Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Senator Ed Murray: " Doma Is a Reprehensible Law"

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As Senator Murray carried his gay legislation across the goal line last night, winning approval from a majority of his colleagues in the Senate, he called the Defense of Marriage Act a "reprehensible law." DOMA, as you know, is the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Regardless of their words, the actions of a majority of the senators affirmed Murray, his position on marriage and, unfortunately, SB 5688, which he sponsored. The bill was passed and its on to the House of Representatives where the companion bill is assured to pass. Gregoire will sign it into law.

Please review how your senator voted on this bill.

Senators Swecker, Stevens, Roach and Holmquist stood tall for traditional values and spoke against the bill, telling their colleagues this would likely be the last vote they would have on gay marriage. Several Democrats stood for marriage with these and other pro-marriage lawmakers--but in the end there were not enough senators who would vote for marriage.

Most disappointing was the three Republicans who refused to vote for marriage. More on that later.

I am correctly quoted in the Seattle Times this morning saying, "This is the last incremental step before they try to attach the name 'marriage' to what is now called domestic partnerships."

I told the Times that if SB 5688 and it's House companion HB 1727 become law, homosexual activists will argue to the courts that there is no difference between domestic partnerships and marriage and they will have reasonable cause.

Some of the comments made by lawmakers last night were almost unbelievable. I have some comments on that and want to share where we go from here.

Republican Senator Dale Brandland, District 42, which covers Bellingham north to Lynden, Blain and Sumas---west to Point Roberts and east into the mountains said, "This is about equality. I think they are born gay--if you're born gay, you're going to have those feelings for other people---it's the right thing to do."

Does that represent the views and beliefs of those of you who live in his district? Particularly those of you who are Republicans. Why do you elect someone who clearly has no grasp on the lack of any evidence that homosexuality is genetic. This man is a gay activist's fantasy.

If Republicans, or any politician for that matter, can not support traditional marriage, the fundamental building block of any and every society in history, they are either out of touch or committed to the radical gay agenda. If they want to serve, they should move to downtown Seattle, Portland or San Francisco where they will actually represent their constituents.

Republican Senator Janea Holmquist, representing District 13, which includes Rosyln, CleElum east to Moses Lake, Warden and south to Terrace Heights and the east side of Yakima, stood strongly in support of marriage. She also said she believes this was their last opportunity to vote on marriage. She said, "It gets around DOMA--will alter marriage by creating an equal equivalent. She said, "Gays have a right to their relationships---but do not have a right to redefine marriage.

Republican Senator Curtis King from District 14, which includes Union Gap, west Yakima, Selah, Gleed, Tieton, Naches and into the mountains voted with Murray.

Republican Senator Pflug, District 5, also voted with Murray.

There are other comments from senators that are both telling and revealing, however I will get to that later.

It was Senator Murray's passionate plea just prior to the vote, that alarmed me most. He referred to his seat mate and his partner and their children, assuring his colleagues that they were just like any other family or something very close to that, but it was a single comment that I will not soon forget.

He said, "Don't worry about the children." Senator Murray is the last person who should be assuring anyone about children's safety in the context of a homosexual home---and the Senator knows exactly what I'm referring to.

Where do we go from here?

Today we begin the process of defeating Senators Brandland, King and Pflug in the primaries. I understand this will put us against the Republican Party, however we have no other choice. We communicated with them and their offices as to how very important this matter is with people of faith, yet they were compelled to vote with Murray and the gay activists.

Faith and Freedom, along with other organizations, is sponsoring a rally for marriage on the steps of the Capitol on Thursday, March 19 at noon. I and others will be speaking. Please plan to attend if at all possible. I know some of you cannot attend because of work, etc., we also know this is short notice, but please encourage others who can attend to do so.

This rally will have no affect on the votes of our elected officials, however it will be the beginning of a referendum movement to repeal their actions.

There are those, even now, who are saying that the conservative and faith community lack the will or the financial resources to stand against Murray and his people. I do not believe that. This is a spiritual matter, not a political one.

I believe we do. There are no words that can adequately express our need for you to stand with us during this time.

I simply believe God will speak to your heart and you will respond.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. ]"This is the last incremental step before they try to attach the name 'marriage' to what is now called domestic partnerships."

    Gary we already call our marriages 'marriage'. You think I talk about my 'domestic partner'? No, he was my husband and spouse, I tell people we were married for 19 years.

    Marriage comes from beyond government - government merely license a contract in its support. That you have reserved the one named 'marriage' for just opposite gender married couples is a hollow victory because it doesn't stop a single same gender marriage from existing.

  2. Can you provide any legitimate scientific evidence that children are harmed by same-parent households? I doubt it. The American Psychological Association and the American Pediatric Association among others have vehemently denied that same-sex parents damage children. In fact, children of same-sex household generally do better in school on average. There is also zero evidence that children of same-sex households are more likely to be gay.

    You are using the tired "save the children" argument because you hope it will scare otherwise nice people into siding with your hatred. I have more faith in Washingtonians than that. They are smart enough to know you make up your own truth to justify your bigotry. If you disagreed you would have the courage to allow this post to publish to your blog.

    But I bet you won't. Coward!

  3. I do not know how my one voice can multiply enough to those in "charge" - but how can the ones who rant and rave about "religion" be so double tongued when it comes to "marriage" Matrimony is a HOLY Sacrement - its a "religious" concern - so why is the gay community wanting a religious matter. I don't get it.....why do they even care? I pray daily God delivers us out of this impending darkness - and that each of the Faithful in our sweet Lord Jesus Christ, that our light shines out like beekins on high - guiding the way of the lost, the loney, the ugly hearted and shine bright enough that their hearts catch on fire with the Lord! In Jesus name, I pray this daily.....
    Mari Denise Amstutz
    La Center Washington

  4. Proverbs 24:10 says, "If you faint in the day of adversity your strength is small."

  5. Matrimony is a HOLY Sacrement - its a "religious" concern

    Mari, you are mistaken. Marriage has been a civil affair since our culture's greco-roman/anglo saxon roots. It wasn't until the 14th century that the Roman Catholic Church tried to make a power grab and say they would license all marriage contracts.

    Even today 2 Atheists can license the civil contract of marriage without the bat of an eye as long as they are opposite gender. There is nothing religious about the state contract.

  6. It's not about equality. It's about rejecting God.

    Washington needs God more now than ever before. We need to prosper financialy, grow in our understanding of righteousness, discretion, and the ability to see ahead as far as we can before
    we make choices.

    In hindsight all who will hope in God will see that 5688 was a poor

    This will happen either here or there. My prayer is that it will be here for as many as the Lord
    shall call.

    The good news is just as good today as it ever was. May God reveal all of our sins to us as he watches us in the ways that we
    go, and bring us back to him, for
    the purposes of Christ. He watches for us to come back whenever we go away.

  7. "You are using the tired "save the children" argument because you hope it will scare otherwise nice people into siding with your hatred"

    Thats not true me and the people I know . Marriage is a civil contract. The supports given to it were orchestrated to support families and the institution of marriage . Always been common sense till recently that MAN AND A WOMAN , the natural parents as being the standard of what a healthy society considers needed to support and promote the next generation of taking over . Divorce, gay marriage , and the rise of single parent families because of sex out of marriage are just added problems contrinuting to other social factors hurting children . This of course does not mean a gay parent is not agood parent , or a divorced parent , or a parent who had a child out of wed lock . But the discussion gets ost with sodom and gomorah from one side and hatred from your side .


  8. It is time to show the homosexual community how serious we are about this issue. Marriage is between one man and one woman before God. It is time for the homosexual community to feel the full wrath of the righteous. They want this, let it be on their heads.

  9. It is time to show the homosexual community how serious we are about this issue. Marriage is between one man and one woman before God.

    Hmmmm this is a domestic partnership bill, not a marriage bill. In fact its existence prevents any court challenge for same gender couples for access to the marriage contract.

    It is time for the homosexual community to feel the full wrath of the righteous.

    Yeah yeah and when you find yourself outside the banquet gnashing your teeth you too will see the irony in your statement. :)

  10. Gary Randall,

    You are shameful. Your efforts to discriminate and purposely hurt people is disgusting, ignorant and simply, sad. Who are you to pass judgment? Who are you to make determinations about other people’s lives? Why are you not putting your time, efforts and money into causes that advance the mission of Christ: feeding hungry, helping desolate, walking-the-walk. Clearly, your hate-speech is rooted in your own fears and insecurities. How does someone else’s marriage affect yours? It does not. You are an empty, sad man.

    WWJD? He would neither harm nor discriminate. He would love.
    Are you even capable?

  11. Oshtur,

    You believe in the banquet! Praise
    the Lord!

    From when the Lord was very young
    he knew to choose the good and refuse the evil. All the good things of God are his, and he's prepared a place for all of his.


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