Monday, June 08, 2009

Dr. Mohler: "Obama More Than Tolerant Toward Homosexuality"

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Update on R-71:
30,000 petitions were distributed this weekend all across the state by Larry Stickney, myself, Faith and Freedom board members and an army of volunteers who share the urgency of this issue.

30,000 more petitions are being printed today. Each petition form has 20 signature lines.

We will continue personally delivering the larger quantities while requests of 20 or less are being mailed out this week.

We are regularly posting updated material on our PAC page. There are a number of questions people are asking. Please go to this link and read FAQ. Also notice the real time clock indicating how much time we have to gather signatures.

There are specific state regulations for gathering signatures. Please read instructions very carefully.

One question that is asked often, "Why can't you post a pdf file of the petition so we can download, copy and distribute?" I know this is often done with petitions, and it would be great, however due to the size and layout of this particular petition, we have been strongly advised not to do that. When you see a petition, you will understand. If signatures are presented on a petition form that does not completely comply with the state regs, it will be thrown out and may cause other signatures to be compromised or thrown out.

This process, as you can imagine, is labor intensive and costs money. Faith and Freedom PAC is spending the entire amount of every donation we receive on two things: printing, mailing, distributing and gathering petitions for Referendum 71 and promoting R-71 petitions on the Internet.

Your donations are urgently needed for these purposes. Thank you.

Dr. Mohler: "Obama More Than Tolerant Toward Homosexuality"

President Obama has, by executive order, declared the entire month of June to be, "Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender Pride Month."

You will note that the proclamation underscores the high number of homosexuals he has appointed and chosen for positions in his administration.

Dr. Albert Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., told ONENEWSNOW the proclamation advocates, "more than tolerance."

He said, "The United States federal government, now by executive order, signed by the President of the United States, is declaring national pride in these lifestyles. This is not mere toleration; it's not calling for legalization, an end to criminal sanctions. It's not even calling for something like civil's calling for Pride."

"Scripture," Dr. Mohler says, "does not allow Christians to be proud of sin."

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Millions of children in this country are living in poverty. Many have no homes. And here you are, still obsessed with raising money to stop gays from receiving the same benefits that married couples have.

    Way to prioritize your charity Gary.

    How is opposing domestic partnerships going to help decrease divorce rates, domestic violence, child abuse, or homelessness?

    We get it – you disagree with people on social issues. That is fine but you are sounding like a broken record.

    I’d like to see you go a week without judging others, and instead, focus your writing and fundraising on how you are going to help people in need, for a change.

    You might be surprised to find how much you have in common with others who are interested in ending suffering.

  2. Let this month be known as One Man, One Woman, Marriage Restoration Month.

    God is more for that than some people might think he is for some
    other declaration of what this month should be for.

    These times will be known as the dark ages as it has been said. As
    God restores this nation, we will see less divorce, better treatment for children, greater prosperity, and we will see virtues we haven't seen for awhile
    back on the faces of the people.

    There will be joy, peace, and love
    from the Father through Jesus Christ as a result of God's restoration.

  3. I would hope Barack Obama would be tolerant of gays, he is their president. However Obama is also the president of heteros, whites, blacks, hispanics, and all Americans.
    Special interest groups seem to be doing the most squeeking so they get the grease. It's time for all Americans to put heat on their Washington DC representatives, and get equal representation. Heteros in particular needn't sit back and feel too secure. Mostly because Obama is giving everything to his cronies that put him in office. What a weak president he must be that he can't represent all who voted for him.

  4. "Let this month be known as One Man, One Woman, Marriage Restoration Month."

    Curious, this formulation used to be "One Man, One Woman, For Life", wonder why that list bit has been dropped. Is this meant as an affirmative nod towards divorce? Sure seems that way.

  5. Anonymous 3 – I respect your faith that God will restore peace and harmony.

    But why then does Mr. Randall feel the need to constantly raise funds to oppress homosexual couples as second class citizens? Does he not have faith that God will restore harmony to marital relationships, or does he know that same sex partnerships really have nothing to do with the troubled marriages out there thus he’s taking matters into his own hands?

    I agree that here on earth we need to take action to make or, more importantly, be the change we want to see. But then this again becomes a matter of priorities.

    Is Mr. Randall going to be the one to tell people in desperate need of assistance, “You have to wait until we’ve collected enough money to stop domestic partnerships before we help you”?

    How is stopping domestic partnerships going to “restore” the troubled marriages and bad parenting? Aren’t there more direct ways to help those couples, like marriage counseling and parenting classes?Could be faith based even.

  6. Throwing in issues of divorce, bad parenting, bad authentic marriages, etc has nothing to do with the subject of keeping the DOMA intact, and rejecting same sex marriages! God set up man and women marriages, for the sake of having authentic children-period!

  7. What is a non-authentic child?

    The fact is, many men and women are incapable of raising children in a loving home. Though most are doing a splendid job, far too many are failing. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with that.

    My marriage with my wife is not threatened or less valuable because of same sex marriage. The same sex couples I know who raise children are no less parents those kids than I am to mine. The parents I know who adopt kids are no less parents either, in my opinion.

    How does Keeping DOMA intact outweigh other maybe more important issues like saving homeless youth from life on the streets?

    My point is that there are more vital issues in our society that deserve attention. Mr. Randall's judgment of others and fund raising does not seem very empathetic during these tough economic times.

    But please, explain what an authentic child is to me? I don't understand you and would like to know where you are coming from.


  8. lol-I figured u or someone would ask what an 'authentic' child is. In the beggining, before the 'pee-dishes', and other 'what not' means of creating a 'child', it was quite simple; basic sex ed--man sperm meets up with female egg--that could never change!!

  9. Oh. I get it. Well, I'm not a big fan of lab-kids either. Have you seen the film Gatica?

  10. I thought the bible condones one man/many women marriages? Read your Old Testament! And Paul, in the New Testament, urges men to not even marry! Someone help me with my understanding of the Holy Book; I am confused.

  11. OK, Paul suggested that men don't marry, because he was traveling and spreading the Gospel, and in those days, it would've been 'impractical' to be married! PLUS-the Catholics did take Pauls advice literally, and have their Priests remain celibate!


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