Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Public School Forces Homosexual Friendly Curriculum

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Parents will not be allowed to opt out their first and second grade children from a class that uses curriculum that equates same-sex unions with a family made up of a mother, father and child.

CNS NEWS is reporting that the Alameda, Calif. public school system has adopted curriculum for second graders that will use books such as "Tango Makes Three"---a story book about two male penguins who hatch an egg and raise a child together in New York's Central Park Zoo. First graders will see, "Who's In A Family?", which exposes students to a variety of "different" family structures.

Teachers are instructed that, “If a student responds that one family in the book is made up of a mother, a father, and two children and a cat, you may acknowledge that some families look like this, but ask students for other examples of what a family can look like.”

This is an assault on parental rights and family values.

According to the school board, this is an attempt to reduce bullying.

But board member Trish Spencer, who voted against the curriculum said,"If there were students that answered that they did not think that (two male penguins) were a couple or that they did not think that they were good parents based on religious beliefs, that could in fact increase bullying against those students by a protected class."

She also cited the 2001-2002 California Healthy Kids Survey as evidence that bullying due to religion is a bigger problem for the district than bullying based on homosexuality.

The survey showed that 14.3% of students reported bullying due to race or ethnicity and 9.1% were bullied because of religion. Bullying due to actual or perceived sexual orientation was third at 7.5%.

However, the school board is intent on elevating homosexual indoctrination above the actual greater needs.

School board president Mike McMahon told CNS NEWS that it was his understanding that the young children could express disagreement with the homosexual curriculum based on religion. And if they do he said, "They would be directed to talk to family." This is outrageous.

This is an example of how far public education has fallen and become nothing more, in many cases, then a social experimental laboratory. Students are being socially engineered to accept norms that are not normal.

Six and seven year old children are being called upon to either be indoctrinated or make moral decisions that they are not prepared to make---in an environment of peer pressure often created by activist teachers.

This is child abuse.

God help us.

Gary Randall
Faith and Freedom

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  1. I've read both of these books and they are beautiful. I bought them for my own children.

  2. One thing to have it the library , but this quite pathetic having it as curriculum. Adam and Eve is a beautiful story also , but obviously it would not be appropriate in a public classroom teaching about marriage, values and family. The difference is the hypocrisy of the left.

  3. Liberals do not believe if freedom of choice.

    They force families to accept unacceptable curriculum

    Obama may yet force all medical providers to perform abortions, even those who consider it to be murder.

    Card check (elimination of secret ballots for votes to unionize shops) is yet another example.

    Obama fires the CEO at GM.

    We are very close to a dictatorship now. Heaven helps us if the Democrats achieve it.

    PRS in FW

  4. This sounds like a good example of what happens when people try to "fix" things without God.

    They may try to justify what error and harm they do to the children,(by their attempts to prevent harassment) but it will not be justified.

    The parents should make it clear
    that they will not have their children in class for such reason
    that their program is perverted and is a subtle form of child molestation.

    The parents should suggest to the school board that to minister to the matter of harassment, they ought to encourage the children to
    speak to the other child if ever
    there is anything that causes them to not get along, and if they
    are not able to resolve it, to tell their parent when they get home, or at times the teacher, as
    all forms of harassment will not
    be tolerated.

    The parent or teacher should hear
    all the matters, judging a thing
    not by what is immediately heard by the hearing of the ear, but search out the matter diligently
    before making a plea for mercy on
    the behalf of the oppressed. They
    should be able to judge an action
    that was taken as to whether it was right or not, then make the plea, "Please have mercy", for the
    one so oppressed. Anything that causes a PRESENT DISTRESS should be addressed in kindness, patience, forebearance,and love.

    Each one involved should be willing to forgive all others, and repent of their sins as they become known to them. A simple word such as "What I did was wrong. (state the action taken that was wrong.) Please forgive me." , goes a long way toward reconciliation.

    I suppose there may be times when
    disciplinary action or further counseling may be necessary by the proper adults, whether it be parent, teacher, or school counseler. I hope those times are few. If they be necessary, I'm sure things can be resolved, for our God is a restoring God and he
    has covered us with so much grace
    through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

  5. Public schools' curriculums reflect the society in which they operate. They teach what IS - not necessary what "should" be - so that children will be prepared to enter into the real world.

    It is not a school's place to teach value judgements. This is the place of the child's family.

    It is a school's place to educate children honestly and protect the children in their care.

    Whether or not you like it, or think it's right, there ARE families that look different than the Mommy, Daddy, 2.5 kids, white picket fence and family dog ideal you hold onto so tightly.

    Families also include children of divorce with a mom and step-dad and dad and step-mom. Effectively creating two mommies and two dadies. This is the fact of life.

    It is important that children know that those differences exist so that they can grow into informed adults who can come to their own conclusions.

  6. Gender specific roles for moms and dads used to be a dicey topic for the classroom too. Consider the Some kids whose dads stayed home and cooked while their moms drove the care and worked outside the home.

    Now days, delegating domestic and professional responsibilities evenly between parents is rather normal – at least uncontested by children. But there was a time when saying dad stays home with the kids was seen as uncommon and not right.

    We got used to it though.

  7. The movie of the penguins shows how the MALE takes care of the 'egg' until it hatches, but it did 'indicate' the 'mom and dad' made the egg! Thus, maybe the teachers can expound on this fact more!
    We 'authentic' marriages are in the LARGE majority, and with God's help, will remain so. In spite of this 'movement' to poison our 'authentic children' with these acusations that they 'maybe' or 'could' become 'gay' is a down right criminal thing to do! These teachings have no right to be in our schools. They will/do confuse our impressionable children! How dare they, the schools who allow this!

  8. Genesis 18:19
    For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of him.

    I want to tell you about 18:19's, because there's a lot on this subject that I've seen just now by
    looking at 18:19's in the Bible.

    Read the context around the 18:19's in Genesis, Exodus, and Leviticus. You should find some of this in the gospels too.

    Things should be easy to find concerning this subject by remembering 18:19's.

  9. Id like to become skilled in the use of an ox goad like Shamgar in
    Judges 3:31

  10. How does a parent talk to a second grade child if ever he should ask, "Why is it my friend at school say he doesn't have a mother, but has two dads?", if ever such a thing should come up?

    I suppose we could say that every child was born of a mother. From there we can go talking about Jesus and how the child is going to grow up knowing him and the things of the Bible so such things as what happened in life to his friend's father won't happen to him, or we could go with, "Well, sometimes in life things just don't work out...and so...ah....well, it's just.." (as good ..."either way"?) Yuk! God help us indeed! We need him back in the school system.

    Maybe the second grade isn't too early for them to have a prayer time at school, led by the students themselves.

    Time for parents to prophesy the good news into their children, telling them that they will learn
    about Jesus as he keeps them as a
    shepherd does his sheep, that they will one day have a strong desire to the opposite sex and at such a time the parent will be speaking to them about such things and the troubles that come from being men, women and children in this world..etc.

    What a parent says stays so strongly in a child. What better thing to do with that than to establish the strength of the good news in them, and establish
    their future by faith?

  11. And what kind of prayer group led by student's could second graders have?

    If a man had a son who was willing to tell his friends that at play time, if it should be a free time, that he will be willing to pray with any other class-mate.

    His prayers could even be short and simple such as, "God, help us today to do good, to forgive, to learn and have fun. Protect us from evil. Amen." Then they could go play.

    He could make it known that everyone is invited to pray with him during such times as it is allowed by the powers of the school system, that no one is to feel that they must participate, that it should be according to everyone's pleasure, that people
    may come and go as they choose.

    Hopefully he will have his parent's approval and the support of his pastor and church, who will
    be there to plead his case if ever
    the powers that are, or seem to be,
    should be against his work in the Lord.


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