Friday, July 10, 2009

Justice Ginsburg: "I thought Roe Was to Rid Undesirables"

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US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Gidsburg has told The New York Times that she was under the impression that legalizing abortion with the 1973 Roe v. Wade case was about eliminating undesirable members of the population.
Maybe this is a normal thought pattern for some, but frankly, it's shocking to some of us.
The interview is scheduled to be published Sunday in The New York Times Magazine.
The entire interview, with Emily Bazeon, is titled, "The Place of Women on the Court," and is available on-line now.
On page 4 of the interview, as it is posted on-line, Ginsburg tells Bazelon, "Frankly, I had thought at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don't want to have too many of."
This interview is in depth and gives you a striking comparison between the far left, secularist world view and the world view of people of faith and traditional values.
President George W. Bush gave us Roberts and Alito.
Candidate Obama said his Supreme Court nominees would be more like Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
There is hope, however it will likely not show itself in this administration.


  1. So she's making an observation on what she thought happened 20 years before she was on the court.

    Where does it say that she thought that was right or that she agreed with it?

    It doesn't.

    Gary, once again, you twist the truth to demonize those you disagree with. God is watching Gary and you're digging your hole deeper every day.

  2. I don't see Gary demonizing anyone. I see him quoting some one correctly and commenting of the different world views that people hold.

    Why would someone assume that legislation would be passed to rid our country of "undesirable" people? Would you have that thought? And why would she share those thoughts all these years later?

    Just wondering. Thanks Gary.

  3. Thanks Gary. The tiring drone from some posters who have three fingers pointing back at them is so predictable, I don't know how you make room for them. I wouldn't mind if they just had something of substance to say.

    Your observations and comments regarding Ginsburg are exactly right on.

    I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on 11:19AM, it did take quite a creative line of supposed logic to arrive at apparent, yet an invalid, conclusion.

    I prefer the more direct route of keep it simple stupid - she has been accurately quoted and I can't believe she could think that way. But some folks do.

  4. Some of the criticism toward Gary and other people of faith in these posts are unbelievable.
    While these people accuse Christians of hate and bigotry, they are defining it.

  5. Folks, she's making an observation about what she thought was going on in 1973.

    Where does she say that she thought that it was good?

    You're reading things into a comment that aren't there! And that's exactly what Gary intended.

  6. So I wonder if she is for or against the outcome of Roe V. Wade.

    Every life has value. An unborn in the womb has value. Though it hasn't yet come to survival on it's own outside of it's mother yet, it still has value and potential.

    Has America been protecting those
    things that have such value? If we don't well protect what is of great value, how will we protect
    that which is good?

    And how is it that some can put great value on a lifestyle that's gone perverse or is against nature, and not well protect or value that which is normal and yet unborn?

    Where do we get our values from?
    Where should they come from?
    Who can teach us what we should value?

    Were it not for God we would have no light at all. Can we align our values with what God values?

    God values all people the same. All have come short of his glory.
    All have sinned. All need a saviour. God doesn't value all behaviors the same. Not all actions or words have the same value with him.

    What if a nation were to value all
    things as God values them? How much weight might their actions and words have when their deeds are done or their words are spoken?

    Do the powers that be, such as angels of God, watch what a nation
    does and what it's people say?

    Do they listen for the word of God and watch for the will of God to be done here on this earth?

    Do they bring back reports to God?

    Does God hear reports from people on earth through their prayers?

    What if a nation did what pleases
    God? Might such a nation see his favor? What if a nation does not care about the will or word of God or his values?

    Will they be better for it or not?
    Who makes a nation great? Who has the power to do so, if not God?

    It's up to us isn't it?

    Will God be for us or against us?

  7. It seemed to me that this interview started out with the value of women because they are women, and ended with their right to abort having it's roots in
    sexual equality.

    I thought having an abortion is about ending the life of another,
    and not so much about sexual equality, but what do I know?

    What's going to stand before God on the day of his judgment?

    Will they then say, "It was about sexual equality, about a woman having the right to decide about what happens to her body and her life and the choices she makes which shouldn't be decided by any
    man. And when it became legal to abort by law, it seemed to be OK to do, because it became acceptable practice, an act which was not prohibited. I let man's law teach me what was acceptable,
    whether such laws came through men or women, and I was ________.
    (fill in the blank, "right" or "wrong".)

  8. 4:31PM You take the cake. "She was commenting on what she thought was going on in 1973". There is no reading things into her comment. She is clear. You are the one reading things out of her comments. Sheesh.

    Are you kidding me? Would you think that way? She wasn't observing 'others', she was commenting on what SHE thought was going on. So I guess you are into elevation of the superior race?

  9. I don't know how the abortion issue will be settled by the basis
    of sexual equality.

    If the mother of the unborn only has the right to decide, how is that sexual equality in the matter?

    Maybe the judge would have to rule that half the life expectancy
    should be awarded to the unborn.

  10. Is it right if a nation allows people to abort their unborn based on their right to 'reproductive freedom'?

    It's crazy.

    Where's the justice?

    Does it make it right simply because the life in the womb doesn't know what's going on
    while that kind of decision is going on in a courtroom?

    Who's representing the life not yet born?

    "....But, it's all about a man exercising his will over the woman
    telling her it's not right..."etc.

    And who is that man? Is it the one
    we will all look upon one day and see who it is that we have pierced?

    What can be the fruit of things which have no good root?

    So what is the real root of it all?

  11. 9:21 AM,

    You know what really takes the cake, you getting in a huff over someone reading into things, but not being bothered in the least by the made up direct quote in Gary's headline! I guess it's OK if you are a conservative.

  12. 9:11am...

    Thinking something was a certain way doesn't mean you condone it.

    All I can ask is that you read what she said and really think about the actual words, not the emotion.

    There is nothing in her statement that shows support for the concept. You are inferring it because that is what you want to believe about her. Unfortunately, the actual meaning of her words doesn't validate your prejudice - but that doesn't really matter, now does it?

  13. The world is full of them that will judge
    Seeing only dirt and throwing more sludge
    To the unclean there is nothing pure
    While God seeks those who in him
    will endure
    Will a man condemn the just?
    If only hiself to protect be a must
    Will our judgment stand before God?
    Only if pure, righteous, and good.
    To the contentious who obey not the truth
    Trouble, indignation, anguish, and
    Glory, honor, and peace to the man
    Who does good and stays to God's plan
    As many as sinned will perish, with or without law
    Only doers justified I saw
    For when I looked into God's word
    Hearers only, perished, while doers heard
    They heard of the grace of our Mighty God
    Who came into this world and died for the lost
    Who came from the Father of spirits above
    Just like his Abba, the Word of God
    The doers found out how they failed and falled
    And tried as they did, out to God they called
    Finding a ransom, a gift of life
    Some mystery revealed, deliverance from strife
    It was the Word that was hidden at times
    But some heard his call like bells in the chimes
    By grace they came to hate their own sin
    Rightly condemning the thing they were in
    Later they came to know and understand
    Who it really was that they were against
    The misery, bitterness, feet that shed blood
    Came clean by holiness and power of God
    Through the only one who's feet were kept clean
    Came deliverance, salvation, righteousness to be seen
    Upon those who are covered by
    Jesus the Son
    Comes light from above, evil they shun
    With him, much brighter and cleaner their robe
    No longer rags with old patches
    and tears
    They're able to walk through trouble, even dispair
    Knowing this world is full of evil and lies
    They're able to get through the worldy ties
    That caused them to fall, tripping their feet
    Because on Jesus, their Lord they
    truly believed.


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