Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Homosexual Hypocrisy at City of Seattle

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UPDATE FROM PHILIP IRVIN: Response from City, Filing Report

News sources have been reporting, and are continuing to report, that a couple of homosexual activist groups are planning to post online the names of all who sign the Referendum 71 petitions.
KING 5 said if you sign the referendum, "You can expect to have your name posted online so you can be contacted by gay rights activists."

The Seattle Times made it very clear that people who sign the referendum petition may be targeted for a "conversation" with homosexual activists or "neighbors".

While wearing their "unbiased" mask, the press is diligently getting out the message---which is intimidation in its cruelest form. However the press is dutifully explaining that these folks just want to get better acquainted .

But will the press cover this story of hypocrisy at the City of Seattle?

Philip Irvin is an employee of the City of Seattle. He took the following action for the reasons he describes in his memo to me.

In his own words:

Seattle Public Utilities sponsored a "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning and friends" employees group which has free use of City e-mail and meeting rooms and most likely even has a city job number to charge their organizational time to. They have even got an all-employees e-mail invitation persuading employees to attend a one-sided forum on lesbian mothers child custody issues. Curious to find out who was using City resources, I, a City Light employee, filed a public disclosure request seeking the names and attendees of their meeting. I was stunned when told that the gay group would be filing an injunction to block release of this information. There seems to be rank hypocrisy among the gay community. Publishing names and addresses on a website of those who oppose them by signing a petition is fair game but releasing the names of those who use city resources to promote their agenda causes them to howl. Call me a homophobe if you want to but I don't think the City should fund a secret gay employees group.
Philip Irvin

Click here to read the response from the Mayor's office.


Do the homosexuals have one rule for themselves and another one for everyone else? It seems they do.

Will the press be as interested in their unwillingness to share their names as they are to post yours online?

Should City of Seattle employees be using City resources for these kinds of events?

Will the press care how City money and resources are used?


Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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