Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Congressman Says Obama Moving U.S. Toward Secularism and Socialism

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Rep. John Fleming, R-LA, has gone on the record expressing outrage over an episode a couple of weeks ago saying "Where you see socialism, you see a decline in Christianity and religion in general."

I would agree that you would at least see a decline in the freedom to express religious beliefs.

He said, "Obviously that suggests that our president does not want to be associated with religious symbols, at least not Christian symbols."

"That" is the incident that happened a couple of weeks ago at Georgetown University where Obama's administration asked that the historic symbol of Jesus Christ's name---IHS---be covered so it could not be seen during the President's speech.

He said their explanation wasn't good enough.

Fleming requested a minute to speak on the House floor saying, on the record, "I join many Christians in expressing my outrage at this request."

He said the administration has no problem spending money imprinted with the phrase, "In God We Trust," but won't have our President speak with any symbol of Christ in public view.

He says he sees a trend. I think he's right.

The Congressman said, "This country was founded on solid principles of Judeo-Christian ethics, why should our president cover an important symbol of our heritage?"

"I have a concern," he said, "about the very sharp turn to socialism that's happening in our government."

He said where socialism exists, you see a corresponding decline in Christianity and religion, and, "If, indeed, our president and our liberal Congress---based on the legislation that has happened and what's in front of us---that would be consistent with the secularization of society."

He also said he wanted to call attention to the White House request to have the IHS symbol covered, because it reveals the president's values.

It's hard to tell what the President actually believes, because there is little to no consistency between what he says he believes and what he actually does.

Case in point: Marriage. Life.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. That is the problem we face. Obama says he supports traditional marriage, but promises the gays that he will abolish DOMA. He says he supports life and wants to diminish abortions, but advances legislation that increases abortions.
    Thanks Gary.

  2. "It's hard to tell what the President actually believes, because there is little to no consistency between what he says he believes and what he actually does."

    I see no reason why one wouldn't take the president at his word. Since what he says concerning marriage equality and abortion is that his personal beliefs are against both, but he doesn't feel it proper in a pluralistic society such as ours to force everyone to behave as if they shared those beliefs. Force under threat of violence as conservatives like to say when it is about taxes.

  3. When do conservatives ever say 'under threat of violence'? Obama is a double minded man. He says one thing and does another. He was voted into office by a slim margin with statements. Are we supposed to forget those statements as if they have no credibility and now just say 'Oh well. He is just looking out for the best for all of us.' All of us unless you happen to be a baby in the womb or a person of common sense who takes a look at the sexes and says -- Nope, don't think guys go with guys. Just stupid to try and shove that down folks throats. Now are they behaving in aberrant behavior, yes. That is simple to observe. Are they supposed to be ostracized because of it, no. We all behave more than poorly on many fronts. Our behavior always has consequences and when it injures others and steps over our laws that are created from moral beliefs (as are ALL laws) then someone is in trouble with the authorities.

    But no need for special laws just because someone is performing very strange acts and wants special coverage for that. I can get in trouble for violence toward any person whether they perform strange acts or not.

  4. I'm reminded of how Jesus said that if we are ashamed of him then he will be ashamed of us.

    I wish his name were ascribed, attached and honored to every good thing, for every good thing
    exists by him and without him, there is nothing of value. God made everthing because of him and everything God made was good. Nations remain good as they abide in him.

    We must honor God and Christ in this nation again if we will be
    honored among the nations that seek righteousness.

    Can any man's name be good should he ever turn away and not honor Jesus? Not for long. He would soon
    corrupt into some horrible condition.

    Every man's words and works are being watched by God. May God keep
    us all in Christ Jesus by his grace.

    God knows the interpretation of all we do. We have to trust in him. We need his provision for the
    sins we have fallen into.

  5. Why is it that all the people, who voted against Obama, are now claiming that he isn't abiding by his campaign statements? I don't know of a single Obama supporter (save those disappointed by the delay in repealing DADT), who thinks he was sold a false bill of goods. Obama said he wanted to repeal DOMA during the campaign, you might have been too busy yelling "drill baby drill" and holding a Obama=Hitler sign at Palin rallies to notice though.

  6. I think Obama's playing it smart. It's time to tone down the religious rhetoric worldwide and start working toward peaceful coexistence based on the things that unite us, not divide us like religion. Obama realizes that he represents all of us, not just the Christians.

  7. "Covering up a picture or statue of jesus".
    What's next: The US Flag, the statue of Liberty? I wonder how much of the interior of the whitehouse will be changed as well.
    He's definately not christian, more muslim maybe? What's the opposite of Jesus?
    We are headed toward perdition.
    Thank you! All you so informed voters! God help US.

  8. The pay as you go president has made an about face for sure . Many voters were turned off by Bush , lies and corruption . I really don't think they wanted the middle class now being programed to need government to just get by .

    I see the point here , socialism requires people to rely on government to get by . Freedom requires you to rely on yourself and promote people to put their Faith in God.

    We had a unique balance for many years in this country , freedom yet an appreciation for government to provide structure and balance .
    The more government becomes bigger, it is obvious religion and faith are becoming less important or VALUED.

    where I disagree is fighting back using religion in government .

  9. Using God, as our forefathers did, is an example how we 'need' to do the same now---to use HIS principles to 'save' this nation, in spite of what this new President does. Prayerfully we can 'hold out' until he is GONE in 4 yrs!


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