Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Olympia Preparing for Christmas

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R-71 UPDATE: More than 6,000 signatures have been counted since the Monday update, bringing the cumulative total to 110,288 checked signatures.

Of this total, 97,261 have been accepted and 13,027 rejected for one reason or another. The overall error rate is now 11.81 percent, up slightly from the 11.72 percent reported Monday.


Olympia Preparing for Christmas

They are not actually calling it "Christmas," they're calling it "holiday," but the department that oversees the Capitol grounds is getting a jump on "holiday" this year. They have introduced what they are calling, "an interim policy." It went into effect this week---while you were getting your kids ready to go back to school.

The "policy" is to avoid the furor experienced last "holiday" when an atheist placed an anti-Christian sign beside a Nativity in the Capitol.

"We want to preserve everyone's right to free expression," they say. However, a closer look at their "interim policy" reminds me of some of the state government's interim type policies we have been experiencing over at the Elections office in regard to verifying signatures for R-71.

Let me explain.

The new interim policy essentially eliminates anyone from any expression of "holiday" on the Capitol grounds. Now we have free expression for everyone---which is no expression. Everyone is free to not express themselves.

Dan Barker, the guy who put the atheist, anti-Christian sign beside the Nativity last year, told The Seattle Times, the new policy was, "What we wanted all along---we were protesting the Nativity scene."

The government's policy is flawed because it eliminates free expression under the guise of protecting free expression. It is further flawed because it is based on a false premise.

Professor Hodge from Princeton University points out where this logic leads. In expressing his concern about the negative influence of atheism on public education, he wrote:

"If every party in the state has the right of excluding from the public schools whatever he does not believe to be true, then he that believes most must give way to him that believes least, and then he that believes least must give way to him that believes nothing, no matter in how small a minority the atheists or agnostics may be."

Professor Hodge expressed his concerns in 1887. We see the results in our present day public education system.

This logic allows those few who believe nothing, to silence Christians, a large majority, who see Christmas as the time when God became flesh and dwelt among us in order to restore broken lives.

However, it likely covers the back side of those looking after the Capitol grounds. It keeps the likes of Bill O'Reilly off the back of the Governor and it gives the "separation of church and state" folks an early "holiday" gift.

The Governor would point out it is a "win-win" policy.

Merry Christmas.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Merry Christmas to you Gary. Could not have said it better. Thanks.

  2. This is infuriating! Should we not write to our reps in Olympia and plea to them keep the real reason for Chirst-mas intact on our state grounds?! Forget writing to our Gov--she don't hear us!

  3. Stupid. How do we end up with stupid policy's all the time?

  4. We need to stand up and express our desire to have Christmas reinstated as the 'reason for the season' to stay intact, and allow our state capitol to decorate as such--in honor of Jesus' birth!

  5. Gary, we know that it wasn't Dec 25th when Christ was born. Can we find out when He was and start a Celebration then? We know by the Jewish calendar when Christ died and rose; why don't we know when He was born?

  6. Gary I guess all I can say is that these people will just be who they are, and it doesn't surprise me any more. All we can do is fight to mitigate the damage until we can vote them out of office at the earliest possible moment, and put some people in office who have a backbone. Lord Bless you.


  7. Hodge said it well . This discrimination has become the greatest victory for those who hold no belief but to oppose anothers .

  8. 1. Every one is still perfectly free to express themselves at the Capitol, what they are not free to do is install displays. If Gary wants to stand around the Capitol grounds wishing every passerby a Merry Christmas, no one will stop him.

    2. It seems that Hodges words apply equally well to public schools and those who wish to prevent any teaching on homosexuality and evolution because it offends their beliefs.

  9. Let's all write or phone the powers that be (or seem to be)
    asking them to make it a public
    policy that during holidays or any other day for that matter, the public may display things that
    honor both God and man, (but if they honor only one or the other
    let it be God that is honored, for
    man has fallen into many sins and doesn't always do things that are worthy of honor)and that anything that does not honor God and man may therefore be rejected by the discression (for such will preserve a man according to the Bible) of such powers.

    Now wouldn't such a thing honor the constitution as intended and also protect the rights authorized
    by it?

    Let's let them know. And if some judge thinks such a policy of that
    kind isn't according to the constitutions we have, we will do what we can to remind him that he apparently has held on to, retained, and holds to, a carnal, stinking mind.

    Then let's tell him of the good news of God for salvation of souls
    through his offering of Jesus for the sins of this world, and the rewards that await those who have
    put off the old man with his deeds
    for the hope that God has laid up for him by Jesus Christ.

  10. Liberal politicians are finding themselves in a pickle! They want to remove Christianity from society so badly that they use every dirty political trick to do so; but their rhetoric is crumbling as the Church begins speaking out.

    In the 1960's politicians went around the Constitution by creating IRS tax laws aimed at censoring the Christian Church. After that, they worked non-stop to remove all expressions of Christianity from government, public education, law, politics, and more recently, they attempt to silence Christian radio. Clearly, their logic and propaganda is being questioned by America’s younger, more educated generation; because "Atheism", “Humanism", and "religion neutrality" are all "belief" systems that merely compete with “Islam”, “Christianity", “Buddhist” etc. for control in defining morality, politics, law, and government in America. In fact, all of these different religions war against each other, constantly struggling politically for the right to influence society.

    The question for every American is: Which "faith" will win the majority support and politically be adopted into American society? All “Faiths” are not equal, some blatantly contradict others; it is ridiculous to be told by politicians that all faiths can co-exist “equally” and be “equally” valid. And the banning of ALL religious expression is dangerous because “non-religion” and “religion neutrality” is rhetoric used by “Atheists”, “Humanists”, and “Communists” to legislate their viewpoints in an attempt to takeover government control from the people.

    America is free because people in America are constitutionally free to influence society and government by the free exchange of ideas, without fear of government retaliation or penalty. The result of this free exchange is ideas filtering down into the American political system as people exercise their personal right to run for political offices and vote in “free” and “fair” elections. Therefore, it is the people’s view that shapes and defines America; a view that changes over time as political representation changes after each election. Politicians should not be mandating a state religion and tampering with the political process.

    In every generation, therefore, it is important that Christians exercise their free speech rights by engaging in the moral and political debates that work to shape and define America. For the past 50 years, pastors have withdrawn themselves and their pulpits from representation in this process, by subjecting themselves and their congregations under government censorship for IRS tax benefits. This practice needs to stop if America is to continue as a “One nation, under God”.


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