Wednesday, August 19, 2009

R-71 In Peril: State Wide Call to Action and Prayer

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Referendum 71 is in danger of failing. Secretary of State Sam Reed's office is reporting this morning, that, "The signature count for Referendum 71 has surged to well over the halfway mark Tuesday, with 72,976 signatures processed---and a cumulative error rate edging upward to 11.32 percent."

"SURGE" is the operative word. Speed has replaced accuracy.

As the homosexual lobby has increased their pressure on the Secretary to "hurry up" on processing the signatures, the error rate has risen. We have consistently reported that as the speed of checking has been accelerated, the error rate has risen.

Please slow down, Sam.

The hurry-up plan was put in place as the homosexual lobby discovered that the faster the checkers checked, the more names were discarded as not valid. They began to put pressure on the Secretary a couple of weeks ago. He and his staff have responded, by setting arbitrary deadlines toward which they could surge, increasing the number of checkers, increasing the number of hours of checking and putting new policies in place which would hurry the process and result in an increase in the error rate.

The reasoning? I was told that with the possibility of a lawsuit and other pressing matters related to regular responsibilities, they needed to "get this completed."

Bias Is A Factor.

The liberal culture of Olympia and the Secretary's office for the most part is, I believe, a factor and very well may be the deciding factor on whether R-71 makes the ballot.

Secretary of State Sam Reed, in an op-ed piece in the Seattle Times, following the November 2008 election, urged the state and Republicans in particular to move away from social issues such as abortion and the marriage issue. He pointed to himself and Attorney General Rob McKenna as the only state wide Republican winners, suggesting social issues were losers for Republican politicians. He has been an avid supporter of the homosexual agenda. They have a friend in the Secretary.

Our volunteer observers, who are pastors, secretaries, doctors, tech experts, stay at home moms and any number of other people willing to give their time for something they believe in, have experienced a dismissive and often adversarial attitude from the staff and certainly from the homosexual activist's representatives in the office. Just last night, Katie Blinn, from the elections office was taking pictures of our people. In that kind of environment, they, of course, were concerned what she was going to do with the pictures. When our people asked about it, they were told it is a public place and, "I can do what I want," and she proceeded to take more pictures.

It is common knowledge that there is a warm and in some cases, familial relationship between the elections office checkers and the observers representing the homosexual activists. This is something our people have addressed repeatedly. We have kept good records and journals.

Much hangs in the balance today.

This is a call to Prayer and a call to Action.

1. Please pray that Secretary Sam Reed and the public servants he employs, will have the integrity to carry out their duties on the R-71 count in a fair and honest way, as they are duty bound to serve all the citizens of the state.

2. Action. Please call or email the Secretary's office today. Tell him to, "Slow Down Sam." Ask him to please allow enough time for all signatures to be checked carefully and correctly. He owes you that. Be respectful, but firm. He and his office will assure you they have done elections for many years and they have great systems in place, etc., etc. and are fair. Assure him you expect nothing less on this issue and you feel you are not getting that at this point.

Secretary Of State Sam Reed
Phone: 360-902-4151

Much hangs in the balance. Please forward this to everyone you know who care about marriage and want to defend it. Ask them to pray and call today.

God bless you.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Oh, Gary, all you're trying to do is keep gays as second class citizens in the name of Jesus and everyone is being so mean to you.

  2. Could people that signed the petition ask to verify that their signature was accepted? -Lynnwood

  3. It is ludicrous for you to say that this is bias towards the "homosexual lobby." If anything this process is bias towards your supporters since the rejected signatures are checked twice, but the accepted ones are not. You are simply trying to disrupt this process because you're getting nervous. I'm signing my name to prove I, for one, am not afraid to tell you who I am unlike your supporters.

    John Sutherland

  4. If you say you speak "truth" then why are you lying? Your words are inflammatory and outright lies.

    Jesus called us to love....I do not see that in you. So sad.

  5. Wasn't Gary whining about Ken Schram calling Ref-71 an "anti-gay" measure without knowing the supporters personally? Does Gary know Sam Reed personally? If not, what basis does he have to judge Sam's motivations? Or does having to know someone personally before judging their motivations only apply to people, who oppose Gary Randall?

  6. You offer absolutely no evidence to support that, yet you say it. How is it remotely Christian to smear someone as biased and unethical using weasel words ("very well may be a deciding factor"), and offer no evidence to back it up? On the contrary, the evidence shows that the number of signatures reviewed per day has gone down in the last week. They are not only not rushing, they are going more slowly.

    Why isn't this bearing false witness?


  7. Why isn't this bearing false witness?

    Who said it was not. The problem is it is based on perspective and believing a set of facts put in a certain order to gain a poor opinion of someone you had in the beginning anyway . If you were concerned about it in the way it is taught to us from the teachings of Christ , you would have handled it in a different way . I have no way of knowing if your personal attack has merit . I do know you support domestic partnerships.

    You could have just said that and perhaps made a point. What you have done it appears is you show merit for the side that says pro domestic partnerships will bring about even a higher degree of Christian bashing so to speak.

    Look at the culture of today inregards to academia , mainstream media , and you find a prevalent cultuure that has come to the position that Catholics and Evangelicals being regarded as having less of an ability in regarding basic cognitive thought processed because they are stifled by theur faith.

    Homosexuals being mocked or reduced to inferior objects has much merit , but still I see the majority of those on a political scale doing the same to different groups but yet seem like they are concerned in a claculated manner about Human Dignity . . Some of it perhaps because as The Bible teaches , followers of Jesus will be persecuted , but also I can't help but believing myself some of it is just based on politcal demonize your opponents strategy . Which in the case of Human Rights , is an oxymoron is it not ?

  8. I think it is really funny that you are talking about misconduct when your people were out in the streets lying to people like me saying that this will help homosexuals, but you lied and I am one of the many that were lied to by a "religious" people. Hmm funny, Hypocrite anyone....
    Let's watch that error rate climb, bigger and bigger.
    Richland, WA


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