Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Publicly Funded School Will Use Bible as Textbook

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R-71 UPDATE: Thank you for standing for natural marriage by circulating R-71 petitions. Many are making a great effort.

Unfortunately, there are some who are standing and working against the very principles you and I are working to uphold, using their influence to normalize a lifestyle and behavior that is not normal.

Yesterday, President Obama told a meeting at the White House that he is dedicated to expanding homosexual rights, saying many Americans still cling to what he called, "worn arguments and old attitudes" about homosexuality.

He told his audience he hopes to persuade all Americans to accept homosexuality. He also reconfirmed his promise to work to abolish the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and other pro-marriage and pro-family policies.

Thank you for the stand you are taking.

Publicly Funded School Will Use Bible as Textbook

Surely the sky will fall---at least for those who work so hard to strip every vestige of America's Judeo-Christian heritage from public discourse.

Nampa (Idaho) Classic Academy, a charter school, will be using the Bible as a textbook when classes begin this August.

They will open with 550 students. The first sixth graders enrolled in the school will be learning Latin.

The ninth graders will be studying the history of western civilization, with the Bible included as a primary source of teaching material.

Val Bush, the headmaster of the school, said the Bible will be taught for its literary and historic qualities, as part of a secular education program.

She said, "Some people are rather bigoted; they say you can use anything but that. We say, why?"

Three people have already complained that it appears the school may be rooted in Christian beliefs.

Rooted in Christian beliefs?

I wonder where they think our Founding Fathers were coming from? Education has been so manipulated in recent years, that many have no idea of the relationship between our founders and biblical teaching.

The Academy founder, Isaac Moffett, said, "My philosophy did not match anything in traditional education today."

He says the values the school will be teaching, "include character, charity, civility, destiny, discipline, excellence, industry, integrity, service, loyalty, originality and patriotism."

I am certain there will be a growing chorus of dissent against him and the school as we approach opening day of classes.

This points out how we, as a country, have lost our way. Who would not want their child taught those principles and values?

Unfortunately too many are willing to sacrifice their children to support a far left, so-called progressive, idea of separation of church and state, that is based in the best case, on a misunderstanding of what Thomas Jefferson actually said to the Danbury Baptists and in the worst case, a calculated lie. A myth.

Moffett rightly points out that a 1963 US Supreme Court ruling stated that the Bible has literary and historical educational value and may be used for those teaching purposes.

McGuffey, who created the standard textbooks for early American public education, often made references to God and Judeo-Christian values and principles in the course of teaching. The influence of Noah Webster, the father of our public education and one who once said the Bible is really the "only" textbook needed, and McGuffey influenced not only their own generation, but generations that followed.

Daniel Webster (1782-1852), a leading American statesman said, "If we abide by the principles taught in the Bible, our country will go on prospering and to prosper; but if we neglect its instruction and authority, no man can tell how sudden a catastrophe may overwhelm us and bury us and bury all our glory in profound obscurity."

We have not only neglected those principles, but are now in a place where we fight and litigate to remove them from public discourse and from the education our children.

We have exchanged the truth for a lie.

However, an informed public, inspired to have the will to resist, can prevail and restore America.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Amazing, you really want the Bible used as a secular resource? You want students to be taught how the 'eating of the godhead' motif is common throughout many primitive religions? That the god of Abraham is a rehashing of a particular Babylonian deity? That children who express a religious bias will, by law, be required to be told that that perspective is inappropriate for discussion in the class? That it will be compared with other religious texts and mythological collections?

    And imagine when the class starts talking about all the parts that were left out of the final anthology and the groups that supported them?!

    Really - that's what you want the Bible used for - as just another work of religious mythology?

    How many times and ways can you guys shoot yourselves in the foot?

  2. It was customary to have the Bible taught in the schools at one time--So why do you have a problem of teaching God's 'history'now?

  3. Oh they can teach it - as religious mythology. I mean I took comparative religion in college and I seriously doubt what goes on is going to be satisfactory to many practicing Christians.

    Again if you want the Bible presented as just 'a book' and discussion of not just its contents but the meandering origins of its various parts contrary to the claims of its own statements is what you want presented in school have at it. It will lead to fewer Christians, not more.

  4. This is great now they can use the Koran , the teaching of Buhda or other sacred religious books as text books .

  5. The Bible needs to stay exactly what it is, the Holy Bible, teaching the gift of life, teaching about 'eternity' matters, among other things, which is very important!

  6. "It was customary to have the Bible taught in the schools at one time"

    yes this true , spelling books up to a 100 years ago used Bibical names and reading assignments used the Bible because of the moral and interesting stories. I would not rule out the use of the Bible as a text , interesting the biggest seller of all time still draws the folks who gasp , oh the humanity the humanisty . Not sure it would be a fit in many classrooms today , especially in the are I live , but the value to our American hisory and how many laws and especially of beginnings have direct links to being inspired by Bibical principles and scriptures. Also their has been some wrongs commited though , not too sure I would want those given by a hostile source who would use them say as some of those who blog here . Not sure I would want my pimples always being shown as an example of God I am ashamed to say.


  7. Although this posting is later in the month I feel it's worth mentioning. First off, I believe that this is truly a 'God thing'. His word declares it will not return void to Him without first accomplishing what it was set out to do. Yes, 'man' will be teaching out of the Bible or using it as a text book in class but God is still the Author and is still able to us it for His glory. We should be rejoicing in this turn of events that children will get to hear the word in the public school and be praying for how the LORD will use this to further His kingdom. Pray also for the school master who is taking some hits from the people he serves and works with. And we need to remember the 'story' of Daniel and the captivity God allowed for His people. Read Daniel over again to remind us Who is in control!

    Living secure in His grip,



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