

God help us.

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. I watched "Looking for Lincoln" last night on my local PBS channel and was somewhat in awe of how they portrayed Lincoln. As a history major in college, I thought I had studied him fairly thoroughly. I was bothered to be honest. The special talked a lot about the "humanness" of Lincoln, about the fact that he really was a "White Supremist" while he believed in the injustice of slavery, never believed in the equality of the black community. That he in fact wanted to deport them back to Africa.

    The special went on to show high school history classrooms where they taught this very new "revisionist" Lincoln history.

    I am white and have been raised in the Northwest section of the U.S. While I have had many close friends in the black community, I have never lived their life. However, while Lincoln was of course "human." Do we always have to judge our historical heroes by our 21st Century standards? Why is there always such a rush to disavow any "white" historical figure once revered by our society? One has to wonder why the black community is not, especially now, subject to the same rigorous standards. With Obama almost "god-like" walking around blaming Wall Street for every ill in society and truly believing he is the "only" person who can save our country, why are they and him exempt from the same scrutiny that is so freely delivered to the European Americans?

  2. Barack Obama likened himself to Lincoln when first elected. There were even illustrations of Obama morphed into Lincoln. What absolute treachery! Lincoln was Republican not Democrat. The formation of the Republican party was to stop the expansion of slavery, not enslave the people with a socialist government as Obama is trying to do. How could Lincoln have been a white supremist, if he stopped the expansion, and eventually freed slaves? This is the treachery of the mainstream media, this is how the American people are brainwashed into thinking Obama is the messiah, when in fact he is fulfilling the agenda of the secular left, and hoping we will forget his treachery by 2012. Folks know your history, and study it well. Think for yourself, remember our values. Remember God gives us our freedoms, it is the purpose of the American government to protect those freedoms. The government does not give us our freedoms. These are the principals this country was founded on.

  3. Very well said! Thank you for your thoughtful post.

  4. To 9:10AM: Well, what if they change the history? Last night on the PBS special they gave reference after reference to remarks made by Lincoln in the Lincoln vs. Douglass debates that Lincoln was in fact very racist. I have never encountered that in any of my research. It makes me so upset sometimes when it seems like we have to make our historical figures out to be bigots and liars. Thank you for your response, by the way!


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