Friday, April 03, 2009

Iowa Supreme Court Strikes Down Traditional Marriage

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Earlier today, the Iowa Supreme Court struck down marriage as being only between one man and one woman, saying it was unconstitutional.

Some of the same tactics that are being used in the Washington State legislature have been used in the Iowa legislature to block the issue of homosexual marriage going to a public vote.

When the Washington State Senate heard SB 5688, Sen. Dan Swecker proposed an amendment that would have sent the issue to a vote of the people. The liberal left, who hold the majority in Olympia, were adamantly opposed to allowing a public vote.

The DesMoines Register is reporting this morning that pro-marriage legislators in Iowa have attempted to launch a constitutional amendment to specifically prohibit same-sex marriage.

Iowa Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinley called for an immediate move to amend the constitution, thus putting the matter in the hands of the people. “Though the court has made their decision, I believe every Iowan should have a voice on this matter and that is why the Iowa Legislature should immediately act to pass a Constitutional Amendment that protects traditional marriage, keeps it as a sacred bond only between one man and one woman and gives every Iowan a chance to have their say through a vote of the people.”

The tactic of avoiding a public vote and advancing homosexual marriage through the courts or litigation seems to be the standard procedure for gay rights activists nationwide.

As you know, we are presently working to bring the matter of same-sex marriage in Washington State to a vote of the people.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Nice spin Gary, but the majority in Olympia are not "adamantly opposed" to allowing a public vote, they just don't see the need to provide an enormous subsidy to the religious right by allowing them to forgo the arduous and expensive process of collections signatures of 4% of the voters in the last election, as laid down in state law, to overturn the Legislature. Such a gift would be unprecedented, so it seems the real question is why do Senators like Swecker feel that the religious right should get a free pass in their attempts to force their religious on the rest of the state?

  2. Interesting that Gary is fighting hard to kill the compromise put forward by another Republican in the Legislature:

    State Rep. Dave Heaton, R-Mount Pleasant, said he would support a constitutional amendment. However, he also believes lawmakers would have to work on parallel legislation that would grant civil unions or some sort of way to grant legal rights to same-sex couples.

    “I firmly believe marriage should be between a man and a women but at the same time, I believe we should address these issues,” Heaton said. “I would rather recognize a civil union than to have same-sex marriage.”

    Being against a compromise solution? Doesn't that make you an fringe extremist?

  3. There are many folks opposed to gay marriage. They are not all "religious right" as a previous comment suggests. This is just one more attempt to turn this issue into a matter of religion, when in fact gay marriage is poor public policy, nice try.

  4. 12:31 PM

    Are you calling Gary Randall a liar? He has stated clearly and emphatically on this blog several times that he feel this is an issue of faith or a spiritual one (e.g. religion).

    I suppose the real question is will the censors allow this fact to pointed out? They certainly seem to be active today.

  5. What a misleading headline! The Iowa court did not "Strike down traditional marriage" in it's unanimous decision. So-called "traditional marriages" (is Newt Gingrich's third marriage traditional?) are still perfectly legal in Iowa, the court just granted marriage equality to same-sex couples. This entails no changes what-so-ever to "traditional marriages".

  6. Yes, 'traditional marriage' is code words for 'special rights for those with an opposite gender spouse'.

    There have already been those predicting a vengeful demon will blight Iowa's crops for this affront and what can one say about those that predict such or the demon that would do such a thing?

    In the end it will just be another ::yawn:: moment in history - wow 1 out of 50 marriages will be different than the other 49 in a way that won't matter to most of that other 49.

    Good for you Iowa.

  7. anon11:26 So are you saying that we are so far to the left that allowing people to vote is a gift that is bestowed on the citizens by the legislators?

    Swecker and Randall and the others are not trying to force their religious beliefs on the rest of the state. Are you not aware that marriage has been only between a man and a woman throughout all human history. It is the homosexuals that are trying to force their beliefs on the rest of us. Randall and Swecker are resisting what you are trying to force on us.

  8. I prefer legislatures or people to decide such issues . Otherwise they will take longer ever to resolve. If gay marriage is legalized by idealogues with robes , it will be sep back for all of our rights in the long run .

  9. 9:46 PM,

    Wow the censors were up late to approve your post!

    Giving Randall and others a "go directly to referendum" card, it would have been a free gift. If the citizens of this state decide that attacking gays is important enough to them, there should be no problem collecting the necessary signatures to get on the ballot. I suspect there will be a good deal of misrepresenting this expansion of domestic partnership rights as "gay marriage" and other dishonesty involved.

  10. the misrepresentation happens every day by gay activists. they claim religious leaders like randall and others are trying to force their religion on everyone. that's not true at all. marriage between a man and a woman has been the norm since the begining of history.all religions have condemned homosexuality and no civilization has ever successfully made homosexuality the norm. it's the gays that are trying to force their deviance on everyone else and make everyone say it's normal.the gays cry "victim" while they victimize society. that's misrepresentation.

  11. 9:22 AM

    There are churches and faiths that perform and recognize same-sex marriages today, right now. So clearly having the law reflect your religion and not their is forcing your religious beliefs on them. Moreover civil marriage is not a religious institution, but a civil, legal one. Allowing for same-sex civil marriage will not affect you or your church at all.

    As your closing comment makes perfectly clear, this is not about "protecting traditional marriage" at all but about expressing your disapproval of homosexuality, and having that disapproval backed up by the full force of the government. It's about equality, an argument that Evangelicals have historically often found themselves on the wrong side of.

  12. How is it that a nation or state can seek God's favor for their economy while at the same time promote that which God will never
    declare to be cean? (homosexuality)

    Shellfish I have heard were once to be destested by the people of God. It was good for them to eat
    other things, but now by the work
    of Christ all foods have been made
    clean spiritually, though all may not be healthy to eat at all times. Let us not therefore judge each other in things that we eat,
    but God has never and will never make homosexuality clean. It can not be justified.

    Only sinners can be justified and that by repentance and faith in Jesus and his sacrifice which makes us clean again, so that we may continue in the things of God
    and remain clean, with our hope being our citizenship in the holy
    city above whose gates will come unto every man, though many will not be allowed entry because of their sins which they have not come clean of, having denied the
    application of the blood of Christ
    upon their souls which would have been unto their salvation.

    Let us not therefore allow the promotion of sin which destroys but rather promote godliness, cleanliness, and honesty, without which we can not enter into salvation, nor the kingdom to come.

    May God continue to watch over this nation and turn her to the right, guiding her with his perfect light.

    Homosexuality is temporary. It's end is in sight. It can not last.
    It's foundation is not of God. It's not founded on righteousness and justice. The foundation of God is. Jesus is right and just.

  13. 11:45 AM

    Tell me again how this isn't about right-wing Christians trying to force their religious beliefs on the rest of us.

  14. "Right wing Christians" didn't exist when the rules were made for marriage. 5000 years of marriage=a man and a woman and now "right wing Christians" are trying to force their beliefs on you.It's always been that way. What part of that do you not understand?
    Randall and friends are just believing and practicing what people have believed and practiced for thousands of years. We were here first. Now you are trying to redefine marriage and saying we are "forcing" the 5000 year old norm on you? You are trying to force your beliefs on us and we are resisting.

  15. 5000 years? Really? So what about those marriages in the bible that consisted of one man and several women? Or the fact that plural marriage was less than 200 years ago a sacrament in the Mormon church? I guess we will just ignore the facts that don't fit the political spin, eh?

    I don't see how a gay couple enjoying the legal protections, obligations and benefits of civil marriage, which has been around far less than 5000 years is forcing anything on you, Gary Randall or any other Christianist. It wouldn't directly affect them one bit. But denying civil marriage to same-sex couples affects them, their families and their children in very direct and harmful ways, but then that is the objective of the other side.

  16. What do you mean the political spin. The press, the Governor and a majority of the legislators are on your side.
    I didn't say anything about polygamy. You did. Marriage is between a male and a female. Always has been. Any thing other than that isn't marriage. Call it what you want but it isn't marriage. That has been the norm for 5000 years. You can point to deviant behavior all you want, but that does not justify redefining marriage and destroying our culture.
    You can attack Gary Randall all you want, as long as he allows you to, but that doesn't change what marriage is.

  17. Folks, they are not forcing their religion on any one.

    They are just want to amend the state's constitution.

    It's only coincidence that this becomes law.

  18. 11:45
    This 'movement' as you call it, is NOT just among us 'right wingers'! I worked this last year from May until elections in Nov, going door to door to hundreds of homes. Beleive me, people of every walk of life, are AGAINST the gays becoming legalized' marriages. Most feel to keep things as always, , and leave our authentic marriages alone. Most are appalled to have this issue 'in our faces' via media hype and the attempt to change our laws to accommodate them! Even people who don't neccesarily have a 'faith' are 'against' this 'movement' via the gay community! This would affect our lives in many ways; the schools teaching children morals that are against the parents beliefs, the extra expense for business's paying for extra benefits to 'partners', the 'open affection' in public, and the confusion to our teens, when told they 'could' be gay! This is one of my concerns, as our teens are in an 'impressionable' time in their lifes, and they don't need this 'gay movement' to confuse them more! I know this is unpopular right now, but it's the truth. The majority of our citizens would love for this issue to stop, and the gay community to 'go back into their closets' to live in peace as they gave been doing all this time, and get our of our faces!!


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