Friday, May 01, 2009

Congress Passes More "Hate-Crimes" Legislation

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U.S. Congress has passed a new and expanded "hate-crimes" bill (HR 1913) that federally protects all "sexual orientations" and "gender identities."

Some say it will also protect pedophiles.

Congress rushed this bill through, refusing to even properly define those orientations and identities they are protecting.

Rep. Steve King R-IA. repeatedly asked lesbian activist and Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin to define "sexual orientation." Each time she refused until finally she became visibly shaken at the notion that this bill will likely protect pedophiles.

With promises and assurances from the gay activists who led and sponsored the bill, that it would have no effect on religious freedoms and freedom of speech, Congress passed the bill.

It is very troubling to see which two Northwest Republican lawmakers voted in favor of this new law.

Lou Sheldon and Andrea Lafferty of The Traditional Values Coalition have followed this legislation very closely and in fact provided research for some lawmakers who worked to defeat it.

Please note on the 24-175 vote that Washington State Republican Rep. Dave Reichert voted in favor of this bill. Greg Walden R-Ore. voted in favor as well.

That is very disappointing.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Pedophilia is illegal. The hate crimes bill does not protect illegal activity, therefor Pedophilia is not covered by the hate crimes bill.

    This bill also protects religious beliefs, but no one is asking to define religion, now are they? What if someone believed it was their divine right to be a pedophile? Should that be protected? Of coarse not. So please stop spreading lies.


  2. Re the assurances from the pro-gay side that our free speech won't be impeded: then let's see some sincere effort from them to make sure of that. True sincerity would include:
    * convicting Miss California's tormentor, Perez Hilton, of hate crimes, plus public condemnation of him no less than what they do to us (I'll agree to exempt that public verbal-flogging from the hate-crime law);
    * agreeing that they who demand protection against hate have a higher obligation to (1) not hate and (2) to punish those among themselves who do hate;
    * amend the hate-crimes bill to say that any attempt to use this law against Christians, ie what they say won't happen, is itself a hate crime and carries (to borrow a page from the pro-aborts' laws) tripled sentences;
    * and failure to aggressively use this law against a pro-gay who hates a Christian, ie turning a blind eye to an anti-Christian incident, that's also a hate crime;
    * agree to personally pay the legal bills and serve the sentences of any Christian who is arrested - not just convicted, but starting long before that - under the concept of hate crimes.
    * Also since they love international law, let's see them introduce this bill in Saudi Arabia or Afghanistan.

    Unless they agree to all that, it's safe to assume that their assurances are knowing and deliberate lies (since we know they repeatedly voted down amenments intended to safeguard exactly what they claim, and we know that pastors *HAVE* been jailed in most places where similar laws have passed, there's plenty of precedent), and they fully intend to do what they say won't happen. The D after their name doesn't stand for Democrat, it stands for despot and deceiver. It's part of a clear pattern of bills to set up a police state where they encourage hate against Christians while demanding immunity for themselves. Someone's probably rounding up lions now.

    Is Alcoholics Anonymous a hate group against alcoholics? By the pro-gay's definition, yes. Re the doesn't protect-pedophilia post, you're missing the point: the bill's proponents plan to use it against those who speak against the concept of (to analogize) pedophilia, not just incidents of pedophilia or identified pedophiles. Again the Democrats killed amendments clarifying that the bill applied only to acts, not to thoughts/beliefs.

    K-Y Kirkland

  3. K-Y,

    Even if hate crimes covered speech, which they don't, Hilton would not have committed a hate crime under current law, which does not cover gender bias crimes. Gender is being added to the existing bill along with sexual orientation.

    Since Christians are already covered by hate crimes laws, then per your logic they have a greater obligation to not practice hate and police their ranks against hate. Do you really feel you are living up to that obligation?

    Why should Christians get special rights? If someone commits a hate crime (which again involves acts not speech) their religion doesn't negate this, nor should it. Would this special exemption from the law you seek apply to people of all faiths? or only to Christians?

    If turning a blind eye to hate is itself a hate crime, then Christianist groups like FFN are committing anti-gay hate crimes left and right. Luckily for them, this law will not make expressing anti-gay bigotry a hate crime.

    For someone, who accuses your opponents of dishonesty and lying, you are doing quite a bit of it yourself. Doesn't that bible of yours say something about attending to the beam in your own eye before worrying about the speck in someone else's?

    John Colgan

  4. "What if someone believed it was their divine right to be a pedophile? "

    I believe Constitutionally that is protected . The act of sex with a minor is illegal , not being a pedophile. Pedophiles use to march in parades and have been involved in lawsuits from I believe . ACLU defended them of course.
    So the lies are not exactly on the part of hate crimes adding pedophile here , it is considered a sexual orienation.

    I would agree it may not be anything but a red herring in regards to the over all debate , but I am against hate crime legislation for the reason of equality. A criminal should not serve a greater sentence if you beat a person up because they are a Christian and a less of a sentence if they beat up a pedophile . Each individual under the law of the land should be as equally protected as the pedophile . This is also why the liberal; left can not understand the view that marriahe laws now are fair , they pertain to everyone equally . A man and a woman are given a liscense to marry , regardless of what orienation they are . The special rights under the law appear to be where the conservative world view differs . As does it here .

    The perdophile should have the exact samer protection under the law with penalties being equal .


  5. RALPHINEVERETT7:50 AM, May 04, 2009

    A civilized country does not;

    behead people

    use their young people as human bombs


    attack and harrass people for their sexuality, religion or race

    So what are we civilized or not civilized ?

  6. 10:35am..

    I haven't seen anyone on the left defend Perez Hilton. He shouldn't have been a judge and hit post event comments were classless.

    However, it's hard to see Miss California as much of a victim. Turns out she got free breast implants courtesy of the pageant (is that fair?) Also, as a consequence of all this, she's getting more fame and attention than if she'd simply won. Now she's right up there with Joe the Plumber as a spokesmodel for the right. I'm guessing she'll come out of this just fine.

  7. So what are we civilized or not civilized ?

    A work in progress hopefully ? But sometimes it appears our upward spiral to individual respect and freedom is on its way down I agree.

    Torture is immoral , the left is right on that one , so was John McCain .

    I know some believe torture is Ok , or consider sonme of the acts like waterboarding is not torture, because they believe the greater good is protecting the troops or innocents from the terrorists.

    I believe it is immoral . But I also ambecause of political posturing try and use it as a some kind of sense of moral superority , it fails they fail to comprehend their hypocracy also, torture and murder is more then just a choice .



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