Monday, August 17, 2009

Obama Makes His Move Against DOMA

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R-71 UPDATE: Some would call it a coincidence, I would call it Providential. Let me tell you what happened.

A few days ago, Valerie, who along with her husband Roy, leads our observers for signature validation, noticed a name being checked that she recognized, because the name was that of a family member of Larry Stickney. The name was invalidated because the person was "not a registered voter."

Valerie told Larry and Larry said he knew that person was indeed registered because they had registered within the past month. Upon looking into that specific signature we have discovered and the elections office has admitted, that the elections office has been using the same database for registered voter verification that they used for signature validation on I-1033, which was a least a month ago.

Anyone who registered to vote within the last month or so has been eliminated as "not registered." Yesterday, the elections office began the process of rechecking all the 4692 signatures they had invalidated against a current data base of registered voters.

Of the 138,000 names that are being checked, someone could say that was coincidence. I would call it Providential.

Thank you for your prayerful and financial support.

The total now checked is 65,531 and approaches halfway to the full check of the 137,689 signatures submitted. The new tally shows 58,306 signatures accepted and 7,225 rejected (6,165 because the person wasn’t found on the state voter database, 24 where a digital signature is needed from the voter’s home county in order to compare with the signature on the petition, 566 where the signer’s signature did not match the one on file, and 470 duplicates.)

Overall, the error rate is currently 11.03 percent.

Statistics as reported from Secretary of State.

Obama Makes His Move Against DOMA

The Obama Justice Department yesterday filed court papers claiming the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act discriminates against homosexuals.

This is happening while the Justice Department is seeking to dismiss a suit brought by a homosexual couple in California which challenges DOMA.

So, is the President working both sides of the issue?

Tracy Schmaler, spokeswoman for the Justice Department said, "The administration believes the Defense of Marriage Act is discriminatory and should be repealed."

She explained that because DOMA is the law, the Justice Department is obligated to defend it. "The Justice Department cannot pick and chose which federal laws it will defend based on any one administration's policy preferences," she explained.

Justice lawyers, according to the Associated Press, have argued that DOMA is Constitutional and they contend that awarding federal marriage benefits to homosexuals would infringe on the rights of taxpayers in the 30 states that specifically prohibit homosexual marriage.

Now, President Obama has filed court papers that will cause the same Department of Justice to seek to repeal DOMA.

Gary Bauer, president of American Values, told ONENEWSNOW yesterday, that while President Obama is committed to repealing DOMA, he doesn't want to take the flak that would come along with it.

The above link is both the OneNewsNow story and the Associated Press story.

Bauer says, "What the White House wants is for a court to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act so that the White House and the president don't have to take the political damage for undermining a law that protects marriage."

He also said Obama is contradicting a campaign pledge.

Bauer says, "President Obama ran promising he would be open and transparent, and no longer practice the usual politics of Washington D.C. Millions of people voted for him because they thought he would be more open in the way he governed."

He says, "That is not happening. What we're seeing here is something more reminiscent of the way they do politics in Chicago---saying one thing and doing something else behind the scenes."

If President Obama is successful in his political maneuvering, every state will be forced to recognize homosexual "marriage".

Polls show America does not want that. This is why the homosexual activists are trying to impose homosexual marriage on the country and on Washington State through legislation or through the courts.

This is why some of us are enduring slander and abuse from homosexual activists to bring R-71 to the ballot this November.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer and financial support.


Gary Randall


Faith & Freedom

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  1. As a Christian man, married to one woman (and divorced--which is really separated until death or reconciliation--for many years now...), I have to say that the pro-homosexual activist comments about divorce cannot be dismissed out of hand and ignored by the vast majority of Christianity as they have been for nearly 40 years now (or one could effectively argue since the apologetics and doctrines of Erasmus in the 16th century). Divorce is sin, entering into a sexual relationship and calling it a marriage when one has a living spouse (even if "legally" divorced from said spouse...) is clearly adultery. Such persons are to be called (as long as they remain in said relationships) adultress'/adulterers...! Be they in either pulpit or pew... Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

  2. As often mentioned on this site, liberal progressives always say they believe one thing to get moderates and even some conservatives to vote for them, then their actions betray them. Obama is a double minded man, unstable in all his ways.

  3. Appreciation to Gary and all at Faith and Freedom for standing in the gap for all of us.

  4. Obama says he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. Why is he seeking to destroy it? Is he that fearful of the gay activists? I wonder who else he is fearful of?

  5. I don't think Obmama is fearful, he is just trying to 'please' everyone, to stay in office as long as possible! Politics all the way. He appears to have no 'moral' standings, just political gain! I remember reading about him when he first got into Washington DC. The article stated, 'watch this new young man from Chicago, he is ambitious and determined!' We just need to be consistent in praying for him, and our nation!

  6. It's pretty simple folks, unlike the previous administration, he's letting the justice department do their job of enforcing current law and not using it as political tool.

  7. 1. Contra Bauer, Obama is keeping a campaign promise by filing to overturn DOMA. This promise was made very clearly numerous times, and the American people still voted him in.

    2. Doesn't DOMA violate the rights of citizens in those states that specifically allow same-sex marriage? Or do their rights not count?

    3. Ref-71 has NOTHING to do with marriage, Gary knows it, Larry knows it, heck even dogs know it! You can spin and misrepresent all you want but that doesn't change the simple objective facts of the matter.

  8. FYI-Obama has made statements both ways--depends which one each of us chooses to remember!
    Ref 71 has everything to do with 'marriage'--your 'leader'State Sen. Ed Murray of Seattle stated as such--this past bill that he presented, is a stepping stone to gay marriage, and the end of the DOMA! Since the majority in this state voted for the Doma, I personally feel this is unjust!

  9. The simple objective facts of the matter are that a man doesn't 'go' with a man and a woman doesn't 'go' with a woman. How smart do you have to be to figure that one out.....let me see.....about 5 years old???

    Yes, it is clearly about marriage. Marriage between a man and a woman. Ahh, but then you might be a little young to have figured that out. Or maybe just too pressured by peers and blindly brain washed by deteriorating social mores.

  10. 1:06 PM

    No you are wrong, Obama NEVER stated support of DOMA. What he has said is that he believes marriage is between a man and woman, but doesn't feel he has the right to impose his view on everyone else.

    Stepping stones to marriage are not marriage! Ref-71 and SB5668 neither deal with nor affect marriage law in this state.

    You are also misinformed about our state's DOMA, it has never been put to a public vote, much less received a majority of said vote.

    I'll give you the benefit of a doubt (something you and Gary are unwilling to give your opponents) and say that you are simply misinformed, rather than consciously lying.

  11. 1:07 PM

    Your "reasoning" is simplistic, not simple. The simple fact is thousands of men 'go' with other men and women with other women in this state. You might not like, you might even through a fit worthy of a five year old (see Ref-71) over it, but it is a fact.

    Perhaps it is you, who have been brainwashed. Perhaps you feel peer-pressure from your fellow Christianists. Did you ever think of that? Actually one is left wondering if you ever thin, full stop.

  12. What if 30-60% of the cost of major products and an increasing %
    of every product in America goes to liability insurance becasue of
    unrestrained lawsuits?

    What if tort reform would quickly
    put trillion of dollars to work in
    America's economy without any more

    What if tort reform would greatly
    reduce the cost of health care?

    What if many politicians don't see
    these things because a blindness comes on them due to the desire for re-election more than sincerely having America's interests in mind?

    What if the last thing a nation goes through before it meets with it's destruction is when it calls
    good things evil and evil things good?

    What if all it takes nowadays to get elected is just a good talk?

    I read about these things and more in Rick Joyner's recent Bulletin which can be found under
    the heading "Media" on the MorningStar Ministries website.

    The article was called "The New

    It seems to me that if America began doing things God's way, pleasing him more than anything else in every law made, or work that should be done, or in simply
    practicing repentance whenever we
    can find something to repent of, that God may move to bless America
    in ways we haven't seen yet, even though it worked hard in recent years to move him out.

    I suppose something else moves in
    when God is moved out whether it be a man, a state, or a nation.

    I once saw a man, a king in glory
    living in living glory. While worhiping Jesus in a church one day, and singing glories to the king eternal. This vision that lasted what seemed like a few seconds told a story, for in his crown were two lights that appeared, living gems. One was one
    that I knew, and the other one was
    me. Though we both were far, far, from perfect, in the vision we did not appear to be that way. We were in his crown. That's how the Lord thinks.

    No matter what America now may look like to us, I know Jesus is for America. He has plans for it.
    I know his ideas are for a far better future. If only we can make
    that divine connection with him...
    If only we can learn to do things his way...

    When we see Jesus we will know him. He looked like the fruit of the Spirit. See Galatians 5:22,23.
    He also looked like the king mentioned in Proverbs 30:31, (KJV) against whom there is no rising up.

  13. Using a voter registration database from about a month ago seems entirely appropriate to me, given that the signatures were submitted about a month ago and legally one is supposed to be a registered voter at the time they sign. If we keep pulling new registration DB's what is to prevent Ref-71 backers from notifying people, who's registration is not found and having them register after the fact? Of course one would think that this would be a violation of the TRO, as per the Sec State's office, observers aren't supposed to be noting names, but merely volume number and signature line.

  14. Gary,

    I'm confused ---- the SOS office already stated a couple of weeks ago that the initial checkers use a voter database that is a snapshot from the live system and thus doesn't include all registered voters. The SOS office indicated then that the master checkers check against the live voter registration.

    So since the SOS already told us about this process what has changed by your story and post today? I don't understand how your post fits with the SOS information already released.....They don't seem to contradict

  15. No wonder Obama speaks with his finger in the air so much, he is checking which way the wind is blowing. Obama is doing the same thing with health care reform. Obama changes his story so much the American people have no idea what to believe. That's why ultimately Barack Obama will be a failure.


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