Thursday, September 10, 2009

May the Miracle Continue

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R-71 is on the November ballot. Judge McPhee denied, for a second time, the allegations that R-71 did not qualify. Judge Spector had earlier denied the same allegations.

People in the press have told me they think it is a miracle that we made it. The Secretary of State's office says, of the R-71 signature -checking process it "is probably unprecedented in nearly a century ---of initiatives and referenda." Unprecedented in 100 years.

The final official count is 121,780 valid signatures. We needed 120,577.

It is a miracle.

And it is clear how God performed it.

It happened through people like you who stood with us with you financial support, prayerful support and your action in circulating petitions to your circle of friends and those in your community. We were not dissuaded by those who referred to us a "leaderless army" predicting failure or those who had more money and attempted to keep R-71 off the ballot.

It will be through people like you that the miracle will continue.

We have only 7 weeks to educate the public to the reality that SB 5688 removes all legal differences between Domestic Partnerships and marriage. If this bill becomes law, the stage will be set for a lawsuit that will demand the word " marriage" for same-sex partners on the basis of discrimination. Marriage will be redefined and DOMA will be irrelevant.

Your donation today will allow the miracle to continue. We need money now to print educational materials that will help the public understand what is at stake in this matter. We also need to place ads on radio and television.

If you have a mind and heart to defend what is good and right in our culture, this is the time to do what you are able to do. It is also a time to forward this to anyone you feel would be willing to help us at this time.

Donate online or send your donation to:

Faith and Freedom PAC
Box 65
Olympia, WA 98507-0065

God bless you.

Gary Randall


  1. Both judges admitted you broke the law. How could you attribute that to God? God is truth. You are not.

  2. Gary likes to think God is on his side when they win. However, he never seems to think God is on the other side when his side loses.

    Whose side was God on on 9/11/2001? Too bad he liked Pittsburg over Seattle in that superbowl game.

    Gary plays a stupid game claiming God is supporting his attempt to harm others.

  3. It is amazing to see you belittle and debase your own God. Things went your way in one phase of a ballot referendum, so you attribute it to the Divine?

    If things don't go your way, as happened in your lawsuit to change the wording of R71, does that mean God is disfavoring you? If you lose on R71, does that mean God is against you or that he is not powerful enough to help you win?

  4. We are praying for the hearts of people of faith to step up to inform others of this important issue of marriage and family, and yes, God is in this, but He also gave 'free will', and thus we must continue to keep his priniples intact, and voting on these important issues will help God's will to be done!

  5. It's not easy to pray for the blessings of God upon this nation when it deserves to be destroyed because of it's sins, yet God is merciful and has an army of intercessors praying for it's salvation through Jesus Christ. It is spiritual warfare. Some want to have government benefit and promote the gay agenda so they can get homosexuals into government to turn it into a city like Sodom, for it's destruction by the judgment of God.

    The good news is that God has better plans for America. He has a
    righteous agenda, a delivering work in progress that makes for a cleaner, healthier nation, a nation that once again can be an example of what is right rather than an example of corrption, lust, greed, and sexual immorality,
    for what kind of witness is that if they were to prosper in everything? What kind of God would America represent that way?
    How would they then be a light to the world?

    Why do we work so hard against the God who is so willing to prosper us? Why do we resist his will which is for our good?

  6. 2:34 PM

    Don't you mean misinform? That does seem to be the entire intent of no on Ref-71 campaign.

    Rejecting SB5668 won't protect a single marriage or a single child, in fact it will harm the children of same-sex couples. But that is the lie that Gary chooses to put front and center on his campaign literature. WWJD?

  7. WWJD?

    He wouldn't be involved in this at all. He'd be focused on getting decent health care for everyone! He'd worry about feeding the hungry, etc, etc, etc. But you all know that. And deep inside, you know that Gary really isn't a disciple of Jesus. You rationalize to believe it. And your very happy to have leaders like Gary who appeal to your baser instincts and tell you it's not really discrimination, even if it's not what Jesus would do.

  8. We are not seeing the blessings of God upon the making of a federal government run health care
    system because it's not the call of God to be doing so. God is not raising up the federal government to be the answer to all our problems, nor is he raising up any man to be the father of all America's citizens.
    The Lord is raising up a voice of the people to call the federal government back to it's constitution and it's founding principals. The Lord will always be found righting the wrongs through his Church in the midst of darkness and confussion. He's raising up a standard against the works of lust and greed that we have been allowing to control us.
    America has become servants to many sins that have been overtaking us. Our sins are beginning to show so much so that they can no longer be hid. By God's grace they are being exposed. May God not let America reign in power and might, nor by it's riches in this world if it continues to corrupt what's right and pervert the good way which God has established before us. By
    his grace he overturns governments and rulers to keep the world from it's own destructions. Though they endure for awhile, his deliverance comes.
    We can decide to either be exhaulted or destroyed under his mighty hand. Let's be wise and repent. Let's strengthen ourselves in the right way and raise the standard, lest this great nation be destroyed by it's own vices.


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