Tuesday, April 07, 2009

President Obama Names Anti-Pope, Homosexual Activist to Faith Council

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President Obama is doing a little slight of hand, much like the Wa. State House of Representatives with their hearing schedule, as he proclaims to be furthering President Bush's faith-based initiative program while developing a Council with a very different agenda under the name of his Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships program.

He has now appointed Harry Knox, a homosexual activist with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) a homosexual activist organization.

Harry Knox is the director of the religion and faith program at HRC and has recently blasted the Pope and other Catholic bishops and the Knights of Columbus for not supporting same-sex marriage.

He also leads the HRC program to help pastors with sermon material that supports the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-gender perspective on the Bible.

Knox has described Pope Benedict XVI and other certain Catholic Bishops as "discredited leaders" because they oppose so-called "gay marriage".

The talking points are always the same. If you don't support their agenda, they demonize you by calling you intolerant, bigoted and hateful ---trying to push your beliefs on them. This, of course, while they seek to redefine marriage and re-engineer society.

He has called the Catholic Knights of Columbus "foot soldiers of a discredited army of oppression," because they supported the successful opposition to Proposition 8 in California.

According to the HRC web site, Knox has created, " a weekly preaching resource that provides scriptural commentary to ministers and lay people interested in an ecumenical gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and trans-gender perspective on the Bible."

His goal, the site says, is to create, "faith based transgender education in 40 diverse Congressional districts across the country."

He is leading a pastors event on Capitol Hill in May to further his causes. Clearly President Obama has given a huge lift to his stated goals, by appointing him to the Presidents advisory council. Knox says," We will help the President in living up to his promise that government has no place in funding bigotry against any group of people."

I suppose that means that any faith based ministry that in any way receives government funding for ministry to children, orphans, women, the homeless, etc. who also happen to believe biblical teaching on the sin of homosexual acts, would lose their funding.

Thank you , Mr. President.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, said his appointment makes a mockery of the faith- based program.

I agree.

He said, "This is exactly the kind of bastardization of common sense that the Obama people are putting forth."

He says Knox will use this appointment to increase his political capital so he can further his own homosexual agenda.

Interestingly, former Indianapolis Colts coach Tony Dungy had been on the list to serve on this same council, however when the list came out on Monday, his name had been dropped from the list. Dungy is well known to be a pro-marriage Christian. He has stood strongly against so-called" gay-marriage".

Donohue says, "Because of the screamers in the gay community that said we can't have a man like Tony Dungy, they have decided to reach out to a man like Harry Knox---this is the way the Obama people work."

Who knows whether Dungy with drew or was taken from the list.

Tom McClusky, vice president at Family Research Council agreed that Obama's Council is certainly weighted toward the liberal left.

I agree with Donohue.

The whole thing is a sham, much like the late night decision to reschedule the last hearing on the Washington State SB 5688. Trickery may have silenced our voices on this latest hearing, but I assure you, it will be heard on this issue.

Thanks for standing with us.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. What great news! Thanks for keeping me updated on my community.

  2. If you don't support their agenda, they demonize you by calling you intolerant, bigoted and hateful

    Ha! In your last blog entry you posted a letter that implied that support for marriage equality was support for declining birth rates when its not - the above are opinions, that was just a simple lie.

    Why is it you don't see the 'logs and specks' around this issue that are so very clear? My guess would be because you've got the log...

    Oh and good going Vermont - they overrode the Governor's veto of marriage equality! So now that the issue has been acted on and reviewed by all 3 branches of Vermont government and will become the law of the land, I wonder what will be the complaints now?

  3. Oh No, now it's Vermont!!!!

    Gary, I'm so upset, I not gay and I've been happily married for over 20 years, but I can see the writing on the wall.

    The end of traditional marriage is very near.

    So, please, tell me, how long does my marriage have? I need to prepare my wife. She says gay marriage won't have any impact on us, but I think you are right - once gay marriage is forced on us, I won't have any choice. It's sad because I'm just not attracted to men, but they don't care about that as they force their gay lifestyle on the rest of us.

  4. "If you don't support their agenda, they demonize you by calling you intolerant, bigoted and hateful"

    Isn't that precisely what Gary is doing to Knox in this post? Just because Knox does not share your narrow views, doesn't mean he isn't a man of sincere and deep faith. The simple fact is the faith-based initiative program under Bush represented ONLY conservative Christians, that is changing to reflect the different viewpoints of people of faith out there. Gary and Bill Donohue think that is a bad thing. Seems Gary is upset because Knox treats conservative Christians with the same level or respect Gary treats liberal Christians.

  5. Gary's outrage is laughable. As the CNS article clearly states, the council also includes Frank S. Page, president emeritus of the Southern Baptist Convention and Rev. Joel C. Hunter, who supported Huckabee and was offered the Presidency of the Christian Coalition of America. It seems to me that conservative Christians are getting far more representation on this board under Obama, than liberal Christians got under Bush. But that's not enough for Gary, he doesn't want liberal Christians to be heard at all. Apparently the recognition of any voices or opinions save his own is evidence of anti-Christian bias. What a joke.

  6. The good news is the nation is moving towards equality! Today the Vermont legislature, in a bipartisan vote, overrode the veto of the republican Governor to allow for full marriage equality in that state. So much for equality only being "imposed" by the courts! I guess Gary will argue that Vermont as an "activist" legislature now, after all the only working definition of "activist" is makes decisions that the right-wing doesn't like.

  7. The terrible news is that so many people are so duped by such a very simple concept....boys don't go with boys and girls don't go with girls. Just doesn't get more to the point and doesn't really get more complicated than that.

    But by all means, keep spending lots of time, energy and long explanations about how much more complicated it is and how those of us who actually wish to live a natural life are so dumb.

  8. Was John the baptist an evil, hateful man because he spoke up against a man taking his brother's wife?

    I suppose a few saw John that way,
    but that's not how Jesus saw him.

    And what is important? Who is it that will be the judge in the end?
    Isn't it Jesus?

    Jesus is watching what's going on.
    He patiently waits for men to repent of their sins, and for all
    that are his to be perfected. One
    day soon he will come and who knows the day of his coming? Does
    any man know the days he has left?

    I saw a picture of the statue of liberty on a reader board in a national forest a few days ago which said, "Liberty and Justice for all." and with it was a statment from the forest service of being an equal opportunity employer and included in that statement was mention of sexual orientation, and
    it seems to me that liberty and justice got perverted.

    When I read it, the thought came to me to look up 'liberty' and 'justice' and see what they mean in a dictionary when I got home.

    Only Jesus makes men free and in
    his heavenly city to come there is
    nothing unclean. Inside the people
    are free and inside there is no injustice.

    Wow! I suggest everyone look up these words again.

  9. The terrible news is that so many people are so duped by such a very simple concept....boys don't go with boys and girls don't go with girls.

    Me thinks you need to get out more - the go together just fine.

  10. The gay community desperately wants respect. They feel that if they can marry the sin and shame they feel will go away.

    It won't.

    Abe Lincoln used to ask a question: "If you called a dogs tail a leg, how many legs would a dog have?"


    If this is how you answer, you are wrong. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it one.

    Calling a homosexual relationship a marriage doesn't make it one either. The only thing that will be accomplished is making a mokery of marriage.

    PRS in Federal Way

  11. PRS,

    As a gay man, I feel no shame about my sexual orientation what so ever. Why on earth would I? It is an innate part of my being and part of the normal diversity of humans.

    The gay community already has the respect of decent fair minded people. Why are Christianists so threatened by the idea of gays being a respected part of society?

  12. insanity-insantiy--it's so sad to see the Gov of Vermont explain his sadness that has just occurred in his beloved state. He said he does not understand how several reps/senators who were 'with him' on this important subject, 'changed' their minds. I wonder also. If that state, or all the other states ever got the chance to vote on these issues, hands down, it would stop this insanity of same the sex issues!

  13. 10:35

    I think you're going to get your wish. Oregon will likely see a ballot initiative in '12 to undo 2004's Measure 36 (maybe by 2010). Plus, if the California supreme court doesn't overrule Measure 8, you'll see an initiative to put a reversal on the ballot there as well.

    Attitudes are changing in a hurry. I suspect that by 2012 you may not want it to go to a vote.

  14. Christians are not threatened by gays. Homosexuality is contrary to the teachings of the Bible, therefore Christians do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle. It's that simple, that is the Christian belief, and last time I checked, in this country we are all free to disagree with whatever we choose. Christians don't even dislike homosexuals, Christians just don't agree with their choices. Why is it gays are so threatened they need to force their belief on the majority?

  15. Why is it gays are so threatened they need to force their belief on the majority?

    You have it backwards as I'm sure you know - that your particular sect doesn't 'like' gays is well known, but the government is supposed to support all its citizens, not just those of your sect.

    Again, take me. I can't sin - sin is a violation of religious law and my beliefs do think there is any religious law. We can pass laws that allow marriage equality, working on the Sabbath, allow pork or shellfish sold for consumption and I can do all those things and I haven't been lead into sin I can't.

    No one is being forced to do anything - other than respect the right of other citizens to NOT be your religion, you have no right to pretend that a single solitary other person shares your religion or your views and the government is supposed to serve its citizens regardless.

    So your solution for 'gay marriage' is if you don't want to marry someone of the same gender, well, don't just as if you think marry someone left-handed is wrong, or with red hair. But there are those that do and do expect the government to allow them the same opportunity to license their marriage with the state you have regardless of your beliefs.

    That's the dual edge with the first amendment for you, it doesn't just protect your choices, it protects everyone's and the government must support all it citizens equally regardless.

  16. "Why are Christianists so threatened by the idea of gays being a respected part of society?"

    Most likey just change in general is threatening to many . Plus in the Bible it always has a negative association with the term homosexuality . Seeing it promoted as diversity is like seeing divorce or out of wedlock sex as something to celebrate . If you saw out of wedlock sex pride parades you would find some Christians speaking up to it . Actually louder. It would be more permissable in the culture as of now . No one likes being called a bigot , an effective tool of homosexual activists

    And the homosexual lobby did a great political hatchet job on this issue , much to smiling faces of those in the democratic party , but not to John Kerry . Bush might have won because of pro traditional ballot measures . Political owies always are remembered unfortunately at a later time , but you can not have a rational discussion here on this isse , therer is no middle ground or agree to disagree it appears . Sometimes I have reached that , but usually the homosexual side will mock you and I see the religious side often quoting scripture like a hammer .

    But finally when ever I have seen homosexuality promoted the most , in areas or even pubic schools , UI have also see a very negative portrayal of Christians as a group and as individuals . Even liberal bloggers have had enough with the Sarah Palin pile on , the soap opera media showing her kid's x boyfriend promoting the negative and hypocritical portrayal . Have we sunk that low as a culture to see that as news worthy ? In any case , your use of term Christiantists is like saying queer in comparison . Which proves a point , when homosexuality is promoted , those comments are often accepted who value diversity , tolerance , respect would say queer or Christianist is out of line .


  17. Mick, we've been through this before, some like to differentiate between those that act like Jesus and those that just profess his name.

    ☝Christians - people who try to emulate the teachings of Jesus as reflected in the Gospels.
    ☟Christianists - people who in the name of Christ do the Devil's work, doing the things that Jesus chastised the Pharisees for again and again and again and again.

    Gay people generally have no problem with Christians as they have no problem with them.

    You don't like the word, give me one that I can use to differentiate between the two very different groups that call themselves Christian - give me a term or an adjective if you don't like the term '☟Christianist'.

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