Friday, July 17, 2009

Biden: "We Must Spend More Money to Avoid Going Bankrupt"

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R71 UPDATE: The effort on Referendum 71 has been remarkable. Tens of thousands of you have and are circulating petitions around Washington State. We are approaching the number required, but are not there as of this morning.

Please make the best possible effort this weekend, in church, in front of stores, at events and among friends and family members.

Be sure to mail in your completed petitions so they arrive by the 22nd or 23rd. They are due no later than the 25th.

Remember. Do not detach the signature page from the petition. The petition must be intact.

God bless you for your effort. Thank you for your continuing financial support.

Biden: "We Must Spent More Money to Avoid Going Bankrupt"

Vice-President Joe Biden actually told a group of senior citizens that the Obama administration must spend more money or the country will go bankrupt.

He said, "Now people when I say that look at me and say, 'What are you talking about, Joe. You're telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt'."

Biden said, "The answer is yes, that's what I'm telling you."

No country has ever spent itself out of debt and President Obama has created more debt in his first 6 months in office than all of America's Presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush combined.

Biden also told the seniors that they could choose their own health care plan under the new Obama health care plan.

He said, "There'll be a deal in there so there's competition, so what you'll have in there is you'll have the ability to go in there and say, "now look, there is the policy I want. This is the one."

However the Investors Business Daily said yesterday, that is not true.

I sincerely hope America gets this and communicates with their elected officials.

The bill itself does not support what Biden and Obama have been telling the American public. Investor's Business Daily brought the matter to the public's attention yesterday, however, I have linked a quick overview from the HOT AIR web site.

Page 16 of the 1018 page bill reveals a provision making individual private medical insurance illegal.

Most lawmakers have not yet had time to even read the bill.

However, the Obama Administration is pushing to get the bill passed by no later than next week. This is inconceivable in that the bill is at least 1018 pages and one that many are saying will make way for the largest tax increase in history, will further undermine the economy and will dismantle the best health care system in the world.

It is apparent that the Obama Administration is wanting to ram this and other destructive legislation through the Congress, because if it is studied and fully understood, it will be rejected.
There is a growing grassroots reaction to this and US Representatives are hearing from their constituents.

We have a lot going on here in Washington State with the referendum, however I know you care about these matters as well, and I also know that there are many from other states who read this blog.

Please take a moment and contact your US Representative and tell them you strongly oppose Obama's health care plan. Ask them to vote no on the bill.

Be vigilant.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Biden's comments reflect the stupidity and insanity of government that has put this nation so deeply into debt. This is our government at work, keep borrowing from the taxpayer and impoverish the nation.
    Bellevue, WA

  2. Is there a religious aspect to this that I am missing? Or has Gary abandoned his "faith based" pretext in favor of open and honest (for a change) partisanship?

  3. This is only a scare tactic.

    This section of the bill is saying that existing individual coverages are grandfathered and not subject to the new coverage requirements. However, new policies after the cutoff date will receive the grandfathering.

    A few paragraphs later, the bills states "In General - Individual health insurance coverage that is not grandfathered health insurance coverage under subsection A may only be offered on or after the first day of Y1 as an Exchange-participating health benefits plan".

    So they are not outlawing individual insurance, they are simply requiring that after the cutoff date individual plans comply with the new regulations regarding pre-existing conditions, etc.

    It's really unfortunate that the Republicans lie about the bill in this way. I guess they feel they can't be honest when a vast majority of American's want health care reform.

    Only a small minority believe we have the 'best health care system in the world'. We pay twice what other industrialized nations pay and our outcomes aren't even close to the best.

  4. page 16 of the bill most certainly does NOT make individual coverage illegal. What is does do is grandfather in existing individual coverage that does not meet the new guidlines!

    Go read the actual text of the bill for yourself, rather than except the right-wing spin on it:

    I wonder if this will get posted, or if FFN continue to censor cites of primary sources that refute their partisan spin.

  5. Hey, you are not reading the Investors Business Daily report. I don't see any spin on this one and where is the censorship? Give me a break.

  6. Or has Gary abandoned his "faith based" pretext in favor of open and honest (for a change) partisanship?

    Lihghten up my friend , it is funny . when you are broke do you go out and spend money ?
    O course Gary is a rightie , can't you tell .

    Don't you ever watch Jon Stewart ? He pokes mainly at republicans , sometimes lefties too , its funny . Those guys do live in a different world . If you have not figured this is a far right idelogical political web your innocent to politics. This is so far right it gets to the left side sometimes . '0)

  7. 4:06 PM,

    You're right, I'm not reading the spin from a right wing source like Investor's Business Daily. I'm reading the actual primary source, the bill its self, did you see where I linked to the text? The IBD editorial -not report- being an OPINION piece is spin, not so with the actual text of the bill.

    Maybe FFN didn't censor this time, but they do all the time.

  8. As you pointed out Mick, John Stewart pokes fun at BOTH the right and left, when is the last time Gary criticized anyone on the right?

    Also, Stewart is an entertainer, motivated by money, Gary claims to be motivated by deeply held religious beliefs, not partisan politics, hence my comment.

    Oh and if we are going to compare the government to an individual, you are right, I generally don't go out and spend more money when broke. I also don't give away money when I find I have extra money, I don't give it away as Bush did with his $1.6 trillion dollar tax cut, I sock it away for a rainy day.

  9. Yikes bush cutting taxes while we

    Cutting taxes while we were invading two countries and fighting a war on terror sure did not make sense to me either . I did see an advantage to economic reasons in regards of getting more people to work by structured tax cuts where as the employer gets a break for paying new employees . That makes sense to me anyway , you figure those new employess will be paying taxes .

    Gary does not criticize any one on the right , too bad because their is enough criticizing that we all should be doing , if politicians do what is right , they think they will not get elected . Maybe its our fault for allowing them to buy our votes ?

    I agree on your points on this blog only giving hits to the lefties, , I wish this blog would center on subjects besides gay issues and abortion .

  10. This administration is neither stupid or insane. The Democrats in power are diabolically smart. The secular left's intent all along has been to destroy our society as we have built it, and rebuild it to their liking,
    whatever it takes. That's exactly what Obama is doing. I predicted this as soon as he was elected, just as a year ago, as I predicted taxation between 50-60% at which time I was told "you're crazy". If we are to hold onto the freedoms so many died for, we Christians need to get politcally engaged NOW, not wait. The Obama administration is hiding so many atrocities in his healthcare bill. Getting rid of the elderly, and unborn just to name a couple. Diabolical to say the least.


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