Thursday, September 17, 2009

Carter's Comments on Joe Wilson---A New Truth

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Carter's Comments on Joe Wilson -- A New Truth

Former President Jimmy Carter has called Rep. Joe Wilson a racist.

He said of Wilson's "You lie" statement toward President Obama, "Those kind of things are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate---it's deeper than that."

While Mr. Carter is analyzing Mr. Wilson, one can take a closer look at why and how Carter would come to that conclusion, when the evidence is to the contrary.

President Carter's response seems to echo that of many in the homosexual activist community.

There is commonality in this. It is the emerging "new truth."

First, Carter is wrong on Wilson. You would expect Wilson's family to support him and they do. His son, Alan, an Iraq veteran, says he grew up with his dad and, "There is not a racist bone in his body." The son says his dad does not even laugh at questionable jokes on that subject.

You may take more notice of how the former South Carolina Democratic Party Chairman defines him. Dick Harpootlian, who says he has known Wilson for decades, said he thought Wilson's outburst was "asinine," but said, "I don't think Joe's outburst was caused by President Obama being African-American."

Certainly, respect for the office of the President is an issue in all this, but what about character assassination? Carter is essentially doing what he is accusing someone else of doing. And let's say he sincerely believes it and isn't just trying to destroy someone. How does he get to that place when the facts say otherwise?

There are homosexual activists who seek to destroy anyone who does not affirm, embrace and celebrate their lifestyle and agenda. Perhaps some are simply vicious and don't care, however, I think there are those who deeply believe what they believe and know it is true because they believe it. Therefore, anyone who does not agree, really are bigots and haters in their minds.

Relativism has given credence to this kind of thinking and these kinds of character judgements.

The so-called "progressive," has exchanged absolute truths based on biblical teaching---right and wrong, for a belief that no moral universal standard exists. They believe intrinsic, ethical judgements exist only in abstract, differing with each person making the judgement.

Simply stated: If I believe something to be true, it is true because I believe it. There is no higher authority.

If I believe you are a racist, you are. If I believe you are bigoted, you are.

While Joe Wilson's response to the President clearly represents the feelings of many across this country, Carter's response to Wilson likely reflects the emergence of so-called "new truth"---moral relativism.

Social constructionism says that society is built on countless human choices rather than laws resulting from Divine will. Social constructionism or so-called progressivism, says reality in our culture is produced by people acting on their own beliefs, knowledge and interpretations.

This belief has led President Obama and others to declare that our Constitution is a "living document" and can mean different things at different times, depending on who is interpreting it. This belief system leads to the view that all reality is rooted in consensus and in the end, every person becomes a law unto themselves.

This belief has devastating effects on the core cultural issues of life, marriage and family. It leads people to on one hand, claim the Christian faith, while on the other, deny the fundamental biblical teachings of the faith they claim.

This belief also stands in opposition to the beliefs held by our Founding Fathers, which gave them the courage to declare independence and fight a Revolutionary War, giving rise to the greatest nation in the history of the world.

Their contrasting beliefs held that our rights came from the Creator, our laws were drawn from eternal biblical law and truth was based on biblical truth. In the Declaration of Independence, they appealed to the, "Supreme Judge of the World for the rectitude of our intentions."

The growing dissent in our country may be based on differences of opinion on political issues, but it is rooted in differences of core beliefs. I believe the national debate (and local) will become less partisan and more principle based in coming elections. Those who get that, will be elected. Those who do not, will not. The time of the so-called moderate may be gone---if it ever existed.

A belief in God and the Bible as a moral compass has given us great national blessing. A stand to protect and defend those beliefs is a worthy cause. And those seeking public office who hold those beliefs are a worthy candidate.

Gary Randall
Faith & Freedom

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  1. Joe Wilson's famous remark, though true was out of place and at the wrong time. Therefore he
    made his apology.

    There is something to be said for wanting repentance on the same floor where the offence took place.

    It's also good to remember that when one repents of a sin that God
    covers that one with his grace by Christ Jesus.

    I believe Joe Wilson spoke up because he was seeing something being destroyed which he had put so much of his own work into.

    Nothing we do can justify a wrong.
    That's why God writes the name of those that are his in heaven by the blood of Christ.

    If Joe were to repent on that floor, and that would be up to him
    and whatever powers would give him the floor for that purpose, I
    think it would be good if he said something like, "It was wrong for me to speak as I did when I did even though what I said was true.", and take his seat and not worry about what anybody thinks.

  2. Theory 1:
    There is so little common ground between left and right that to somebody like Jimmy Carter there is no rational reason for people to object to Obama's policies: therefore, it must be racism.

    Theory 2:
    Liberals always call conservatives racists when the conservative is winning the argument.

    What other reason would anyone have for objecting to ceeding life and death control over to nameless, faceless beaurocrats?

    If we have a right to health care then we have that right regardless of the government's ability to pay. Universal, unlimited health care.

    Put that in your budget and smoke it.

  3. 6:33 PM,

    Of course you left out the most likely theory #3:

    A large number of anti-obama protesters are motivated by racial animus. Wilson has a history of involvement with neo-confederate groups, he was one of a handful of SC state reps to vote in favor of displaying the confederate flag at the capitol. These aren't things that people "without a racist bone in their body" often do.

    Oh, and life and death decisions are already ceded to faceless bureaucrats they just work for the insurance companies, protecting their profits! And unlike a government bureaucracy there is no appealing their decisions to your representatives.

  4. It seems like our government wants to make us completely dependent on them willingly or unwillingly.

    Some in government seem to have an
    insatiable lust for power and control of others.

    What might this nation be like now if for the last twenty or thirty years we were completly self sufficient energy wise, and
    abortion, homosexuality, adult entertainment, porn, and gambling
    were abolished permanantly, and the government spent their time making sure freedom to worship God
    and honor him in speech and deeds were well protected, and made itself of little control, little law, and little in bureucracy, because we lived in godly fear, faith toward God and in love toward fellow man?

    Are we beginning to find out the cost of our vices and the selfish
    ways we walked and the cost of the things we have desired?

    Where does corrption begin, and where does it end? Didn't we let lust and greed come in? Things like that come in when we move God out.

  5. The Problem is that Obama didn't lie and what Wilson did was crossing the line much further than a subtle boo.

    If many people feel the same as Wilson it is because they too are not persuaded by facts: Obama comparisons to Hitler, Obama not being a citizen, death panels, communist racial take overs ... none of these are even remotely grounded in reality! These tea bagger/ birthers are giving the republican party a terrible name and are making a makery of Christianity!

    Not everyone one against Obama's agenda are racist!

    But I am personally surprised by the level of racism that I have seen in this country since his election to office! No one with eyes can deny it is out there despite the fact that the media isn't even showing the worst of the Obama hate signs!

    Wilson is also not the brightest representative, I wouldn't want to compare myself with him during an initiative campaign.

  6. I don't know why there is accusations of racist! Obama is both 'black and white'!

  7. It was not a town hall meeting.
    It was an address to the nation's policies makers my the President of
    this great country.

    The GOP is the the party that has claimed the moral high ground.
    It they are going to talk the talk then they had better walk the walk.
    Other wise their talk of morality and ethics is nothing more than just rhetoric with no substance behind it.


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