Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Welcome to the "No Press" Zone

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I'm continuing to receive emails from you regarding your concern over the lack of press coverage of last Thursday's rally.

I know, the reality is shocking, but that's where we are in regard to the press and these matters. The same day the press could not fit in a story about 2,400 citizens standing on the Capitol steps in defense of traditional marriage, they were able to cover a half dozen protestors in front of AIG downtown.

The Seattle PI could not cover the rally, but can cover an alleged "hate crimes" charge on a metro bus by an 18-year-old kid.

KIRO 7 TV, who had a reporter in Olympia during the rally, couldn't cover it, but can run a story about country artist Martina McBride telling OUT magazine that she would welcome an openly gay country artist, even though the country music audience is, "Very middle America, very Bible belt."

KOMO 4 TV didn't respond to a number of you who asked about their no coverage of the rally, but they do have space and time to run a story about an "Oregon Teen Charged With Tanning Salon Peeping."

Welcome to the "no press" zone.

As we move forward in our defense of marriage---again, please know they will likely not adequately cover those things that could help and will cover the controversies that will surely emerge over the next few months.

It is imperative that we sign up as many as possible to receive this blog and commentary. This will be our best and likely only way to properly communicate as we move forward. Encourage friends and family to join with us. They need only to subscribe here.

This won't surprise you and you will believe it. Guess what CNN did yesterday morning.

It isn't just local. The press is hard at work everyday in every way "serving" local communities across America.

Yesterday morning, CNN's Jim Acosta, covered the weekend canvass, which was sponsored by the Democratic Party's "Organizing for America".

He reported that, "Once volunteers for the Obama campaign...a vast grassroots network of supporters is back on the trail."

Michael Bates from NEWSBUSTERS, added a touch of truth to CNN's "Vast grass roots network."

Using other news sources, reporting actual numbers of people turning out in various locations around the country, he points out that the "vast grassroots network" is actually hundreds--maybe a thousand or twelve hundred. Keep in mind, this a nation wide call to action to help the President push his agenda. Made to those who elected him.

Read the story --smile, and know that we are not alone in the "no press zone."

Talk this up among friends, family, friends at church, your pastor and help expand this network.

Together, with God's help, we can do this. Each day we write for the purpose of informing people of the attacks on marriage, life, and freedoms, with the intent to inspire you to have the will to resist and stand for traditional principles and values.

This is action time.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. In New Jersey the same thing happened. There was a traditional marriage rally on the state capital steps in Oct 2007 and 2008.
    with about the same numbers of people participating. The press coverage was almost non existant. If two homosexuals were protesting at the same place, the press would have been tripping over themselves to cover it. It is for reasons like this I no longer subscribe to newspapers and get all my news from the internet. I no longer trust the press. It is interesting that one of the newspapers is losing money and is looking for a buyer

  2. The press isn't covering your so called news because they do not want to spread your lies and hatred.

    Should the local news spew the rhetoric coming from the KKK? No, they should not.

    You have your right to free speech, even if that speech is misguided and hateful, but that does not mean privately owned companies have to regurgitate your nonsense.

  3. So you admit that the press censors the news to support it's agenda. Interesting. Is that why they run the extreme pictures and stories of the gay pride perversion every year.
    Okay. I get it. I think that is what Gary is talking about.

  4. I think it's just the natural progression. We've passed the tipping point and gay marriage will definitely happen.

    Your group is becoming smaller and less significant. The rest of the world is moving on.

  5. Gee, I wonder if the anti-gay attacker was at Gary's hate rally? He's young (18) and apparently claimed homosexuality was against his religion.

    Why would anyone be surprised that the kind of hyperbolic rhetoric that would make the poor, deluded woman, who wrote to Gary, so fearful for their very existence leads to violence against the targeted group?

  6. The press isn't covering your so called news because they do not want to spread your lies and hatred.

    Should the local news spew the rhetoric coming from the KKK? No, they should not.

    You have your right to free speech, even if that speech is misguided and hateful, but that does not mean privately owned companies have to regurgitate your nonsense


  7. So the anti-any-rights-for-gay-couples-what-so-ever rally, which misidentified itself as a "pro-marriage" rally received exactly the same amount of press coverage as the marriage equality rally and Gary sees this as irrefutable evidence of press bias. Wow talk about a persecution complex!

  8. Maybe the news does have an agenda -- to spread news. The fact that the radical right wing hates gay people is not news.

    What is news, is when oppressed minorities finally get rights or when they have the courage to speak out even when faced with real and violent threats against their lives from the radical religious right.

  9. Gary is misstating Newsbuster's spin on Organizing for America. The NB article states there were sum 1,200 GROUPS canvassing not 1,200 INDIVIDUALS as Gary implies. In fact one of those 1,200 groups in NC had some 300 people organizing 30 events.

    The linked article also denigrates the contributions of those under 18, you know the type of people, who made up the majority of the anti-gay rally. Does Gary disagree with this characterization? Or is political activity by minors only laudable when it's on Gary's side of the political issues?

  10. 1:20 PM

    Guess what? I believe in traditional marriage as well. I just also support the right of same-sex couples to access the obligations and benefits of civil marriage. You see, it isn't the support of traditional marriage that is the issue, it's the opposition to any sort of government recognition and benefits for same-sex couples (e.g. the DOMESTIC PARTNERSHIP bill) that causes fair minded people to consider these positions bigoted. It's the dishonest hyperbole and flat out lies about gay people, their lives and the possible consequences to society of recognizing their committed loving unions that cause those same people to consider the groups that espouse those positions as hate-filled.

  11. Interesting anom 120 you do not use your weights and measurements for the crowd that just hate anything with view that prootes a western civilization view point of right and wrong . Only the right hates ? Your open minded: sarcasm:
    comments show differently .

    Perhaps gay marriage will become the law of the land . One thing for sure , if say this rally was indeed showing hate , it would have been televised , documented, the left would have circulated , their would be front page coverage in support of the poor victimhood you hide behind.

  12. Gee Mick, who's the one claiming they are the victim of a vast conspiracy of gays, the Legislature and the entirety of the local media to deny them the level of coverage they deserve? Someone has certainly been hiding behind a poor (false)victimhood, just review Gary's posts and the identity of that someone will be clear.

  13. This is why I refuse to read a newspaper in Washington State, they appear to be left biased. I only watch "Fair and Balanced" news which I also need to screen for what the truth really is. We all need to remember the media has an agenda. Just look at their power, they took a black community organizer off the street, and made him president of the most powerful country in the world. Now look at the chaos they have caused. I really feel sad for those who don't know what's going on out in the world because the media, newspapers, TV, and radio alike, are all so slanted. I personally would rather pick up a tabloid at the checkout than buy any Washington State rag. At least from the tabloid I get a chuckle while the rag only gives me something to puke in.

  14. You're right 9:00AM there is a conspiracy orchestrated by millions of people to destroy the country and take over the world....

    Give me a break.

  15. 9:00 illustrates the problem with modern religious conservatism in this country, it has become so absurd and it's rhetoric so extreme that it is impossible to discern the writings of an earnest right-winger from satire of same.

  16. anom 1145 you missed my point . On purpose ? You see only through an idealogical my side is always right , your side is always wrong . Mr righteous came out with the my side is tolerant your side is not , then uses the same tactics that he says the other side uses. "they sometimes do"

    Demonize the side you disagree with . Yes both sides use the victimhood scnick . So nice straw man tactic yourself . Speak to issues I never spoke to. Two sides fighting a war , and you claim only one side is using dangerous weapons .

    As if gays don't demonize their opposition as tactic . The democratic party has for years been against gay marriage on the record , Obama is . You don't hear the venom here about Obama do ya ?
    Its not a tactical good idea .

    To me gay marriage is not good for kids , gay kids , straight kids . Instead of debating that , the folks here say you got to be a hater. Also the folks here who obsessively stick around here only to break down conversation promote the stereotype many have of gays. Because that secular outcast hatred is predominant in political gay activists . Not a stereotype .

    Gary does not prerach hate , but he allows it here for some reason ? I read him at times , and its always basically the same religious right topics . Abortion/gay / issues. Important but notwhat the church should be paying attention to , Feeding the widow and orphan , helping the poor , etc .

    . He does preach a traditional Christian view point , something our culture soes not share . Nor does it share the hatred and culture that the obsessive gay bloggers here have either .

    I see our culture has morphed into more of live and live don't bother me with a lingering right and wrong from our heritage . Many people are still against abortion , but not pro life . Against immorality , but see it as wrong to expect others to be that way . People still want to be fair . Once gay marriage becomes the law of the land, many people will be surprised on the right and left what it means . The liberal gay left will be disappointed IMO.
    It really will end up costing individual gays more then they realized , and our society is becoming more socialist to the point the monetary impact on us would have been realized mostly anyway .


  17. Mick,

    I would address your points if I could find any in your incoherent stream of consciousness rant.

    Of course, for your whine to hold any weight, you would have to address the points in my posts first, instead of refuting straw-man arguments like "only the right hates", which no one is making.

    Point of fact, I have demonized anyone in the post at 11:45 to which you are responding accusing me of demonization. I merely pointed out that, while you are accusing gays of hiding behind our "poor victimization", Gary has been claiming victimization in the lack of press coverage for his rally for days. I also pointed out that, since he got the EXACT SAME amount of press coverage as the pro-equality rally the previous week, any claims of victimization or press bias are patently false.

    I am perfectly willing to debate the benefits of same-sex marriage to children. But this is the first you've brought it up, so I don't see how your claims that folks here are avoiding it can have any factual basis whatsoever.

    Although, having attempted debate with you in the past, I have a perfectly reasonable expectation that it would quickly devolve into the usual game of Calvin Ball, where the goalposts continually move and shift as you loose the debate.


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