Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Secretary of State Undermines Referendum Effort

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The Washington State Secretary of State's office undermined our press release yesterday regarding our filing a referendum to overturn SB 5688.

Here's what happened.

Within the last few days legal council has made us aware that we could actually file for a referendum before Governor Gregoire signed SB 5688 into law.

Larry Stickney, myself, and others decided to go ahead and file yesterday.

Larry had a couple of questions about the filing and was told to talk to Teresa Glidden in the Secretary's office. She is the expert on initiatives and referendums.

While Larry was driving to Olympia yesterday to file, both he and I began receiving calls from the press, asking about our filing. I told them we had not actually filed yet.

It was then that we learned that the Secretary of State's office had sent an unauthorized memo to the press regarding our intentions to file "today".

We had planned to file around midday yesterday, be sure everything was okay, then when everything was properly filed, put out our press release.

Both the Seattle Times and KING 5 told me they thought this was unusual and did not recall receiving anything like this before from the Secretary's office.

Larry confronted the Secretary's office and received an apology from David Ammons, former reporter, now working in the Secretary's office. He called it an "unofficial leak." People at the Seattle Times and KING 5 told me they believed the memo was from Ammons or Glidden. Larry told me that Secretary Reed gave a "sort of" apology as well.

We have not expected any help from either the press and certainly not from the Secretary of State's office, however, we did not expect the Secretary's office to undermine our ability to present ourselves to the press with our own release.

We have filed the referendum. It is Referendum 71.

It is classified as a "conditional" filing, which means that should the Governor change anything in the bill before signing it, the referendum would be adjusted accordingly.

Our preempted press release will be sent out this morning.

We can now begin to raise money for the effort, but cannot yet begin to collect signatures. That will follow in a few days.

If you are on the side of marriage, this is our time.

People of faith and conservatives must carry this referendum drive. There is no one else.

Let The Church Rise.

We need your donation today. We are underway and expenses have started.

To give directly to the effort you should give to Faith and Freedom PAC. As you know, that donation is not tax-deductible.

You may donate here or send a check to:

Faith & Freedom PAC
Box 65
Olympia, WA 98507-0065

This will likely be the last time we address homosexual marriage in this public way. If we fail and this bill stands, homosexual couples will file a discrimination suit, claiming that there is no difference between domestic partners and marriage and that they are being discriminated against if the name marriage is with held. They will win because there is now, with the passage of this bill to law, no legal difference between D.P. and marriage.

DOMA will be declared irrelevant.

Dozens of organizations are standing together on this issue. Will you stand with us? Soon we will be asking you to help gather signatures.

Today, we are asking for your most generous donation to Faith and Freedom PAC.

Please forward this to friends and family asking them to join us.

Thank you and God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Gary, maybe you could explain again how you are not forcing your religion on everyone else.

  2. I don't get it. Gay, perhaps you can also explain why two loving people should be denied the right to make decisions for their partners upon death, acquire pension benefits, visit loved ones in the hospital, provide health insurance to partners and children, commit to each other in long-term relationships. It's bigotry, plain and simple. Civil marriage or domestic partnerships have nothing whatsoever to do with religion and you know it. In my opinion, providing these rights to same sex couples is "family friendly" and I'm all for it. Me in Bellevue.

  3. As the Seattle Times article says, this venture is a waste of time. I do particularly like that they had a professional repeat what I've been telling you for months:

    Peter Nicolas, a law professor at the University of Washington, said the legislation would not help same-sex couples' legal argument in court — but might hurt it.

    Referring to a state Supreme Court decision in 2006 that upheld the state's defense-of-marriage law, he said, "If the court found no violation of equal protection and due-process rights when gays and lesbians were being given nothing, it would be less likely to do so after the Legislature has provided them some measure of rights."
    Save your money, drop it, and with any luck Washington will be the last place in the nation to have true marriage equality, push it and it may be your own efforts that gets the state DOMA invalidated.

  4. Gary don't need to explain anything. Look at our history. Our forfathers made it clear that our nation will remain, if we stay withing God's principles. If we don't, and 'allow' ungodly things, such as abortion, 'unclean', devient behaviours, men lying with men, woman with woman, then God will NOT be 'for us'. Many of us are concerned for our nation, with these issues, knowing that God will not 'bless' our nation as He has in the past! You my scoff at us, but, rest assure, this is true. Thus, as for me, I will NEVER apologize for speaking out for God's principles, and the WARNING to get BACK to those principles within our culture! Yes, we have our freedom of religion, but, those other religions must recognize that we were are a Christian nation to be respected!

  5. "Save your money, drop it, and with any luck Washington will be the last place in the nation to have true marriage equality,"

    So you were against domestic partnership legislation? ;0)
    Its getting pretty deep around here .

    Just a political observation , and perhaps some doscernment of our present culture . Unless these are paid signature gathers , this will not get on the ballot.

  6. apparently you do not know of our last referendum that many of us did. ALL vollunteers--no paid signature gathers-as you put it!


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