Friday, September 11, 2009

ACORN--Sex Trafficking, Prostitution and Money Laundering Funded by Tax Payers Dollars

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R-71 UPDATE: With most all the legal proceedings behind us, we must now focus on the heart of the matter concerning why SB 5688 must be rejected.

We are launching a sign campaign as part of this process. I have included a link to an image of the sign. We will be placing both yard signs and larger ones across the state. The cost is $2.50 per sign. We are having 10,000 printed initially, however we will need tens of thousands of these signs placed in communities in order to have a real impact. This plan will only become a reality with your donation.

Please do what you can do now as we move forward. Click here to make an online donation.

There will be campaign leaders who will have these signs in your area. If you are willing to place some of the signs in your neighborhood and community, please email me. It will be a few days before the signs are available.

We are also preparing "talking points" literature that you will be able to download and distribute or forward to friends.

These and other parts of this effort is fully dependent on raising the money to do it.

Thank you for your donation today.

ACORN--Sex Trafficking, Prostitution and Money Laundering Funded by Tax Payers Dollars

The word ACORN has become synonymous with not only the resume of our President, but corruption itself. It is worse than I imagined. What I have linked today is a video-taped conversation that represents the very lowest, seedy, base and corrupt aspect of our culture.

ACORN, funded by tax dollars, with an expanding roll under the present administration, is strategizing with a couple of people whom they believe to be a public official and a prostitute.

If you don't have time now to watch a short video of a meeting of two undercover investigators in an ACORN office and scan the transcript of that conversation, please take a moment sometime this weekend and see this. It will heighten and deepen your concern. There is a part of our culture that is rotten and corrupt. And this exchange defines one of the most malignant aspects of the corruption.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. In this nation we allowed adult entertainment, porography, gambling and other vices of lust and greed, two of the most prominant outlaws in America. Working under cover they have been out to destroy this nation.
    Our government should be working to have their works surgically removed by law rather than what is presently occupying their attention. That is why we are not seeing the blessing of God upon their works.

    These two outlaws need to come under arrest. Their works should be prohibited by law.

    Let's continue to write our lawmakers.

  2. Reminds me of Obama.

  3. No mimi,
    I'm never surprised by the dishonest tactics the right will use to try and discredit minority groups.

  4. How is this trying to discredit minority groups. Did the lady(s) not discredit themselves?

  5. "I'm never surprised by the dishonest tactics the right will use to try and discredit minority groups."

    No problems , most of the masinstream media ignored it . Good thing we have unbiased journalism ??? You would think those good folks who support these kinds of organizations would be the ones ticked by their methods, not only hearing from the ones who are trying to defend the undefendable.


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