Tuesday, August 25, 2009

ELCA Abandons Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality

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R-71 UPDATE: 100,000 Milestone

The Referendum 71 signature verification process has reached a milestone: Signature checkers have surpassed the 100,000 signature mark .

The cumulative total is now nearly 104,000 checked signatures and just over 12,000 rejected for one reason or another. The overall error rate is 11.72 percent. In order to make the November statewide ballot, the referendum’s overall rejection rate must not go over 12.4 percent.

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ELCA Abandons Biblical Teaching on Homosexuality

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has made the decision to lift the ban on sexually active, monogamous homosexuals and lesbians as clergy.

Many Lutheran pastors are expressing shock that their church has made a decision in direct contradiction of biblical teaching.

Rev. Richard Mahan, pastor at St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Charleston W. Va., told the Associated Press, "I can't believe the church I loved and served for 40 years can condone what God condemns."

The pastor said, "No where in Scripture does it say homosexuality and same-sex marriage is acceptable to God. Instead, it says it is immoral and perverted."

Clearly there will be a split in the ELCA denomination just as we are seeing in the Episcopal church.

This is the most divisive moral issue of our time.

It is not only tearing apart churches like the ELCA and the Episcopal Church, it is in different and even more divisive ways beginning to tear at the fabric of traditional evangelical churches who once took an active public stand against homosexual legislation.

Voices that once stood for family and marriage and even life itself in the public arena, are now semi-silenced.

I have some deep concerns.

Rather than silencing the lambs, some of the shepherds have been silenced---for a number of reasons.

Clearly there are those who are turning away and denying biblical truth. There are also those who believe that the church should not be involved in the arena of political influence---should not speak to the culture.

And there are those who have concluded that the issues have been lost and we should not waste our resources and energy on them. "The truth is we are dead and a referendum will not accomplish a resurrection," they have said, thus providing a logic not to stand against homosexual marriage.

These are defining days. The enemy is at every hand. We need to hear the leading of God in these matters.

This is a time to pray, asking God to lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. For a Church body to vote on such
    a thing as to allow practicing homosexuals to remain as ministers
    or overseers shows how far from the gospel some have gone.

    If a Church body must vote on such a thing, they should not go
    ahead until there is 100% concurrance on a thing. Without that they have not reached the mind of the Lord on a matter.
    If half are against it, they should find out why and keep working toward the will of God.

    Such a things shows the world that
    Christ is not their head, or if he
    is they are not attached to him, or if still attached to him, they
    are not willing to follow his leading.

    I've never known Jesus to go along with hypocrisy, nor have I ever known God to condone homosexuality in the Bible.

    Maybe some leadership in the Church never went through the gate
    at the beginning of the way to Zion, but rather tumbled unto the path of life as the thieves in John Bunyan's book, The Pilgrim's
    Progress. The thieves had their reasons but couldn't back them up
    with scripture.

  2. The unrepentant, having been told of their sins and the atonement offered to them by the blood of Christ, if they will not hear the
    Church should be sent out without
    their blessing, their sins being upon their own head.

  3. If we know sin is wrong, that people should hear the good news about repentance and the cleansing
    power of the blood, (without which
    no man shall be saved) and the authority the church should exercise toward the unrepentant who have been informed, then here's our chance to shine. (see Isaiah 60:1)

    The ELCA Churchwide office has an
    e-mail address. It's info@elca.org

  4. As a Lutheran, I am glad the church made this decision. Jesus is about love not hate. I'm straight, but I will stand with my church proudly.

  5. This is not about hate--this is about standing up for God's princples--I cannot believe that you and others are choosing to drink the koolaid! We DO love, and pray for those who are caught up in this harmful lifestyle--that the 'enemy' is taking advantage of! Consider put in perspective as to what this issue is, allowing God's principles to be trodden on! Standing up for God's principles is more important to do than to stand by a church who are allowing devient behaviours among their clergy, while others of us are consistently praying for deliverance and 'loving' any and all gays! QUIT saying that we are hating--we are lovingly praying for them!~

  6. I left my ELCA church of 16 years just about 2 years ago. It became clear to me that the church had lost the authority of scripture, and like one of the posts above me could only see through the eyes of the world.

    Sometimes when you love someone you have to shine the light of the bible on their behavior to show them their sin. The ELCA is not willing to do that, and instead waters down the message by not facing difficult issues like homosexual behavior, the devil, hell, etc.

    They also allow lay persons to vote on their theology at their biannual national conventions. The lack of biblical leadership to me became too much, and I could no longer support them with my dollars and with my presence the pew.

    I love the people at my former church, even though I cannot agree with them about this issue. I do not hate homosexual people, but scripture is very clear on this issue. You cannot honestly read scripture and defend their position.
    We are to be in the world, not of the world, and we may face hatred, intolerance, and persecution because we hold to a biblical world view, but that doesn't change what the bible says we know to be true.

    Dave in Lake Stevens

  7. And with this news, your little hate cult moves further into the margins.

  8. Either a church is of God or it is not.
    If it is of God then the doctrines are revealed by God and are not negotiable or changable.
    When a church takes a position is such direct opposition to the scriptures, and clearly not based on any misunderstanding, then that church has admitted that they are not of God.

  9. Jesus is about His Father's business... Yes, he is perfect Love... He is also Holy Judge... Quiz: What does God hate? Answer: Divorce... (I know you thought I'd say 'sin', and that is true). Only by our (we who are called by His name) repentance should we expect God to hear our prayers, forgive our sin, and heal our land... He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Marriage will be 'saved' when we stand for the covenant of marriage in truth. Legalized adultery, aka 'remarriage' to someone while one's pre-existing spouse is living (i.e. breathing...) must be repented of and forsaken by those who call themselves the Church--we must turn from 'our' wicked ways. You say, "If a Church body must vote on such a thing, they should not go ahead until there is 100% concurrence on a thing. Without that they have not reached the mind of the Lord on a matter." That is an absurd notion, as if we can tell God what we will by headcount... He shall hold us in derision...! His Word is above even His name, the only name by which we must be saved...! He is not the author of confusion...! And, he will not be mocked forever. Thomas Jefferson trembled at the truth that we (he anyway...) served a Living, Loving and JUST God. The founders and writers of the state of WA called God--The Supreme Ruler of the Universe. Yes, He is KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS...! Repent! Perhaps--like Nineveh--Seattle, WA, The USA (from Obama to you) will repent and we will have another Century like our first 100 years... Read the 1892 US Supreme Court opinion in the case of Church of the Holy Trinity vs. US, may we have the courage to reclaim what we were established in Christian liberty to be--A Christian Nation.

  10. "As a Lutheran, I am glad the church made this decision. Jesus is about love not hate. I'm straight, but I will stand with my church proudly."

    As a Christian I would hope you have looked at this in not such a narrow way ? The older I get and more I study the word of God , the more I see the word of God as meant for us to encourgage a personal encounter with God and to keep us safe . If you think supprting a model of sexual practices considered in the Bible as deviant as hatefull I guess the conversation is over . I would however agree and have a conversation about how some will display the Faith in God and the word in such a "religious spirit" where we all know we are as worse as another without the Grace of Jesus Christ . Thus I have no problem with homosexuals being my equal before the Cross , but I certainly would not advocate sexula relations outside of marriage as the scripture teaches in a church .

    I choose to regard those scriptures dealing with sex are for our own safery and enjoyment . I feel bad for people who are deceived , but I certainly do not consider that hatefull. But the political statement of being so even when it not the case has won the secular culture to your views IMO.


  11. The ELCA has decided to twist and pervert the word of God to there destructive lies. The ELCA is no longer a Christian church but a religious cult. I do hope all the Christians in the ELCA cult decide to leave an organization that caters to lies and deception. I have faith God will deal with the ELCA.

    Repent you rebelious sodomites ELCA!!

  12. If being gay is a "harmful lifestyle" it is mostly because of society's treatment of those who are gay.

    I am lucky enough to have parents, friends, and family members who are supportive of me. 130 of them were at my wedding last month. I have a PhD and a 6-figure salary at the age of 30 and am married to the love of my life. I am also in perfect health and treat my body with respect (unlike many straight people I know who are grossly overweight and never exercise).

    Perhaps someone can tell me how my "lifestyle" is harmful? I have a better life than 90%+ of the US population.

  13. To have to come to this and vote on wether homosexuality should be allowed in church is a disgrace to the church itself. This shows how the church is two timing because at first it said one thing and now its saying another. Jesus said to the pharases that they where tombs that where decorated on the outside but death on the inside. Im sorry to see this in my life-time that the gospel of Jesus is being watered down to apease the athiest and not hurt their feeling. I wonder what we are doing at church might as well stay home and watch a sit-com because the church has become a get-together of pple not a place to give praise and glory to God. I hope that the hearts who have a relationship with Jesus will see that what is happening now is just a repeat of history. Look at Ephesian church who watered down the gospel, lived an immoral life, and in the end God took down their lampstand. God is murciful but He is also God the Judge and He will judge the hearts of all ppl.

  14. To people who agree with this decision and are members of the church:

    If you say that you know this is sin and we should forgive them then why allow them to come into our church's and teach our children?
    If we know the truth it doesn't mean we shouldn't abide by what the Bible says. Apostle Paul said that if he goes and eats food that is not allowed because it is some sacrifice to a foreign god but he knows its not going to hurt him he still shoudn't eat it. He shouldn't eat it because a person who is not strong in their faith will see me eating the food and will become a non-believer. So this is saying that We should forgive the ppl who do us wrong and we should love the ppl that hate us but we shouldn't live with them. In this case we shouldn't allow them into our church's because they haven't repented. Who ever thinks that if they take off this ban that the homosexuals will come to repent, I strongly disagree. They will come.....to get your kids.


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