Thursday, June 04, 2009

ABC: "Emergence Of President Obama's Muslim Roots."

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It is more than a little troubling to a growing number of people that the President and his administration is recasting his relationship with Islam.

ABC is reporting that Obama security advisor Denis McDonough said recently, "The President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he is able---or before he's been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world---you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father---obviously Muslim Americans are a key part of Illinois and Chicago."

ABC remembers that candidate Obama told them back on May 22, 2008 in Boca Raton Fl., "My father was basically agnostic, as far as I can tell, and I didn't know him."

They say, "The White House has been increasingly forthcoming about the President's Muslim roots."

Now Toby Harnden at the UK Telegraph is reporting that our President said in an interview on France's Canal Plus, "If you actually took the number of Muslim Americans, we'd be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world."


Harnden did actually look into the numbers and found that America has, at most, 3 to 8 million Muslims, less than 1% of the world's total. That doesn't even put us in the top 20 Muslim countries.

It is troubling that our President so easily overlooks or ignores the exceptionalism of our great country so quickly and often apologizes for our imperfections, declares in Turkey that we are not a Christian nation, and now identifies us as one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.

Thank you to ABC, the Telegraph, and other news organizations who are beginning to worry out loud.

One wonders what our President will tell the Muslim world as he speaks to them today, in what he has called his "major address to the Muslim world."

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Gary,

    All that we can ask is that you open your heart and open your mind. It's time for a new chapter and it's time to get along with the rest of the world. I think that is what Jesus would want.

    The policy of US good and Muslims bad won't contribute to world stability and must be ended. I wish Obama well. He is uniquely positioned to try to bring peace.

    I admire his courage. He's going to take a lot flak from the extreme Christian right.

    It's time we identify ourselves as world citizens who happen to be mostly Christian - not the other way around. Until we reach that understanding and start to tear down the walls and realize that we're all brothers and sisters, the insane religious conflict will never end.

    Peace be with you. And if you are truly a man of Christ, you will pray for Obama's success in ending the conflict.

  2. Obama's entire life appears to be one of dishonesty, period. One has to be blind to sit idly by and say "oh I admire his honesty". OBAMA LIED TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ABOUT ALL BUT ONE THING! He promised change, and we got it. How many can survive Obama's change? By the way, the Bible doesn't promise virgins for killing muslims.

  3. To Anonymous: Kindly have the courage to sign your name and take ownership of your comments.
    In that Islamic law / Sharia Law is all governing to a Muslim and their state, we need to take the Koran at what it truly states. And it states that if you are not a Muslim, you have three choices; either pay a tax, covert to Islam or die. Those are the three options given to we dhimmi, non-Muslims. And those of you who truly do not understand what Islam preaches kindly get educated before you tell others to open their hearts and become passified. Islam was also designed in three parts; when Muslims were a minority in Mecca, when the Muslims went to Medina and finally when the Muslims gained power and retook Mecca. It was at this time that the third part was developed. And this part preaches world domination, subservience of women and many other inhuman traits. This is NOT acceptable from any religion, period. You need to look at what is happening in Europe, the UK and Canada or Yemen and Somalia and then, tell me that Islam is a religion of peace. Also look at what is happening in this country with freedom of speech when Muslims are involved. And be honest about it!
    Finally, you may believe that you are a world citizen first and a Christian (if you are a Christian) second or as many secular humanists believe, not religious at all, but only part of nature, but a true Christian is beyond this world.
    Peace be with you my friend!
    PS - It is not necessarily in the best interests of humanity to get along with the rest of the world. Appeasement has been tried many times in the past with disastrous results to humanity.

  4. Hello Anonymous,

    My personal view, based on 8 years of intensive study, is that Muslims' allegiance is to the Prophet alone, regardless of where on the planet they reside. They will be "world citizens" only when the global Islamic caliphate has been established. We are sooooo not considered their brothers and sisters: we are Infidels who must submit (dhimmitude) or have our heads struck off. I envy your naivete - (no offense intended) I was too before 9/11, but no more - it felt good, but it's not the 9/12world. But you're a Christian, so you know there IS a happy ending: peace WILL indeed come to the region - not by any MAN, of course -only at the Second Coming. Well, there IS that little 7-yr bit when Evil runs amok, right after Anti-Christ does his "peace" thing, but I will have been raptured with the Church and miss all the Judgements. Kinda makes the OT plagues look like a picnic on Cape Cod, eh? God help those who don't stand up for His people in the meantime: figure Obama believes the Word of God?... Best to you :-D

  5. "My personal view, based on 8 years of intensive study, is that Muslims' allegiance is to the Prophet alone, regardless of where on the planet they reside."

    If I had a nickel for every time I've heard a Christian state that their allegiance is to Christ, God the Bible or some variation thereof, I wouldn't need to work anymore.

    Care to explain how that is any different than what you claim is a problem with Muslims?

  6. Dear Anon 3:42, why sure, thank you for asking! I do indeed pledge my allegiance to my Savior Jesus Christ. Oddly, I've never once been gripped with the maniacal desire to violently separate someone's brain stem from its torso and post it on YouTube. It's never once crossed my mind to wade into a crowd of innocents strapped with nail-laced grenades in order to meet 70 male hotties with cherries intact upon my violent splatter. I have zero desire to forcibly subjugate you, your family or the planet to my way of thinking, or force female genital mutilation upon you or your female family members. I DO think girls should be allowed to attend school, and women allowed to venture forth from their homes unaccosted, and unattended by a male family member. I DO with eternal gratitude contribute my time, talent and treasure to people in need worldwide (regardless of religion, political bent, sex, race or gender) of famine, war, tsunami, hurricance, natural and unnatural disasters, orphanhood, crime and neglect, and consider it my God-given privilege as a Christian and American to feed, clothe, provide hope, unconditional love and comfort to the wounded, weary, vulnerable, sick, desperate, lonely, unloved and unloveable. BUT, I can see how that can be terribly confusing. Good luck on your search for unemployemt!! God bless, Mimi ;->

  7. Gee, Mimi, do you really think all those actions are undertaken and all the beliefs held by ALL Muslims?

    Does my pointing out the lack of reasoning and logic behind your stereotypes really warrant the personal attack you signed off with (before what I can only assume was a sarcastic "god bless" that is)?

    Or do you consider wishing loss of employment to be a godly blessing?

  8. I find it striking that Mr. Obama has addressed "the Muslim world." Is there an address planned for "the Catholic world?" Since when does American so acknowledge religion when we are so quick to expunge it from our own society?

  9. My name is Ray Brensike. I neither
    have to pay a tax or convert to Muslim in order to be saved. I only need to die to self that I might live unto Christ and that is not always easy. Because of Jesus I have received the greatest gift, the grace of God to repent and to call upon the name of Christ. I know nearly nothing of what Muslims believe.
    I suppose each one believes a little differently. I suppose it's because they have prayed slightly different prayers and seen different things in life. If
    they believe in God, I believe he
    will answer their prayers when they are right. If they continue to believe in God, I believe they will come to Christ.

    Those who continue on in life to know the Lord God will come to Christ. They will know the strength of sin which has taken them at times, the sufferings of the cross and it's redeeming power, the victory over sin God gives to those who continue and will not give up, and the life of
    the spirit who comforts, counsels,
    and directs. They will know the quickening the spirit gives, and the victory over death, because of
    Jesus Christ.

  10. 806 your comments were not exactly those of someone who wanted an intellectual exchange of the problems . Especially the problems in the Muslem world .

    They indeed have some problems , those that I agree would be better suited by humanatarian support then bombs dropping on them from the outside or inside .

    Hamas took control in the Gaza because they were indeed smart enough to bring medical care and aid to the poor there . But They also have negotiating problems because the folks they negotiatiate with they have declared they want to destroy . Hard to continue to talk after that .

    Actually Mimi was right on in as far as speaking to your comments .
    Your now are not looking still for a conversation, but a means to display the person as being less loving and spirtual as a Christian should be, yet you have not shared any information but perjoritive assumptions of others.

    Blogs of this sort is hard enough with the folks who contantly bombard here with hate speech and prejudicial comments that seek to portray negative caricatures of the people who disagree . If you are a Christian , which we have no way of knowing , I would be glad to exchange some thoughts that perhaps may enlighten you , and yours possibly to do the same for me . If your ot a christian , I would also be glad to , just I would hope to do in a manner that has respect and honesty involved in the conversation.


  11. So Mick,

    Do you think either Mimi's initial anti-Muslim screed, or her personal attack laden response to my post are evidence of wanting an "intellectual exchange of the problem"? I don't see how her tone was any different than mine. I appears that you are only interested in tone when it serves the purpose of attacking those, who don't share your views. But then again, you were just concern trolling, weren't you?

  12. Hi, Anon 8:10 - I was trying to distinguish the ideological and "religious" motivations of a devotee of Jesus Christ vs. Muhammed. Agreed, not all Christians are motivated by selfless and forgiving love (although they should be) and not all Muslims are motivated by homicidal and vindictive rage and hate (and they shouldn't be),I have yet to see evidence of Muslims rushing to the aid of fellow suffering Muslims in extremis (tsunami, Palestinian & Sudanese refugees etc.) It's all too frequently relegated to the Christian population who is motivated by the simple and awesome love of Christ and fellow man. We are the first and most passionate behind aid of any kind to any people in any need anywhere. I DO bless you from my heart - blessings are a gift to be shared, praise God!

  13. Thank you for the comments at the top of the page. In the words of Swami V, "I am one with a union with god. Peace, peace, peace."

  14. "I don't see how her tone was any different than mine."

    Kind of hard to tell a tone in an email . But I offered you a chance at a dialogue with me , not Mimi . Thats all i can really speak for .
    You chose not to , thats fine .

    I deal with my own opinions , and can't speak for Mimi . Mine actually most likely would be different .


  15. Mimi,

    You claim to be trying to "distinguish the ideological and "religious" motivations of a devotee of Jesus Christ vs. Muhammed", yet your posts read like simple Muslim bashing. Perhaps it is because you are comparing a cartoonish stereotype of the "evil Muslim" with an equally false and cartoonish stereotype of the "good Christian". In other words your research seems contrived to validate a conclusion you've already reached.

    I recall there being a great deal of aid offered by Muslim nations after the '06 Tsunami. But you see what you want to see, facts be dammed.

  16. 10:33 Your recall is flawed. There was not a substantial amount of aid from Muslim nations. In fact there was none initially and only after concered was expressed, did some Muslim aid come to the affected area.

  17. "In fact there was none initially and only after concered was expressed, did some Muslim aid come to the affected area"

    That is a good point . The Muslim world is quite tribal in their thinking . Hoping that changes with availability of the electronic media to their average citizen. Now They will go with their local world or consequences there of .
    If one good thing has been accomplished with the war with Iraq , it is opening up the methods of way people receive their information there in my opinion.



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